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Manifest Disaster: Climate and the Making of America


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Title Manifest Disaster: Climate and the Making of America
Author Culver, Lawrence
Contributors Szczesny, Bartosz (Musik)
License CC Attribution - NonCommercial - NoDerivatives 3.0 Germany:
You are free to use, copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in unchanged form for any legal and non-commercial purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.5446/4482
Publisher Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society (RCC)
Release Date 2010
Language English
Producer Niepytalska, Marta
Hahn, Alec
Production Year 2010
Production Place Munich

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Subject Area Engineering
Abstract Das Klima spielte eine wichtige Rolle in der Bildung von Siedlungen und bei den Entwicklungen im Westen der USA. Carson Fellow Lawrence Culver nutzt unter anderem staatliche Landerhebungen, um zu zeigen, wie wichtig die Rolle des Klimas war, wenn es das Überleben der Menschen und den Profit durch die Expansion in den Westen betraf. Lawrence Culver ist Professor an der Utah State Universität, bei der Kultur, Umwelt und urbane Geschichte der USA seine Forschungsschwerpunkte sind.
According to Carson Fellow Lawrence Culver, climate played a key role in shaping the settlement and development of the West in the United States. By using historical sources, including government land surveys and travel accounts from settlers, Culver demonstrates the important role that climate played for both survival and profit in the westward expansion process. Prof. Dr. Culver is an associate professor in the Department of History at Utah State University, where his areas of research and teaching include the cultural, environmental, and urban history of the USA.
Keywords amerikanische Siedlung im Westen
Europaeische Einfluesse
climate history
United States of America
environmental knowledge
environmental history
US settlement of the West
Jake ceased 1 more about uh
car it our and this might Lawrence colder are associate
professor of the history department at Utah State University and probably 1st solo here the ritual person Sumter like my doctorate you always in 2004 and has since been teaching at Utah state support which my 1st Court fine-tuned I should Southern California and the Treaty of moderate and now years unit persons Avenue project called manifest disaster wine making it is a play off for the term of are common in US history you says expanding must across North America many 1 English speaking Americans believe that I was there manifested yesterday to conquer North America that they culturally religiously for security of peoples and that car chosen was the manifest dastardly to conquer North America regardless of all the other peoples who would have that the car or in the case of my research regardless of the actual environment climate which is to say that not only would the peoples of North America by the car itself would cooperate with 0 impressions for cut and I think the climate is something that on the 1 hand was constructed science and scientific observations measure of whether observations of extended periods for decades or centuries but historically 5 was preceded constructed by people through a variety of means through belief coming out of European cultural Street video for the development of natural sciences and climate science in Europe and North America and the voices and also the way the ordinary people Red landscapes they looked at landscapes about the trip water Salt or amid assumptions based on what is about what the climate in a given region would be like and sometimes those deductions fairly accurate than while in some ways that history of climate for such as the 1 that is a global phenomenon and celebrating means 1 of the United States in the case of the United States the particular interest about what was deriving from a couple sources of 1 was the most Americans European Americans had no long term memory or experience the 1 1 White European 0 more experience with teachers and some average times of the 1st 4 Tests when 1st for 3 years for several hours in the market is not have memory collective experience so are interested in trying to figure out why voices that in their interest in the sport was primarily for survival and for half hour places the complaint drops of the growth the market for the next year for the longer term places that they could develop into cities in the water cultural regions and could be sold as real estate 2 brothers resort to investors in North America or in Europe so they had a wide variety of reasons to be very vested interests of the 26 year what 1 she of the various regions of North America is going to be a use a variety of sources of research these include things for example the government documents of United States local government expenditure huge amounts of money on federal surveys of the plastics Portland territorial 1 of the
4 West waking up their findings are lavatory published illustrated words more people in work that actually lost more published surveys themselves boxed to the federal government which is there are invested selling some major source of revenue is publishing these these documents over 100 scientific research and promotion or real estate materials such as well as potential and its potential for supporters so that's 1 source another source of diary accounts for several hours performers people or died are experiencing climate travelled across North America or because there is a place and doing things like for example keeping directors of what he workers of temperature precipitation so those are some sources of resources include promotional material by will produced by World Cup is cities regions promoting a portfolio Orlando urban development so are all kinds of sources that values are among others up to use it
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