Open County Mapping for Accountability and Service Delivery

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Open County Mapping for Accountability and Service Delivery

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Open County Mapping for Accountability and Service Delivery
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The talk aims to share with other participants how Map Kibera in partnership with World Bank are helping Counties in Kenya to map their projects. Producing maps to be used during participatory Budgeting forums with the public. The maps help inform what other projects citizens want implemented for them in their respective areas after knowing what’s already in place. Kindly see below
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thank you very much.
here. i come from the state is enough because they'll be qaeda it's called the biggest problem is one of the largest slums in africa. and this is the place i called my home my name is just what older.
so in two thousand and nine. our kibera was like these and this is a huge salaam an informal settlement and the government didn't want to concede that are a place where people should be leaving because it was actually a forest and people. and protein in to eat so it should like these in the government mop into to my a blind spot and these kind of the got us and we say we felt so much allies we fail so neglected we felt so forgotten and we see how can a home.
a place we leave be presented as a blank spot in the government mob we have to do something about it.
so that the new sixty percent think that dean religious started mapping using the g.p.s. gadget walking from one place to the abbot collecting our points of interest mopping schools shops our hospitals anything they fail to are of importance to them.
i am putting this bout that the into the open street map open street map i believe most of you know what it's like wikipedia of maps where anyone from anywhere can contribute and it was in testing because people from the law call.
your community york's from kibera slap themselves would collect these that and upload them into the open street map because these are the people who live there and they understand their areas that this time the challenges they know their problems and they know that changes that takes place and for the very first time. in two thousand and nine we produce the first digital map of kibera look like these it had a lot to show our shops all those that they are collecting while on backed mop kind of became so congested for people to to to read them allies and.
see some of these things then we say what can we do about the way we decided to break it down in different they might take areas and we ended up having our health mop security mop it up and water and sanitation as part of what the community member us pie.
it ties because we called a meeting to just try and find out what who are some of their interest what asked these that they would want to be mapped for them and after mopping the said what what next we have mop to be a produced the fuss general told him up of kibera we broken down into different the mighty. the area so what what next.
are we decided to to bring in an idea of citizen journalism. so we started voice of could be a a platform that to let people report about issues happening in their communities some s.m.s. reporting platform or no shade the crowd source so both say the balloons are reports coming from different regions different parts of kibera and.
there are reports that capello rights categorised into different categories is it helpful elected pot is it securely to be lifted old visited the patient it or security of it so that's what we did so that people could get a platform where they could get information from and also report. to the wild and then we went ahead to introduce video platform called keep it on newsnight put these again would give people the opportunity to speak about the issues affecting them to speak about some of the issues highlighted by the mop if the map shows that we.
we in could be that doesn't have a public hospital for example and we have so many private hospitals which means that expensive for us and we as citizens we pay taxes we need a government services so people use the maps to argue and advocate for their rights and say look this is. it's what we're talking about and what he called them on this come at us little fully healthy become a us and we talk of the government old people we feel out of a sponsor book or respond us all police to make us for action and we've been doing this a lot and training mall. wu else to be able to report about their own communities. and we went ahead with schools and started something called open schools qaeda it's a website and this was meant to make it to petition information is it a viable accessible and useful to everyone so again would update the information we have marked before.
and went ahead to believe this website where each and every school now has a profile page those green by loads if you click one who can be able to see how many at how many students i that school how many teach us how how much these charge are what their contact information old. who's the head teacher and all of this information that people would want to know about a particular school all the problems they do and all but so and it would we collected just to pick just of the school so apparent for example can be able to tell our school looks like and how.
idea and make informed decisions of where to send their children to depending on their capabilities and also prefer to insist capabilities because they can be able to check how much a schoolchild differences because they can have a look at the pictures on the site and see so those in that information is. down there and they can check class called the contact information and all that and we did something called data into a possibility if you cheat check at these you can see what the government had collected way back in two thousand and seven like has never been updated so you can. what we call acted on a pitch to mop and just it compare to see what has changed since that and then we did something interesting we printed the maps and distributed them to each and every school we had mapped and for the first time cubicle me to eddie happy that at least someone is giving them.
the product of the data was collected from them is one of the most exciting place in the wild people come and go a lot of the such as com students and all these but they didn't ever get to see that it's out so when we give them back them of the c. ome up the bill at this is some maisie because so many. people come here to collect all about to take our information but we've never seen something like these so they were very happy to receive the map and they would have to be able to identify themselves with the see their school some point the main point of them on the mop my colleagues uk was a woman walking around with a laptop crime shows. who's how they can be able to use school profile pages someone to use it for fundraising purposes someone to just said what ties themselves but some were just happy to be on the map or on their website and this is our lit member of parliament not a book cannot call.
up was a big supporter of education the past last month of cancer. people really want not happy because he was a big i'm a big man in these education sector he helped a lot of people so he used our maps a lot and they will use the website. to create our support group for schools force teach us so you would could make it easy with their organize teens shell push unity's and all these and it when the government officials like this is subcounty director for the commission she used our maps a lot and deed are photocopies to share with other people.
oh and they wouldn't get to know how she can to reach out to other schools we did some offline strategy just painting mobs on the walls and trying to st those who cannot access the internet easy at some strategic positions where people pass so they can identify themselves with it and it will see what they.
and to see so this is what i wanted we have moved from a key be to and going to have the informal settlement this is our body no county so this is where we are now doing open county mopping for accountability and service delivery so these people out west the dems have waited him.
what area in body in the county and their meeting to decide what projects they want their government the journal government implemented for them so we are partnering with water back to try and help them mop their projects we used to use inside their to do to mop the project so that. doing this meetings they can be able to do to see check them up and see what we already have before it when we decide what we want next so we knew we have been training county government officials plus the youth in there to learn how to mop using g.p.s..
or the k. and coble and then putting them on the open street map so so far we are doing but the local county and mcqueen account and you are excited to learn new tools on how to market their projects that then can be they can be able to use during participatory budgeting the one.
project is called participatory budget where members are empowered to the site what they want in there just pick the county's soul people moving about with the k g p s p s is mainly because of the accuracy we've been using it a lot but now we're kind of moving to order.
ok i and coble because they are curious the have some form savvy the crew and in the edit them on to the opens to mop them but then later produced a mop a large map that people can sit around and see what projects the how and they can see old now we have a hospital now we have a school.
we need a market for example and the says we have also built this website for them so this these are two different wards in that mcqueen the county and someone can be able to make a project for example and see it when they picked up and see the budget how much.
it was spent on meat and see this to pass you nor i is it complete is it in progress or is it not to stop it or stalk and they are categorised into different departments we have transport projects we have the will to show me about the culture we have helped and you can. and check all any of those and just if you just went to see the help to the projects to come and check their best i'm just remain with the have collated if you want to see a bookish a new come and check all those and just remain with the education alone and see what countries are doing are you with their. different projects so that person mcqueen he and this is by being go the same where mopping them and we are moving to other counties and then relate to produce a map like these it's not so clear about who produced a large by pumping a list of projects but people come to check doing this but the tories.
our budgeting meetings and decide what next the need for their respective counties this is just the one of the team we to him in the body will come out and we're still moving we have four to seven counties kenya we have just done to and your story moving.
to our house so i think you will be much and.
yeah i think you questions are welcome. yes. so what. it is that some really interesting question because no one all snow and actually the populace and of so a lot of people have been coming up with their number was i the government to say yes it's. from the census the deed way back. you say that we are want them to it and ninety thousand but different organizations have also come up with the figure us some as high as two billion but if you ask me i would say we are about five hundred thousand yeah so people say different figures depending on the. their interest government would want to keep data the biggest population to be smaller so that because his opposition stronghold and so they don't want it to be about all we have so very many people in key bit of the cabin fought against us so they won the figure will some n.g.o.s. wanted to be hot so that they get big have finally to say that we're dealing with a large number of people so it depends on who you ask you to call it. it will. yeah so we have been trying to track that are many many many ngos many organizations sunday when the government officials com for our maps our home it's hard to track like the keep it a community members but example the course you don't know.
how they use them back some would just hang them on the wall but some would really use it as constructive but for the organizations and the government officials we've been trying to track going into the office this i'm asking them. how has this mark been useful to you how have you used it for water reserves some stuff like these is it being any impact for example our security mop the government to keep it and it was showing the safe and i'm safe place this places that club in the us places that could get mad at. tonight and then they responded by bringing our security lights now you would find a sick of way to be securely to light or even a police post i in those areas remarked as times in secure so that has been a big change for us and we are happy that the trees the government responded. to do something about it. yes you'll have a question. what is it that way. it. the way. well. the. yes so how. we may not have the exact number of how many houses this is an informal settlement and therefore it's very crowded that note where he organized but i know we have been mapping like satellite imagery of those houses doing remote mopping up just trying to draw where the houses are and how they are. all lined up together scoped out any how innovative disorganized myanma but the government is trying to do something about it because are being an informal supplement their been trying to ignore it and just don't want to talk about it but after mopping it time showing that this is what we have. of this war where people leave their lot of things going on and this us citizen i think the government is now trying to accomodate by one coming up with projects like slam upgrading because we're not fussed the government didn't want to being services like electricity water and stuff but after. mopping it and highlighting it and having people speak about today retirement it's always in the news and the bill is doing the some button you know so now they are finding it are and they're finding a need to decarbonise the time that trying to bring slam up waiting for the program that will now up. made it into a better living environment so again we are happy with that. yeah. do you have another issue. ok not think you are.