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33C3 Infrastructure Review

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33C3 Infrastructure Review
The usual extremely factual look behind the scenes of this event
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NOC, POC, VOC and QOC show interesting facts and figures as an excuse to present all the mischief they’ve been up to this year.
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you to our.
so it up infrastructure year all the thirty so that the three you please welcome though with a lot of applause. act as.
hello everyone. this reeks man in his room he will the technical part of both the pre-sale in the cash desk team and we want to show you some interesting things that the about what we have time doing this event and before this event and we will start with the pre-sale as you know all of you have got your tickets before the event.
we sold no tickets on side this year so the pre-sale was a very important thing after we knew that the eventual sellout very fast the base on the experience from last year we had as you've probably noticed to stage the priests a period that we split into a voucher the stage and.
into an open to an open sale the ri implemented this march for system because we wanted to enable all those people who make congress possible in the first place to be here this is of course of the angels because we need all these angels to build this but this is also. all the other parts of the community that we need to year to build his experience because we do not personally know all of them we implemented this replicating vulture system in a way that once you've got a voucher and you paid for your ticket you got another vulture to share with a friend from a different group from the same group from anywhere around the world.
so we used the air force of the c c he cares traps and hecker spaces all over europe and outside europe and other groups to spread also archers. on the softer science the priests i was running predicts open source ticket sales an application based on passenger go there to your originally designed for lease more and more mc the c.c.c. event and it is open source and get up and its has a very.
flexible plug in based architecture that enabled us to implementing these varsha replication system. the initial harbor letter you address it running on this one dedicated server. but as late core processor and thirty two gigabytes of memory. after the vulture face which ended in late october we went into the open sale in early november and we split the open sail again into three rounds and issue the tickets on three different days to enable people were working shifts are working later could not access added sometimes of the day or some week. days to enable for chances for those people and us you know in the first period in the in the first round all the tickets have been bought by toasters and one of the toasters came back. actually that still we're very sorry that use all of our message just on that day. load of the server last oval than four hundred hp requests per second over a period of a few hours. even though the tickets of the first round were all gone in about thirty minutes. to work with that float which increased in the coming rounds we implemented accuse system that we used to you quickly handle handle that load without restructuring the old system we put the second dedicated server as a reverse proxy in front of the original one and used to. to limit the number of people actually accessing the real ticket shop if you went to the page on that day you were presented with a page that has joined the queue your purse join the queue he had to queue position like three hundred sixty three sixty people aren't for the few the position.
when down over time and we let like a few tens of people per second into the actual to catch up to keep afloat manageable we implemented this q inside and genetics using embittered lieu of confrontation and in the second round all a year you could play snake.
number of waiting page and if you want to amber that snake aim to somewhere else it's a good job as well. and also the. we're very thankful that the walk the video team offered us to share some sort of resources and a host of the static file sees as transcript and images for us and that is the number for one of the days i guess it's twenty gigabytes just of that. in the second round we peaked at more than a thousand requests per second which we handled quite well they were very low rate our rates on the queue page and once you get got through the end of the q you had a very rural less experience in the actual shop in the third round. if we peaked at three thousand requests per second and unfortunately we had to back in the queue soft for that led to nobody actually getting into position we had to restart the queue system a ten fifteen nobody had bought a ticket at that time we announce that like ten minutes early the original. i was ten p. at ten a.m. and from then on event like the second cell with a very low rates. we've got some figures from the peace process for you that we want to share that might be entertaining the first one was not that entertaining for us we got one thousand seven hundred sixty three support him as from you that we work through with for volunteers on the team i want to express a special things to martin who is not even each year. i. those houses replicated in the longest vultures chain that you build was fifteen votes was long and we think this quite a lot ticking into account how long the vulture face was. and the next is something that we find very interesting the average payment time it took for ticket to be paid was a porn site stays but if you only look and the tickets board with a voucher oversaw without a vulture its nine point two days if you only look at those. those were the vulture at six point eight days so that replicated system was very useful to speed up the payment processing. we are quite disappointed by the next statistics. twenty percent of to use g. mail to sign up for your ticket. we expect that to get better next year. the second place. if. the thought places taken by posting all. we have another one and. and with about two percent we have to mains of c.c.d. supplements of it local baker space is the stuff like that so i think we can improve future. so i'm handing over drinks full the cash desk on site.
thanks. act as right because the.
best implementing and you pre-sales shop and fancy replicating system was not quite enough for us and we were up the bark we decided to rework the cash stuff that set off which seems like a good idea at the time and we called the system's see six sh obviously the old.
system will see far as age and you know first numbers go from paul six regularly.
also based on titan and janga. and we will open sauce and january once we. to remove the last likely than tax hopefully you are. it's hard and i'm sure the nice people are at the year rather than twitter accounts will publish that fact in time for. we the software we implemented does the software that crimes actually on the cash just that you see when you and says the congress center and also handles back office stuff like figuring out how many wrist bands were a good knowledge and if the money in.
in the ashes is actually kind of correct or you know in the right ballpark. we handle this the band with those five cash just as every year we had twenty two different cash desk angels because it's a bit lower than last year because we actually to have that much work this year and we had a troubleshooter as the nice people on the side who were able to help you if you you know last year he spent last laugh.
if you take it for got your email address the stuff like that don't ask. we are we at actually peaked at twenty seven transactions permanent on day one at about that thing ten a.m.. or noon so that means about five transaction sperm minute for cash desks said of the transaction every twelve seconds which is really really good. for reference last year was twenty transactions a minute which is also really good considering that last year we actually sell tickets on site so that was the cash handling involved which takes a bit longer. and the maximum waiting time in the queue in the building does year was five minutes. i have. again due to as not handling and the sales on side so everything we had to do regularly will scan the q.r. code and give your wrist band and off you go. that was about seventeen minutes last year which is also really good fall handling money and the seventeen minutes is only considering the time and be active q so if you arrive two hours early to get it they passed you waited for two hours until be opened. right that's about it from us thank you for your interest.
we'll see you next time and i'm handing over to knock now. the. i. the. a. all right back to a prom thank you thank you and a huge welcome to the net for a preview of the thirty third cales communication congress.
but unfortunately we have to start with an apology.
we realized after last year's congress that our network simply didn't deliver a the first sports experience that you deserve to be. clearly we have let you down. so for this congress we went back to the drawing board and didn't stop until we came up with something radically new something that will profoundly changed the networking experience off the demanding conference attendees something in line with our vision.
so you. a we realized that that works of the most frequently used internet infrastructure and congress after all we expect our networks to keep us connected to facebook's and goggles of our peers as we know that everyone can provide you with the connections.
so your daily digital world but we are striving for more. yes the leading internet provider within the c.c.c. ecosystem. you actually have we wanted to provide you with a remarkable easy to use and highly scalable network from renewable local sauce else and we fail to deliver this last year.
and here is why this is that this is the.
network design we use last year as you can see the network is clearly unbalanced their credit lines and their to cook at ling's of all it's not very nice to look at the results of course wasn't disappointing experience for you the user. so what we've done this year is we have planned the exact same network but with the new drawing too. you'd look at those beautiful orange and blue lines with pleasingly angled links and naturally balance distribution points it is amazing.
the simple and just beautiful to look at but we didn't stop there. ever since we stopped at celebrating the net back built up in hamburg work we always said to talk fiber from our data center i p. h. and h. here into the c.c.h. but this year are incredibly professional an amazing engineers found a completely new way to light the fire as you can see.
this diagram the fiber is now blue and slightly less think of the last time which makes it a lot better of course. and also it now runs one hundred people but even at so that's good. but third still was enough for us deutsche telekom up their sponsoring and unable to victory on their fiber. you. so they were able to provide us with an additional one hundred geek redundant fiber optic connections into this building. with this simple and innovative operate redundancy we knew we needed to redesign the whole cornet for infrastructure from the ground up to this year we distribute the available bandwidth over not one but two powerful carry a great corridors. but with this groundbreaking approach we suddenly realised that we exceeded the physical limitations of the buildings fiber infrastructure.
in other words if we only had small team of five are available which is orange. simple photo.
that have for one hundred people but even that we needed a single more fiber which seattle.
you eat locally during the weeklong team outing for dedicated engineering department we found a brilliant solution for this complicated issue we pulled not one but two new single mode fibrous to the building in order to provide you.
the network experiencing that you deserve now with this innovative and strong backbone and place we identified the second problem in our previous network design.
some of our use us could only connect their but equipment to a measly fast a five part in line with our wisdom we can now provide pick up with to all users on all access which else.
you a bat that's one more thing the end.
some places we were even able to operate the switch us with ten gigabits fiber connection to the table and as you can see here all switch just by carefully priest age by our safety of our engineering team. after having solved all those annoying cable issues we've haute said we were held back by that antiquated concept of wire cabling and did it and decided that wireless is the future.
so from this point on forward we put all energy into reinventing the wireless experience for the advance congress attend.
we felt that the old approach of suspending access points from the ceiling was keeping the network too far away from you the user so this year we were finally bringing the natural closer to you in lecture hold one and two you will now find access points and you seats it.
but don't worry in the and likely case off the loss of connectivity that for cables would automatically be deployed for you he. so to summarise our efforts.
the h.p.. we had and one hundred eighty kicked off total applicants that the a peak up and use it was over thought to have its per second both in and out we had almost eight thousand by for use us at peak times and almost eighty percent of them were at the five gigahertz band we have one hundred eighty nine access points deployment one hundred.
twenty one axis which as with a combined six thousand one hundred sixty ports and clearly all props went up and to the right to it. you've.
so in conclusion we have terribly fail to last year. however the team work and dedication with the help of an amazing not team a helpful help desk and with the support of all these lovely companies we have managed to get to deliver because as you can see in this scientific diagram it went up to eleven.
you. you.
so we realized that we didn't actually have an effect on the store so we have a bit of time for a few questions. he apparently onset all the questions just was quite good there is one question there. sorry. a p two p. question so the court the question was woods which was the new drawing to a few used and it's called scape. you do. a you know you realize that the two of you will have to give his presentation from now on the perpetually to you right here on the hook now you don't think any of you. a. or.
now we had wife opposites yes the question was i assume i assume the question now was to what will the most popular know why for a passport and we did that statistic it was about the same as last year so we figured it's not funny anymore. yeah that's the same think that if the thirty three c three fubar and law and yes i was because a few that the i.c.c. age was for a moment located in london or gotten so so these year was the location is that there are a lot of different services and. and some of the services work by looking at the mechanism of the wireless access point and we use these these these wireless access points at many different events for example at this summer's came in in the uk it even if camp also.
previous of the events and so we a row. it's not the future it's a bike yeah that's a block but it's hard to solve because these systems ourselves learning but it takes awhile so yeah you will get located in hamburg at some point and also the a.p. addresses are used every everywhere so yeah it's unfortunate thing we can fix as an additional feature of the next time you will be at the conference middlesex response i use he will be in hamburg said. and. the us who can sue people need to make her wandering since a trooper drop to last year or to get the and the turkey can this year europe or decided to not let us down again and they have supported just a great way this year. they gave us all the one of the equipment we could ask for and i think we've got one point two metric tons of equipment again so that was released with it. how many offenders got into cat content. well as you know we do not do the packages but actions but i assume all to confiscate content. so i think if i think we have time for one more question if there's one story. yet what were the a p v six statistics as soon as five thousand percent or something because of one point or monitoring broke but. what was it i think the address for four times as long as that before us that lets us that is also the numbers on the public dashboard so desperate of congress to to see the you should be able to find and we didn't include all those cross because we figured you use the time for. are doing a talk without any continue as these graphs anyway. and yes you get and the abuse complaints so well there's the usual amount of automated e-mails there were fewer burnt automated and some are actually about something serious but it was less than last year i think that only three calls in total so you've got some really behave better. and. right i think that just one ok one more question common. the question was how many access points question i don't believe that any excess funds question is what is the correct. well it. well yeah apparently while the explanation we had we had a few issues with a controller at one point but that was. worked with some. right there was one of our standing one way less clear how many disaffected you have. outgoing warm in coming. which actually is quite annoying because you really should use the bandwidth for better things then shoot other people on the internet world with packets that's that's just silly here we don't endorse this kind of behavior and we think if you eat it's similar to running around breaking in for a start. for toilets or something that's just stupid if so please send a right handed over to the valk now a lovely people who brought you all the streams and the video recordings for it. you.
i. i. a. i. . the summer.
the. yeah. what is it. oh. but. and so it looks like nobody else uses he tries to cut before. this will. yeah. i. well.
i. octomom they're all doing also dropped just bear with them.
you lot.
you'll have happened if we get up to. i know.
so it.
you tube.
i. he was.
a you tube for all of those on the difficulties that's not my name is any i'm from sees you book and i'm cheney and all the firm's easy walk and welcome to the infrastructure.
you have to walk. the solstice on. the opening actually booked and you will see some slight in future. and if. so. now. but you live. so it looks like while our technical stuff works pretty nice this congress now would fail first six.
so you don't.
the only thing worse.
the angelenos has been calm. i. cost a bit of a state comfortable. i. so while we wait for the slight thinking if you some facts this time we actually managed to get the opening working right from the start with audio and subtitles.
a i may be displayed in a few seconds for.
a. the. i. the. the on off. the. i have to a.
with her.
the extraordinary.
the noise. the odds.
a year. forward to. the most recent have. the reason for the on off the difference couples to have. the. i. it.
i. i. one option. for one or more. or. well.
words to me. ought to.
it's not about a yard he should say we won so it wasn't until two months into your cooking.
ok so that the old fall asleep you have shown the past. the old was beautiful. want to its. last year.
know what reform.
the school but you do it. the time of too little too short. the time i have to get them through shouldn't just pop company for. don't understand.
from here. the. i. i. he said. the. now i.
right so i guess i'm i'm coming in with that use them some just some stats meanwhile.
i. so we have a sad just m. spectrum situation we run a test network that was very helpful for several years of congress and last year no actually to yet last year and in spring the bonus nets are going to war they they gave away.
the the last free frequencies so it's not really possible to apply for a test network the license the way we've done before last year we got some help in by the operator who acquired this new spectrum but this year they were using that spectrum and it was it.
it was looking pretty bad for a long time we didn't know if we were going to be able to have a network at all in the end we actually did it get to loan five arkansas from doctor to come thanks not. i don't know what it took two to replan the the cellphone network in downtown hamburg at christmas.
do that but critical unfortunately was too late to print and sim cards with that with this year's theme so i'm sorry about that and it was also so late that we had not a lot of staff working on this. but we managed to set up even more taxes than last year we had nine total this year in these locations six of them.
but the guesses three of them i p x is not because this will get back to that in a little bit and all of this was running in eighteen megahertz band so we did some careful experiments last year we started using t p r s it on one of the eight times thoughts in each pts. and this year we we set it up a little bit differently was activated it yesterday.
and with dynamic time slot in simon so about however only on this it would be to says get back to that in a bit the configuration was such that depending on whether you were doing calls or or the user's you guys were doing calls or one in to do d p r us back to traffic the the frequencies. get allocated differently so previously last year we had a fixed configuration where one eighth of the available frequency the spectrum was used for packet and the p.r.s. this time more dynamic which meant that we we had a lot more possible capacity for g p r s. but. it ended up not being used so much will get to the numbers right now we had in subscribers.
signed on some cards three thousand seven hundred fifty so including some cards from lots of old events and sadly only three hundred new sim cards that we had left over from from last year.
about twelve hundred created calls and four hundred established calls so the difference is creating a call is when you dial and for the established kalas someone actually picking up and you know that can be lots of reasons for for call not getting established the phone is.
but that the phone you're calling is just not online and there's no free free channels etc etc text messages couple of thousand three thousand two hundred sent two thousand eight hundred roughly delivered that's that's pretty good not just not many that that didn't arrive at their desk. nation. and the the pair are us numbers are quite a bit lower compared to last year even though we had six times as much potential capacity and outdated or dynamically allocated about a third of the down. so actually i guess this should be swapped well received on the network side this is.
third of the bites received and a fifth of the bites transmitted so you are better at using the paris last year. now we have some fun i practice box and this is the nano b.t.s. the three units that i that i mentioned they and they would.
they're not completely stable so especially when we turn on the p.r.s. are not completely stable and the i you know i don't know this this and so these are some error messages that they send out. to them them the open these e bay station controller that reusing so plain text messages and i don't know it you know if someone knows i can see or simplest plus or job and it sits in a search checking that this q allocated thing is either allocate magic or not to allocate magic.
so the queue is but i guess not outdated but it's also not not allocated i know i don't know what they've done there. i want to say thanks to the heroes that were running this network because we got the frequency so late many of the the people who have been helping before they weren't so excited about joining or the had already made other plans they they did help up. but with help with the set up and tear down but essentially the operation of this network was done by three people to of which you were doing this for the very first time this year.
and i want to say thank you to you guys who were using this effort because it helps a lot to find issues and.
prove that was mccombe software open busy thanks.
with filling and he got it working looks like martha got us in the end of a lego the.
goody told the openings this time was this the real value of the translations with supplies and everything will great.
so are the few streaming cd and we had seventeen natural a screen house replace all the dutch to become a customers were directly affect from the us for the first the free and we delivered over one hundred three terabytes.
you eat those this time we decided to have supported an additional link think which translated language in order to and one of the so-called the x. axis and it's an interim and so on we got very very many of you feel. which but the feet which we all had to more narrow and so on yeah you know. also just time for the first year we used and pick batch and was only a better test i worked the starting date to and we were some extensions and the patches thing coming.
so actually votes. you eat but only about thirty people put to use that have now but that's not we know what to do it and wait. i used to eat everything about this time so as the we had fought to attend the book goes on for to you.
but we don't use the to full capacity so please watch mass rooms and all the to stop producing in for a few years have.
so here are our statistics for the stream the earth and even if the three peaks which.
but fifa intuition collect and. the c.c.c. august. so actually more people watched the faithless a big the thief the city for men correct bought been corrected higher bend the cost of was more movement and the stuff lying around.
i. so we also a touch of thrift room as his sentence him to be tested on your telly intercom set up a base than the rest of my soul everything with the senate and got quite court and be now also intercoms for decentralized the events that great.
that's how. also this time for first time you spoke to makes which is the softer video makes that we developed on the congress it was used in whole six and culturally and its and get up so please to use it. and yet was a pool finally eliminate flesh so. you try to pass the time between the live stream of thoughts and asked him and the public must the finalists recording was the first time is regarded as the service but realized the biggest dream down but by the boss.
and to fall for some balls as we had to use flash so because the head had paid as players on on native river and on also wanted to use of also a nice guy but safety has years as china's potential as player by don't use it and use and asked him to say yeah out and. it is. you also this year we for the first time had an assembly was where you can put learn about how the seafront what operates about how to use and set to block the mix and how to build your own see if you walk basically for small you ends and where we can to go there.
so we had some recess and sessions are subtle miles the but what makes also a hitchhiker i had to sessions their hands on hold the vote this. the new continues to sing and it was nice to top you know.
if we had an overwhelming interest and four from the angels actually in the first introduction meeting with your angeles basically half the filled up this whole thing there were two hundred fifty angels and the worry about twelve hours worked in shifts perform.
so each talk it says the in those schedule had to work of for fall behind it. you like last year involved two and or what we had the support of in that time it's going to buy angeles instead of through.
the robot eighty out you can basically return as yourself. he also said that sometimes force this room for which was incorrect. and yeah use these numbers there and actually thinks is five hundred seven strokes per minute. it's quite close. you eat but terrorist more help need it because not all of the life septet with get three used for the release this so we need your help to stop to all the talks with all the languages and their help if you want to help could just. the free subtitle start the way you can see how to subtitled the talks yet really was a feast. you know you'll see us being shot of low. the interface so as was used to going to support what's your work six subtitle angels working simultaneously from incorrect. but all the aisle. the last night. i don't know if you have our system a mark of what which generates the random treats and be find it quite nice so or talks bottom years he says he and nurses the you tube channel with the same name please don't use either wants if your subscribe to peace and subscribed and so on you know what i just read his blog posts from last year about this.
huge problem and diaz have to thank all spawns lost because you.
this is the role the.
you sound old any question this.
the. great so who's next. i and by his way all this is all a life presentation with life i have to buy. and on stage and no views and when to us and this cable is not connected by. to few a slow so nice to market for walks it's a good thing.
it's must live in a bit off sent up much think that's fine better than no slight at all i'm so i'm suggestion from the sun across the team and this year we also decided to need to prove you use experience because last here last year.
but we had a few telephones and you have to call when you want to drop the caps you and you have to do most of the writing by hand and to be honest it's in the congress don't call people you press buttons. so what we did it we added more alter audience we get free of those are all ties with them spread out all over the billing is was also one of the largest installations we did so far because he hates last time in him the uk and we know the building we know all of the secret places.
but we can sneak the pipes through and resort ok for the last time let's use all of it. and it was really in business and we had one daughter or to when we started to set up here and oil to alter august but basically period on side with materials to twelve when the bill.
next thing we needed need to get across these you would fire was so basically the into a way to us have to wait just you know the escalators to escalate as to what escalated us leading from the senate sent home up into horror won this is huge fired orders for attracted into flaw.
and we have basically not allowed to cross every four or five because we since you can the door cannot cut the pipe was something like that and and was plucked the new case of fire you have a problem so we decided to period much as the disconnect which worked electromagnetically so in the knowledge case electromagnets. the power and two to force held in place by electromagnets and as soon as to poll fails for some part because the dollar concentric as or switch on the electromagnets turn off and to do comes crashing down and hopefully hurts no one. and since we had already automatic are all costs them some people decided we need also an automatic so keeps us going on so that you can send capsules what they to metrics colts that you can stick to them we did not use this scan.
our young this year it walked but we had some trouble connecting it. going to talk about that in a minute. the thing they added whilst we had a new a user interface and said a few telephones want to provide you with the keypad trust tottenham have a want to send something to press and to wait until the district has hutus to to capsule into two sections starts and everything is fine yes we fought the problem was.
basically spent the last two months working on parts of the electronic and or to a lot of custom boss transceivers india because views all bus architecture and i work really hard to finish them in time and since i arrived pretty late yeah i decided to send them had using a trial and somehow do. much else seems to be really afraid of us to subvert hospitals so possible with the bathrooms us to collect twenty plus transceivers and i had ten finish didn't want and sent them young and yet the tendency of us arrived yesterday. so next time you but as an aside and shaw said foster. india.
and we have to walk with what was available which were like six or seven pasta and see the us which i kept back because they didn't walk when i picked a packet and i had to fix them so i spent the morning of christmas ordering in my basement which was how. just fine by me i'm not a huge christmas fun anyway. so let's talk about some number was so wet ten stations each station needed to train service so we didn't have enough to see us fall of stations first problem next problem is the trial calls on the citron you so we ran out of the three transceiver straw.
we also used one hundred metres of cube so one kilometer which is a bit bit more than last year but i don't think it's the most you feel most we're not quite sure about the number also because although you basically counted left over with rows of europe and then we ask ourselves how much to keep you out and. the beginning and trust anything left and yet it's all a bit fuzzy. we also since we had to use utah for problems to start with the rock basically night shift from day to zero today want from long today to to get anything at all going and at least we had all the magic back home keenest going at that time we had automatic pushed for the. the switch going you also had one iota going out that much mechanical problems and at that time for some reason the broader you know microcontrollers failed and then we were left if not enough microcontrollers fall stations and it was two thousand and sixteen all over again lot of the heart of what it was really do.
you to us and important just died for no reason. so another important factor is the we could not count how many caps whose rerouted because i used to hardware that was meant for the statistics note or for something more important so test just street question marks i think it must be something wrong hundred caps he was from my estimation. i was signalling boss which is becoming more and more important because we're going to automate door network again next time and distance it was the first few test of many devices on the bus and walked calmly well there were some offerings in the beginning the tree but fixed and reused about acumen. of cable because everywhere be put at u p i was a need to put a cable and luckily reef got to three strong few telephone cables which you can use to are tied to produce ceiling so and instead of roads ropes like last year we could use on cable to tied to pop the loop which looks a bit dangerous and not really. john was thought at first sight but escaped is really robust and it got pretty well so that's fine. it was the first time that we test that this is possible for many transceivers that for fall apart so we had up to four hundred metres between currency rose and in the end it or book called fine we even had some have to keep pets running had some automatic rocking running the automatic rotting pod was delayed mainly because on it for control so. if it couldn't be tested because he couldn't get a hot were on site in time to run some integration test and you know how things go right to specific asian somebody as rights not a component for the two according to the specific asian india and the review everything pranks as soon as you're connected to a river bit unlucky deuce time. so in the end we made work for you just in time so that you can tear down again and that's an important point to be could use some help to bring everything dahlan putting everything into storage to be really nice if some a few could spend some time after the closing inventor.
the us should own it would be really cool and also we would like to improve this because you see us use experience wasn't that good at all. so next year we want to have everything running smoothly that we have planned for this year we've already distribute adopt were among us so did want the case that just because my pick it does lead to heart was missing and also we need people that can cope.
old we also might appreciate some people to tell us for help or asians next year so if you want to participate such costs of than just try all mailing list followers on twitter to try and see you also have or get up account riff all the code incited so if we want to have a look at the code and see if there's something you can improve. take a look down all we really appreciated so that's from that that from my side.
how can she wanted to nine support no sold are about to speak.