Discussion III

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Discussion III
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What are the environmental implications of the European Union policy to have 10 % of the transport fuel come from renewable sources by 2020? Is it sufficient to switch the energy supply of the existing building stock of cities to renewable energy to achieve carbon footprint targets? Would agricultural autarchy redu¬ce pressure on the environment (locally and/or globally)? Policies and decision situations like these call for advanced life cycle assessment models. Different concepts of Consequential LCA have been introduced for that purpose. This forum updates you on the latest developments in Consequential LCA methodology. It provides the opportunity to learn about the motivation and reasoning of public and private decision makers who commissioned consequential LCAs. Results from and experiences gained with consequential LCA case studies and the current state of imple¬mentation of consequential LCA approaches in large LCA databases as well as new IT solutions to support consequential LCAs are presented. During a breakout session you have the opportunity to discuss issues of needs, contents and implementation of consequential LCA with the aim to draft a joint statement on areas of consensus and disagreement. This forum is targeted to LCA researchers, database developers as well as LCA commissioners interested in learning more about the current state of the art, possibilities and limitations of conse¬quential LCAs.