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Social Life & Life in the early 21st century
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Mitch Altman (born December 22, 1956) is a San Francisco-based hacker and inventor, best known for inventing TV-B-Gone, as featured speaker at hacker conferences, as international expert on the hackerspace movement, and for teaching introductory electronics workshops. He is also Chief Scientist and CEO of Cornfield Electronics.
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you. a i. can everybody to our necks talk its community are speaker today is much all when i'm pretty sure i don't have to introduce him to you and just two of his many achievements he's one of the co-founders of noise brunch hecker space and san francisco and he's also the inventor of the t.v. big on the advice that can switch off.
he's everywhere so you just said that i turn off tv's for living which is awesome also i don't know how many of you have watched already game of thrones but i always think of marriage as the three i'd ravens a guy was been sitting in a tree you know just being super wise and he has always been there and he's teaching people who come along so that's basically image for. me. yes so i hope you will enjoy the talk is going to talk about his experiences in the community and he hopes to inspire people to appease give the one round of a pasta match.
he thinks everyone for years too early in the morning of them didn't know is going to give this talk to until a couple days ago really and i put together a bunch of slides that i've been giving talks on for the last couple years mainly last year as i travel around. and i can talk about a whole bunch of different things from. one of the i just came back from china have a month and a half ago and there i gave have basically the same talked about on twenty five times to all these government officials in china who keep inviting me to come and talk about hackers faces of all things like to talk about some of that i could talk more about hacker space. this is like to talk about open for things that we know what people think she just rant.
if it. ok so are many ways this is my contact information and it's real.
please contact me if you think i can help you in any way of you know running a small business i've done that i made a lot of students stakes and i can help you avoid those same student mistakes you can make your stupid mistakes or if you're depressed i've been there.
whatever please contact me if you think i can help of helping people in waking on. you can find me on the internets.
at that i'm not really into a conventional wisdom myself financial wisdom from certainly we can learn from the experiences of others but if we're going to do anything really cool in our lives we've got a quite often think of things and do things in our own way so.
a lot of the stuff i'm going to say is probably going to be on the runways is just my opinions i don't want to tell anyone what to do and what not to do but i hope you can take what i say and you know just think about it and come up with your own ways of doing things. and since your captive audience i always like showing the slide in shocking about the importance of having a way of making getting the resources you need to live your life the way you want to live it it's really really really important to do all of that in a way that feels personally meaningful for you so many of us.
us probably even here in this room need money in order to get food and shelter as absurd as at his we do need some money that's only one resource though we focus on that one resources to the detriment of so many others what are we willing to do to get those resources so arm.
you can have some job that you don't even like just get enough money so you can come home exhausted says the you can. don't fall asleep groggily wake up take a bunch of caffeine so you can wake up to go back to work in the morning for job you don't even like you can do that. you can do other things too. i'm maybe you can have a job you hate a lot of people seem to choose that i have in the twenty's offer living and i love them high jobs so up i want to say a bit about that and just use that as encouragement to all of you if you're not doing so already to explore. or take time to explore and find ways that maybe you can create projects that you love that other people might love that they might pay you to do it at the best capitalism has that to offer his other problems of capitalism as we all know but i know there is a possibility you might. be able to make a living doing what you love rather than some things stupid that puts you out of commission and i think with the world the way it is right now we all have to play our part and that's always been true but with recent events in the worlds of political scenes that's just. it's really points than out. so on i do live a life that i really love but. as many people here know i i didn't start off that way i grew up being told lead depressed i was brutally bullied in school targeted for being gay for being an introverted speak for being batted sports not carrying who wins in games.
of for bleeding weird for being intellectual in my country being smart is kind of a detriment so i'm life was total held teachers actually watched as the bullies beat me up and down for life was really held my parents were clueless.
so i got home i tried to escape all of my pain by watching t.v. because there was yet of t.v. had more than one t.v..
i watched a lot and you know kids on t.v. on like me you were known beautiful and had loving parents understanding friends problems that were solved by the end of the show. and it was told the depressing to me because i would compare myself to all that and that made me just want to watch the neck show to get rid of my pain even more and i would just sit there are getting more and more unhealthy not doing anything not learning how to deal with other kids not doing anything useful in time would just go away and they were just making more of a target when i went back to. you only want to escape my pain even more when i got back home and that's called addiction.
and i am still a t.v. ad. there's so many ways that we can use to avoid ourselves and our lives are so many distractions many of them socially sanctioned anything considered socially desirable even like a working too much of or drinking too many substances or of eating too many serbs is whatever we can use anything is a. action all these things have things offers well. on knows a long road for me to actually learn to live a life i love living and i don't really have time to talk about all that now if you're interested in some of that story you can look at twenty eight c. three on the geeks and depression panel that organized at the end of.
of palm lightning talks with the help of nick far the of years ago but if you want to talk about that ever just grab mean or email me your call me i'm happy to share all that but eventually did learn being a geek up to become really good stuff and i was on spend a lot of time.
on helping little companies with their project problems and i got paid really well for that able to make enough money in a few weeks to a few months to live the rest of the year without working and i would say use that other time for all sorts of cool things but after. in ten fifteen years actually of doing that. i got kind of tired of doing projects for other people not so much because it was for the people because they were projects that weren't ones that excited me even though i did a bunch of really cool projects they were really ones that excited me that they had all of these pluses and minuses everything as. as and minuses right so of the minuses seem to outweigh the pluses for me even though i help create virtual reality and have a i put a slight i was doing my slides a to thirty morning so they might become our order of see anyways i might i was lied about the are later i helped develop the are in need nineteen eighty's.
of course there's a lot of hype about the are right now it's going to be the next big thing and i don't like the next big things on about you but i knew back in the nineteen eighty's. it was going to be used to market at us to make us want to buy things we don't even want or need hand of course that's what's happening right now a lot less facebook decides to change the way they do things. much or why they spent most of three point one billion dollars on i.q. this rift is probably to make the world a better place. i'm will see many ways after doing all this for about fifteen years i decided i really wanted to put all my time and energy into things that i thought were awesome.
i didn't want to spend so much of my time and energy working on other people's projects that i just thought were ok it best. i'm only to be exhausted in have about two months of recovery to figure out how to live my life again after i'd of the project with them. so i did an experiment on myself i saved up and a year of money i was lucky enough to be able to do that and i set aside that year as a year that i would only do what i love doing it was kind of scary though because we're all trained to think that money is really important.
and ten in many ways it is how i make money again if i kept turning down work that came my way simply because i didn't love it would anyone hire me again.
i didn't know but i did have some kind of notion that there must be some way of doing stuff that i find really meaningful stuff that i love doing and then getting enough of what i need to keep doing what i love. i thought that would somehow be possible but i don't know what that would be a new sponsor stuff that i love like volunteer work and i knew that other bunch of projects that i really wanted to play with that i didn't really play with for a number of years because when i was working in electronics i rarely felt like coming home and playing with electronics.
solar energy kind of like does was on hold but now i had time and i started working on projects that i really love that i would sing about for years. one of the project's became the brain machine which has some he is seen as you can try it it the harbour hacking area i got one with me and it's a popular project but the one that really got on a roll was t. be gone for so many years he had had control over my life part of living alone. learning to live a life i really love was quitting television i went cold turkey in nineteen eighty and i had lot of time to do other things like become really good the self which may be a living for the next fifteen years but still back then on this is two thousand and three when i did this experiment of t.v. is we're starting to pop up everywhere and.
public places is way worse now but in two thousand and three it was terrible as far as i was concerned and on this thing that had had power over me i could get rid of it my apartment but now it was popping up everywhere in public and i didn't want to sit my apartment just the away from tv's i couldn't do anything about those t v's in public places. but i could and did figure out a way to turn them all off so i did. and it took me so pretty much all of that year to make that happen conceptually it's pretty easy and what could be easy i mean off code it's just blinking an infrared l e d it's invisible life but still it's just blinking an alley the and you do a little bit different for sony and panasonic and all that but whatever will you know he does it's a microcontroller blink. he and l.e.d. what could be easier what turned out you know they don't want publish the code so it took me a year to figure out all the ways of these codes work and to record them all from universe remote controls get rid of the duplicate it required making my own logic analyzed because back in two thousand three that cost ten thousand dollars minimum and i didn't have. that and all the software i had to write in order to characterize all of the data that i haven't of the lot of data and get rid of a duplicate a near duplicate codes because off code is the same isn't on code and internet t.v. off another coach comes along and turns it on with that wouldn't be ok with it so many ways it took me a year.
that's ok i was obsessed once i started turning of any t.v. i wanted to turn off all of them and after a year i was doing that and i was doing it because i loved it and.
and i still do you love it and i really didn't think it was going to make money i was just doing it because i loved it and they were bunch of friends helping me and they were helping me because they thought it was really exciting to they wanted one is well so everyone who helped me after i got it working i made one for them and it did work after year i was going around.
san francisco where i live turning tees off everywhere i went was really fun and of my friends were doing it as well and they had a lot of fun and their friends saw what they were doing and they wanted one and i couldn't make one for everyone so i decided.
to make a good to have some manufactured but when it turned out that the friends of my friends' friends also wanted them that's when i thought maybe this actually is an opportunity as bizarre as it might be i mean the conventional wisdom would definitely not say to start a business about something as bizarre as this.
but on the net conventional so i took a gamble and i put all the money i had into buying as many as i could afford not just of few hundred but i bought of twenty thousand. and i thought maybe would take no i don't know five years whatever but i knew i could at least sell five thousand that's what i calculated i would have to sell in order to.
a break even and if i broke even now be great because even a verdict five years whatever in five years to be five thousand people turning to resolve all over the world and i thought that really cool his kind of bizarre because we live in a world where people just automatically going room they turn a t.v. on it's not on already i just don't get it i want to turn.
off but if i could help other people turn off i thought that be cool but it turned out i was totally wrong i did not sell five thousand and five years.
i sold twenty thousand and three weeks. and actually and i had to order more and it was really stressful but all of my friends were helping it turned out almost all of them were in a place in their life they could quit jobs that they didn't like and help mean we formed a company and its been making a living for. all twelve of us for the last twelve years its kind of awesome doing something really love but you know at that moment the first day of sales was because of a wired dot com article because of someone i volunteered with that the san francisco bicycle coalition and he was in journalism school needed a final project and is like an odd.
all in the interview about this a be like fifteen minutes but it turned out we spent a whole day all night that we met going around san francisco turning tees off and you would go up to people and say he turned off the t.v. what do you think about that and so a turnout in a good article really good article that got into were done.
com and of every twenty people pay attention to where dot com because that morning on the first of sales of determined by that were dot com article which was tuesday at two in the morning on october nineteenth and i know that date because it changed my life forever.
in that article because of people were just waiting for my website to go live mean my friend chris were getting it ready so it could accept credit cards for the few strange people that might want to buy this thing of but had five in the morning when we finally finished we started getting orders media lee after get making the website go live. people doing what they just sitting heating and five key waiting for the live soon screen to go away and yeah that's what was happening so many ways n.p.r. national public radio in united states called me and visible matter even know what i said and i decided. ok because immediately after that and york times called me and then people flocking magazine calls me and fox t.v. they called me in the next day i'm on fox t.v. live on their morning show without don't know how many tens of millions of people who made had only been like watching me live as i'm turning of t.v. ease. in her studio.
so. you can't or i'm scared by my space.
ok so long as people are watching out there everybody so.
yeah anyways because of all that i was invited to give public it's public talks and. talking into a camera is one thing but talking before a whole bunch of people who can see you drool i mean that's an introverted do come in he doing talking of oral of you but it turns out i like it and i guess i did ok and anyways this has been of changing my life continually in unexpected ways ever. since then i have a few slides for that but i do want to point out.
i succeeded in my quest for what i call success and it's an ongoing process as long as i'm alive but this is my definition of success if you can make time to explore and do it you love doing you might find things and i think you will find things you really really love you have to make times.
for though which is the hard part and if you find something you really love chances are other people will to and with the right people may be coming together to make it available for others others might pay you to do that you can get enough of what you need doing what you love to keep doing what you love. it's possible no guarantees guarantee that it won't happen if you don't try to so in ways that's up to you but because a t.v. be gone i met her on some of the totally weird wonderful person named more free to cause yourself lady ada and she so after of.
of a few years later she started eight a fruit which is a huge open hardware company that has lots of amazing the cool stuff for the open in hardware community and of because of her she's friends with the editor of make magazine which i never even heard of they've been around for a year at this point.
said they were going to be in san francisco when you come to the maker faire and perhaps the maker faire i looked it up online is like why didn't i know about this so it's a whole bunch of people come together to show off what they create what they make and on share with other people so i went and was like a maze was like as a whole group of injury geeks. sharing their projects have all sorts and and i thought that was wonderful of course no one was making anything their election thought was weird maker faire so i thought gee i love that is maybe the next time i go actually teach people how to solar which is something i love and the screw from a few soldiering irons to teaching of thirty. five hundred people have a soldier in today's and i put a lot of my life into maker faire also started writing for make magazine in its the first time i published the brain machine which is really weird project that helps people netted tate and along the way you on him loose need.
the colors and patterns in terms of people like a loose needing so i became a popular project and yeah i want i wanted to use that as a way to share of the benefits of meditation which is another one of the things that was important for me to learn to live life i love not just be a depressed blob so.
so if other people could benefit from mad i thought to be cool and also i wanted people to try making something that even if they've never made anything because it was intriguing enough worked on all these things. but going to make are fair and i met someone who are connected me with someone in burnley as whose part of twenty six hundred and he called me up and ordered a bunch of coupons for his friends and he said each come to this thing called a hacker conference and like a hell's last. and of course i've heard of twenty six hundred i wasn't a phone freaking when i was in middle school but i didn't really know about half the conference's and i went in my first one was hope six and that totally changed my life forever in another way and this one is thousands of the most school is.
geeks i ever imagined all in ones huge of hotel in the middle new york city and i love it i totally loved it and i've been part of doing hackers stuff ever since and i didn't know it but i've been hacking all my life and in fact going from a depressed borrow a kid to someone who loves living my life that with her life. back because that's hacking and on we can hack ourselves and at that conference there were some people one in particular who was a helping organize of of of and well bunch of people told me about these things here in germany.
the time in berlin and the chaos computer club and they said if you love this you really love those so a my first one was twenty three c three and it's now buried in these somewhere.
if they're it is what's left of it. you actually. yeah and again there was hardly anything being made there so i set up some soldiering irons and that grew into the hardware hacking area and i set that up to my next hacker conference which was this one and not only were there are thousands of peaks share.
during and people all of whom i wanted to actually have a conversation with all that even though we're all in diverted to is just so wonderful and of course there's lasers and ellie knees and and a rocket ship. of the hundreds of talks there were people talking about hacker spaces calling it the hackers based design patterns which was talk and now i thought she knew hackers conferences and these are wonderful but they always and they have to like somehow it.
us back into life in what most people call the real world but which seems to me to be some kind of a serial weird thing decide now on but if if i could start a hacker space in my hometown doesn't have to end we could be doing this stuff all year round come together and community supporting each other exploring what we love try. doing things doing things encouraging people to be the best we can be and on so i started noise bridge with some friends as a bunch of us getting together and made this amazingly cool space happen we've been through lots of problems but we've overcome all of them and we continue to do that.
queen he's definitely hard work but it's so worth it we need community in our lives we need community in our lives we don't need to survive but we needed to feel that our lives are way worthwhile we absolutely need this and we don't have enough of it in our lives.
and this resonates with so many of us i mean that's why we're here right right here in his room and you could see me on the video is cool that these technologies exist but so much cool to be here all together living and breathing together a backup of chaos camp two thousand seven hundred people who went off. wins formed n.y.c. resistor and hack to see another hackers faces and these were highly influential along with a hacker spaces in germany that already existed all of us helping each other to create our spaces it became an influential in starting lots of hackers spaces within a year there were one hundred more are within a year after that there were five hundred more. and then they were thousand mourners been growing pretty much exponentially ever since. we started hackers faces that oregon a year after that there's a map from they are showing many of the hacker spaces many continents are actually kind of obliterated by pins their stuff happening that's actually old map because china's now liberated with hackers phases.
we'll talk a bit about that high time. you see as starting off kind of small i mean teaching people to sold or i live in teaching people this older every monday of noise bridge.
every monday since two thousand and seven and now that i travel so much someone else named jay and noise bridge is totally awesome is been doing that for the last couple years so the tradition continues and became one of our most popular things people love doing this stuff and he kind of grows is my favorite.
picture from a teaching fifty people at one side or sold or that was at thirty c. three here three years ago and now look i'm just learning to soldier and his hope big deal but look for happy here. you know. you have that kind of thing that happens when people just come together to try something they think they might like in no to build confidence even though the someone may never sold or ever again and they have the confidence to know they can do something they did you didn't even think they could do so.
of spawn and i've been going around the world giving talks and workshops big talks little talks he usually the screens and crazy stuff it's just great going around the world teaching people what they want to learn and sharing hopefully inspiring and do whatever it is they.
we think it's cool in their lives and of.
whatever are just a few pictures here is a talk for a whole bunch of government bureaucrats in how.
on dual. china from a couple months ago and here's one in rio has a lot cooler.
is it morally bees in a revision arrow from the last month. hand know that baca i know in our few years ago and i was still doing make are fears that grew really big in is just tons of fun putting lot of time into that helping lots of people of all ages and.
and two thousand and eleven they gave me this honor which it still makes me motion will and if you want to see video of me crying you can see of video even still on the meek with a website of me accepting this award three printed parts of the i got i received the first hand it turns out the last.
just mich altman maker hero word they named after me in its like. it is just recognition for doing what i love and arm. great and at the end of this at the new york maker faire there was a think you dinner for everyone help and they talked about all these great things thanking everyone for this a gnat and than then their got this ten million dollars grant for good putting hackers faces in the files and. high schools in the united states since really really cool and and he's going on in saying on by the way it was a a grant from darpa which is an arm of the u.s. military.
and i felt like i was kicked in the stomach because every single place i ever worked in my entire life without exception until t.v. on the military came in wanted to take what we're doing and every single time the people who ran the company said yes because would make from a lot. of money. a on god i quit every single time a and i didn't want to quit maker faire i never imagined that the military would come in want to take that but of course they do they want the magic created by what we're doing. and after strong with a while i knew i would feel terrible quitting helping make a fair but i would feel way more terrible helping the u.s. military hurt and kill and spying name in doing all the things that they do and already helped them enough voice by paying my forking taxes.
and it still makes me really sad to think about this and course him on that gave me a lot more time to do a lot of other things by not doing that which took a lot of time which i love but it turned out because of that i was invited to give a talk at text brussels which is a really huge.
tex advanced twenty two hundred people and gave a talk about hackers spaces which i'm just so gratified actually help start hacker spaces around the world more hackers spaces on that also every year of manufacturing t.v. gone in china choosing a place that.
some trees are people way well pays them well treats environment well and on has safety standards that are in here to there aren't a lot of places like that in china of course or lot more places that aren't like that but i've been going every year because it's really important to be with people and keep them.
physical of a communication happening and not just over the internet so after bunny khouang organized a trip showing people manufacturing in shenzhen the electronics markets there i thought we really cool to bring people from china have a noise bridge over there and show what it's like that started what i call her trips to china.
china so i've been organizing a group of people going to china and showing all the pluses and minuses there and having a lot of fun and he going visiting and it's fun going in a bodysuit or may not be fun doing it every day but doing it once he was really fun and and it grew really big in this is actually in the beijing airport.
i thought that was wonderful and i've been working with this guy's a professor at shanghai university is considered one of the best universities in china and on five time i can talk a bit about that. and on.
as a as we're going around we get invited to give talks and the more i give talks about hackers face in china the more i'm invited to give more talks and i i i i talk about it in ways to its it's helpful for talking to bureaucrats he took your credit speak so the benefits of a hacker space are its edge.
occasional benefits and is well as its local economic benefits to kickstart depressed areas and give talks that grew from little teeny like in a university to huge talking universities this is the panasonic center and huge mean that poster behind me that a.
future. the week we invited a white guy is going to talk about hackers bases and all these people show up and on all these other people start doing it as well and hackers fees are starting all over china have a few photos next but it filters of all the way to the very top of government pushing this stuff and here is of premier league the.
that's posey the head of state of china last year going to visit china was a hacker space and saying this is the future of china after spaces can you imagine the future of china he said so on and then all the bureaucrats everywhere in china have to think they have to start a hacker space. these are. you.
you so the us not wanting to be left too far behind.
so and oddly enough of this guy joey is is amazingly brilliant and wonderful a he he now lives in shenzhen china and works at this hackers base.
but if.
so anyways hackers bases there are awesome of a hacker space is the main thing about them is community it really is about community so many call things come from it but the main thing is community people self organizing to create a community that really works for them.
and it's really fun i'm weathered soldiering are doing mechanical things it doesn't matter to people coming together do what they think he might like courage in each other exploring feeling like something apart each person is part of something bigger and wonderful.
and it's all about hacking.
and there's many definitions of hacking but mine is seeing the world full of resource as the world is full of resources money is one of them but there's so many resources and we can use them all anyway we want anyway we don't have used in the way that they were intended by the people who created those resources big news him anyway what we can see what works what.
doesn't improve our projects with them as projects can be pretty much anything and then we share it and overall we do it because it's really wonderful. it's really a way of looking at things the way of being a and here's a slide from my bureaucratic talks are talks the bureaucrats they are totally in that country partnership they want to create the next silicon valley has not going to happen but anyways.
to be a hacker you don't have to be an interpreter. to be an interpreter you don't have to be a hacker but if you're going to be interpret nor has any good you do have to be a hacker you definitely need to start with a creative mind said and grow something that's personally meaningful that will be meaningful the other people so that will pay you to do it otherwise what's the meat so on.
and of course anything can be hacked is what most people think of electronics computers whatever but technologies as tools you know there's all sorts of tools for art and craft and art and craft is totally the hackers doing that as the hacker mindset same with science you don't do science expecting a certain result you do science.
with the potus is to see what will happen and then learn from it and then make more hypothesis and grow from it this is hacking we have ourselves all the time otherwise you don't become better people we have our communities we have a planet we need to hack the planet the planet certainly needs our love and support and growth and improvement. we need to hack everything and we can do that so much better with the support of others as with other sharing our resources together and making ourselves and our communities and our societies and the planet a better place for all of us.
we can do that with all these different kinds of tools electronics and fabrication in small hand tools and art and cooking all ages it's not about age little people big people we all have things we can share with other people we all have things we can learn from other people and this is why.
i had her spaces are such fantastic educational environments. and my schools are having of hackers faces as part of the curriculum now been given more and more talks about that is i go around as well and on but it's really all about community so i'm but this is where real innovation happens when you have that creative environment for.
people are exploring they actually find you eat things like drones i mean main thrust of that was in twenty three c three the first time that publicly were shown of a german hackers created for computer fans are now saying that they made with lots of microcontrollers to.
control it all and it actually flew fucking awesome. of course there are lots of belize on it to which needed cooler looking but some now it's open source and you can buy a little with called drones instead of me coppers now on for fifteen dollars and of course all the people involved without don't know anything about the technology that went into that it's all open source they just copy it and use it. but this is how things go and of course there's downsides to have that guy show you in the white house a little bit ago used to kill people in yemen and other places around the world. that's because some people think it's ok to do something for the military. i don't. the people can make their own choices but i know what i think and i'm happy to talk about that if you never want to as well so i'm here of so anyways hackers faces their cool they've grown from forty about in two thousand and seven to zillions of the world now because they're so.
school and group governments are pushing them because they love them they'd feathering their cap of third your credit and they're good for education good for the economy but so many bureaucrats are creating spaces like this.
it's beautiful it's nice coworking space media for people they're doing stuff but it's not hackers space but here's one in china a chain high university teenage you that i helped form years she chided and in shanghai of.
beijing child hall of this one is mostly for education for little kids this one they have won in a school of this one is just way cool community space and change and.
i've been helping ching why university with a hacker in residence program they want to have on like ten or so hackers all the time and i want is to spread everywhere and i've been helping people do that this is a silly poster we created for the kick off of it a couple years ago but yeah there's opportunities out there we have a. the temporary page on hacker.
hackers bases dot org full of all these places where you can just go and share what you know and learn from other people and take it somewhere else. i want to be able to do this all year round so i'm working on a website called hacker in residence dot org hand on.
i get on here is to follow through and things have been trying to make it happen for a couple years but in any case so was soon hopefully in the next few months that will be up so you can browse through residency opportunities if you want to. but hackers faces that oregon also is a place where you can get resources to start your own hacker space and we all help each other even though we're totally different.
on so. i could go on but i think i'd rather on open it up for human a rather than rent more on sunday just go to go.
the of.
last lied of returnees for all actors are awesome so of he you know that that's really why do you all i do is to help encourage people to explore and do what they might find meaningful to do in their lives we live in a planet where i think a vast majority don't feel.
their lives away worthwhile. and i don't think that's ok i think that's the cause of pretty much all the problems we face we have a lot of people in a society where people feel their lives are worthwhile collectively were all very much easily manipulated and we get people like this to lead our countries.
but if we come together and share resources we can do so much we don't have to wait for the government to do cool things for us and effective and wait for the government's new cool things for us for just call them the dead.
nothing wrong with being dead but our lives we can do call shed so to call shed. you don't thank you very much much more inspiration not talk have like fifteen minutes after a q. and a sept there is anything you always wanted to ask an h yeah from now.
this but you a half months here throughout the room while we wait for people to get the courage to move the microphones we have one question from the internet that we've got to start with low there's a question from i'll see the question is can have those bases be viewed as a force for democracy and increased transparency in china.
i hope so.
from there were no i mean government china it's really exciting been going to china every year i go there every year for a month or two since two thousand and three and have my own unique perspectives on china. they're not necessarily correct but it's been exciting been there and seen it open up an amazing ways if you get your information about china from mainstream media it's wrong it's absolutely wrong impression of what you get some things are certainly correct i mean it's a huge centralized government and i'm not a fan of those in any form.
he do some terrible things i've really see it very similar to my own government which i'm not huge fan of either but you know. it's home china is a place i go to a lot in some ways it's sort of a home to as is here in germany mostly in berlin. but the last ten years their society from the top down his been encouraged to open up were bureaucrats for the first time ever in two and a half millennia of history there have been encouraged to experiment to try things to help people live lives that they find more with worthwhile and there are you. the cracks in high levels talking in that kind of language its kind of amazing and sofas from two thousand and three when i really didn't like going to try at all which is very close to have two thousand level two thousand and twelve it's been opening up like crazy and two thousand thirteen two thousand and fourteen within the last two years they've been going in the. the wrong direction again so hopefully in with hackers faces opening up where people are encouraged to explore and do things that are really interesting some of them some people in some of them will be doing things to make their lives in the lives of those around the much better and on will see. any moment things could change really quickly in china any moment things can change really quickly in my country and seems that when that happens the rest of the world follows and i hope that pattern changes. thank you so much next question for this microphone are there. it's human dimension or thirty's three c. and i actually really are remember quite well for e three c. or reading it was the won rare all the snow on stuff went on os and the arm i really remember a quite well what kind of effective head. for me and i think that i'm also kind of more the intruder that guy. so i got also low all these feelings of all the people around me and recognize them how it kind of depressing the situation was so all these talks and i'm the only thing you could do was so are the only thing you could think about was well. well i am this one person and there are these huge organizations with a lot of resources and icon do anything. so what i experience with heckle spaces this of least that their year of some kind offer to protect its base pay you can get around that feeding and can experience that you can do something but for me i would like to pose questions question to you. how how do you think can we break this cycle off actually seeing ourselves only as this individualist people with this perspective hey they're huge organizations doing crazy things all around us and i'm only this one person alone. icahn to anything so how do we break the cycle and maybe with stuff use you've seen all over the world when you travel so many interesting places i really am visible that kind of its it's great and it's great that you show your experiences but maybe have an. idea how we can get out of this situation all of his passes miss which i really experience and recognized in the message from aunt and our own thirty three c. it was the reason i didn't visit the next congress off of it. so write well i think reframing that might be more beneficial for me the question i don't know who can change all that not all that many decades ago there were a few people who are kind of took over the german government and. and once they got it to a certain point there's really nothing that could be done except haven't played out i think what could anyone have done that point if people could have seen where this was heading maybe there are things that could have done earlier and i think we're in a similar situation right now are at the beginning of a lot of people actually. openly promoting fascism for and all the surveillance for seeing right now the being paid for by our tax money is just one symptom of that those leaders that i showed you briefly are also symptoms of that on so again if we wait for. our governments to do something cool it's not for him who are going to be dead before it happens but we can on have a lot of control over what we choose to do with our time and who we do it with so we collect to gather with people who have a common vision for making our lives in lives of those around us better. or we can do that doesn't have to be against any other people even if they're doing deplorable things i'm he came on it's totally up to you what you want to do with your time and i'm actually glad there are people who are taking their time to work against these things to slow that stuff down as best they can and especially since it. it shows everyone that they're not alone in being against that stuff but if we create something positive over here and have that be so cool that other people tend to join us then it doesn't matter as much what's going on over there unless they get in the way of us to him for doing and then we can go over the. there and tried again. but no matter how fascist anything gets there are always going to be new churches it within which we can do things that we believe our way cool and as things continue decay and our great leaders are finding fantastic creative ways of helping it took a faster people are going to need to key into. what we create it's up to us to create the groundwork for what's to come and i think that's what we've been doing by just having this every year it inspires us to go out of the world and do cool stuff.
and so much school stuff is come from that another people can join us in this whole thing it's sold out in minutes because so many people want to be part of all this i see that is incredibly positive and we need more i mean right now there's would like to thirty five hundred hackers faces we need millions and that's just hackers faces we need a whole bunch of other people forming other communities. and we can all help each other it wherever it makes sense and that just grows so on and regardless of what the outcome is each of us doing what we feel is best daily in our lives yearly in our lives. gives each of us meaning in our own lives which can buy example help other people making an expression of the from internet again. i'm so i.o.c. was very interested in the happiest places around the world and they want to know about where they can move like name several cultural differences that are in different countries and different as faces and also to elaborate on the erm great of government involvement in countries other than the united states and they would like to know some cooper.
dates from haggis bases in africa eastern europe or the middle east right on.
hackers these are much more similarities and differences in my experience but the one thing that is culturally different is regardless of where it is whether it's the u.s. or europe or china or africa is in places which are have of economically depressed. the weather economically depressed people are being encouraged to be interpreted early especially right now we're in a pretty amazing tech bubble and on so the government is pushing this and then there are venture capitalists which people where i come from call them vulture cap.
the list are putting a whole bunch of money into this one in the next apple in the next school to grow from this and they're creating those empty spaces like i show you and people are obsessed with making money and it's just not going to happen if you don't create that creative environment with community to start from where cool ideas grow from. nothing's going to happen so that's when that's what people actually want that to happen so that's why they're inviting me another people give talks about this to help them do that.
so there are a lot of cool projects that are growing from this and when you have people in a local area doing things they think are cool the things that are cool for the people there on whether it's on you know a whole bunch of people making more three d. printers or drones which are super pop. color or vr which is being pushed now or internet of fein's which is fifteen push now you know like people are doing it because they think it's cool so for me i don't really care what the project is for me the main thing is it's people working on things that they think our way cool and meaningful for them and i see that happening. everywhere. thank you next question from this microphone now and i think you or interest on those are run over town said some that in china they our want to create a new silicon valley and down that you thought it would happen.
maybe can you let regular why nothing then yeah so on it's not going to be another silicon valley and silicon valley it did in silicon valley wasn't created it happened there are a whole bunch of i mean what why did silicon valley happened there why did it happen here and how boring why did it happen in omaha nebraska it happen.
and there because there are a whole bunch of fucking weirdos from all of the united states in the world who collected in san francisco because it's been a place where that has been happening for a long time since its inception in the gold rush and there are a whole bunch of interest deeks who thought computers recall him back in the seventy's computers were huge things that were expense. live but that could technology was becoming inexpensive and small enough that these few geeks thought they could make when they could use at home and they couldn't do it alone but collectively they could they formed a community called the homebrew computer club and and together they created isn't one of them is now the largest capitalise.
company in the world and they're totally horrible but still stuff grew from that some good some bad on he can't copy that but what you can do is create and this is what's happening a lot of places create a creative environment hackers faces are big part of that education is part of the. of course hackers face can be part of that and from their people can create things that are cool for them which means that it's cool for their local community which means that there are people in that area who might want to pay those people to do those interesting in actually truly innovative things not innovate. even as a buzz word on so but to do that they actually have to create a space you know there's resources coming from the top down from government local government to the state government missable as a federal government whatever national government that of those resources get into the hands of people who can. form community from the bottom up and it can these totally successful and has been in lots of examples. thank you yet another question from the internet ok the question as in the same way the internet was taken from a military idea to our own use could you envision taking the top of money and it sure has bases build more positive things that cannot be many related to turn negative shore but in the same time you're helping the u.s. military.
if that's what you want to do cool go for it that's not what i wanted to.
short answer next question for this microphone and can reach him you look really hate be a how to manage it and the second question or do plan to come to russia. i was in russia and nineteen seventy three when prize neff was still there with my parents taking you had to have an excuse then in a my father was an architect so he got a bunch of architects agreed to get together and say we're going to look at architecture in in russia and we did and it was way cool rest is probably little different now i would love to go there invite me. so and happy i am happy because i do i love i made time to explore new i love and it took years and years and years but eventually learn to live life i love living and if i can do that no i'm pretty much anyone can i think it takes a lot of luck and takes definitely support from people at the right time. and as usual guarantees there either devil he is guarantee won't happen if you don't try them. thank you this question from that my car i just wanted to respond to something he just sits in your answer about letting fascism happen over that and we too are cool stuff ok and i have a moral objection to this and i think that surf position it comes from a place of privilege as a white man i could just say i'm going to let the fascism happened to other people i'm not going to. anything about it and actually you said that we can carry on doing that until the fascists try to stop asked if i think no moral imperative is on us to stop the fascist from doing their thing and if we don't do that eventually they'll come for us as well so i guess my question to you is what will he do when the air fascist come to hack spaces. i didn't mean to imply the let them do what they do but i think it's really really important that we do stuff in each is to create something positive so that more and more people can come because if it's just an individual here individual here in individual here there's no way that we have any kind of energy to stop. fascism that we see happening i didn't mean to give the impression that we should let it happen. you know in when trump was elected i was out of my country and i knew it was going to happen because i was in uk in march and april and saw them turn on hate machine in order to get an election to go their way and the same thing exact thing was happening in my country they turn on hate machine decades ago again. clinton in there is no way they were going to turn that often this guy played that really well and he actually studied the speeches of the adolf hitler whose this guy that some of you may have heard of and. he's really really good at it. he plays an idiot buddies he's he's is a moron maybe but he's not an intelligent he knows what he's doing. i'm now have once he was elected the day after eight crimes when skyrocketing upwards in the united states and not just crimes criminal activity but public bullying of people for being not their conception of white and straight a was going up. even in san francisco which has a reputation of being the weirdo place i personally experienced being on a city bus when some guy who wasn't like some big guy who looked arranged just looks is just some white guy of middle class white guy and he just stood up proudly proclaiming that this is of.
heterosexual white city.
and this was on a bus full of everyone but heterosexual white people and and myself included and. know instantly people started telling to shut the fuck up which i was really happy for and angry about as well on we have to stop this every chance we get if we don't do this at these stages it's over and it doesn't matter what we do but regardless of what.
never happens in our governments we need to come together and do cool stuff for cells and those around us and that can grow or not but we still have to do that because it's the right thing to do and it's the only thing that feels worthwhile think the summit's which we have. come to the end of our time slot that we have also come to the end of our discussion please give another one round of plaster next. you.
he said.