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Rebel Cities

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Rebel Cities
Towards A Global Network Of Neighbourhoods And Cities Rejecting Surveillance
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Cities are emerging as a space for local action and local change but also as dangerous spaces where social engineering, exclusion by design and privatised policing take place rapidly, without adequate frames to catch up and assure fundamental rights. Is the city the answer to a new digital ecosystem, with effective mechanisms to enforce it, in the local government powers?
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you. a i. around this told his arm.
rebels is called rebel city's told the global that go from neighborhood sense it is rejecting surveillance. mom. your speech is enough. no. country's human rights lawyer she represented drawing a soldier and vicky leaks and is a board member of the creative commons and chairperson of credit come and go to mahler.
and here to congress also to find some people would like to get involved fifty cured foundation campaign so that's what you're things go find a later. and for now enjoy to talk to.
after several thank you so much for having me here and it is a humbling experience to be on the side because i'm usually in that and that side and now i know what my mother was cell while one and therefore we men indian year in school cell in the classroom every day. but it is not intimidating and all actually indies it is challenging because i know that most of you know far more about technology and its use is what i know that i can contribute something to you today and hoped i can contribute as something to this challenge.
in conversation around see these and i really really hope that you will leave this room with a long least have to do so that you can do locally in order to to challenge their surveillance so that the proposal of this dog was inspired because a if there's an increased. paranoia on me i used to mean. i see was surprised when i started to spend more time in europe instead of the in latin america on how you use too oppressive surveillance technology is latin americans are mean to did constantly like year the typical day for latin american the involves so many check. points points of control and things that the weeds we simply got used to eat for example to enter a bill the in you will have to show you're id like to wise to private security officers you will have that you will have to add id there is a biometric id scammed and stored somewhere. most of the countries do not have even data protection laws and so on so. basically i also know there are another layer of warri air is start to bother me and i was at the increased protection on trade secrets and if we saw their top before mr harvey.
i mean he's getting less and more and more complex at these sophisticated systems of commercial surveillance to said those sellers as stuff and at the same time it is getting more and more challenging to even know how this system said built.
europe as it does year their new trade secures the active and that will likely be exported everywhere so bad as their scrutiny that see this as can exercise is getting limited also nets of corruption i mean these year was especially interesting to on the stand. anything that again latin americans we're more used to these sophisticated connected net worth of corrupted people corrupting got their elections corrupt in many many other things media but i think that these year and the action of the not prompt and and many other things that happened show.
that is their reach. so-called democratic countries are not immune to do that. it is their duty he was just not as visible so but so i started ok activism is great but i have been working on our grassroots digital activism for the three years and is nothing is really happening and so i am a positive or very positive.
and so i i decided instead of looking at what wasn't working to look at examples of of communities and networks that where there are to be some his work in even with the resources and with very high opponent so i found inspiration home at home and.
and that's a long before air stand the iraq situation the u.s. indigenous people because of. illegal frame international legal frame on in the right of indigenous people to be consoled that in.
projects that affect them and impact that their territories in the place they leave they have the right they have been exercising. community process of of of their either acep tina rejecting mining projects fracking projects and any project that might affect their the place where they leave they were like they're the first hint of inspiration for me to prepare to stop because i mean they'll most of the indigenous community. is doing these early below the poverty line most of the news communities that doing these exercises and reject teen things that will bring to the commune deserve relative wealth economic wealth but will damage the rest are doing very courageous constant exercises of democracy. i'm defeated in barry powerful multinationals by getting like you're actually used. the e.u. and the app any more and more and more he still is very visible because of course you have press will not report it and of course area on the great press my second inspiration was what happened and this happen in europe and is very exciting is that really radical made years that care.
it's a place of public interest above. financial gain again elected and it is amazing how how we we have been tricked i think we have been tricked to believe that you cannot that government is bad that you can do shouldn't get involved in politics and you cannot change anything in fact that you can change a lot of unity the viewer year the inside.
power and in spain is is it is an interesting example because. to radical mayor's got elected in the most important cities have a memory the muscle on a and one of the first policies that there may have mother he did was right policy of refugees welcome even even eve her government her central government to say in lucknow nor are we don't wonder if he does in spain. in and they're very racist and saw the opening the doors of the cd of money that to all those common. dedicated and allocating public funds to that it is a big step so. and i were with me i'm getting closer to our issues the next thing and that was super excited is like ok as c.t. can do a lot but and network of see these can send a powerful message to those the to those on the other side trying to control or sent to manipulators.
and and that was so that their third example which hinted me at the power of cities are two neighborhoods to do to change things is their three p. to us owns sixty municipalities in europe they cleared themselves as c d's. the challenge in that the t.t.p. on. um i think sixty municipalities if you leave you to combine all the services that they are porches all their paul this is that the day influence and the constituency that they have behind he's a very powerful political force is altogether the economy.
india population of those seat is the most of them the most populated cities of europe and can really shift an election. that. in point. then that's my other inspiration she's nereus if when does the cheese a parliamentarian from bolivia and she is my age i when i leave every the list of achievements of many die and my time in my tiny list of achievements i feel like they're like really really really have nothing with my life.
she said she's a community leader and radio activist. and she got elected to the assembly in bali be an indigenous woman imagine all the barriers that she had to feed and she became free software activist the i know that the we haven't heard so much of all of these kind of activism but again is the things that the going gets reported so much and as part of. they're amazing world the world the narita has done on the local air air is to the signing. complete for whole framework air for free software for her word and digital sovereignty and what is very interesting is ok in my is my be super impractically might be like really difficult to implement in bolivia about what it whether it's really important for me is that as she. departed from where she experiences of colonization of pressure on of the skewed journey of racism so all the frames that she developed a design from the local realities and trying to affect local policies and eve. they even believe e.i. as someone who only adopted like late in life technologies thinking about that wine why we are not thinking and more productive positive agenda surround our issues. and my last inspiration was of course the mayor of barcelona allow she got elected last year and one of the first things that she did was team in invite want to have that digital rights organisations to her office in here off east instead of having you know like a deeply.
enormous and thinks about her south where she had her desk was a picture of the first americans woman who got into power in spain affairs minister i think it was of health and he was a very interesting experience because she didn't know anything about our topics technology surveillance and all of that but she opened the door. or because she come she comes from social movements so she she was these welcoming authority there was willing to listen and that really started a process to run of eighteen and examine and in taking a critical approach on what what kind of technology g well as there was purchased. and then getting closer to topics a sealed you connected also a network of cds to challenge the police surveillance and the kind of technology the police was where they get a in order to monitor citizens well done.
get got me back to do my my my local neighborhood because a bad policy is contagious not only courage is contagious but policy too. about public policy and when more uneasy bald eagle really gets it is spreads quickly especially when they're as symmetry of the knowledge of those who take their decisions in public office and those of side can been seen them and with a big stake making a big profit on it. it is huge municipalities in in the latter making many countries in that even she year municipalities and people are buying the things they do not have a very sophisticated knowledge on what they are acquiring and and usually vendors of surveillance technologies and vendors of country. technologies and even vendors of these fake technologies to improve bad neighborhoods and so on a ride with very shiny we'd years sure as trying to convince them that is good and they will get results and they will if they did it will it would be good for the city to add up this technology. and in technology like add up in a technological solution and usually that sounds good when you're trying to sell air did to sell your political project usually in their in each and every government plan nowadays you hear day air. the mention of technology to an old technology to improve our lives. and smart see this of course what i do not even want to get into the smart cities issue. i want just to stay in the indy said indies in balancing in the power of those taking those decisions so air. the theme east and i wanted to make that very clear that when when when asked c.t. and when a space when a neighbor who embraces the surveillance technologies we are sacrificing more than just privacy and i think that we have failed in that the activism did.
to quantified what we are losing not only in terms of rights but also in terms of what you can do instead with the morning and the resources that we are investing in in eighteen all the surveillance technology and all their sensors around those in the series and that could be like. like better parks better libraries better better public spaces for due to resist. and. by for a it like it the benefits of this kind of places. like bigger but we are also certify seen.
the right to protest so basically.
the surveillance populism is lots of lights and empty promises i called my cd as an example of thirst we the we had open doors than all their doors were secure than cables electrified cables with around the houses and then a little camera.
i was installed then you need a guard per year every year every four blocks and and in so i ever we leave more and more and more trapped into that and less and less secure sixteen in just the messy the dirt sixteen moderates per day so it is it is obviously not working and every year.
here the municipality's get these vendors and usually even international aid pushing them to install cameras everywhere pushing them to measure and to tag. certain certain behaviours and to monitor specifically certain neighborhoods that are usually those the poorest and those needed. over the kind of intervention so on. i see him.
movie into the practical aspects so he actually want to explain basically what i'm proposing and i would like to hear from you whether he turns right and ideally i would like to move and then became a dozen seventeen in developing this positive agenda on the site series of.
i glance own when we have an ally in power or when we have the opportunity to participate and intervene in the local decisions and have to get rid of the problem an item if we are lucky enough and if we have a supportive local government elected the first test. that they suggest indies frame of their revenue neighborhoods and cities in surveillance is to make an inventor he of all those who believe that has been like installed over the last five years and to look into their into the kind of contract have the cost and efficiency of the surveillance installed.
and. if is not working and or even is not even date have a level of that get rid of that even if a person even in a position of power is. able to the side get greed of the system it is important to me it is important to make it to one of the first interventions in in the government exposing to the to the city and how easy it is a waste of time and money the other thing. they're the theme that we cannot also dismantle the surveillance systems in our neighborhood some buildings i don't know many more and more we leave him privatised the spaces. of them by their dictatorship of the administrator i don't know if that happens to you that i am leaving for a while in belgrade and i don't know don't understand serial so it was that there was not this in my building saying i didn't they couldn't read and he was inviting more than a all their tenants to come because they wanted to install a camera. i miss the meeting i am really regret that i couldn't reach the relief and enemies the meeting because i came back from a travel and there was a beacon mary starting from the in front of my door and. sometimes it out of les seen as out of our party of of lack of time we do not participate in this kind of the seasons and then surveillance is deployed in private places and then we do not even question who decided that how much will we are paying for it and how much we are giving away with it especially when it's. for free. at their other thing that i propose hearing his fame and very quickly is. cities have the ability to regulate a lot and date and and they evacuated like where you can walk you your dog here where that where you can plant kak to sir whoever here do.
the third their space to their public space in the city's heavily regulated but surprisingly see these are not regulating these in b.c. world with jet intrusive activities in public space so i i am proposing in this frame to regulate data collection to regulate and knee.
a wife i serbia's and the us any year three sermons that these probes provided in we've been. the areas of combatants of a city i know that many question he obeyed is very difficult to enforce while we need to find the right incentives to that if for example music displayed in a place or where is louder is there too low it is regulated like barry. very hard to regulate things we need to make very very difficult to the east as our will condemn. those them a data farmers have collecting data of people we need to make very difficult for them to be able to execute these activities in public spaces especially in places where children go in places where we want to have a private time away from the cameras and also cameras that are becoming. more and more more invisible and more like melted into into the environment we need to start regulating that an. regulating what private actors to two more in more more private security is invading every space not only the public space but space is that the general the opera open to the public and and we need to begin air increase legs. c.t. scan increase the scrutiny on what they are doing with the data and what the what these people are actually doing with the monitoring activities and their thirty's offend efficiency in expenditure i mean we need to quantified where we are giving away every time that the systems are deployed and we also need to point out. at those who are wasting public funds at the plumbing systems that are inefficient and that are intrusive iran. i also encouraging local vendors because more and more and that's a very important and we need the help of many of you here is that when our cities going to buy i buy equipment of this kind usually they greider specification of the quit men and are under six.
dems based on the rich sure is that their gain from the dominant vendors and then we have there are basically cisco on our of the two or three companies selling all these kind of things to all the cities all over the word because the door there's cannot compete in price. so there's lots to be on and and not a product of things to do to specify what do we want to actually in the series evaders at this kind of technologies need to really need to fulfill a specific area mission i'm like i will not have time to go through the space.
some public procurement and also it take up of product of state is steps to creators some sure data commons and research. by see the sense on things that we actually should monitor like quality of air quality of water quality of of life before we open to the questions we can say i want to get questions and comments what i wanted to say is who is as well.
in cities where there is increasing inequality is very very important to be vigilant to did technologies and surveillance technologies to deployed against those who actually need the most. in many countries and see these there's a few pounds or aid provided to those on the resource and often.
the other mechanisms to monitor and control the poor to monitor and control their movements their consumption. answer to the plate even harsher measures to screw them and that's happened in our lot as well in the air and when we the collaboration of organizations that like even like the united nations with the refugees coming to europe and that's that's a it is like oh ok we need to. get them registered by a medically they get them tag get big give them card so they can only access the internet by our services and then tracked them track can track them and i think that the air like it is it is not only an ethical but the edis ease of use the because they're not in a position of power.
indeed they cannot act the way we can act and existed the sedition citizenship because they don't have in order to collaborate on our last play like i just want to mention how we can move next there's many initiatives that you can take part of i think that their weight.
the carers computer club and similar computer clubs can get closer to the local authorities he their world come in and get nasty to the local authorities if they are not if they are abusive and and deploy increase in the surveillance and scrutinised every public.
decision the state kiddies been taking this. and then that's their initiative in barcelona their personal and nine he should evolve to know a technological solar serenity and many cities are involved in that i mean needs really a lot of health especially from technologist to create positive frames in order to eradicate is a pervasive surveillance i am a member.
further ball by so bored of the m twenty five the initiative was a more democratic europe and we are setting up their out that techno technology task force to him by to notice it to help was not only on these aspects with in general aspects and to have. that technology agenda that consistency are consistent with democracy and if you are in a position of power and in said a government and you find a contract of these very sophisticated contracts of surveillance technology lucky to your preferred submission platform and and make it available because we need a repossi. story and we need to document all the practices of all the municipality's doing this kind of things an island.
yes so questions or anyone comment you a.
a friend or another. you have questions please line up behind the microphones. your age. got to have to question. how do we have questions from the internet. this seems not so ok i'm microphone number one i think for the great talk we hear a very often that you have why should i care they have nothing to hide and i think almost of all was he in know that is not a very productive way to react to have my serve.
villains what to be a suggestion to try to reach people that doesn't know that how to try to come is a special non-technical people to or of stem a rare what would be a suggestion to show them that does have really important issue for me said the super good question because usually as a. alas is linked to criminal activity and a it is linked to ok a is just for does mean thirty things and the important thing of their many of their data collection at the bit is that they take place in public spaces is that it has nothing to do with it. the crime prevention it has everything to do with market in weight and commodification of our behaviours which was given a screw the from certain services are getting more expensive services and too often as so with the mechanisms of social control so i think that we have to move away from also available. and camera just two activists and dissidents to monitor crime and if we have to make it personal and recognize that is part of a system of a sophisticated system of of manipulation of human behavior that is making our lives not better but actually more expensive. s. to shown and discrimination easier. i feel a little pressure from the internet age.
so the question is a very low course would mean that they would need to see the importance of having no survivors.
so what should you advised that people were convinced the servers it would sing i see think that at quantify neck at making very very receiver and that's part of our what i want to encourage others to join in collaborative it became be civil how inefficient surveillance is.
and they're getting more cases greeting about local failures of surveillance and how much more he goes to waste and also make him at be civil and visual what we gave away when we spend millions in a systemic and surveillance system that didn't work all the was abused for political purposes and what we. we are missing in the city for example. blair childcare places are parts of libraries that that controls on all the money that goes to waste and all the money that could go for social good thing is a good way forward. the margin.
when i came here has more common truly but that's ok because of this space is open.
occurred to me that i'm ready to mention what once upon a time in mexico city i was swift upon by various police cars and they closed off the block i was walking down but two a.m. in the morning and came down and grab my bike and insisted on explaining why i had a wife i return a successor to the the reason why to stop me was because i have by hoodie upon on.
and my sweat shirt and they told me that they had been watching me on the cameras since for streets back so maybe there's some value in documenting are opening some kind of method for of documenting these kinds of experiences so that we can show what some. negative effects are at times so because it was quite a traumatic experience you nine as as you know. but it's dangerous and those kinds of situations when you're alone in the street at night and you have lots cops around. have fully eighty in mexico very dangerous at least not on my phone number five.
so i'd like to know is there some particular case is that you could day given a total stories that the surveillance was used for marketing purposes.
well i can mention some i'm. i see. i think that i mean i actually a thing that the like the kind of surveillance that we have an hour browsers all the time that monitors our habits and our our consume music consumption patterns. in order to sell as a start but i have a week other example on free wife i. usually when you have to sign like when you are in a public space in a public park and and company agrees on give you a provide you a huge see the dismal cd of free wife i in public spaces does not know no such thing as free wife i is provided by a company and usually when he does his captures the data of all. people attending a certain and monitors and quantify the date of all the people using the service for for free and then they get it back in sophisticated forms of advertising that like benefit that then consumption of certain kind of products. a book or some for particular cases of surveillance used in that manner.
surveillance deployed by the city. as the bears the played by this is usually when his in combination is in public private partnership but i can settle the case in my in guatemala but you know everything happens in with a mother so east he said in a diverse their gaze would usually like what were their music ballot he was doing in his they were selling in the data of high.
profile people movements that they capture with a camera to blackmail politically so they will get there they will get the collect old who went to which plays at what time the media because all the all the city's cover with cameras and as was the worst. i'm done with the purpose of the political black men now.
porsche time for our little group of more questions. it can also find you century fine and your friends are used to the conference of people have more questions.