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Planet - how GIS/RS users can leverage the product and services

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Planet - how GIS/RS users can leverage the product and services

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Planet - how GIS/RS users can leverage the product and services
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The talk presents the Planet overview, with a focus on Planet’s mission and vision and how satellite data users leverage our products and services. We will emphasis on Planet’s products - PlanetScope and SkaySat imagery Planet Analytics. Key verticals and uses cases.
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ok so i'm all for the last talk of physician and speak ill of you go but robot not touch and from planet. yet.
such as yours. so what the movie was trying to make a presentation for you which is not that the done technical and trained the the to keep you wake up so well that i'm going to give you are a russell the e.u. on or what.
that is offering two d. geospatial real sense in community in terms of the data so we are here to fuel for these all that all the things where you have heard today and i'm the will let me see the message of planet is is a is a.
the as a very simple and. what we are providing his data only and some analytics so basic get ideas. well the lead the key centres will we have keep saying is that you cannot fix what you can see so be the whole planet idea came from the guys working from the are for the foot in our psyche new estates.
and a half that. the biggest the start of all ages to study to start up and that and they were wondering if it is possible to the create an injury or satellite images from space. for are no or from a low budget satellite so they have that the be one of them went to the to the office again and said hey guys i bought my new google pixel camera look at his i have had a camera inside at the joe scope aside i have met. every aside so why don't we just take images it is kind of cameras and of the other to set a new you are you nuts you know you're crazy it's is not possible is in the in the spaces minus hundred and fifty and plus hundred thirty and it. so it's a similar possible i think they say ok let's let's put it in the issue in the testing the sheen let's let's see what happens with the full so dave duct taped to a bull and put it in the in the test machine and that there were a loss hundred and thirty and my son and fifty and did the show. the key day get everything with that and guess what nothing has happened so the daytona for was remain intact the everybody and everything was working sleek seamlessly and then they said ok let's say yes a rocket launch it and they've rocket launch a day or the phone. on end it or the rocket fell off and guess what has happened the screen was broken sold to the poll the it was working so they said ok let's let's do it let's let's find some some are some good investors and air and than start to start a journey so. and.
and of course that it they'd even need us. but business justification behind so the satellites were or steal bloody expensive so a normal so at the school costs are billion dollars over eight hundred million nine hundred million over a billion dollars and up as the the seas. these the idea came from the from this a and mobile phone at what we can do today is to be together these microsatellite so that this sell ice what we have one of those ages what we have to call the dogs are up our turn by turn my thirty seven. it is all of the unit satellites and made from commercially available at the seas and the course of the satellite some something like the fifty thousand the use the so the present really low go up to the sky as a second it load so again the we're keeping to the. the a. the cost of her very low and saw the saw the cost of the satellite images are capital. n. down. so it again business decision was to serve the customers could it be that day the the data which is a constantly available which is affordable and that one can make it easy business the sheep decision based on that. data so and compared to the traditional approach.
but they the the breeding eyes that the one hand limited to coverage is limited and because you have to task orders that allies to go to a certain place that if it is cloudy you lost some days or weeks when you can go again to the same place. so the reverse the rate is below. i would say that in the past the excess was also quite. limited. it's not a more valid soul and all the all the satellite image providers are offering art are easy way to you to download the images and so.
what these guys have created is the b. cell like a station was rennie showed before so i set of course a nation made up from a hundred and twenty satellites constantly rotating around the globe and. revisiting. every single point or taking a picture of every single point on earth every day and this is this is the big shot what we had so is on these these images you can you can do a lot of things so you can see trance you can do and of the peaks and the said the. the the the cost is a real just for you to understand them. all the styling is because these easy to understand and easy to remember death so for one day one square kilometre cause one us dollar sent a. we don't need or. images so ok senate l zero ten years we have a cost of the of of these but the steel steel very little daily revisit. and i'm going to tell you about the the resolution and the end it and the spectrum as them so. what we're doing all we were the or customers are are frequently using all our solution is a forced the agriculture.
these are some management so what went nowhere. at all those places where you need up are frequent resit or you need you need to see the trends on you need. a lot of data to the process or to digest.
of course there are many others of their possibilities to to use this data so defense and intelligence so i'm border protection for example i've said the emergency management part foresee mapping agencies are using even as a backdrop. of for our for the images of energy he let me tell you are an example for example you do the companies are. watching a monitoring their electricity lies or pipelines if there's a and encroachments of those any legal buildings a over a pipeline aura around the electricity line and cultural be as sold. what are they have some some examples of insurance companies so for example in turkey have a really good project where the. these are for every culture is sas justifying you've if there was really on something or or the the farmers just just reporting die. a time the storm which what wasn't even there so they have for their using or believe injury having are far from microbes the the to the dawn of details of soy for that so having fifteen microwave sensors. so they can they can all over turkey so they can see where did the tender storms and the and the founders were so they can really identify if there was if there's something has happened or not so they can the show's company can pay for the farmer or that safe and no way there was nothing that. the point or. creating a for a business in cages been so the imagine that us in these also wildlife project in the us their days the. these so-called permian basin and at that scene to access so the the southern part of the united states where there's a lot of oil and that be based on our daily muji they have the the investors are checking if. these are role built somewhere and if there are a lot of for old is being built a den they something and the somethings the most probably oil sold the tip of the land the prices are going up so it is where to invest so or so. so many so many possibilities to to do with these daily said eg you you name it sold just a just a.
the that's your imagination. so i'm.
the the asset the idea was to meet a whole word every day and making the changes they believe it is a ball and that the a kind of indexing did the whole blow the end make available all these imagery to everyone. beside a deal the freshly g.v. also provide me all the archives of general are to deliver one single image from the images we did the with take so you can search for it you can leave your indexing it and you could of course download.
the d.v.d. so the samples for a new culture bloody obvious soul. crop help then crop that classification which is it which is really deep you can do descent enough but again the be read as it raced is not as frequent as as a feed our imagery and if you keep in mind president you say ok it might make sense to.
to bite his data and of course events and intelligence everywhere around the globe stupid thing but it's state governments are spending a lot of money on it even if the civil people didn't like it very much so i played action less solid action and this is. he's one of the analysts what we do now and we provide it for a purchase the the vessel the direction of course only of the shoreline so we're not imaging the middle of the pacific ocean because it doesn't make sense to make live images every day so well here we are emerging the land myself off. or it every day and of course border protection. i had a meeting now and in today bigger spit out what all partners and i said that the need for keeping court or clear the old the borders offer mania which means that there cannot be anybody should that not even grass sold then they have to monitor it is real. the clean or not so going out their own food or villa drawn course all hell of a money but if you have the stadium injury you can you can use these the you can use imagery for that purpose among four for the monitoring.
of course said the pipeline monitoring for for utility companies deforestation. forest fires can be can be monitored the the world mean sending us or all whichever mean said on condition. one important thing i want to say that that that part the planet a satellite is the only one end it but you can do everything with that but that. it has its its market so if you want to have better imagery or rather high resolution we have another consultation which is had a beach age which he is having a high resolution but to if you want a very high resolution go to the other bodies so you can do. but if you are keep monitoring you can decide if you want to have that the better resolution so monitoring low cost of a something if they is anything happens in a spot you can go and buy high resolution imagery or you can go with a drawing or on foot and chad. what is happening there. i'm in seoul the ease of the value so by cadence global coverage efficiently very i haven't talked about the delivery sold the providing jobs are actually two platforms one he is our of that page where you can search for the g eight and you can do.
well the major from or we are providing or any we are providing an a.p.i. for for ms for the this have it uses.
so these are these are solutions to the monitoring everyday everywhere we have the other said i constellation which as up the what you really did this is a distant from google who has jumped into our company for their care about our satellite constellation which is. now call sky sat and dad this is our occupation of fifteen satellite as the end is a resolution is seventy two centimeters and out where you have to does the satellite so if you see something happening around the somewhere on the globe you can go there but the bureau sky said. allied and taken each. seventy centimetres resolution to provide based most basements are cleaned up version of a for injuries soul already fide the un shift mr reflectance cleared and dead of the view of putting together dies so you have a lot of the sea. same injury and. at the area of interest you want to have. you are providing a huge archive so archive back to us and fourteen for coverage of the goal every day. the the abuse america takes a sad at the ready. reduction for the military off or whatever purpose and gabby of doing road and building new direction as well that forms are planned explorer which is a of each is only two and the a.p.i. the what we're having in the sea hear the at the cost of nations.
so i'm. what is the classical piece the unit set aside. but a seventy three point seven metre at resolution i ought to be a new fred and we have an archive back to do this and fourteen and we have the i just because ocean affirmation is the sky said authorisation just seventy two centimeter resolution again. rg be infrared and some and pants. and comedy balance the end he said also has up archive back to two days of fourteen fifteen satellite which is on let me see a lot so love you don't have any small and any issues with providing the the the needy data to the.
i don't have too much time so i want to skip some some slides a lot of it and you see so dubbed the dog you don't plan dot com please visit decide that double the plan to come slash explore this is the only man to what we have so you can that come.
the their register just about touch and feel what kind of the of your providing and and i'm here today and tomorrow so you can reach me out any time and and is the end of my presentation i have some some the other this interesting thing.
since i just wanted to show you a soul is what we're doing is see how many satellites we have and forty plus orbiting a lot of the been in production in production or leisure producing today's something hundred forty. and the air had testing satellites year at the air and improving or or a satellite sold on their a lot more in orbit which are not commercial of the available yet. and we had a lot of successful lunches we had launches which were not successful as well as but that's because of the course of the satellites this is this is not a loss at all i mean. one one phone fact we can produce twenty satellites a week if it is needed so a in our waters san francisco that is the capacity so that its satellites a week. use. which is good right. the edges of these will show my radio as well so these these these also like as the nation's some of these are the actual.
in three units that's what we have.
the andes are the actual injury or we're providing so it's got to be near fred read edge and. chromatic.
stuff. thank you i am a bow unfinished sold. so if you ask.
yeah thanks for what a great time on just a question out of interest to you happen to own which i did to the skies are consolations lies and on. i phones were opened limit kilometers we had launches from the international space station i had the videos here but but not anymore the enemy more launching from that from the but from the international space station but i think the first launch was from the one of the fruit first launches were from the. international space station it's a yeah what to watch on on you tube these videos. all. all. a. i. the. but the needy be able to do something like five hundred kilometers and on great to get on and resolution of the little one meter the it exactly that. care out there are questions from the audience. yet. i. the. you can bet everything is one exception to the the it we're the question was it. well actually there any any place is what we can have met the the seas is a u.s. based company the us laws are applied so for these surfaces daily muji what we cannot do is say that imaging israel because there's a two year. the presidential him it was well. and. the u.s.o. the data. so it. let me buy ready to give you the right answers yet so flooded for the daily an image coverage it's about three point nine metres of your free to image of a van be doing much everywhere but for the skies a consolation for services to shun below one meter be have a restriction over the sale that we cannot so the dayton physician get so basically we can image air behavior we can to. images everywhere we cannot sell the images everywhere so we have your the immobile countries like north korea also god or of things like that but on the other hand we are free to use elevated to anyone to from a very very of course a year earlier the all babies anew. this close again he had a background check if if if they're using food right purposes you we're not selling dated to terrorists or too stupid people. people like that this is all right to decide if you're sending imagery to you to a personal not so this is these or sold decision to decide if he if you're sitting or not. ok. so. that. at that. that's an improvement on the glasgow. question of the question was it that there was a presley's recently that we are having or new set of michael station which is called the next generation by the school that next generation glasgow and at what is all about so this is that these that improvement. on the on the image is what what did the cake still resonate in three and four metres but much brighter the the bends are in a different way so. the only the second question is if yes you do in the open california beaches mean let's see if your if you are on. having a tryout then you are or you were free to use the the california the territories something like ten thousand square kilometers the and this is the i think it's finished but. i don't hate us so a i think that the open twenty four had tried this finish was close to be finished it but the and a golden to ask hours sailed stuff for your personal trial area interview happily support that the in order to make you happy with all the data so it's adding is still available but you'd be in his case soon so. words are these the play again so feel free to ask us and we can provide any kind of for trial of demo excess do you mean. at that. a. yep. we can get a question was if the e.u. if there is a possibility to to do you still possible to do deals in the sky set satellites and the answer is yes so we're still can provide videos. oh yeah just one hundred and on so we didn't know it's right that we're able to collect reduced currently behind the preparation for have a lot of the video products or would never be in addition a product for skies at the do and skies that the stereo imagery. or. oh. and i were the questions are. her. that. that. org. i'm a a i guess you're talking about the task in a p ice so if you want to task as guys that image yes and yes the asking a p i available but currently all vote only to a limited number of customers because and the you can imagine of somebody it asked the same area let's say. the the berlin also the eastern and western part of the same time so really the may have merron into conflicts with an end at the end nobody to get an image in on the first one not a daughter last one so that's why the provided a decoupling because emergency service was a political task and their sky that imaging themselves and if you other customers. the it will be or i hope that will be soon and enhanced version of these tasking check schedule other software which can handle such conflicts in in a better way and then you able to follow to have a wider public. the. ok. and ma course genes. no no regular much yeah thank you very much.