How PyLadies Brazil became the biggest PyLadies chapter of the world

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How PyLadies Brazil became the biggest PyLadies chapter of the world
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This talk will summarize the history of the creation of PyLadies and Django Girls Brazil and the work done over the last three years to achieve the biggest number of Pyladies subgroups in the world. Initiatives concerning gender disparity have been gaining strength internationally in recent years, and the Brazilian open-source community has stood out in the quantity and effectiveness of actions aimed at these projects, changing the scenario of our regional and national conferences and events. Here in Brazil, we also have the biggest PyLadies community of the world (in number of chapters), with over 30 chapters around the country. But how did we get here? How do we manage to have such a huge group of people working together and specially learning from each other to run our activities so organically? In this talk we will discuss about our experience with PyLadies and Django Girls in different regions in Brazil, where we summarize some of the history of the creation of PyLadies and Django Girls Brazil, how everything started and the path we follow to this day. During the talk, we’ll learn more about how do we get ladies (and gentlemen) to work together for these changes to happen, also how the organizers of the chapters and workshops communicate in order to improve their routines and activities and finally, the annual experience sharing meeting we have to gather people who represent the groups to brainstorm ideas of how to make our community better. It will be mentioned all the construction and exchange that takes place within our community and with the diverse communities that support us in the most various corners of the country, their particularities, difficulties and results.
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when they come through his own to talk about and you have been by numbers you come in it for you.
their first cell like to thank all the organizing you are doing a great job.
in a while i am crazy on a i'm mastering artificial intelligence from further all in every city only return a dump i am partner at her benign us all to use to don't and i am our computer indian year professor in a private college also in real.
and i'm a problem amber also highly is risible morton.
all the pieces together its kind like me.
an oil water on to say polluters to become the biggest polluters to chapter in the world really means.
there are no our summer hero never heard about police before you don't want to spend these ladies is an international group focus all help more women on becoming active participant.
the nursing by don't open source community places like a huge group and we from our there one hundred chapters and more than we don't know the exact when a number of super chapters but the just because you had thirds of visitors so is very cute.
ok resume.
became the biggest qualities number of to the chapters what it is really means but resumes very huge his fee for the largest and the mission today's tell you how we weren't card people who live far away from the centers to start new uprising loop a native chapters.
tell you know being how the growth were posing as you all his posts will go to create a safer to warm and receptive environment their creative beautiful community.
and these environment become very good.
the be built very before play to sell am pele to brazil creation.
and it started with the weald on sharing can also do to try to developers and find new products.
in the first by county started just two years after him to buy conway as us and the desire of sherry canola to start a whole new moment and t.'s start wars deafening their creation offered by be the aim higher numbers you association.
umpires who associations unknown profiting entity responsible for legal and called for a for the organizers off national way religion riccio no event.
and why a baby so important i don't know how men have you ever tried to organize the media all big event the looks like this one and we had to prevent to the fight on the as from brazil to getting crazy we are counting on leo contract to shoes.
and i play be you start to so does problem.
where is not perfect to also have a contract to issues and not politicians but is a.
grady association and they had so many events and stories.
and i don't and these been by ladies so that's why i don't talk about quality of yet.
but before by ladies was to creation we are also talking about diversity brazil is a huge condom use a very big a source for economic disparity so if you if you we've from by don't risk your community want to make a national him.
pack to have to talk about.
and two friends are not just gender and to the humans differ in so many ways not just the end of her race or religion gender in the ninety's issue ality nationality claire's new diversity physical ability and more more more than it is he so why does the stolen from thomas seder.
there was talk about all and partner diversity into a hard time you should see an unseeded so great.
an hour or fourth word done before the police creation like residue star true ride to in collaboratively they closed off all counted.
in response to groups before the latest creation and there are moments before by ladies.
and that the tiny i will sell you all you need about time before politics.
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i've asked why i have asked one year i have our eyes dozens are enhancing brazil special girl on my homeland applying office in two thousand and two huge numbers.
i remember hearing which was six i was just sick or are struggling to pay my bills and the save some money should go to this conference is asking for more time to my boss so young way forward just as survivors right eye and i'm here.
shown shareef use on moments that was remarkable for me is vital for sale.
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don't you is a very important woman in by ladies in my own comedian to even before police creation and in two thousand and three taking a few friends come to your by calling us and scope whereby all violated the lee and they'd think wall so idea is great and does a guy.
anonymous on or he is like color the showroom and asked whether he is targeting cars an ever growing by don't community he farmed ivories to human call a day to star annual paintings and dues to go from not towel.
they're wearing a b his star the first lady's in brazil in the first health america latina in this tight whole new movement.
disease the first workshop will give them by by ladies brazil you know how.
these is the first younger girls and from recall a teenager.
in rio de janeiro.
and here you can see my name i was there as well she gives a great talk about how the team is a shining jungle cars last year.
a when i don't know how many of you never heard about jungle don't go goals tutorial go-go's is a tutorial though you can.
a blog jungle application on monday he likes six hours is a tutorial you deploy even monday.
is a very while writing write an authorial.
and while the wives as a.
and in brazil dosing two thousand and eight we eating your guys more than twenty six and john were girls m. ordered thirty by toning give get to work for peace.
and these were shops impact a lot of lives.
brazil and the we didn't expect that does more to working in the party is activated and so on.
last year in two days before part timers will also finally it is because you call friends defoe's phone.
and then in two thousand and two thousand seventeen follow became the python brazil member.
i don't softer from the show on board director ann years the first brazilian to pursue a grown woman brazilian to become a pest left member and these vents the start and grow new events like an eater's who use our.
but talk show in a party members of the only thing all please is very different of the table discussion and call center tory as.
brazil has a say in the introduction start a lot our region all bent so while eighty's are in their organisation awful lot all the region over aunt.
and they didn't just like there were a cork work or work water by ladies are doing brazil in every corner of brazil and we are a lot of girls doing a lot of dog does his did all free show photo by pilate is in.
three last year's flu and all pulling his abilities own tea and a towel.
and by donors you community is growing and a number of parts of paintings are growing the the size of our call friends.
employees mean you never think about by ladies like all other community plate is the same community and is like our open door when people can and caring community own party to uncommitted and daily don't think i'm very few call for togo.
the doll the support to provide and sewn into our man in don't know how to help you can buy the turret and shared to help all the parading ever wrong of are contrary to pay for to toyota's and food in the event.
in just like the buyer church supported the idea to give it all could probably just heard.
an aging by it all.
by calling us two thousand and three.
in the program been given talk about worries a i wonder he year's program language and i closed just talks as fuel water you to think about ten years community want to have we have to do to our communities in the last ten hundred.
an issue you can reach me own an e-mail and social networks thank you.
thank you guys are great presentation we can tell we were nervous at all as.
any questions from the audience.
i say thank you for the presentation at the beginning you mentioned the reason why something like pile eighty's is important is because of all the organizing about getting.
getting commissions and licenses to organize innovate.
how did you find people who have those skills to know what needs to be done how do you recruit the peep the right people into your organization to the have those skills to let you do those things.
now it's like they're ever say oh we are recoup people with their we owe and the to down how to organize of that is as i collect that gets so you don't actively look for someone who knows how to do account a week contract so on.
one lawyer is a an i don't know satan accounting called her head in the week contract and the preferred to throw you in.
a oh so and directly following from your answer how do you recruit people with the will to the only negative aspect.
and unsurprisingly and there are people with the whaling brazil and it is not our one job or you don't have struggled to do that he'd say you will have a band and happened.
one question for me i have argentina's always interested in the jungle and the open source community in south america do think companies actually care about open source community is in brazil for example you think companies actually give employees time.
time to contribute kind of going back to what called and was same like take ten percent of your pay time to contribute to think that's a reality in brazil yards out and we have so far in some companies we pay for their a ninety nine as well like evan to write an.
it's time to the starting now but is happening for example is your company paying for your trip here i'm by no my company also a if i am i think i get a few questions and now.
actually i wanted to answer the best person yeah so how we get people to organize advance i came into the pipe in community from like i didn't know how to program i start program from the type of community and i have always had such show.
a warm and welcoming.
but now i want to give back and now i'm organizing an event in my region so basically that's how the thing gross.
we gets into the comedic community from that effort from those people that bring us there and now that we are there we just want to give back and then we start organizing they'll things so things will go on it.
michael bay to tell you that grade and now the moment you've all been waiting for lunch.


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