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16. The Taylor Series and Other Mathematical Concepts

Video in TIB AV-Portal: 16. The Taylor Series and Other Mathematical Concepts

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16. The Taylor Series and Other Mathematical Concepts
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The lecture covers a number of mathematical concepts. The Taylor series is introduced and its properties discussed, supplemented by various examples. Complex numbers are explained in some detail, especially in their polar form. The lecture ends with a discussion of simple harmonic motion. 00:00 - Chapter 1. Derive Taylor Series of a Function, f as [Σ (0, ∞)fnxn/n!] 14:21 - Chapter 2. Examples of Functions with Invalid Taylor Series 17:30 - Chapter 3. Taylor Series for Popular Functions(cos x, ex,etc) 23:31 - Chapter 4. Derive Trigonometric Functions from Exponential Functions 31:41 - Chapter 5. Properties of Complex Numbers 42:40 - Chapter 6. Polar Form of Complex Numbers 50:04 - Chapter 7. Simple Harmonic Motions 01:03:07 - Chapter 8. Law of Conservation of Energy and Harmonic Motion Due to Torque
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