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EuroPython 2018 - Opening Session

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EuroPython 2018 - Opening Session
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Opening session [EuroPython 2018 - - 2018-07-25 - Smarkets] [Edinburgh, UK] License: This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ Please see our speaker release agreement for details: https://ep2018.europython.eu/en/speaker-release-agreement/
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hello and welcome to European 2018 so we made it again this year it was a lot of work this year we in Edinburgh obviously it's almost as warm as in Remini the weather is at least as nice so I think we made a good choice so we want to give a special welcome to all the new European Easter so people who come here for the first time how many of you are here can you raise your hands please Wow that's excellent so we'd like to ask the regulars who come here very often because we have many many regulars to help these new people integrate into the conference and feel comfortable and feel at home at the conference because we're all a big family and and this is a very nice event and it Betty lives by what you put into the event we also want to welcome our responses of course because without the sponsors this would be almost impossible to do just to give you an idea the sponsors pay for almost 200 euros per for every single ticket on average that you buy for the conference so the prices would go up a lot if we would not have these sponsors so I think we should give him a hand a big hand [Applause] and especially two smart kids which is our Keystone sponsor this year you can go down to Lenox sweet the way well the sponsor booths are they have some nice things waiting for you there so who is making all this happen well it's actually a very small team that makes it happen and we're all doing this in our free time none of us get paid for this so it is a lot of work and of course we and of course we would like to we would like to have some recognition for that as well so I'd like to ask all the volunteers up on the stage now hey come on guys [Music] [Applause]
okay this is a subset as you can see still fighting with tickets downstairs and all right yes people are still buying tickets very late so you can see all these names here all these people have helped really a lot in the conference the the ones in red there
those are the board members of the European society the organisation behind you're a Python but we also had help from lots of other people as you can see here the team has 20 people in total and yeah this is how we made it happen the organisation as I said behind this is the European Society we used to run just Europe Python but we have more recently extended our mission to also help the Europe European Python community so if you run a conference for example then you can come to us and ask for grants for that conference we're going to announce that it'll on a little larger scale after the conference or maybe in the next few days again it's all volunteer driven you can join you can help us if you want to participate in this and we would like to have more people join the European society we also
have on-site volunteers who help a lot you can recognize them by by the t-shirt color so they wear these yellow t-shirts you can sign up as volunteer as well we have a volunteers app for that you can go to the website to the volunteer section and it has all the links you can do session sharing for example you could help with well can't help with setup anymore but we can help with teardown and everything else that we have to do throughout the conference so we'd appreciate somewhere help there
if short Hitchhiker's Guide to your Python these are basically the details that you have to know Wi-Fi I think you have already connected to Wi-Fi we only have 5 G Wi-Fi in some cases people don't have 5g on their devices in those cases you can come to the conference desk and we can give you a separate login for that we have the conference app this isn't it you need to download the attend defi app and then you search for the code your prize in 2018 and it should give you the the conference details and then this app has all this rules and everything so very nice up hashtag we use Europe Python we would like to ask you not to use ep 2018 because there's a different event called Electric Picnic which happens which happens every year and so every year they use ep 2018 so there's kind of a mix if you use ep 2018 we have a telegram group which is working really nicely to connect to each other so it's the channel is called Europe Ison and then for everything else you just go to the conference disk and we can help you
something about the venue the venue is is organized in different levels the most important level for like food and for coffee breaks is in level - - this is all the way downstairs this is in the Lenox suite it's a huge hall that they have down there we are currently at level 3 and the other rooms are distributed between those levels at close to the conference desk there is there's a plan you can you can search for the rooms there's something I want to mention we have two sponsored rooms one is the the Pentland suite this is where we're currently sitting in this is sponsored by smart kids the Keystone sponsor and then we also have the room sit law it's called by the venue this is sponsored by pycharm so those names are different than what you see in the venue as signage then of course you have your
back or at least you you can pick it up downstairs so if you haven't yet you'll find a European bottle in there again they were so popular we decided to have them again and of course you find lots of other things in there like nice gadgets and lots of information coupon codes for your Riley for example right but you've
all come here to not only grab a back but also to to hear some nice talks so we have a great lineup of keynotes we have David Marco Ennis Nicole and iron ore Ian I don't know how did this is pronounced maybe you can tell me Ian is yeah and these are going to be very exciting very interesting I think Marco is actually is he's logging in from Antarctica yeah so it's not physically here but we'll have him by a video link
we also have some other events we ran a few events on the last two days two training days we had the beginners day workshop we had a jungle workshop for women we had the training sessions we also had a few sponsored training sessions that you were able to attend without the training passes what we're going to have during the conferences we're going to have pi data tracks those are marked in the schedule will have a recruitment session in case you want to are looking for a new job we have helped us helped us is something where you can go to a desk that we set up in Lennox suite and then there are certain projects they're running helpdesk sessions you can go there ask questions and get answers from experts we have open space in two rooms so if you want to self-organize into a session basically self-organized then you can go downstairs to the large panel that we have next to the conference desk next to the large schedule that we have there and you can you can just get a slot there and then run a session in one of these rooms and of course we have the poster session posters are going to be set up in Lenox as well and those are usually very interesting too so for the open spaces how many of you do know do know what an open space is not for any of you so the way that it works is you go to the to the through the grid that we have down there you do take one of these post-its you write a session name on it you post it into one of the slots and then basically that's not it's yours and then you can do in that in that room whatever you like of course you have to respect the code of conduct and you can you can have sessions this may not be used for commercial presentations but it's for example if you have like you're an open-source project that's perfectly fine to run a session there and do something ad-hoc you can also have discussions there like you can do panels whatever you like this is up to you what you want to do there then we have lightning talks how many of you know lightning talks okay so almost all of you these are five minute talks very short the content is completely up to you of course it would help if it had something to do with Python you can make it you can make it funny you can make it interesting you could make it boring if you want to this is also completely up to you after time permits is over so the sureno and the attendance is not too high and again it's may not be used for commercial presentations so please know recruitment or anything in those I mentioned the
conference app I hope you've downloaded it the schedule in there is the most up to date that we have it also has lots of other information in there it works offline so you if you don't have internet connectivity you still can get and see the schedule you can rate sessions so there's this the star bar in all for all these sessions so you can give ratings to those speakers are usually interested in getting these ratings afterwards so we try to publish them this year but of course this will only work if enough people actually do the rating so we'd like to ask you to use this feature
social event so usually at your path and conferences we have a social event but this year unfortunately we don't because we could not find a venue that could hold the number of people like 500 people and and then do a party there so unfortunately we all we can do is we we can just have an ad-hoc session we can all meet at the Edinburgh grass market for example which is it's a nice area as plenty of pubs and restaurants and then we can basically socialize there I think that's the best that we can do you can wear your badge just show that your your past attendee and you can get in touch there you can have a few beers you can have some some food it's really close to the ICC so you can usually work there
then we have a quiet room quiet room is for people who want to relax a bit who want to get off of the busy stuff that's going on here and this is in room Tinto which is on the ground floor and of
course we have a code of conduct so we'd like to ask you all to basically adhere to this code of conduct its code of conduct is very very simple of course this is just a short version so essentially be nice to each other talk to each other communicate with each other don't be intimidating don't be don't run any harassment the sponsors and everyone who's coming from a company we'd like to ask to be professional don't spam theirs you cannot run recruitment in in at the conference without being a sponsor if you want to if you want to contact one of the people from the COC team the COC team you see here on the right so you see myself I'm one of them we have valaria I don't know whether she's here there she is there's valaria then we have Alexander who sits down here and we have Silvia I don't know whether she's here I saw her downstairs yeah there she is so that's Silvia you can contact us directly in person it's probably the best way to do it or you can contact us on on telegram or by email it's probably best if you if you cannot find one of us to go down to the conference desk and then ask and then we can forward they can forward you to the right people right then we have a few speaker guidelines very short you should go to your session chair before your talk you should check your notebook please leave the adapters that we have for notebooks at the at the desk so that other people can use them as well and very important please upload your slides after your talk to the website so you can log into the European website and there's a button there to upload your slides right
and that is it enjoy the conference [Applause]