Incoming Technology and African Innovation

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Incoming Technology and African Innovation
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Carson Fellow Clapperton Mavhunga spricht über die Probleme der Wissensproduktion in Afrika. Vielerorts werden lieber neue Technologien importiert, die extra für Afrika angepasst wurden, als selbständig Neues zu entwickeln. Es werden aber auch Ideen vom Ausland nach Afrika gebracht und eingesetzt. Macht dies die Technologien Afrikas aus? Darüber forscht Carson Fellow Clapperton Mavhunga. Er ist Historiker für Wissenschaft, Technik und Geschichte der Gesellschaft Afrikas am MIT.
The research of Clapperton Mavhunga is based on a historical approach towards African knowledge production regarding scientific innovation, particularly in technology. He raises the question: is there technology in Africa? The answer to this question is critical considering the persistent negative image of Africa as a continent in crisis. He argues that Africans deliberately import technology in order to fulfil specific purposes and meet existing gaps. The link between these intentional importations and the increasing emigrations constitute a significant element for his research: the intersection of these two phenomena is a crucial aspect in the development of African technology. Prof. Dr. Mavhunga is an assistant professor of science, technology, and society at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is a historian of science, technology, and society in Africa.
Keywords Bewegung Innovation Technologie Umwelt Afrika Environmental Knowledge and Knowledge Societies African technology diaspora imaginaries
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