The Linux Kernel: We have to finish this thing one day ;)

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The Linux Kernel: We have to finish this thing one day ;)
Solving big problems in small steps for more than two decades
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Today's Linux kernel and the ones from the early FOSDEM days still have some things in common, but in the end are totally different beasts. This talk will take a closer look at how the Linux kernel and its development during those twenty years evolved and adapted to new expectations. The talk will thus mention some of the changes to the Linux kernel that had the most impact in those two decades; many might have seemed small or insignificant in the beginning, but turned out to pave the path for ground breaking techniques like Android, Cloud or Containers we all deal with today. The speaker will also take a closer look at how Linux kernel development itself changed during those twenty years, but also cover aspects that didn't change much – like the email driver development model, which in the days of Github and Gitlab might look anarchic and from the Middle Ages to some. The speaker also will step on thin ice and speculate a few minutes what the future might hold, as there are a few strong indicators that Linux is entering a new era and slowly but steady get more aspects of a microkernel.

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show your phone turn off the sounds on your phone probably but like fourteen other things attached to the wife i which is why i'm on three g. right now thanks so much you should probably turn those on silent as well.
this will be video recorded can't say videotaped anymore even though that's how i learned how to do things this beard is gray. so we only have this working microphone because it's an all volunteer event please donate of so during the q. and a session will have to raise your hand speak clearly without the assistance of modern technology speaker will repeat that for the recording for all the streaming people who just got lost in decided to stop at a starbucks and connect to the wire. if i so question repeats answers learning everybody ready. well you're not even a way to get that coffee has kicked in as everybody ready. thank you. you don't have to be excited about me you should be excited about our first speaker whose name got removed because somebody wants me to take an update well i am travelling that's rude thirsty leave use is a a linux kernel development fall or he's been starting since the start of the century turns out he's known for his career to log column which is over the years covered the features of more than said. continue linux features in detail as elaborate and respected article series and published by his employer the german c.t. magazines years biggest computer and technical seen both online and in print if you don't know what print is ask somebody who's got a beard like mine he used to shuttle an external but has put that aside just so he can. cover and come to conferences like this and talk about open source please government was forced to leave use. yeah how welcome everybody i haven't used it to might force a quite a while so if i don't hold a drive to just let me know yet but that's go he adds the twenty first i'm already and today i think i'm that when giving a keynote that's a big the biggest chance to really give fella thanks to the organizers and all the volunteers that make this great.
conferences have been so to give a round of applause please. yeah thanks for all this about wanting this said talks but kind of to pot of the history talk to them but don't worry it will be a history class i promise i make sure that and everything i mention this kind of relevant for today and there will be a model of the story at the end so let's get started to stage one.
just foster actually happen to us through two thousand one shot lead before that links to don't fall had just been released and basically had all the important the features that needed back then kind of all everything it needed to conquer the world and bring us away we are today pasik spot the graphical interface that was possible to bear.
it's odd ox and the performance was good as since then the town of improvements have been much into the linen scotland i count can only mention if quite a few of them because otherwise this talk will take all day or even two days maybe and one of the things said that happened to their limits was growing up and an outlet and two to four.
for example would likely not one very well on today's computers and obviously because a lot of drivers would be missing but one of the things that that wouldn't work is what it would be problematic would be then number of see people costs in modern systems because that back then you process as well quite in on the had an s.n.p. system of two places.
does that was. a normal back then but today we have to be used to have to add twelve or sixteen cause actually and he was smart phones have for costs and that might be way too much for linux and was actually s.n.p. capable since true ninety ninety six already am but back then that was some kind of food fossa how it was made possible there was a big con.
out and that's basically that only one sip you call was allowed to to execute concordat the times a year has had two programs running in parallel and both wanted to call into the content to do make it do something they had to wait half or the other one to finish that are actually was offered find a great looking at followed into.
about two and two that form so the next two or three years and that made leno said.
scale a lot better already and so in the two don't forget the days it was it wasn't that bad an e-mail but other unix us were known to scale a lot better on linux developers actually continue to work on that and by two hundred six selling said got the thousands of find a great it looks am here but become local still around and.
desperate and even if as some people had assumed it would be gone by to just six already.
i looked at apple actually to does six out six at about five hundred kg locks become law calls back then.
and to it as it turned out many many more steps when needed and had to be taken and the to get rid of the become a lock 'em up networks acting up here and if your interest in all of those details which had to be done you can look was some of them up on the on.
the other be and not which is a great size that sides of reports about the happenings imaging scan all the time as you can see during that between two thousand for him to sell the eleven want to become like was removed and there were lots of articles that to explain where it will all the problems well yeah and as i mentioned it in its rhetoric of rid of this big con look that way.
it was a problem for scale ability in two thousand al so basically after about eleven us and that was possible thanks to her oracle force by various develop as a specially we have to thank on batman for that you actually took after last two steps that are really really a lot of work and without much again maybe and there yet.
it wasn't quite again but to have it was really hot doing this this last things because they went on our drivers and things like that.
and scale ability since then actually remain something being walked on to look at that will be and that again there are many many more take us over the past two years that.
well about scalable tea and and many small improvements happened over time it's kind of a never ending story like recently there was some our management optimisation is there was a new study a lot bensenville and think on that got much into the next five foot five common which is the latest right now and many other things out here and to most people most.
most of you that don't use that are not currently develop as don't notice any of this of because all those changes happen basically under the radar but thanks to this linux is and stays one of the a bit best scaling alaska on its these days maybe it's even the best i was a bit careful in the writing that so i just i went for about one of the best maybe.
i was over over the careful here that's one of the things that happened and it's in the area small steps at doing just passed to the decades and and the getting rid of the locals really one of the big difference what was that small steps that happened and that was possible because and a loss.
something everybody worked together on its kind of common goal but more often there's some competition between economy developers man and wonderful thing that linux the congress actually still missing in the daily post and days was built in virtualization capabilities and that's not unusual because virtualization onyx eighty six lead and i wasn.
very very popular are not famous back then that it only happened during the myth to thousands of as an e.u. some of you might remember getting popular and two thousand and five and its eighty six process is actually starting started. getting virtualization capabilities back then.
and then bank men actually looked like the obvious and fitting solution for the linux world there was no no competition that everybody see the thought that would be what we are what will make that what everybody would be using there was just one problem support wait for our runnings i'm for using send us a holes dog.
asked if you know was out of tree with a lot of people didn't care that much and the other problem was that as an was actually kind of a condom the salinas khan then suddenly out of the blue in october two thousand six k b m came much already javier leaders later in to live in a skull because it was quite small was quite small.
and being compared with his and actually didn't have all that good a kind of feature said that the performance was worse and it had less features and actually required to spew of which was asian capabilities some sometimes it looked a bit like a toy.
but in the end to the turned out it was quickly improved because sam harris people and companies found interest in it and help of little steps making caveat bet but them and us some of you might know andy and ten.
maybe i'm turned out to be gained game changer today it's basically used everywhere these days and actually one of the cornerstones for what made linux through the clout was and still around and the support on running as host and guest was leno's actually got only much as five years later and the two dots zero days and these days.
this as and is quite small when compared to give them so why did cave and succeed yet one of the reasons why that might be a factor might be that the as and sauces the island didn't get the cold upstream fast enough but i think the real reason this caveat a better more flexible in future proof design and actually one that allowed to live.
it's just been in control because it was built in to linux not underneath it.
and that's obviously suited linux more and it's that developer so they become became interested in and helped making it better and them yet that's how it ended and and that's my cave and rules the world these days and yeah that's it was kind of history lessons of history lesson but on the at and that's a things like that.
that happen every day every now and then he stays also i'm now for example recently that there was a db k. that's a technique to make clean network that could just go straight into use the land at applications and by possibly have gone on that obviously didn't you believe it's going to develop as much so psystar to fight back and.
blocked and solution that expressed out a pass and sixty p. and something build upon that's called a sixty p. socket where users and programs can can immediately get those picked just so the constellation control and seems those two solutions actually can keep of have to be the case on these days so it's likely.
i say if i would bet i'd bet on these two solutions them and i didn't think they will gain territory back from the decay and the quick because it's better integrated in the next another example is as unconscious i own and sold up a program can do something else when it reads all rights makes economy.
it all right data from some staunch devise that's normal in the windows were out and but unusual in the linux except for maybe a great big data bases and but these days something solution finally shows up that's called iou ring was a magic on a bit more than one year ago and it's an eye on so to similar bypass technique that's.
called as became and say yeah and it's actually will have to getting the performance out of these new as days because they are really quite quite fast and them to make make that get the performance out of his at such an entrance i owe you a solution is needed because the siskel have had this way too much otherwise and the thing.
this just as k.v. amboseli solutions cut and imported into the most common started quite small and then got improved in small steps by his people have found an interesting and it shows is that things like that had all the time.
but realisation was not the only thing the only solution to make linux a host for something that was something else and that linux misdoing the boston days there was support for the containers and that actually quite interesting because of the unix us backed and supported them already free b.s.d. for example did and so allow us.
london a little bit late to fully answered only became famous in two thousand and fourteen.
and a lot of people sometimes wonder why did it take so long.
i took so long basically because the current kind of like feet just to build something similar of leno's and yet that's that those few just had to be built but that happened one step at a time took years some says features actually that we use today for condos what the will actually built for fulfil can.
containers and dr that like the various names spaces and some of those are just a useful containers actually not really directed one partly built fall for coming to a news like to see group stuff to control group stuff that make sure one process can't take all the c.p.u. a memory and other stuff.
and that in the beginning actually was used a lot of full lot with which realisation of caveats. and some of the features we used to will contain as he stays actually will build for totally different use cases like capabilities and secombe and few other things and the thing that made debacle popular and the end was actually and a combined these and a few other features in you and more attractive way and that made linux contain a sudden you suddenly quite.
popular and in the end to a kind of change the world funny detail them and aleksey was designed to become the preferred solution and that's a bit older and they will actually to other clinics contain a solution which will rituals on home visits and that became quite small things to all the other thing stock abroad.
and leno's very selfless the other solution that is basically forgotten the states they came early and used a pre-pack prejudiced. and thanks to the chronicle and small steps and distance features you can you combine the interesting ways and they have. dhaka over when them basically and is now the leading such thing as sixty x. have you actually is still around.
and definitely not as big as dhaka and and the funnies detail that is just imagine if it would have been one company that is what to have in them invested all the money in bringing making the con the and them.
so capable of to run in containers and building and sixty s. the user input by process a on top of it and that actually might have been a pretty bad return of investment for them because they are other companies can use those features you bought as well yeah and and that that really makes a little bit too risky and phone companies to invest that money much money but on.
the out and that's a problem for the con linux the operating system actually got a way better and more flexible solution thanks to this and to thanks to all the various small steps that were taken and.
i have what other reason why we have so many small features that dr khan could combine in the new and more attractive way.
doc already was a quite unexpected but welcome to price and that's that's not the only time when it's gone stuff and kind of few just as show up that's nobody really am form and them one of those things actually is.
the change in the crown of these days and then when it's basically years is on the trip into the unknown right now what i'm talking about as an improved the buckley pitch will to and it's called be here for short on tuesdays c.b.p. of a classic t.v. of and and improvements again in two thousand and fourteen fifteen and its and.
in kano the many v.m. a mutt meant many virtual machine but not to like a virtual machine that emulate different computer more like a job of the and weight can upload in programs to and then the con executed executes them that's a something them and for twenty years ago to be done for example relied on.
it took only get those packages from the con of into a into use the land in its to see the city down the user was actually interested in that said needed because on and need to do for performance reason because coping everything over simply is so much work it was slow everything way too much down this improved as you.
we have actually got called of get got called e.t.f. you might have heard of this thing and some people even call it just be f four shot these days it's that i'm kind of angry with the developers there because now we have an old b p f that's called p f n n u b p f and nobody knows what what is somebody is talking about yeah. that's not really sometimes the annoying but most of the time he read b b f these days is actually the at and hence one that's meant it became a really fast and much more powerful b.n. to run cars program some kind of what that's actually if you had to do it suggested something like that to install lost.
twenty years ago i guess the idea what immediately after shot down because it's kind of crazy up but these days it's walked and one of the reasons why it's like a secularist got improved a small thing and then and improved and approved again and that way everybody could be sure that's not dangerous or something the network to divide.
thus actually blow to see beauty after sketch summit just they had and to improved and and approved and again this extent the stuff and i mentioned earlier is actually build upon us and really the route relies on it but these days other kind of subsystem started to use it as well will soon and more and more and more as seemed seem seen.
to be interesting actually on and that you and that its became kind of a running gets kicked that's a somewhat and doing articles that's often the case were some some solution assault of conflict com complicated to a problem and and often p.b.s. suggested to to use it it won't be used all the time but it seems it's getting.
into the con at various various areas and yet you have to still not done i mean got development over the past two years but it's improved want more and starts have changed if on a fundamental fundamentally and makes leant actually get its most banks have a michael conscious thing.
what were some of you might remember this big debate of michael connoisseurs the better designed than the stuff. as a model that it's going to really use of it is more like a monolithic on but the settlers game small specter for michael connelly and that's actually what your ups biggest computer magazine wrote the german says city magazine.
looks like that and have some of your now see a sea pump to keep people give the next to you to you that's because yeah that's what boy because i wrote that.
yeah maybe i should try them to compete and write something somewhere and then change and give myself a saw step but i'm not only have a popular fold fault for the sky on the reporting i do that for fifteen years now i'm also did a few things in my spare time for the aggression taking and that i was actually invited for the consummate.
and so i know what i'm talking about here and i'm not the only one that actually wrote this michael can have come comparison.
the and that actually mentioned as well and there's another another running joke and yet you laugh and but this one of the call developers that made a lot of things happening you we all use every day soon know it it's we laugh these days but maybe it will happen it.
we're just maybe we stand here and ten years and say yeah that's how it all began and there's also another improvement is coming our way out the microphone us back to us mention that will be fascinating to watch remains to be seen what comes out of it maybe it's a minute with the beginning or already in the middle of a small reds at revolution and.
makes leno's more era resistant flexible and more powerful it remains to be seen things most people actually don't notice because it's happening a lot of small steps and without disrupting all to just sold and that can and can be as though you don't have to caffeine of interest in them.
yeah longstanding was just that's a different topic another our way out when it's actually was behind on on the in the other fossum days was a proper tracing solution to look into this system on specific program to look why of the system is slow all white light up a program is slow and the famous solutions and this error.
it's actually d. trace and actually published in two thousand and five and bill just so largest and people for four years wanted something similar with linux and they got some things that i recently that's called to be v.p. of compiling collection b b c four shot and b v f trace and the those actually called the tories to does your these days.
brandon wreck which is one of the leading experts on on monday trace at least according to the pm and no i didn't write the death of am.
yet and actually those two new solutions can you do to zero as its as a record and that appropriate because the v.f. as a trace and a.b.c. actually can do more than the old p.c. see the because of the mont and the trace it's pretty cool if you want to know more about its that look at trends website i mentioned. tia and he also published a book recently its that quite cool and gives a lot of details and into what you can do with modern cons and down and and tracing now and yet it took place in the like ten or fifteen years and to get everything all into the common and and the funny thing is.
that actually happened without a design that had something like the c.c.w. be after race in mind they thinks the same much thanks to evolution because a going to develop was actually build virus building blocks over the past ten to fifteen years sometimes and will small all different goals you have the tools like after a strays point of a probes and all those.
first things and then that those with one part of the solution the other part is the b b f bad is again.
and to then somebody can combine those two and and made new things possible and then actually b c n d p f trees came out by some people and top yeah that's how we have the choice does he also add these days.
really great how things like out and without to design like you would have normally when you're building and operating system.
yet something impossible just linux will assume off a really great and pot new feature one almost and one and almost nobody would have expecting early foster days will be real time capable so it will be able to use linux for your laser kept all for your own now.
a robot robot on your industry line that manufactures them them at casa what whatever because it's can't live can make sure that the program that's controlling use laser cut as is always on call it in time to react to certain events and dead that's really important for this use case. an yeah.
during all of last and they said was actually nothing people talk about yet but it was an odd idea actually in some people's mind off minds already in a specially in the mind of blacks and i was one of the leading the leading develop a photo of your time and the condom patches and he actually a recently the last.
fall on the links promise conference gave a great talk about this and you as he i also am you don't have to write this down i will upload to slides a to the website i try to do that before i write before the talk but that the network was overloaded so you have to wait for that so it was but it's a great talk ways looking back and mentions of human night mass all. as the development gave him and the one pot of talks actually he gave that mention a few quotes like them the real time people are crazy and and. i'm not going ever to get magic to live in of scotland things like that and i know i spoiled to talk a little bit to yeah but these cold actually are all family in a stall was themselves. at last that most of them have from two thousand and five from the great autism follow a great great debate of if we're making real time. that's what i'm capable actually is a good idea yet but did develop is actually didn't give up and they basically was started walking on its having sex on patch that and got small steps into a small patches and small and into the main on the and day yet that actually made linux better for all of us.
even if we don't use in real time system so we don't need them and the real time just hit quite a lot of problems and scale scalability issues first and to that in the end they fix them and that in the end maybe it's better for all of us and the other thing as the i.t. develop have actually had a lot of body.
those and one of the world's worst was a basic like five or six years ago they had basically like ninety to ninety percent.
of of the route down what that when needed to get make make the most real time capable and but they needed basically needed money that before for the last few last mile on the last five years as it turned out yet and the thing is that was needed because lots of the outcome of the company says that the use the op. the pictures back then actually didn't help much of development and to but lucky lucky and the upkeep people was successful have they go to go out came to the little foundation and talk to them and they actually found to put project a few companies in two thousand and fifteen.
and yes thanks to this project to the main trip will soon be finished because a real time capabilities on what the biggest don't most important as actually is in the last come already the conflict option to enable there were times a pod it's not exposed dance because a few things missing the biggest thing is actually a we reward for the print case stuff.
actually which what's the doing your logging which you can see with the message and that but that's in the walk in and there was some disagreements but they was sept said it's really recently and the patch was in the new pledged to make anything happen was sent to the latest kind of meaningless to the full review recently so it's likely this on.
will get into the economists yes and then make clean it's real time capable describing all the test eps the real time develop a sad to take was so what take also a day or two maybe i am because the if you go to be and not and actually look what what problems were discussed all those years you you.
i have many articles you can read the man but it shows even crazy goals let's look unreachable it can be achieved in small steps and yet the thing is that actually how most of the most common features evolve as them they often not designed by some some company asked on some sums.
some in the meeting or something off and assembly individual said want to realize an idea i dream all and and make the knicks do something and sometimes even abused companies to realize that ideas that happens they simply look for companies that might be willing to to to pay them and and some have to develop.
for some time to find other places to to find money but it shows really well for good idea and commitment and even begun craze deems can't and dreams can be realised.
real time. progress is actually a really good example when it yeah i mentioned a few times that linux me.
it's going to walking different the little bit and nevertheless have learned a lot of things since the other post them days but it took them cried quite long to make a make that to get those few just realized but that's just how to limit what is because you can't simply can't just high of fifty develop as make them work for.
but two or three years to build a specialist this a specific feature like some for example concorde do of zones the trees on as that of s. because if you do that's and there's a really to escape after two or three years you get to the county develop us and they say in a no we don't want that that's way too big and you're doing this in this war are wrong.
and because they want to see these small state and ground and commenters as steps and because that was quite right for their lives gone and that actually means small log fall for the company's if you want to realize something at itself to develop kind of developers really well.
but often lead to the best solution on the market but it has disadvantages to so and now i'm going to take us awake.
who sell hands up and leave it open and leave it up if you awake i gather so they leave it leave little leave it up if you have you with standing here and it's as if there's actually the most sophisticated positive in the unix world and an hour.
the quiet quite a few hands went down but about yeah i'm not really fifty percent about those with some people think it is and but as that of as and said the little five systems actually one of this area as a lot of people say and linux is still not the net not.
the best. icon of all that out because i guess this is better and the funny thing is that will work on as that of us for leno's actually actually was started in two thousand and eight it's called but of s. i guess most of you have heard about this but that's the most of you would like to know its doesn't have has reached that goal and a.
yet and it doesn't look like it will be any time soon if you'll go to have the p.d.l. we actually see if you just have the called on steve unstable on and the future if you just at the announced on that side of us already had not even implemented yet so the big question is what took them so long.
here one of the thing for sure it was over hyped and the just like all the other features. but as well as much into the consequences on it was still quite small and an improved in various little small steps and that's at take take a lot of time as i showed with the other examples i gave elliott.
and it also shows how quickly things improve and complicated as many depends on how complex the area is a at the problem actually is you will try to solve and how many individuals or companies back to the of development and it turned out the problems copious really really complex and company and lot of companies didn't.
it too much some companies actually help like oracle sousa facebook and few others.
some don't care much. didn't help no complaint it's i would think sometimes is on the the into it so the big question is will he get something to compete with that of us i'm pretty sure sooner or later did world the exams i gave really showed that it might just take at ten more years maybe just five but maybe fifteen who knows we we will see.
and just to mention a few recent events there was this is five system because of a s. that's a lot of people have high expectations they and i say be a wait and see and my.
keep your expectations on the controls are not great create another hype because history shows it's a heart problem the history of part of us actually shows it's a heart problem that takes a lot of a flawed and the casualness right now is basically a one man show and not even submitted to mainland inclusion yet so it's unlikely to fly soon even if it got match companies what and.
the two haven't read. a lot of testing and testing in a field before has really become stable that that will take a white if things really develop in this direction and maybe and in the end it turns out that that's about of us gets improved and that becomes a tide of us fall into the and just as planned that nobody knows that.
yeah i talked a lot about the future is already have but that's which has little bit and talk about the economy development how the economy is developed itself because the only other foster and in boston days the linux comedy vellum meant looked really ought to outside this there was no central a development faade.
microsoft's fought to get lab law could get out development was actually totally driven by e-mail there were dozens of mailing list no track a patch submissions notes as central issue track and new the far and develop as no uses and there was a long and stable development phase as they will so new face and new features that will grab the got bill.
the day. integrated into an unstable is serious and i sit there long on to it reached uses only after two or three years that was made a lot of people unhappy able to predict the police kate and no drivers ages with baited a database way could look at the shop with support and how good and actually we had in all the work to lead develop.
pump and and because we didn't get one of the reasons why he was kind of all what and and we don't didn't even have a version controls five system by i was in control system back then.
for the younger ones in this round yes twenty years ago we had version control systems already most people as most project actually use them for the older ones yes those were busy s. and as the and and maybe they also want the middle ages spec than i don't know but gets really made things a lot better now but and back.
the only relevant and i've won. way more on aspects folk on the development and.
approach actually improved quite somewhat since then like we have gets since two thousand and five and down had to change the world really to the better thanks leno said the second project that's quite made that the world change and i envy a strange pubs and it's looking me in mice.
ikea and we actually got a predictable relates cadenza we cycle since two thousand five would basically get a new releases from the new school every nine and ten weeks so it doesn't take that long to get a future out to use as an approach where every new version brings new features actually was called crazy if buying.
of people one when the links to constituents but it turned out very well and actually browsers actually lead to pick it up so firefox interim we all have used to this am with this model that to basically whether a bill to pass to actually do that. but it's got stable long term connell said the support of for longer like the latest lot more without lot of those this long term cons are supportive of six years these days and but to be harnessed many of the author things i mentioned at a few minutes ago are still around and some even got worse though so these days we don't have dozens of mailing list we have hundreds of mailing.
this development is actually still driven by e-mail there's not that there is a box alone and but the thing is that where can report issues but the thing is that lots of developers don't look there because in most cases it's not the office for official way to a pot box and just a hint for those that want to report back to the con.
the developers at the problem places and most of the time as a mailing list.
security also became much more important since then and but still we have no automatic cinematic good coach taking in a central place most of the substance them maintain us you something and to develop as some have to develop was also about nothing centrally a lot of room for improvement see a and on some of those things that actually is the aisle.
someone is walking on them already and there's always the idea why not switch to a central falls like it happened get help for development because you want to get a lot of things for free them but no that won't happen any time soon because them just like the if we just did develop and sell well and demand that things are.
approved in small steps here too because yeah that's them and i have worked well for them and their but that's really need someone the nets motivated enough to do that without and immediately return of investment and that's makes it sometimes a little bit hot and that that's why some of those things are still a kind of archaic care.
of the most commonly development and become someone off a problem there was also recently on the promise conference and fall or talk about it with what with with what problems are a lot of developers have to deal with these days thanks to that have looked group was actually started and already got to work so if you.
the improvements are coming that's not a garden stand sandwich developers can use to submit just a linux gone and and meant to be seen how the other cars how how many have come to develop us will start to use as and how they like this.
but as you can see it's the development is improved of small small steps just like a fee just and yet that will take some time i sometimes people ask and.
should the why can't a little foundation help him off and then maybe it should have a little bit more but i'm not sure how much am because that the linux development most moderate model really work well and i don't think it would be good idea to make the are organized i'm like opens dec oct ninety's i developed i was lots of committees and. and hierarchy and things like that and you know that might might not be the best four billion strong nevertheless little is gone the development mean minute rounds at the usual place at a pace ivory it we get a new kind of oceans every nine or ten weeks for many many years now if you're interested if you feel numb us we are.
really each of those from the vaccine springs about thirteen thousand five hundred to commit sometimes it's not the house and daughters thousand more or less and all of those bring about three hundred thousand new lines every russian soul about every year the economy grows about one point five million lines per year.
and that actually happens about fifteen years after andrew martin was back then the number two and a hierarchy wrote this and famous last words but check to a patch volume has dropped off one day as i said was fifty years ago it didn't back then we had like i think six or eight thousand.
from its every connelly's as i said these days we often how i have thirteen thousand five hundred and the letter and the numbers actually stable at these days so the patch while humans quite constant douse now but that was not the only thing and do more modern bad road back then he also said we have to finish this thing one day.
yeah i don't think that will ever happen i guess our votes might be a flair for get forgotten maybe an hundred years and because all develop us might walk on something out all we still use in one hundred years who knows remains to be seen.
so now income to the and slowly something things up.
now the latest developments really solve big problems and small steps the become luck showed that this small steps lead really to better and more flexible solution like a wii and it sometimes the small steps actually make ground breaking new technologies possible like like docket it.
the small building blocks that a built in this small steps actually sometimes can can even help fulfilling all divisions as out like a d. traced to does a bit of was a division what tracing solution and this process actually can lead to fight unexpected disrupting the results like this b.b.b. of thing.
when i mentioned really keep an eye on it it's going to be fun what's coming out of that.
but thinks that's what made and makes it even so great because that those were just a big exam boards during the past two years at two decades a that the big features that to develop like that at its basically as all the other stuff was was quite similar but it shows. it's what makes live so great and reaching big and shows that you can reach big goals with small step and even if that takes time and if something takes time and obviously he also needs money because we all have to eat in the end of today.
and yet so to realize them that often need someone that's really committed ideally is someone that individual what that once you realize a dream.
and as dream about new future and that drives for that makes everything happened to realize that in and the kind of because that's how all those features i mentioned to got developed and the real time stuff i mention this really was a really big and crazy dream but even that got to realise this way.
nevertheless and some hours we are still not there yet.
and to improve saying some. and years you have to basically become an individual that is committed and find money to get this dream realized and then maybe linux will get deposits and that's a as go to even better as instead of s. and we might get development tools that ends and schemes that are even better than what what what we have these days just.
like it was for example or other things that will have a positive impact on the word or the world of a free and open source software like linux and get had and have which just as everything else i mentioned it's just a dream and somebody set that somebody realized in this case.
that's it.
and that's if you're wondering slide two hundred thirty four. almost like i have some nice things to say and i have so many things that i had and that's why i'm using to add this lights to keep on track so i have any questions we have now have to switch my ex. right. you would be ok if you're planning to leave know this makes questions a little bit difficult we have about five minutes left for questions of someone has a question as i now have to address it folks leaving the room could leave the room as quietly as possible so we can hear the intelligent discourse from the questions in the audience. if it. now. the two decades. of quantum computers in quantum to for coming up by scientists. in one hundred twenty on quantum computers yes thank you have no idea i don't think anybody is working on making linux run on quantum computers maybe we need new operating systems for them and remained so busy maybe somewhere and somewhere somebody part. that in itself but i have no idea when we see if your existing the room could you please do it from the middle or the plan there are still trying to actually answer questions of the front of the room at the moment of. but there was a joke. i wanted to do you being but leads as good and faster of the list last year in the time during the twentieth spite sorry i don't understand you're still out. the shift may become the io yeah i think that's now got nothing but a miniscule moon has gotten faster so doing the or because you knew a separate grows it's sometimes slow our own was me. the performance newsman's so do feet has gotten a slow world of faster on the same hour or to me you mean ever faster. it's as if it should believe how it could be fast all what i like giving olds the time but past the old you talked about do fee but the turner has gotten faster i could still has a story i can understand it. ok we're going to try this again does anybody have a question. hopefully isn't always are all are well known as it is if you ask if the little skull was growing fat or what. decision is made it illegal to get past that would be seventy eight. if it were even faster release up its. that. but when the most get past the with all the improvements it limits basically gets far so basically with every new version always a little little steps also is this is too slow in some some areas or where they think it's too slow. it's. you and the me. i think the point was with the increased the code base it might get slower over time. it could be repeated day greece co-pays over time it might get slower because you have too many lives have a meaningful way it's getting slower because it's so big and not group necessarily right now but can it be in the future. whether this cause quite mature last so you can build everything into it what you want but sure some of those features have some over had to make leanest maybe as slow are and that that's actually likely would become on you tube is over that would be a problem if he were to use a.
modern leno's on the clyde all system by than the other hand you can configure linux fly to the white model lot and i mean it's used on on a lot often better system so it shows and it can be made quite small and at the same time also worked on quite big service with hundreds of seals them. these are his or last question last question of care and my name is that this sort is becoming the between the mission i would like to ask you both the event is that you write to you said that in each year we got to one point five million lines small the. just you know what's happened in ten years. so what was going to get past that that i can hear it cited the speakers are away from the i could explain you how it's possible to test it all out to test thousand and two into doesn't care about coming from. i.b.m. all facebook or and as a conference has yet to invest as that at all not know i guess nobody test is all because you can build its in lots of different ways that might have both issues but what this might have a lot of issues yet it's a lot of people try to us. testing the limits kind of throughout the contest at all and that's also something that's really needs to be get better and which so work for a group also i think has us on this road map for up to make sure the contest it gets better. that ok i think we're and then this if you don't want to give any feedback just talk to me even if you didn't like it yet and if you want to follow me you can have full of media if you want thanks again and have a great cost up. you.