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We do Privacy by Design
Best practices and real-life examples
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With GDPR taking effect in May, it is upping the ante for privacy violations. How does GDPR affect Open Source Projects? Specifically, how to provide Privacy by Design? Our talk will provide insights from both the legal and the technical viewpoint. With GDPR taking effect in May, it is upping the ante for privacy violations. While most of the discussion around GDPR focusses on companies, we want to present the Open Source projects side of things. There are a few variations, such as a software company running a community, and a non-profit organization, i.e. an open source software project and its community. We will focus on the first one, while also providing some advice for the latter. How does GDPR affect Open Source Projects? Specifically, how to provide Privacy by Design? For some time already, organizations (both companies and Open Source projects) started looking for best practises on how to implement one core concept: Privacy by Design. Privacy by Design has been around since the Nineties, devised back then by Ann Cavoukian, Canadian Privacy Commissioner. It is about anticipating and preventing privacy issues before a single line of code is written. This is a concept that is easy to grasp, but hard to implement. Nevertheless, there are plenty of best practices that we can share based on our experiences, implemented in our Open Source software and IT infrastructure, and want to share with a wider audience. Our talk will provide insights from both the legal and the technical viewpoint.
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feature development and you need to
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privacy in the full product lifecycle
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general data protection relations for
projects personal data on an individual basis
in the european junior inclusion idea
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with the data list connector
accessibility baptist of the user and
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with us single for him open source data
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because July processing user data software
ag implements ramsey bydesign
leisure is the open source project
Must have had good position on details
before this completely feedback mechanism
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so in most of the project security
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about the ports in the customer center
implemented transparency bridge
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into the way of doing that
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open source software java interacting
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brings it to several of the product
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often problems pohling location services
and you have the opportunity for
constant you features anyway
that you need to talk about to implement
this stated in their place community
but at the end it was so wansing that
most on the open source community
health forum
this is a place in front of and
because peaches collecting personal data
des - just like what the police say
then I'm going to be explaining watches
data if we do that is an example
the exact information collection reckers
personal data from the juso he liked the
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open office project and data privacy
policy here and here is libreoffice
privacy policy is personal data
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data like you need to reach and rohs
Lucky is the need for explaining
validity mayor processing data die
small lizard data like the open source
community website story privacy policy
here is such an interesting website
the dating information
that's google analytics
that's perfect
and here the opportunity opt out
day sale tracking of the bvb
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community will all tools like your
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so coming back to the seven principles
ag provided in this project is not
reactive hereby do the data protection
of which is involved in any of the
feature development urbanization so that
open source community of the transparent
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we want to climax was up to now
the open source community health
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postive for users privacy by heart
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system result in front of europe's website
enthusiasts tracking cookies from social
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tools so the s not elementary the as
no location based tracking and mobile
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processing is very easy for study for
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website to date roadster as well as miracle
improve the functionality full user
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cookies functionality protector privacy
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prohibited with and how explained that
because here something like can get back in
contact was you but if you don't care
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okay this is a feature that is not live
now people are built
as to use the screenshot to herb
machine learning becomes breakdance
privacy so that's about the user
something immediately notices that endeavor docks
interests everything that will but that is
hypothetically screenshot on the website
where is the case and data is already
like you walked into website platform
a you don't want to send
disinformation the personal information
was brought you once and information
board and postage is from weidinger
feature is the option gate back where you
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ending the stuff of production
Coming soon is the asset criterion
built lifecycle protection and traces
respect from data generation youtube
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so only via barrage in today floors and
data mining session so the coach for the time being
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general privacy policy and collecting
data and if it is connected the 1 o
mostly and bronze the goal is without
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here is the start of specific example
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future munich people ahead
this data dat wi weern place collective
we will become an economic platform reporter
collecting effectively adhered optically
the user will also have the data is the
most of the saturdays with avallon times
perspective from perspective and files
like you didn't before so today
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that thing the monster to talk about
dedicate in details about the principles
and transparency to the communicator es
transparent the postquartier user data
is ford + s open source
community disco fever the first draft
need open source community just
community transparent so in an example
you can check out the source code n sv
feature development in terms of issue
urgently tracking me that mosley
this is review tool rietveld v?rollet
reviews apa look at that is the motto
back public and what comes into the next
release in all of the projects of
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the fashion week us open the portal
that is so depping d sub asset property
like oxygen so the provider there is
in said that is so in the previous year
almost worthless design concept just had to
focus on topic
principles and by design it is back
which had both
so like it know about a blob plus class
series of best coaches of the open source
we should get to know community
by mikasa and the uk trade process
product features that we the specs users
privacy banks on holding and i'm happy
to hear your questions and orthography
step into the discussion
any questions the community will hear
the case when the user is providing the
data in the form of comments quartet you
want to the third and education project
community for kids german tv channel
so that children's channel and the dtm something
public form and really not what the kids
viewers who should be named as well
has twelve beepers from moning training
in kitzb?hel sharing in the format
the moderator before and life and people
to freezing and to the monastery reform too
tilt companies working capital back
so cheering
enya christ
this donate to anything that
you doing open source project to provide
you see is so much software imaginable
that disrespect in privacy by design
and what will happen on board is at
the sm and sings that shake it out
at the open source community features
politik.de die
Regional Data Protection Officer
north rhine-westphalia cologne based
company so it's worth it
you know okay then think sheep
about hunt


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