Server side solution for generating ODF reports

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Server side solution for generating ODF reports
An important step to adopt ODF in Taiwan
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The National Development Council in Taiwan have asked the OSSII, a local LibreOffice service provider, to develop a solution that can directly generate ODF reports, while the servers in public administrations do not need to change a lot. To adopt ODF and LibreOffice in Taiwan, a very important part, besides desktop applications, is to ask the reports generated from servers in all the public administrations to be in ODF format. Currently almost all reports are in Microsoft office format; some of them are even non-standard -- they can be opened by Microsoft Excel, but can not be converted by LibreOffice. Hence, the National Development Council asked the OSSII, a local LibreOffice service provider, to develop a solution that can directly generate ODF reports, while the server side do not need to change a lot. This talk gives a simple introduction of how this solution works.
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I give you the microphone no no hello oh okay good morning everyone I'm friend rating from Taiwan recently recent years we have a huge progress about caffeine OTF and also libro fees in Taiwan but because this is not the topic of today's
talk so if you are interested in Taiwan's story just a few days before the join of the Oso are they had a case study of Taiwanese government how to do that and what do we have done and what our thoughts so I recommend you to read this one about how we don't have one and today I'm going to life demo you another probably need to solve during this year we will find another problem because the
hard way of town so far is about crying that means the users use the brokenness or use or the relatives from the office to generate ODF files and attach it in the mail of your document but there is still another properties here usually it
would be the from the server because always we have many servers many surveys that need to generate reports and this is the current flow if in an agency a user needs to generate report on the server and sna to to another unit he will say oh I want the DS and our rapport and send this request - who - sis enemy he managed the servers
but the user does not regenerate the report himself he requires the city of the mean to have which mention many servers and the because most the databases are here so they would need to generate here and the each server needs a module pedicle module to generate this support that's because of license issue and their data will tell you what kind of report generate and the what is the module in the next page ok almost all not maybe not over almost all of the module that that would need to be integrated into the information system is this it's called a crisp orbital I
don't any of you know this it will just get some input and generate report to you but this crisper read or if we see
what file format export you will find out no ODF so now our people in using origins in face a program because our service our service does not generate ODF format report but they are asked to send reports and any attachments in ODF so can I directly create already convert
each mostly they will be saved as Microsoft formats maybe TOC maybe the oceaxe may be accident XLS but if we read curly open it in LibreOffice that would be like this I can generator left Emma to
you this fire is a typical typical crystal report generated report and if with the rattle over you can see that the file extension is toc right but if we open it with live office you become
like this here is the content but you see a lot of strange comments here here a lot and something is wrong anything and if you really see what it is you find out the actually actually it is exterior so that
means the crisper read poor crystal
report generates files in HTML but named it in TOC or in SOS and amazingly that Microsoft Word and Excel can open it correctly but in Libra is we have problem it's not easy to directly convert such kind of the oshio access to or did he audience so this is
the screenshot okay III it is in a humour file
besides this converting problem there are also other annoying problem than this first you can see that almost all
the server's almost all the server needs one module installed here but we have many many public agencies different account in cities so many different units they may use different version of crisp orator and they may generate different version of format okay that's one of the problem it's difficult to integrate with each other because it has no sender the second is that each single server needs
to install one Christo burrito Chris tone report okay it's because of license issue so if we have ten servers managed to generate reports we need to have ten modules integrate into those the me Pete maybe there are different servers different service on those servers but each one we need to integrate once ok so it's difficult also difficult to manage so many different servers are difficult to integrate them together so ok then some developers in
government who say ok if so let us generate all the directory so they will do that this way they would create a standard audio black oddity and put everything inside but there what they need to do they when they need general report they need to extract this oddity and find the content they want to repress in many XML text and then repress it pack it back what if the the may all over the fields changes so though all this work needs to do again so it's also a pain for photos this and the means to the record generate all the report because it should be multiple data dynamic data but they can only generate one that's one temporary but they need to change repress the data with inside the XML tag and a pack back so found last year our nation of
development conceal that's the men units that's responsible for remote audio and and making the nation knows policy okay so they asked our local developers completely notions III now they do the service from open office to deeper office is more than ten years so so we are together to promote EF in Taiwan so they asked them to develop this wilcott and D Co team API service okay now let me show you it's the steps
to generate reports bursting for the first one is to peel the so I will I will show you step by step and the live demo to you later okay we just need to create server first and the create report temperate the second step I would it would be done by user Nazis admin and upload to the server and get a dress for a bi then what the server needs to to is only to send a URL to send your I Cory the server's API to generate with data and that image report will be generated okay then the first we
can see we're server we have put it on github so if you find it in the github if I unleash your TF and the his API service ok now we have a demo server
here this one is the demo server built on our in DC office the the machine room okay so this is demo of course it has to login you can you can have different account in the
credentials so let's let me look at your game okay this is the first we have
already built a service then the second
the second step is to create report now I will directly demo this one this
this one is a liberal office derivations it is custom by involving 5.2 from seven and this and this yogi of current or it's in the target of this is very simple because many users in the public agencies they have no idea which version of the boxes they want to use and then they have no idea what is some resolver so we just tell them if you now you need to generate audio files you just use this he and I les in 2017 the OT prophase I also tested that ok so this is currently in government this is the most most of use of this ok and that we have a tool this is a wizard to generate the temporary so it's simple to generating okay let's start demo import template and always remember to use the style ok then here we put many field that appears in science the field the name of the field can be in Chinese and here are the the different kind of fields ok that will have a few here and that because this template is created by users but they need to let the scene at the mean know what it is so sometimes we will add some some comments here ok and then let's put the dates here then we put it table ok we put your name
here and sorry here also we have the the check box ok so if it is we can say if the diesel report is potential or not okay then this is a demo temporary but sometimes we need some fields we need to be repeated so we choose these field and put here this is repeatable ok then the simple template is generated we save it ok as OTT takes temperate they're more important Brett okay after
saving it we can cross that and then back to this system I just need to upload I don't need to upload this tomorrow for 14 and this is the category the in the government there may be many different category of reports run then we upload it OTT file after
after loading it here it's here and you can see this is a Jason format example this is why I am format example and if we click this you can see this this is
the API URL so just copy that and here are the demo the example format of Jason by an arrow so we copy it now we upload
and then we use shlocker
that I ought to simulate the server-side behavior it's here in this the API we
just generated it follows spec in an
open API spec I'm not sure if it's version 2 over history but we follow the spec ok and now this one is to simulate
ok the one we'll just copy that you are with a copy right and then now we want to get API it's problem then we can find we have some method get or post the post is you can post data with Jason format so here we set it to Jason and then now
we can try this is the report generator and this is they generated a and the credential or not maybe force okay here are the Newtonian city and there is a phone number and then we can have repeatable data right here is readable so we can copy that and generate the second and the third okay we say or do you trust okay this is Russell okay and the subtle one is the braudys rock rocks - okay okay so we added the data and then we educate it that means we just sent this post request it's acute it then you can see this this
is exactly the what he sent for the service I said okay and oh just a beta error sorry wait oh yeah okay okay the Kois okay and the the URL here and that we can try download it this time without either soda tea because it's generating report so here is the generated report
just it so we just because we have the URL here so actually from the server side what you need to do is only in when you need to generate report you just need to send these out let us save it as another ODT file you just use common writers and allowed and then you can be generated through okay that's it
okay so let's go back here
so really it's done it's very simple and the most people the flow now becomes
like this when the users that you need in the government needs to generate ODF reports the first thing is that they can generate themself because only them knows what they want right and with the help of our temper these are and they can put Theo's here and there and the if then after generate the template it just upload the fembra to learn ODM API server just like what you see here here
right and it will generate the idea that
you need to call okay and in January the API who needs to know
the IP I only the city has been needs to know and now this time they don't need to install any other matter in their servers all they want is just to send a URL you see see you our target to send a positive data so he just called API and field the data and in the work generate audio file that Lincoln direct central user is true standard ODF files okay so the whole you know the whole flock become very simple and they don't need to worry about we need to install so
many modules okay so the advantages is where others thus first thing of course the server setters that need to rewrite the whole report a rating module now it is used CRISPR important only generated HTML file with the O's the extension but then now they don't need to rewrite anything they just need to call the API and actually for the server-side does not matter which leg programming language they use to check to create this server sometimes they will say I will have the magic part and written in Ruby but this server is written you see four thoughts and I don't know how to integrate them together no this time people will only just require HTTP so it does not matter how to generate the server the original server and okay also
the server does not need to mental general upgrade the tools and if if any of the temporaries needs to update you
have new you need to change some fields you just need to here here is a modify and you just need to upload it again and it will create a new API and you just call this new API that's all so you so no one would need to worry about by the telophase or layout changes it's just created by user in the total I mean I obtained this September 8 okay they just need to repress the request
the URL so everything will be defined in the report templates which really use this report okay so I think this one is very important tool especially for adapting oddity ODF in government because actually report general report generation is an important part in the government and right now they are still all in a non-standard mega so file format and this tool will be this tool will be online this year and the the code the code is here we are also have
obvious of it so everyone can Puu also when the try and of course Patriots are welcome okay that's my demo so uh okay anyone have Cochin but please speaks throat okay yeah of course the driven me in is in Chinese but I think it's easy for you to understand that so far yeah but of course maybe because we are we do it for Germany's government but of course we can try to make it international and maybe is everyone who is interested it can have to send patches yeah of course okay no question then thank you


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