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Writing Asynchronous SNMP Agents

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Writing Asynchronous SNMP Agents
From a MIB file to a fully-fledged Python application
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I'm going to present this short talk building a synchronization of the agents my name is Elliot angle I work for at
hat I am on the OpenStack team but besides that I have this long-term hobby also English Olympian in this and this
talk I'm going to argue that SNMP still relevant and present a new tool called
SNMP responder aimed at simplifying the
integration of custom data sources with SNMP agents and they all try to conclude this talk with a simple workflow example workflow despite many attempts to
displace and successful times displaces Limpy from the role of the single network management protocol SNMP is still quite popular in monitoring applications perhaps because people understand it well because the protocol has been around a long time the other reason may be because we have so many memes so many sources of structured information to to reuse imagine this use case you have a network monitored by an MP and every scene is an SNMP and a mess for instance is is resonantly based and you've got new hardware this new hardware is not doesn't doesn't contain a simpie agent so you can't monitor it with SNMP but it offers REST API so what what can you possibly do about this the solution I'm trying to propose is to send up a some
sort of mediation proxy which works as an SNMP agent on one side and which can feed on the old past and data sources the workflow of setting up this mediation proxy would be like this you you take a mid file you compile it into
Python code with hoops you populate these hoops with your custom code to get data from your data source and then you feel this person eyes meet to this SNMP responder tool and you get it on SNMP
on a network now the work flow so you
have you have this REST API let's say it's a bare-metal server serving redfish protocol you can get the rest call you can have a rest call and it returns also data let's focus on this host name field
host name stands for host name so SNMP already offers something similar for
that she's his name managed object from the name pivot to me this is how it looks like in an amoeba
now we can use the pious map project to compile the meep-meep file and to price and snippet the spice and snippet would would look like this then you basically
just add the rest API call into this
into this into this code and preferably do it from thread so that the whole thing would be non-blocking and it could work I simply asleep and highly concurrently next to you just people
stole the tool list in P responder and feed that this personalized leave this
map implementation to it by just copying the Bison file once you have it started you can just you know a sniffing at it and you get the the the result from the REST API code to summarize SNMP is still
quite quite widely used but getting it hooked on the on the custom data data sources seems to be a pain this SNMP respond responder to this hopefully could help help help integrate in this custom data sources with standard SNMP agents once you have it up and running you can use all SNMP features all as degree versus encryptions strong encryption for forest in p management and this stimpy respondent responder tool is designed as a simple engine
therefore is hardly concurrent and hopefully would be able to serve high-load so that's probably it
questions there's no time all right [Applause]