UC Engine: a real time collaboration application framework

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UC Engine: a real time collaboration application framework
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This talk will be an overview of the UC Engine open-source project. It will highlight the key features of the framework, what applications can be built with it, how the community will benefit from the open source project and what UC Engine could be in future years... UC Engine (Unified Collaboration Engine) provides developers with the tools to help them build real-time applications or integrate real-time features to existing applications. UC Engine enables the development of a huge variety of collaboration applications: web meetings, webcasts, e-learning, brainstorming, project management and many others?
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hello I'm Roman go Jay and I were 4 AF 83 and I'm you see engine core developer so i will show watches you see engine and on what kind of thing you can do with it use engine is a
publish-subscribe server clients push events to the server which has dispatched to other clients it's allows you to build valentime applications such as collaborative budget services games live meetings or anything else that fits in the even driven filter philosophy but what what makes you say engine different from others is its persistence ability its native persistence every advance pushed to the server is stirred and time coded so you can finally search for events for example you can specify a temporal frame or specific type of event or retrieval this kind of native ability allow you to think our features like replay use engine is will to be developer friendly so we will try to keep things simple we have reached a REST API on top of an errand curl which design is a primary action format and as its http-based it's simple on you have tons of library to play with so you're not not tied to a specific language because your engine has been designed to be technologic at mystic and interoperable so you can use the roadways you want to play to play with it most of your code will run server side most of the time because for the moment we have to buy new libraries or will be one and in JavaScript one which is a focused on the browser interaction and there is no intermediate between the JavaScript library the rock cod archeron learning cut client-side on the servers are using engine server but sometimes there is some some things you can do with the brother for example there is a convention of PDF to images that you can do with JavaScript API Wizards having a client-side logic so 12 this you write the demon clients in allison language to speak with it a new song join jee main client is what we call a brick a process certain least that needs to be alone to do a specific things ok setting with a
classic the chat example let's imagine you want to charge with a friend but you know how do you manage to do to do this with us engine it should not be more difficult that send an even to your phone right and it's exactly how it works with youth engine it lets figure you not so free on to speak with your French number so you want to translate automatically your sentences to the appropriate language so write a demon
clients which subscribes to all such events ask Google for the translations and then push new it on to your friend it's simple right
users own you something is going to be generic as I said so here you have the behind of the site protocol for example of messages events which use of the sack that message that you even skype but when using genes see the messages these events they don't know what kind of event it is it should eat just evens so it's completely generic this you can build your own protocol and it's the true power of use engine because you can will you know your own interactive protocol this can lead to a huge ecosystem you know how using gene works
a perv subcellular as I said and you know what it's supposed to do but what kind of thing you can do with it first moment we have a demonstration available on your site which is users and at work and we show a very subset of what you can do with it but actually we want developers to imagine imagine and find their own usages r1 real-time application and by the simplicity on the generosity of you changing the limitations are certainly on nigger imaginations I with some links to dig
further in the ecosystem your orchid is ungettable and we are a lot of documentation to dig further in the ecosystem of use engine using Jim is a young project it is fun and it is free free as in freedom and it has been read for developers you so contributing are very welcome thank you
now I have Flint yota of time for questions is there any questions yes I don't get it and the question is our the persistence is done right and so we have multiple backends but primarily as we have an encore we use knizia and mogu tebe of double bacon you can choose one of them yes yes yes as we have persistence we can have replay etc and we are which we really think we are simpler than google wave because we are not the federating aspect but which one really to keep things simple on to start really fast for example most of your code is a JavaScript so you can starting really fast with it because we're which an ecosystem of widgets with which are available on the demonstrations so you can perch with it you can put your widget on your site and it works because you can talk directly to the server this and it's a good question because I don't really know about this but we maybe we can chat with it later because the call dispatch is evil to the clients but on the con side I don't know if you can see if there is even that you are Avant because this is a call with which manage this so maybe it's more complications that than that okay no more questions going once going twice thank you very much for your presentation


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