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i am he seemed to catch the from hungary. i work in government office of the capital city view the best i came from the department of jail disease remote sensing and lendl feces i'm a nice engineer and the ideal the speak about to the hungarian job or tell your shop point. the. department of a job as a remote sensing and then the feces the central organization of hungary and management and joan information the operating special the thing for infrastructure by processing and stored in jail data bases a caring go to research and development. in this field and ensure access to national map that the bases it be if the g the main thing is to map and film archives and doing the rounds the technical library the. here you can see the big trouble with the topographical the mets are heave and the aerial photograph he.
the. we have a job or thousand disease joe shop plane to the it was made in the two thousand and ten. the infrastructure for spittle information and you step into foreseen so on the fifteen may two thousand and seven and the the. how good he made the same job or thought to corresponds to the expression for me to be in the framework of the helping the. and by a man to protection informatics. and shoes online access to available to float the itself for the players of popular new station and also for divide probably to eat and that it was the finest by the new hungry program. you do price will fight them are not the turbine the low be if the g defines the exit prices and trees of the product.
the now i will show how work jewel shop now it's the. now you can choose the product at first. the than it was developed it says seems that the c.u. be the best way. the. four. the public because of free to its first you can see the veal of a product you choose eat and only after you can choose the territories.
each you are being tested here. you can see that you and you can detect a mind to the very tories by police on or by the square or the you can even the name of the city or town the problem was.
that the. then you choose to product you couldn't be sure that there are items for the study tory or not only venue choose to the that the tory you could see that the beatles available or not.
the after many choose to the product and the according to territories you. you can pay by card or if it is a free date as you can get a link and you can download the. now we have a possibility to develop the jewel shop implementation of the inspired been active on the job or to force a painting and mapping a special that the salaries the system was extended to national level in two thousand and thirteen.
the system developed. the for more than eighty years. the cost and continuously supply some the it all for the special that the managed by the the f.t. if of but today it is not able to serve to recover by him and saw the the sec in english waters project planner model. and the because of the have the eighty years. the year the two years of work and the two years of the practice the and the the get to many the. many information the from users the decided to develop the joke shop for all of many she special that the one gate a musician and the fos to cure rate and he said a recent of the music system customers acquired a significant improvement. over the existing job or style. which involves making the orbiting what's us simply are faster in correspondence we do projects exposition the orbiting of currently available the toes and the currently available you select from development.
the requirements for the. the jewish opie's he proved to be to sell resort water planning according to the sec reject the bookies process should be reversed compared to the current your show. the in accordance the diffuser project and the votes to users the huge licenses for beauty or use softer should make it possible to use an unlimited number of users on an unlimited number of that site. and the optional english and hungarian verizon's teaching between languages might not slow down or said back the ongoing activity the the seas a work it's the in the jewish up the now sold the so the. needing to change the format display the w m s and w f a stand there is laid down by do with the sea must be used the only open source and free software can be used said source or already licensed by f t f f. we have another the that age that you can bear was the area photographs the central point who diesel also use the. hope the open source and free software so and the the me construct the disabled the the. planners and the debut used to same system and the building for the decent page the to for free must not be taken on several indian the ensure the of view of the of ability or free products because now the. free products you can't get from your shop.
in the new version of the book this process to be reversed compares to the current job show point two first step will be to choose the era for defined products the the interactive you are so nice to be the first opening page and no the product items.
the and after to be the. the the joke shop you show you the beach product available for this the territories. because the joke shop is under processing the i can show you the real design under your behaving go to the vet page only the skeleton feet the so after the to choose a territory the u.d.c.. the the basket. they're all items the you we see the cheese the chair exist only for the study tories and after the if you choose one items you can the clarify exactly what you wish and he'd you can see if all the product the exist for the states already the. something the scandal for the best seat you see.
now the summer of two thirds of both items which is for she or he wrote cholesterol maps. national congress to map the data bases topographic read maps and the console points the six hour for the fee will swell of issue more go onto line of many set the boundaries. in different levels and hungary and get the two years. the an hour but with the free items the national and covert data bases see a c. fifty reviews by the interpretation of satellite images prepared nineteen ninety eight the and between two thousand.
disc a loaf the on the to fifty thousand males don't land over the aid of hungary has been organised into the senate seventy nine to get agrees resulting one hundred seventy four the thousand polygons.
another very popular items free of charge its or to photos preview which produce from aerial photographs taken in the summer of two thousand and two thousand and five and after the from two thousand and seven in every year the was made the. the book of tango the but not from the whole county he is a small on a mission read you can see that the two thousand and two dozen five that was me a double the whole county and after only source part of feet and in every few see year the. again from the whole county. and the according to the loaf learned survey what the fossil or two photos prepares ten years ago or earlier are free of charge so in d.c. you are already do what the photos which was made in two thousand and two thousand and eight it's already free and the next year the two thousand and nine and and.
so on.
me that the items for free it's eerie out the photographs which is already the wilder. than the ten years old the we have a t.v. a photograph. store which dated from nineteen fifty nine the and the two thousand and eight the we have a half million the frames and already scanned the one hundred the seventeen thousand and the these the product. you already available you can burrow seats and on low these from the. i don't have that agents fanciful point two but the six the photograph was so it was so be available in the new the joke shop the now the i shoe some pictures of odysseus' carry out the body via photographs here you can see the. the monitoring of the level of the camera he said the mission was me the boat the frame of the photos and he's a. buildings as you can see the rooms we deal with the top of the gulf. and the there is a glider because the area. photographs was made for the photograph three petitions a the have overlapping and the some items which is moving its the. the available in two or three different photos and the can make an emissions and he is maybe you can see the black points dying in the field than the picture was made in nineteen sixty the one. the food bowl group make training and in the city photos you can see how they move. like a small islands. and.
thank you for attention. i think if we a presentation on or any questions. this. king and repeated question so on. discussion about to have free data and i'm an open day to what are the main arguments to to go for to open data. the plan you and the more and more data via be free of charge natalee or to hotels and they are for tools and the. fourteen and the because the. the to the huge to use the new george shop veal be able or date as the for that to not only the second item that other items would be free of charge mosul. because a the the have experienced the the use of us. me very many a kind of. the using given the after the d.c. the. what they developed from discipline the talk you can use it also so it's the the she's one of the more the to be free of charge. so this is great minogue human to this because by opening to the top to reuse own sire this what you see his main argument yes ok thank you. so it's a huge. the. so. no. yes. so what. so actually to questions if you mean free of charge is that free of hughes all free of being money and the second question was a is or an open bottle in hungary and opened up a portal into agree. so are the you can use it for the for any the for any the. any occasion the no need a licence only if you make for public a you should stay out that what was the source of heat but you can make the to any scene. and. so for those second question the you on that the annual repeated so. four. but. all it. yes you can use it so. so i know it's only a bit hungry you be. time for still no question. and i have not a question that the sooner you mentioned to the in your presentation to use of open source and free software. what do you mean by a free software. the couple's gets cooler and the dome of our maybe these you'll be used mosul. because does the under development i can't tell the exact. so stores but the view was. cooking. think you think he does so him as a thank you for your presentation if there are maybe they are we still have a couple of minutes if there are other questions then eyes just to close this often in session and we have twenty minutes to grab a coffee. and then come back for the next to service of sessions thank you for.