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A sumo style robot battle for intentionally crappy robots!
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Join with your derpy bot to fight your nemesis! Push it off the table or knock the enemy over. No weapons. No advanced controllers. No tears. Don't take it serious.
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the. a i. i know i'm going to who's used and.
part of the book on the robots team and i'm experiencing some problems. and see the. did he become she robots team there's also the local stock those clicks and neo and two and today we had a nice battle way to participants and i want to show you owe. i will show you know first i will give us more talk about a battle itself and afterwards we will have a life better wait a troll wants and hopefully most of them would work ok. everything is better than men let the i swear. this is not a book on this these are mostly creepy and dangerous robots and quite expensive ones and there are other fights most the the disease from a lead in japan and these are quite fast highlight the technological. but still not as who suitable for everybody. because you need to invest a lot of time and money to you get in one of the these leaks and it's nothing for beginners so tied to the survey is a car. when the table khan its day how he tells a robot better for a technically and gifted.
hopefully he will just lifestream with crept up and of course in this battle is here to give all the only people a chance to participate.
so. i only can see how after writing but i know what's written so usually to lead their robots are simple.
you reduce spare parts of kids' toys to splash whatsoever.
it's mostly low stash so no other units involved to get a penalty if you want to participate with some professional parts and a battle itself must be no need to sell no flames frozen in place not know whatever. i can't say flame thrower send kids don't mix. you. here you can see how fast the rules so.
the report their robots should be like that and one kilogram smaller than fifty by fifty said he met first the door should be smaller than fifty centimetres by one meter and that's a better current the match starts as soon as the robots make contact so this. it's ok to a he was known by parts but if you to put over or you have to leave the table you lost its assume was tied fight.
we build different robots so we have a bit of a different audience and we saw.
other people who invented day she did robots contest. different mutations so we decided we will accept all are robots and know my to bite his size and weight so everybody can participate are about so beautiful rule number one.
you mean and today we had an eye sight we had eight participants and.
the nice thing was that the actually delight distance smallest robot was won by points you see the tiny robots in the back.
beck said. actually won by points just barely possibly kwan who would have just swept the dough fifty to feed a little bit larger and the crowd went totally been on his way. the great great it was a really cold major moves just going.
evade and stay on the table this case we can't hear you can see most of the robots from the fight again because my credit left cripple a pop. and. we hate had a participating robots between one hundred twenty five grams and a kilo and the little bit. and.
for me personally it's really nice to organize these events because you can have. you can bring people than i usually are not that much into d.i.y. or electronics or whatsoever. to build robots it's really nice when you meet artist that tell your yesterday i wouldn't have imagined that i ever would participate in one in such an event robot fight that's crazy and i'm just trying things and everybody can participate as soon as this movie. as its moves you just need the potato with wheels basically. as soon as he moves his real world and everybody can participate. yeah and it's also great for kate's they learn something and the soon as you just need a bunch of spare parts something that works together with a battery.
a crazy lot of hot q and you can build a robot as soon as his moves its trade and off for in africa. it ties citizen talk to go to work together it's great.
yeah and now we're basically it and we're ready for the fight so my led to at least it didn't die totally and now let's ask their other fighter study stage. you. a. the.
a first this event about politics is not ok. that are there other people in the audience only these robots. it's ok. one is moving slowly i think we can have a fight before anyone starts to. the. and. the economy. to attract. this is will be our josh had to. i prefer so this for the oft ok they have a class is approaching. ok so let's get started right public's versus who. the. i. we have some great year old what's your we have our of robots were told were obese a where the owners we need you i think they just didn't let them in the. i also love rate. a. yet that's that let that's the great leighs org in a robot. if this is our what a laser vue no robot this durables versus republics. we have one minutes of times. all so ready for a fight. so already in the year in the midst of a case so freedoms to josh ozersky to go. the. they intend to direct his debts way so to the center of tapes. it's approaching the show. i often known to see is bad for a follower playoff i ought to a.
to a shortlist also hear all the job which won but the aid money and that's the rules. it is also a great pleasure been a robot was all the great book. that's how a tree. a great number of mobile phone died. but as. it took a job is another owner of these robots you'd. so masses and robotics we take the next one i think that ms or not to this was working so. this was working against said a big one ready. well. it's a toothbrush thing is to add to its bare senate on switch i think you have to short how to pay bills. the. ok. ok. i wanted a family background. you yeah i did on come on it would also photographed on over here so the ok five starting treat so it's better.
the terminus have been tossing against something like dragonflies. speaking so speaking about this time is the key so peculiar as telling as one thousand ready so i read it free to want guide. he said. so off. turks we shouldn't drop that to an otherwise we had we have to tear down the hall soul so a usable.
off. i have tried to end next contestants is market forces working yeah i think the.
you know as i tend to break everything when it coming year.
but. that's why i'm working from home. how is this what i don't think the worst that group.
that have no boundaries but ok so the next fight with the . so.
so the next fight is again peak against dish i don't know them they bought it. the sheer going to war against what can we have a fight and three to one go.
he says. odd. you live to the post you can remove empty battery.
ok. can we get the better bought have some shifty over here. that's one. but and we would have been laziness hour. it would build a piece come to this page thank you so later general but it's back on stage. a you tube or five treat to swann. go.
so for us. all of us. off. off to a space on. i. if so expect these cute led to the new robot won this fight the.
if so it's time for the afi it does dragonfly what was it the toothbrush he thinking. where should you are against laziness our peak peak you keep that. the on photo. the awful come off. you are going to go to a changin.
the uk must fight. to the table and then we'll see what's the winner against is once again i guess is one of the two winners three to one five.
can someone get new batteries. i. come back. off. you literally saw you can even be no five little afford to small battery and just any there.
but it's a motivation for you for next wave of calm make a book like this and can win. i tried to a year so i think there is one little thing.
there have been able club rules that the other book one because there was no nolte didn't contact each other and she made a bigger way on the met she moved more so she should have one she guesses and she's on the stage. youtube and maybe we'll show you some but from the today fight but that all started to fight.
ok so i think not. i don't know even know how to operate this thing and his eyes soy it's really dangerous. davis you could choose to people who hate it is.
it. it's really dangerous to know a great. all the all to a lot so does about better is solid. i. i. i.
and i brace yourselves or what's coming said have lost the heaviest board if one point three kilograms and now it's time for the its it broke down ok i think that was it for today if you have any questions are. you literally he had actually it i have a question what is your name. thole at bought a plus majestic gas.
the outreach to a you feel very good the first on the stage it's as communication congress and then add to air it. the on the day i was like. but the little girl was young i was asked by but it all the great so thank you very much fun should using all the city robots to ask does a lot of time and build more robots and more to be built robots and much if you have any questions you haven't.
the questions yet little time left. come to their come to the microphone please the microphones and year in the middle of the of the rose he's come to the microphone if you have a question. the kind we have close so so the robots we didn't really see the not well long close ups please mayor percent you turtles robot pawn. you to a.
i. he says. with us. shows i think that camera man is doing a very very good job. the extraordinary to yang. it was usually costs but one two euros could but there are spare parts. how much it is for building it. and that not make that did it take you to build it. the fish are you to measure how many sleepless nights. i was hooked. ok. so thank you very much and her machine you a next time they walk on with your own robots. you tube to a yet thank you very very much it's a great idea i think it's really perfect for everybody and its.
the you know. no matter what you build it's not as long as it's moves or long as the men think this one did not really close to this. you know. hard to say really hard to say. thank you very much so. you prefer.
just a.