Keynote: Feeding the Pony: Contributing back to Django & How to make that work for you

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Keynote: Feeding the Pony: Contributing back to Django & How to make that work for you
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Django’s life-blood is its contributors. This talk is about how we enable more contributors from across the community, how they (You!) can get involved, and how you can make sure that it helps your career. Django looks like it’s doing just fine: it’s a popular framework in a popular language. We have major releases every six months. We have Django Girls, a Foundation (and Fellows), super conferences in glamorous locations, and more. But the code is old and there’s only the smallest number of people that regularly contribute. We need more. We need you! What’s more, as good as we are elsewhere as a community, the group of contributors isn’t as diverse as the community at large: there are clearly barriers to entry here. We’re trying to change that, and we want to invite you to come and join-in. Contributing to open source is great fun, it’s a great learning opportunity, and it can really help your career. I’m going to tell you how to get involved, and how to get support in that. Importantly I’m going to tell you how to avoid the pitfalls. You are qualified to contribute. More than that, your contribution is the future of Django. Come code!
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the lower one was a great person to asian.
now for our first you know to speak of the day and the first presentation of a we have a call to get seven.
i'm confident he'll be he said general fellow and he'll be talking to you about how you can become more active member of this beautiful community we have here with his presentation called contributing a feeding the pony point to rate their country him back to just go and how to make that work for you so.
so everyone please a big round of applause for cult and.
and he will not be taking any questions after his presentation but he will be more than happy to answer any questions when you catch him greater after lunch so no questions after the presentation thank you.
you can write tell thank you for about that.
really on its be here that you have any.
feeding the pony.
feeding on who's already well on his party as a party i'm so glad that made this is amazing.
the idea back in the day was that when you're asking for all these magical features like declarative models wages in sell them out and i don't know automatic for generation an invalid haitian all these things that were lost control these magic teaches you boys world dollars for a pony as well.
the thought was that then we need last coincided with the the giant how he was bored.
before go on it i can think we don't do enough about this notion of more teachers are more things i got so if you are europe.
swag make entire person let's talk off to his i saw him make something more happen with the general pony any of my uncles and get on the long term django you have got become shelf that says something like updated one point warned those around about them then.
in contributing in the jungle ecosystem for number is an entire generation framework help help their menteng filter john christy forms of help on other things and along with marius for the last year or so up in the jungle fella.
also china fell away contract but the django sell for foundation to do this all day to day tasks on django three r.'s to take to stay calm it i'm so you go on the track he created we try to reproduce it will make sure it's about the bug or not we handle the patch review so used to make a poll course we make sure the u..
because gets reviews quickly as we can.
we watched most of the them pull request now we do security worked as a security issue really reports we help their along with other contributors to the releases and its kind of stuff the on a project the size of django it just wouldn't get on it just fall behind.
and i guess the point about thirty program was very good about his hope he lets contributors that you'll really exciting stuff of contributing carload what we do the moment and stuff.
to keep the project taking over.
so the toll on country back to tango and how to make that work you why would you do contributing i'd say well why it's fun it's fun doing open source it's fun working on the patches it found.
creating software that we like to offer it's a great learning opportunity as well it's really really live up to ability something that i would just make a bet on him.
if you can take on a ticket you don't know what is you have to work out what problems first bowl you don't have to create a test case for ukraine patch for it you get your patrick viewpoint you know big the the spike country it is to tango and they'll help improve your card to.
but learning opportunity and if you do right and that's what's talk is about it helps you help you get the job would help get a better job.
but how and.
that's one going to talk about the day in the big problem is that django well eight contributed.
used to be cold me ground.
the woods i are we need some fresh meat for the meat grown and this one.
the more well because expectations and there's a this that expectation around open source one of those come to funding so she to stroup stroke how quickly i don't have to do it too he uses django in their work in some way.
that's as much to keep your hands up the hands of who keep your hand up if you are in some way senior that you work you have an underling have any comment ok so that's not so many.
and keep your hand up your company contributes to the tango so foundation which anger was framework through borrowing costs by.
ok some but well done those that the two companies don't funding is not many fights old of using half have you seen some respect and maybe ten percent funding why don't we found why don't we found its tax deductible.
a one of the best what way she can do to prove you're hiring wrote this right.
both in reach to suitable candidates.
they hear about it because your logo of his employees but also in looking credible but can call of a qualified candidate comes to fuel interview tell you and we support the child support and actually support language primer that make your company much more people.
the expectations we want to fight for an expectation what is that we must pay for every time or.
new mobile is troy there's a kind of outcry all this isn't free and open source anymore so the example that comes to my money's readings but his have got the poll which is be at the license and then they recently introduced this may be to create more models the bottle that troop functions to reduce labs whose the company be the funds most to read develop.
that they created a graph and when i'm at a base model an incredible takes much more to and they put under licence which is fun for me is that users to open source i can use those in any product i just can't use them in if i want to another database.
so they just try to protect their position there and yet there was an outcry was linked to ship huge and threatening to stop acting ratings because it wasn't for an open source and and now i don't read this example is just an example to put the point is that kind of reaction whenever people try and make any money of open source to try and find a way of funding its.
the toxic i think i'm now when the with the s.f. with django we really really lucky were unfortunate position and but if you didn't put a hand up or you can keep your hand and funding i'd like to think hard about whether your company can from the d.s.l. for chang arrest for more cool and other projects it depends.
but not just funny time bright there is a this is kind of expectation that want you start contributing to open source that you somehow over the community something that when you have to be that you have to turn up no matter what the cost to you personally either you haven't have a responsibility you letting people down.
a lot i've been somewhat fortunate in the as i was getting involved open source all people that last of the influential to me a mass have been massively important to tango i saw them struggling and i still their struggle and i was able to come.
or just my own behavior and do not fall into this trap but it's it really talking and again this is where we lock it of the fellowship program in the tango well because merrison are able to do the british some stuff with the ritual of you to burn out but we didn't want to hide but basis so it's not so it's fine and their home.
hopefully then again you can contribute to the good stuff the right in the open which is no rewarding and a learning opportunity an option in the job since the so.
let's look at the state we're in which is a simple water.
i'm popular opinion tech asia.
contributing to open source the privilege only few can afford meritocracy more.
on the same refrain open source is the on her internship of computer program.
right now.
is a grown child that janga on last year it was.
it shows the commit her contributor between when two point one was released and jack o'connell austere does the timeframe doesn't matter what matters is the shape of it off.
because there are four hundred ninety one commits from one hundred twenty one separate people outside of the cold group of the fellows and main hall thousand series country to use this to their there are all very many people now it's ok it's point but the first problem with his it's just nor not we need more contributed.
why because there are hundreds of will thirteen hundred accepted open take his own agenda now ok django much will i it's the study itself but.
i think of us.
too many for me i think we need but it won't dynamic and having the this launch out over time it never changes.
oh i think we need to be closing some of these and to do that we need more than with we need more people we need more country has come and join us right we we managed to keep django power to where we add new features we keep up with all the data points out that it's so we had a few more contributors we can title now and we can get more features to come.
the big problem.
it's just not represent if you look across the country beatles world quite why very mild if you look at that colwell it's all it's very very white is all right and that's not representative of the the django communities a hole in it.
as i say it could have been any time.
so this other thing going on with china which is about single china coal so store keep you contributed to the jungle and major contribution to tango be invited to sync with django call him is a list of people rennie and it makes it look as if the country to places fifty strong but it's not because most of those.
people are an artist i retired they're not really not actively contributed to django and so it's slightly misleading this django cool thing exists and it still represents because it's all the old white men that have contributed in the cost.
there's a jungle hans proposal to dissolve dying of coal that go through this year and.
that the government's agenda will probably be placed boy numbers of the tango software friend who are active on the jang develop and if they will be the people who probably they will be that people have the voting rights to if he comes up and bang join this chatter sam saw foundation and the news.
you can be paul the governments of chiang on the running of technical from what that's half the story and.
we're going to get rid of that the jungle coal and then how do we want how can we can encourage more people to commit that would be the rest of the story right sell it.
i'm not going to talk about the funding problem we've got the jungle for foundation we've got thirty program that's you know that it's not perfect there's more to say there but that's not been much talk and talk about the time problem.
so how can you point to point to contribute to tango well can you work as an additional pop who uses django their work.
come on the right.
so to keep your hands up your hands up keep your hands up if at work he was senior in some what are you going on the wing of a point.
promotion lost on me was that board.
now all going on right so third question keep your hands up if the in all company you encourage and allocate time for working on open source.
making hand when no popular and and that's no bad right because that's what you need to be to your program is used often they will experiment you can shoot all they go to experiment on your coat based on your product or are they going to experiment on open source pack.
cage which gets community i was all it from experience contributors.
you can choose to.
it's a great learning experience to make sure your employees better program as it allows you to keep up to date so you go you install the third party app agenda of third party and it's not compatible with the latest version of django because it's got some bargain it so you have an option you can either get stuck on the on the law.
out you know the last long term or support which just about to be calm and life and then you're running end of life software and every time you try to recruit new program or what they are genuine a one point four on.
all you can tell you its program as yet no let's fix up bar and let's fix other couple of other issues on that report let's get that the party package we depend on compatible with django to point to a stop light and then all the sell you on the lights make a version that happy place to build but only for you exist to prague.
graham is but you're hiring to be a what we're shifting renault year when the to tell you what we are going to three point five minutes from.
it's an exciting company i want to work.
it's virtuous circle it's a learning opportunity to make sure code better you go new feature you can hire more easily becomes a learning opportunity.
google supposedly advocates twenty percent time i don't have twenty percent time is too much to ask what a ten percent would one day every two weeks working open source what your dependents on the men's huge with that really kili if you want to tell a yes and you big problems so allocate.
point from your work well as if you work won't help you what about finding time for yourself no one knows can be difficult or why not on oil exactly the demographic that which is still be talking about.
right so what they want well another thing or two so i got four children his the.
the mountain the children are now on i have a right and i've done all my contributing on the site all of it around working to support those was trying to ensure that i'm a present apparent.
people have always asked me what how do you have time to contribute open source and dance rival was given was well some people play fortnight.
updated its international.
i played here.
the point here so i've made a choice i don't have netflix watch the new series on tell television my wife things don't like an old i do like goebbels just have read going and i didn't have that right.
it's just have to kind of choose what your bat become good everything so one bad faith that out have some bad at twitter i do have it was rubbish.
i'm bad as so many things i called my at the time full by current make the title because i have four children because i want to prove my spanish my cattle and because i like to cook i like to spend time doing all those other things and i want to contribute to open source.
and it's not much to and i leave i honestly don't have a lot on the country from across the soda fellow role on the work and generous framework as well on a pipe faces and then have a little bit of time to do some open tools can.
but doesn't matter how little so you find some time a little bit of time that the half an hour week.
i mean a that would be an hour an hour a week with the toys.
but enough right to find some time and then i want you to immediately limits were told about this again last year but the important thing with contributing to open source is that you don't allow it to eat more time than you you specify because he can and that's what these to burn up and that's what these two.
all the problems with contributing to open source is norte limiting the commitment the uk.
so tight one thing i tell that to write.
prodi number worn is still self care ok.
he's you have to look after herself there is this feeling award must fix that if you know i know coast an issue perfect merging the bargain and broken a sniff i don't fix it now people want to put people can go with their foreign can put too many schools and version number in into whatever version you don't have to fix it that night.
you can fix the coffee useful first ok so and then the other piece with voice or gives don't stretch yourself to think if you want to go small amount of toit focus on one thing is better to focus on warm back into it well then sprinkler for everyone.
it looks like i do all you know hydrology are trying a fellow contribute trying desperately trying to fill to juggle children's itself.
it would virtually all issues and you know a few hours every every major release of django and its it's up to that ok.
the fellow role separate statement the referee separate the a.
back in the day of working on generous framework in my spare time in the time i had was doing a little bit and then django filter was on entine didn't check when i first started reaching refrain was just tom and i went and helped and but by the time django filter needed someone to cough to there were five people working on to a restaurant and i wasn't doing very much too.
oh so i took on jan i felt i was doing more work in china but i didn't do anything right frame of friday's because i was busy and i didn't have the time and then a good job to filter soviets fine and crispy force was about for life so it took level and i spend more time fixing that i was in it for ages and in those packages kind of raw.
and since django chris people have anybody uses that and uses be trapped for them please talk to me afterwards because i don't use butter foreigners a few not hot dogs but had not the time to resolve its needs help with template beautiful so have used to track and chris people's peace talks mean what you can have a fixed amount of.
if you want.
and now i hope that those two packages they run themselves and so now it all taken on to work on channels so and you can step back from that and all ago is a little bit of time when our we can start to work on it and i'm going to work on in the sprints and i'm going to know the victim bugs i've been looking at but the day today will do his hand.
the incoming take it is it new cases a new ticket real war most of them are mostly usage question.
but the key point is that they involve a role in the open source or two for phone of only a really work to one thing a town.
and that you've got to where you don't have to do that.
i see some people contribute and i think it is there every way but they're not doing it and it's like funkiness and.
and then the third thing is keep a lot can buy because even if its own half an hour week.
he adds up i talked about this last year about being really great it's all about being politically in.
in this week it's about being prolific over time.
it adds up so the law gives like an objective record what you don't and it's something you that you can talk about.
the getting into open source really change the dynamic for the when i was trying to get gates because those are all we can you give some couples will now close to everything of work is private and the on monday i thought i open source of his yellow you don't do this to the and it really change the dynamic keep a log of what you do.
then you can use it and those silly interview questions that you get this guy time when you use pony to sell pressing the government opened well as a slogan i can fill in their application question and they have something concrete decide.
ok you can link to the actual taking the right is not just eyeball in in the application or you jangle to solve some problems is that a key where i did.
that's much more impressive than the only other candidates running in the same question to keep the people all.
and then.
you can also use it to help get a reference common help me or my package and over a period of time going to be extended to give you referrals especially if you can email means a year and can't remember the been country together to that his all things have turned on by covering them.
of course schools and.
unfortunately the reason caper all organiser get all of this matters more is there is an aide memoire pay for itself the problem of learn something i can ever remember it week later that i can to search for it and outcomes the boy wanted in the notes it took and then i got that solution in my.
for the future.
and the law doesn't have to be high tech just be playing take thousand fold your computer.
don't build a toll will sell anyway what it is a limit your time might find in time their limited focus on the shelf the thinning people and their the three so of tricks try to sell.
actually contributing get tell you how to get involved and how to get hold of us what's not working and.
the contributing going to you.
you don't contribute to gender be don't know how these documents by an approach is how to get involved with that such problems.
it's not the solution is it's a starting point but have a rate below to good stuff he tells you the co-star it tells you how to build the doctor tells you how to run the tests which tells you how to write a new test to tell she had a boy sector aggression is also good stuff it do give it a return on their it says join django about.
so you're busy you haven't got time for another mailing list are not a lot of it's not relevant that's point joining anyway turn off the notifications it becomes as you get involved in django it becomes more of us to check it went to a counterbalance and see this interesting topic much more important join django developers is.
with django comment was another mailings and this is like with his we need to advertise a small but it's a place where experience country is a signed up to help you stop contributing but they rarely there waiting to own secret don't remember a high fred i'd like to contribute.
heim to unite the country high i've tried to instill the the tests without congo regarding his the arrow give people a chance when you an e-mail lists but the majlis this people they are really going to help you get up and money.
so join.
then you need to get set up with the couch and principle this is easy clone the report a clot created virtue them pointed them on this allowed to to install the requirement that install one is our right to run the tests this brontes run round but that's it.
a principle but sometimes it doesn't work because i don't know you got the right libre installed in the my place or summit but if it doesn't work jangle mentorship i've got this era when i tried to run the next week if you can't get it running locally there is a virtual machine that will run the tango test wait for you with all the different databases there's a doctor.
the top now as well get the talk about probably whichever whatever the world will get a code installed on the tests we see what it looks like find them to be on that you've got to find a ticket and this compartment.
remember there were certain hundred open except to take it.
well wait like whether what game the dogs the country to god says to look for easy pickings taking but this is going to come to because there are thirteen hundred except to take its of which approximately thirteen fatalities.
right now we want using his fag right but it's not going right it's not like there are thirty easy tickets and thirteen hundred for normally hogwarts by the most of the tickets are no harder than the problems you already solved every single die in you'll use.
tango most of them yes they need a bit of time to work out what the issues yes they need a bit of you lot and your effort but then all rocket science generally speaking ok why haven't they been solved well because is only half a dozen people regularly can have been on call price and the two hundred tickets so.
there's a lot of opportunities right.
also if you to stop on the ticket and you get impose a ticket sit there with because no activity in the beauty it wants all working on in common all put our people dress or something then the regular contributors will come in and give you help so just pick one started but you can narrow it down to buy component is one good way you can go.
to the track and can look at the few tickets and you can put by component and you can choose you can see that the numbers hit the golf is the important thing right most of the issues are in our am in the ad main and then goes down but if you you know if you want to focus on air reporting was only ten take its own report.
so if you would now you follow narrow by component it makes it much more approachable you not face with his wall of ticket you get half a page.
the third biggest area there is this one is documentation.
there are lots and lots of documentation takings of these a super if you you know because strong written english which everyone in both of you have.
you can find a documentation take and you can work on it and you can learn about django and improve the documentation around hang on and really make a difference to the to to the to the community because the documentation is one of china's biggest assets and is one of our biggest areas to make improvements you can also fill.
to take its by patch needs patch needs improvement or patch need to test or passionate documentation so although all the oak this is.
there's lots to take it to get started we never get finished because of tangles tank is quite good.
so we can be quite difficult to get a ticket or patch to the level where it's ready to be merged because it hasn't will talk to tests.
the congo when you're there is a massive opportunity to find tickets that just needs and test cases and add a test cases and bring it forward in a meeting at you with a co-author and that you contributing and that's an easy that's a way to find tickets where you don't have to the whole thing itself because normally the solution is little of it is a poor quest open.
the solution is hard if they're called a start.
the other ways to look open the oscars like another hundred ninety two hundred a p.r. some hope that most of those have been active for quite a while because they got opened they got some reviews that they need improvement and the original over hasn't had the time to finish them so you can just look through the p.r. was until the outcome.
and yet to read the comics work out what the review was but you could trade there is going to be a single poll request over who doesn't want help with the school polled coast.
don't be shy.
how about you find some were called will is there a bit of tango that you're using that isn't right so my first patch to tango was to do with template them system because this piece of code in and crispy forms were eighteen states a template without specifying a back end.
and in one point and eight that would work because you need to specify the back pain but are there was only won so is the default django back and say wait there's only one can which issues that and yes we can and so i made a patch i fixed what is it my issue because i was the one who had the people they are.
the other thing getting involved with these are other reports so it's a post third party apps a jungle secret sauce and toilet on generous framework and there were lots of the projects are out there the rule under maintained the only to build have you got time especially if you use these activities and you don't use them to come.
now that were used and no one wants.
i just get involved and help attack you know a package that you use and that can be more probable cause the cocoa prices as i said i would love to help with the bootstraps for support and chris people want to help with that in on really but the bigger grateful.
so fine to take.
they can you help the trio should take is a valid issue but history arteries lazy valley that you can you repeat use it can you come up with a test case it shows the issue in had if you can often that's ninety percent of the job on the hospital's reproducing in coming out with assets of the.
want to help the trilogy well the other thing to submit a p.r..
looks easy.
this takes time ok you first of all your to do the best you can then use matin you get feedback you get lots of feedback it will be over the former army reform a this here or you've got a blank loin here you've got to be cut to rewrite the comments the same thing on carriage it loads of comment like that pass other cultures habit.
we reached out to this week and then you go back and you make some changes to get more comments and this happened everybody gets the same the same the back and is all about quality but it can feel heart.
by the.
but don't take it personally it's not meant to put you off it's not meant to be anything other the hate that might patch really good because that when we keep django that the standard which you'll know i'm ok if it gets if you get into problems reach out if you need help reach out if you thinking she said all i've started to pull.
requests but now i caught finish it reach out directly measure picking a sending e-mail their own this p.r. got this review what and how to handle it can you have someone avoid year no problem.
i'm here to help on calls capes and on the whole petition at mentioned in his comment i see it all come in check.
you can do it right you really can.
you wall color for if you close but any amount of time looking at an issue googling is looking for solutions than right then write a you know as much about the issues anymore.
you might think don't know if all of this is just too often but nobody knows and.
they are not called for most of the issues of common.
i have to open up the culprits read through trying to understand the issue.
it's where everybody has to.
so off the.
after the corporate come to sprint to profit goes on to be at the sprints and i'm going to be trying to work on trials to a few things she did want to close but was i'm doing now want to be helping you to be going to come to this to the sprints will be there and i'm going to be.
try to help you get started help point take it so be to help you through the steps as much as i can if you need help to come to.
and then well let's just stop the me these are exciting times a tank jangled mitchell it's stable it's a really good place but it's the web framework for perfect mix with the deadline.
it's meant to solve the way to create problem quickly and for all its thirteen hundred open except to take his it does that very well for the vast majority use cases out there and the but it doesn't they were what kind of working on the hours we want to get our start right we have major releases every nine months we felt so we have conferences in grammar showcase.
patients with also a community that on like any other i know we tech.
and we have a whole load of new king contributors who just about going installed how based hundred brown the test for undertaking it contributes.
but the.
we have a real opportunity croft the future django here.
to make it relevant for the next ten years to come join us compete the pony cars.
i said thank you.
this is a said wasn't going to take as it was like having its that so does it will want to awful what happened.
although so we have the question microphone right of their so if the body hasn't questions please let up.
no is a venue.
he could see you first migrate talk.
something that always the sort of stopped me from and contributed to go and it's this notion that jane's future complete way that it doesn't need my help how do i do i get around that how do i find out you know what needs to be done ok so i'm.
you can be good but you kept his aunt's protect because they often have a lot to the jag about business a whole out there on elizabeth on you are going to want to get august i differ by the wall is it's not the dec this feature plate that most teachers now.
how can be put third party apps or if they call is room for features but it's difficult to find that they were not allowed to box to the first of all right so first by what i personally would do if i didn't have an issue the best way to buy cornish he's fit i personally i'm hitting his problem.
if stating that he still to like about finding a publicly like and look through the existing issues and see if you can solve the public will to be the first bills and what you have solved the bubble to be a feature start to make more sense maybe see a different way around it doesn't need or.
it was not the weren't you choose is thought the tanker speech complete it's just come from notes have got the bright new features can be this giant expansion to tango is lighter than ever now going to work and that often what happens so folks some parks with the point and do a couple of small patches to get you.
the wet and get involved they get.
ok i'm going to identify ross told we have any person from the internet.
point the case too early voting for me it's been ok that's the hope that you have a very much of it.


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