The best of both worlds: Using open and closed source s/w to manage Transportation Networks and associated LRS

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: The best of both worlds: Using open and closed source s/w to manage Transportation Networks and associated LRS

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The best of both worlds: Using open and closed source s/w to manage Transportation Networks and associated LRS
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Imagine having a leading-edge application that manages Transportation Networks. Every aspect is user configurable and it can deal with any type of network. You can define multiple linear referencing methods (LRM) that can be network-type specific or across all your network types. You can also define any type of asset or event and the users can locate or retrieve the location of these features. Although the server-side "LRS engine" is going strong and getting more intelligent, the same cannot be said for the UI. Which it's a thick desktop client, on underlying technology you cannot control and looks dated. This was the situation Bentley found itself in, a while back. The way we solved it, which is the subject of this presentation, was using a mixture of open and closed source components. The UI was moved to the web and the communication mechanism was re-written. Using Oracle Mapbuilder, map definition files were created and dynamically fed to MapServer to render the maps which were then displayed through an OpenLayers interface. The end result, Assetwise ALIM LRS, is a living proof of the advantages of using this "best of breed" approach which benefits the end user from both a commercial and technical standpoint.
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thank you thank you justin and.
they'll tell you stories and it's these is a love story and heat it's a true story the and restored between open source and propriety sole source one and the and which we think it does have a happy ending.
and the wii narrator so the story it's the will be no will be many go pee that's the gentleman that which sees enough you got any questions later you ask him not me right and mike which was unable to make it then and i'm sure she's watching us from home high mike right so i will start. with some background what was happening again around the no two thousand and fifteen so we had a product that them but we had to serve in the client sort of right and it was a network missouri which was oracle based any was in a less engine. so how many of you know things about l. wrestling reference system not use that apart from you. ok so right ok good am and then we had a client was special day especially data missouri was called and he was an arc mark nine stanchion any was desktop. and so before i go and that's why you ask about a fellow rest of the year briefly background what in their recipes so it stands for you in your referencing system and it's a method of locating something a long and lean your element on tank usually from an all-star. point and in our case and roads thinly new element was invariably your piece of the road in the event can be anything that's on that road and events can be physical items like you know signposts like your safety friend so of arctic arctic are enrolled characteristic and liking of speed limits or can be like any at three a crew events like it or not like a traffic accident. so the location of us like elle arrest won the one locations the distance between the start point and the event ok and in a graphic. sort of way you know this is small road and stars usually here with an intersection and intense there another in the section and has a name that's what's the way we model it is in the system and has a name or cold and has a length ok which means them that the signpost is one point eight miles along the route.
all drugs was a one two three is around here ok and this computing processes use located items along can only read it was in school dynamics of mutation on just mentioned here you don't really care and usually you look at things along route all round to the americans or some americans and way and so. which is are made up of lot of different segments ok that that those were frozen the sections. and that may and that's where the the the modeling sort of planning to start is that they may not started zero.
it was ok and my daughter zero or at the end all start over the intersections that many overlap or may have gaps ok old maybe circle which means you don't know where the start these unable to locate some subtle rent. mccain and events may also be located notice from the start of the route but also from other events ok so this is what we have to differently in a location methods russell and systems and sometimes they used in l r m l r s are using the changeable again not something you to worry.
but also another challenge is what happens when you have all you might post you know at the correct mileage and then in all these the road realignments and a new housing states built and then all your your and your mind most are just wrong. ok now how well or s.n.p.. the. all are sent in was dealing with these with all that ok and and more to act like you can handle any network to the flexible network more the lead not just for roads you can have liked range can have like way where water where what the networks you can support multiple addresses the you can have no each user configurable that name in a tribute show can name your net. to work and you know you can use a name conventional you want and you can also mortal the data is the smallest unit on the network but also tatum's lineage chain data is that make up rules or and normally in years ago just bonds a bucketful for four days or even a game that you make a group or even a group of course so it doesn't make you can have. like other main site groupings ok can also have temperament as men go to know the full network is maintained and you don't believe things in our system nothing is really just and dated and you can is so which means we can and do as at any time ok and supports all the circular route to govern rules and. another thing that that separates from from other other like software is that it's illogical first approach so it's the logical model of us thought we deal with mainly and also it has a geometry as an attribute so we just deal with the joy is just another one of the net rather than what defines the network it does make it really really fast. so it was all good but we had no problems with e.u. i think a it was a desktop he was depending on as a technology and in the rebel team general was was an issue. so what we wanted to post to be were based. and to be open as in open day to open standards and to remove any as we depend says. so this guy comes along and just like know what if i told him do about the nodes she could have but you know but basically we discover it open source right we discover that was the love with this i think and. because we used an open letter isn't that we use open lace were which leads to all three metre three after the release and we can only working on were working with i open layers for and we're looking to move all malays fife and we also use months or so those are the main two components if you like in order for forty companies and we use so palais some observers. and and it's the we use of seven sides in a special publishing i got this this item here which i think of put it on and different and on and on another bear presentation i did you know why do you continue your server and because we know enough job of right and it was a job or thing while mania one of the reasons also it's quite you know it's more. if you had to do his own logging system no one bought in office if that's all i know no one should be downright ok so what you know but also your bentley's basically you know by a mob so we can use it she shop where interfaces and bentleys usually it's mania and michael shop ok and with mark survey we used in a dynamic. generate mark feis and i'll explain this next life what i mean by that. so and this is the the architectural name is sort of in a very high level architecture so in on the left and signed in a user. when you know ok but on the left hand side you can you can see you know you clients klein the browser window open lay his we started with using and you learn now we're moving slowly to we actually as we go to sort of nowhere and every actually yes a rapid against angola we know we move for lying you'll eventually then him. it will see a we got the implications of his classic you know treaty architectural go the way p.-i at the bottom you go to of the mob survey that we create the mob finds a know from the database survey and it's mainly organisation but we're looking at migrating as well to wear as conservative well micah's of. and. so what do i mean by don't like dynamically generated modifies because we're oracle and that's one of the things that we want to get move away from as well this job or who don't like job am its we start with my baby to so might be the is just these is an oracle job application that all the oracle spatial tables. they have no special met the data say was in or cool air way can set steins in labeling in all that sort of thing. and then so once you have found then we have like a conversion mechanism issue like so as soon as the user logs team and because we got also these have been over where grow basic humanity basically created a modified for each user dynamically so that's what the dynamically generate more fights means ok. and in no one of those of we want to get away from that is that now we know we are using always who can display oracle your special table says lay his and but in order to get no shame france and anything else that the top marks over suppose we have like in a conflict finding seen over the said ok i got to shape right now with the straw said day. it's another this background mounted want to get away from all of us. and so basically again what's in our says when when you log game the appeals equally p.-i it's a no did it reads them up five them are big them up to finish with the tables and then he combined with the middle class and bentley lay him at the data and and then allows information from a security. and what we also did you go to know we're going to go fuse you can you can have implementation of temporal views so we know it's not just what the user can see by was the only active data because everything is will be and hated and we also use the right time substitution viable state within the market by soaking huge we had like you know quite clever thing doing about it will have. think a lot for office which basically overtly me a lady off the air event data of the route ok. missouri fight when people are aware of mommy or modify the mobs are what they are here today not yousef again but you know it's a month so far just enough to find that contained if emissions offer them are contained extend this of a vase of the few no way again way simply fight you and so you're not going to extend the goatee been defined the sea. symbols a laser no valid and it looks so the generate modify look something like ok so you can see the thought that the although they were made to date sign all the ws request their wi max doubly offense request and that's where they lay looks like ok and you can see that his like your your normal what you see the ws met. the data kind of lead the world but also some of our own he was ok so this is an remember again vices him on file their user ok which gets the it is after all isn't and whatever so you know if it knows exactly so he said the wall that for another use might not be answerable an old are so we will get everything all the business logic with him. the modified as well. ok so some of the things that had changed and do with with the with mops over and the first thing that that they know what they told me that the know when it's org a computer mouse servant so because that m s increase the know what's not secure enough and so. what we date in this the windows only had a new am build a mob servant where we used the data protection a p i.d.b. a.p.i. finger on knows about his and and this is a from a fork mob seven i think actually this one has been. with his back to the so i'm not sure about the know it's there on the repository am the other think is where bentley right and we're bentley and we supposed to be like the d.g. and guy start to you know we can deal with each and problem was mobs are also putting the genovese eight the latest daejeon four months when can now. embarrassing so and also about to see the g seven so what we did we use because it was easy for us we use of propriety tigelaar is again within a being a custom built of mobs ever ok and now we can support our own form of what's great am.
another thing we did and that was open legs mainly and with maps are mostly for the mobs are prone to do with this problem over but basically what we wanted to know to win the reference system so you know you click someone just want to see the offset the know the measure violent about flying right so the problem was that the end and when. you do that the laser w.c. to to the station or g m l is vector data right the problem was that they've gotten so we're getting back would just x.y.z. never m.'s mobs are really just never get i the presentational g m a we get the m five years i am so what we did these like every time you click on it. and frankly quite quickly know i for the first wanted but it is and we fed me no measures from the so as you click you got the ex-wives and they discovered the database and get the measure of are you going to assume some examples as well where the other thing that we should do is that we want to do we want to trace or so we created. you'll network write a new piece of metal can sometimes invariably you want to have you know you got your shape find something else that you put on only come up with your to trace along that shape five i and the problem was with open lay is the snapping agents in the draw wages whatever you know the din suppose interaction to know this. tracing up until as the first the vectrix only not the whole geometry ok so what we had to do is having a custom draw my hope that we also call private i know it's about think this was organised you know it's to go private methods private openly his methods and so you end up with these right you can see that the another the mouse goes up and down. doesn't he know he gets locked onto that element right and then it will she go buy back and forth can see go from here you can click there and we'll just go there right and you can go yet he gets locked goes to hear any anyone just automatically get to trace him then whole return back case although certainly no showing his i think that's quite. all things were. and see no one of the other so small things again say far as we do not want the same find you saved just jason and four months that will supporting pull lying m. vice again so we just did small tank was a whole thing in a great thing about savings while developers love the open so stop because they can actually had a problem in a disco. when and fix it. ok so and that's what it looks like i thought that won't do a video of the on the show you some some some screenshots so this is want to be a the us it wisely in your everything service to conceal the bottom where so the top left a so this was looks like this is your catalogue. you go for you define my place and you can see you go see no sign which like like an asset then go to parking another us earlier us it and then he got the federal a functional class and you get all the symbolic g. that if you remember that comes from i am a builder all through to win of my map survey and leave them up fight ok am free. all different ways as well as background players. now we have a whole editing stop because is it ok with that the whole editing stuff is is just. it's like to start anything stop anything so i have clicked on started thing is when i did to i did the start they think it goes in have to go to stop reading now it will download the we allow you the we ask me with later i want to and to added we say the other sedating later it was downloaded affected data and then he got the call is in red. the all male which is complex and still depending on the layout your editing ok so will be different rebel menus in mass it's an event. ok in this just like you know advanced search you know how you can do in advance as old as l.a. its side as well as on the nettle so i won't find signed result the no signs of school but butterfly along about network. ok very quickly than was i had a little things are head but you know what would might interest you is that we trying to do in missouri configuration to as i said in the beginning we want deprecate might be the annual the oracle of java stuff and that can be used across all our ups and basically some of them up server yet again. and now them up by configuration of the free no ads or but mainly for our purposes and it would look this is just the screen showed it would look something like this ok so we can have your mom for you go to your legs for your map and and then for its lay a you can have enough to base the the lay in a transparency bloodline at the labeling the super bowl. you can see there and but he would invite at the end of the day when we go in and odds am entries to tables right and and then their pick a for any application can come and create the mark fight. i am. so just labeling what they look like and you can always like you know just a huge air mark mark file expressions and that's what the the class to finish it would look like ok again of a must work in progress but we know this is the most basic that the developer working out of it. and i think that's that questions to go pee. thank you. i was given time with them. at some point i think it was around as slide twenty five or so yeah because i know this. do said that you had to use i a restricted to license the flag inform up seven because they didn't yes the two can see there instead of using that extend the current the support so they the maps ever supports a version eight. the point. yes we did see considering based the things the as like always we need now and these things like at the library in just three but yes we we are consuming enough yet we already have put the know things in my observation that we know it would have done some something comes to observe the call may be that you know once they have time. thing to the next thing you would be nice. you said you want to move away form oracle towards my school where mrs go are you considering posters posters as well word is any reason for doing only a miniscule thank you for or in my sequel spatial mice my six. oh yeah well look i am no we're not because we have considered the possibly know post-race as well and that we the things we do not want to do that couric eight or go on to that with or come up in the we want to create oracle anyway because a week we already got a lot of users are using oracle years or of oracle enterprise they got a lot of a p. eyes and things that you know what not but the other things that argues that have and you know at least deal with these in big sort of the highways agency is his actual seven none of them has a possible so we never been asked to do process so you know it. the u.s.s. it. animals are good on time so we can take more questions. what are you so you might say it's an easy on you said about when you have the linear referencing and you have the history and you have something changing and how you store in history is using the arkle table version in and going to do the same thing in an embassy course of a way that your own custom tables history. it's got some table sister its it's basically anything if you if you end dates something you getting your copy of ottoman the of the will get to get and dated. no more questions. so in that case we will wait a few minutes for the next talk and thank you very much.