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CouchDB! REST and Database!

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CouchDB! REST and Database!
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CouchDB how does a document-oriented DB work or how does it work for you? This presentation takes a look at CouchDB, a distributed, fault-tolerant and schema-free document-oriented database accessible via a RESTful HTTP/JSON API. CouchDB design and replication features solve the problem of high-traffic websites, distributed peer-to-peer, and offline application, all in the same time. The talk will cover the different CouchDB usages and integration in applications and its deployment. It will also present how to build and distribute standalone CouchDB applications on top of CouchDB using its REST API. CouchDB applications can run on users desktop an be replicated using a P2P system. Data could also be available offline.
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x 40 minutes to really discover we'll make a rapid tour could they be we introduce me so amber national i funded the new company three years ago named and Kim it via the logo on top I discovered Christy be three years ago when working on a new project I needed some new efficient way to store data and i discovered the couch TV and since we came when i bash quiz DVD rippers around qgb i also maintain two libraries kuz beam which is the libraries in a log that allows you to access to crucify and Cuba kite the same in Python and I'm attainder to the JavaScript which is deployment of Khrushchev in the embedded kriby application in custody so here it is so why cruz de Biche first this is a document-oriented database that means that you don't store any key value you use store documents with the key kou shibasaki native we will see what it means you can have you data locale or on centricity server you can make p2p application which could be and its case white scales because of its infrastructure qgb is design a right-hander on so it means that along it is a language designed to scale you pass message between CPU between machines which is the same coogi be as a nap and file only file structure that means that when say you that document saved it's really saved it's already not on disk crashed early ones because of that because of a long because of a pin vise structure which is HTTP so first
what document o wretched East each document each content in in coogee be saved as the Dyson document you can see a simple document that you have two members with another score the ID is the I did I i had a IDF your document this is a new guinea coddled by default it is a UID increase be but he could be a jockey want and you have to remember the reef member is the religion of the documents but it's not recommended to use it as a story revision because this is only for internal engine it orders to cultivate to detect conflicts between document during replication and author that are signalized that you can put in so Jacob Cap'n mass which is a one leader of Django project Seth could have a bite off the web that's when that couch / reason nasty TP interface with to create a ctp application to so the first thing when you ask that q CB and go on the URL you get first u.s. Ted Cruz DB and the only and the only mean to know if it's working is to go with your browser or car to get to Lawrence it first so you get on the URL of the server and it's a welcome and it's fashionable for each first its web why does it mean HTTP supported everywhere if you develop in Java if we develop in pythons we develop in a ruby whatever each languages as its own HTTP client so so it's a lot of tools and libraries when you store a document with which could be you you do it yeah HTTP HTTP you are four verbs get put post and they let yet and each of these various web are used to save documents of 3d tvs or do deferred action in custody for example to create database you just post to the server URL the name of the database in Jason and your lapis is created to send for you documents with boot post and when you want to delete you just send the delayed web to the server now when you have once your you have save your documents and the crew gb you need to create them kudjeri based on MapReduce which is a patent software concept that was developed by google and could you be used its own an implementation of of the web produced system that means it's not patented she's a completely free and it was checkered recently by GF explanation so we use MapReduce to extract information from document where does it mean a MapReduce is basically you have your documents stored in a database I you do what we call a map map we get released of your document this list is composed of two elements one is there G and the other g value so you get one list and reduce is to assume in to reduce this key value list in one list of values I will see a concrete example just just after javascript is used internally to map documents and reduce them each map reduce function is design is done in JavaScript and everything in store in a tie in a specific document that record the dialin dodge each ID of a design doc start with underscore design in the workers this is somehow like a lotus not where you have some design document to to make specific view of your data when you want very quickly be you have to acquire it on a specific ul and the view of you could be a map or mapquest radius is available at such where L even notice that every action on Chris D'Elia for views for crucifix cetera will be a day behind the design doc namespace so what's MapReduce concretely here here are documents that we stir in the cruise ship in a goose dev editor base and the example is simple we want to to organize both on URL by by people so each people can put one minute 10 to a new year I'll and we want to to get the top of you I so we saved this document with valued in the database and now we want to map the documents we want to get all what's in the database so a map it just a JavaScript function where you pass the document as argument and here we map the document we said that a votive is a document with an URL and about members and we omit the vm ET URL SG she's the first time of the emit function and the value will be devout so we have the result at the bottom it works in fact like it each time you save a document nothing happened but when you call your view the document that you saved since the lifetime will be passed as argument to the function and the function we meet values that would be indexed on the disk so you get a list of result in JSON first part of the you add view information you have the number of the rows in the review offset in case you have used you are committed yo of you and Jared Addison grab the idea of document map it sochi which is a UI ear and value which is what so we have a list of that in the database now we want to reduce them to get to get the top we want to calculate which value is attributed to any guy so we make a radius reduces also in javascript function where could they be passed to to enjoy cheese that we reached before geez I us and the values so to list them each addicts is associated g0 is the same as very zero and we just some all the values for K sake and that it reduce the previous list here to this list of two key so we have my SQL admin asst one votes and Cruz DB that value to we can avert really any order the view to get the results so it was very easy to to go from here the list of document to our top of your trial Simon SQL or some other no SQL system it will it won't be
so easy so I just show the possibility to make views in JavaScript but biting Chris WF also the views of design in your air long so you can eventually make MapReduce function in neurons but if you want you can add your own view server and make it enclosures guerra Java pair whatever since coogee bay as web server biting and everything is just a sweet pickle we also made the web admin cell faster each divino de admin which is a web antifa in TFS done in JavaScript so in this admin you could do you could create the review test review your MapReduce and turn the dogs and get the list of ducks Mac replication etc deploy so one thing that make coogi be different from most database is the replication with you what it is replication allow us to make easy fell over and we will show it easy to make a clustering to of different to be not so first application this is an incremental p2p PTV get to clear replications that means that when you are a very no slave where is no vaster in increase DB replication there is only my stuff when you have a database and I want to replicate with another database you just say a post to the replicate aware of christy be and say which is a source which is a target and it could work in in the other friends too you could eventually make the criteria talk themselves in the same times from school from target so you have replication buff sense with a reputation could happen in a continuous fashion you could make a one-shot replication between two nodes of minutes or you could make a replication coach in you which is based on the soldier and the change a PE of chrissy be each you can get all notification from a database dr. ish and doc says new design docs etc in real time and the replication use it with your replication and that means that you can take the data with you which is very easy to install could they be on your own laptop and since the replication is there is no master no slave and each node add is only story you can just install your application on laptop protect your laptop put some data in yahoo gb and when you come back online just replicate to the centralized server and that i will wrap around a web service or information system you use so replication is linked motor that means that only news revision of document will be saved so you could do simple replication between two nuts or even more nodes you can do the application in both sense Omo Omo trucks for each time the replication is done it's time the history is updated and you can can replicate from our two bay to say whatever the sins use it works so the replication rule an easy Pharaoh value just have to create two machine to a stack with DB on two machines put continuous replication and one machine audiosurf depends on which is online and weather machine fair user will have the data and where x forever isn't enough obviously you also need to mirror your data on maybe more not and you want you want to be able to store more than two tier okay with Chris DB database when you have 500 megabytes on your arm chigger bites on your computer you need obviously when TR terabytes of a new artist to store the replication information and sister the battery not compacted so you may want to use a crystal designing the crow story is really easy you can you can send you one if you want that's what does me if you buy the cluster based on ng annex and twisted a python library physician should manage each data it shouted you define your child at the beginning and there is no network node or no masters for photo application they are and are going that to calculate the idea of actually the position of idea in the of your documents in the integrator and and so if one machine fail you can still have access to your data it will you just have to put another machine in your inner child and we will calculate the position of your document so no mass turned off no master no name node that's not like a dupe where you have a single point of failure here you have not accept if your machine face this is simple HTTP this is the variable nothing were on angle cuts but now on github so which is which KGB are we just see at the mapfre system and how to deploy your christie minutes and now we can do more and so with a simple chris typical you can get you can fetch with a tag and queries your data you can replicate your data but obviously sometimes you want to retrieve an HTML from your doc or PDF or an xml whatever so you can take control of of your data thanks to Shep's so here is an example with actual doc least three here is a viewer a suit that we converted in a stable I will do this we simply create creating a function that will render the results of your view oh that's not over yet that's a duck yeah here we have created a show and the show the show just do one thing it take your doc ID if the doc exists if we continue the function and if it is rendered in HTML you can also decide to render it in XML or JSON or avoid the tizen you want there is no develop act this is cacheable this is just HTTP you have attacks center and with your with your doc in HTTP headers and so we can order in HTML in formats the same with
worst of it group you have you results each whole year is rendered in the HTML latest list and shows a cold in cubase ever you are to least i have yet no impact on database as i run with one line at a time so you can eventually stream the response this is the same with of you we can get the razor streamed line by line a new application so you can able to really get wasn't in 10,000 lines sign in one time without taking memory on new application and list can be a render in the HTML or infamous when you say view documents and data basil you sometimes want to be sure that the user is a totally as a right to update the document today to document or even you want to make sure that the data is in the format you want so for that we have a validation function each validate function works on a date each function is again simple JavaScript function which gets to touch the user objects and and you can forbid retina that phone of every you can raise HTTP error of two forbidden another document so Chris DB is provided with a lot of tools we have tools to create Khrushchev's not really with the Sholan list and other function by things you can buy it embedded application so no need to to python no need to java or anything else you just install a bruiser and Lucas DB baidu application and it will be useful by the user could also imagine auto update of application improvement of application by by your developer and just simple replication fit on all your laptops then but when all this function are not in half you can extend couch TV we have the external HTTP and low and diamonds so what is an external our French so so ex-general a simple script that you add to your Co figures on fri they just get a steady a stutter input solar output from the system in fact Chris DB we sent to your to your script made in Java para Python will be whatever it will send a JSON you read the Jason and it's an in back string or another title to it to make action so it's all issue want to add a specific you I'll to get your image 12 from them resize I'm and serve it sells em add attachment of your document you create it in Python or Java whatever you you add this script to your configuration files with the name of the UL and and kristi will send the HTTP put to a post to your script and send back the response to quickly various which is yeah sorry so this is a thats works for those who know like whiskey or rack in ruby which are a certificate away to a patent for far with gear and rach object and you don't need to try to manage out span processes christie be with span 40 G's for you if we create one process and it will raise it if an idiot and under demons and notifications so you can add scripts to your yo Christie be but you can extend Chris away with you or non layer by the inherence all all parts of the of the cruise DB application are in the configuration sites so the view is one under the show is one another under least our another Angeles the the way you see the Tibet is another low so if you want to rewrite one under of couse DB we write your own voice system or advanced like adding food textures which is possible with crucible reason you can do it what you wanna I did two gb and it will be used as any other services in quickly and if you want to do more obviously if you if you have a possibility to replicate relatable so easy you may want to create a real p2p website services so why not adding Bonjour zero proof to too pushy be that's possible I in fact some do this you create your script your Damon Allen editing the configuration file in the diamond section and automatically could you be willin delete which web as I supervise it in case of failure for you and it will work easily you have notification so you have to wait we have notification yeah a script that you really so in new configuration file we are total input as a solar output that's works I externals or via the change HTTP handler I show before so some tools were about like this you have credibility that our instant full-text search in Yakutia Vinod Oh yo couch the true special shares increase away so like I said you can create standalone clarification to make twelve located that make a p2p application so to do that I've right on the script named couchette in Titan you know each crew cpv exhausting in one design document but obviously you won't have to chip in university beyond TFS the joys and put the image via HTTP it's time is time you want to create an application so chris ofili is the process you just create your structure on the file systems there is one directory for views one directory for shows one go to refurb debt and such good shape script will generate this structure with jeanette payment then when you finish to design your application i want to test it just push to the debate like a good lecturer weather and it will be available on Chris D'Elia instantly and if you want to replicate a remote shape it's possible to thanks to the current comments the script is available on github and everyone used actually are recreated in your own language to create Khrushchev's or design document so here
are some example of Khrushchev's on top processing an application the tech image and use the processing is the query library to create effects on image here is an agenda that aims to work like the Google Calendar it already works you can add events and thanks to the San JP you can get AB set in real times in your own bruiser era and an example another example at the bottom that works with twitter twitter pre-owned classic website barrage an affirmation that is
another that is readied like insurance which read it is that when someone added everywhere or comment or what everyone that is connected on definition will get the information in real time you can devote really do some little lake which is exists called toast or you can do a presentation application I stood on couch TV each slide is a duck and goose dabei and if you weren't right we are showing on list so you could have pushed away new brother or you could have to create a new desktop true recently we're going to each one too I'll Kris deep inside and earlier libraries ideas a created Christie Battista allows you to two white application using crucible and ubuntu will to bite to the moon to and services you can pair your desktop with 121 services on each from one to 10 is equal to be so you can actually easily replicate data from Chris debate to rue 21 and using another computer and replicated from a good one such things and you can even thanks to Davis pair three or more computer inside your your network and share data between all the application that work it could be in your office in you favorito es tu since the GPL arsenic's already under it I think it will go soon enough v2 and feature is cool to be on your phone some people already parted could see beyond the Nokia left me now 9000 and and some other I've created FB i-- and to simulate chris DB on via JavaScript on your front it's possible an iphone if I see one on the road and thanks to html5 you can store locally the data on your browser and you take an infant browser and replicate 22 Christie B+ just HTTP that feature of chris d be
there will be a permission management it was recently committed in trunk what is arose is true to authenticate pared away you can protect white read and such pirelli be ready today's not just clustering a natural stirring will be sorry used clevedon solution which is another company that launched their services this is a jig a cluster based on dynamic concept it works like react or Cassandra same system of replication and is based on quiz be improvement in Khrushchev's using command GS which is a framework for several for javascript in suicides we want to read it too Jujubee and more improvement in HTTP and toughest maybe using my machine we want to make sure that we thought we are fully HTTP native and send the right message to you and Exeter to Professor there is the crew gb website there is the books which is available freely or inori the co-chef wiki ioc chris de vida affair or quickly your unfinished and antiques question
sorry not you to understand the second understood well whether the replication works in both sense if there is conflict crossing to Sergio Chapa I don't yessir now we can't chat replicate the you can't yet filter the replication series in the Sun jetty there is already a filter and replicate i'll use the chance so it's been not maybe not for the next worries i think we're definitely for the 1.0 which will happen soon yeah yes there is a revision member each document as a revision which is used for replication it's not cheap toy story pair documents and when you replicate it's not censor history and could we will try to find the last and if there is a problem if the is the target is one way behind your sauce it will just waste conflict and let your application manager and the config yeah if you keep your your laptop offline during two months as IWC conflicts but CCU application who gb won't do auto coffee ipf thank you