CESSDA Webinar: Aspects of Digital Life

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CESSDA Webinar: Aspects of Digital Life
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How can we understand the impact of computers and the internet on everyday life? Computers, the internet as well as technologies in a broader sense in the digital economy and consequently digital life impact a broad range of economic-societal areas such as health, communication, public governance, education, etc. They also transformed the data landscape by producing new data types and data sources. Hosted by the So.Da.Net network (the Greek research infrastructure for the social sciences), this webinar explored research and data on the topic. The webinar included two guest speakers. First, Professor Nicolas Demertzis, University of Athens, Director & President of the Governing Body, EKKE addressed how data from the World Internet Project (WIP) supports research into the digital divide. Then, Dr. Stamatis Poulakidakos from Athens University discussed the impact of social media within the national campaigns of 2019' European elections.
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