Thematic Mapping with Oskari

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Thematic Mapping with Oskari
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[Oskari]( is a multi-purpose web map platform optimized for utilizing modern spatial data infrastructures. Currently incubating to become an OSGeo project Oskari supports a wide variety of OGC services including the WFS 3.0 draft specification. However Oskari's speciality is it's support for statistical APIs and the thematic mapping tool. The thematic mapping tool in Oskari allows users to create dynamic thematic maps from online data. Different visualizations, classifications, charts and time series are supported. This talk will introduce Oskari and showcase the thematic mapping tool.
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i think you're straight.
but on yom kippur on monday steam audience and from national cancer if he launched on today maybe eighty percent more the osprey community.
thanks for coming here will also people have to internment online viewers and let's get started.
i am going to present the family camping part of oscar mostly or that's the plan at least and i also have some other content on my slides occurred basics and also were to get asked to us mentioned i'm from that nasa lancer rate so i'm not directed sell anything but i will mention a couple of companies.
these who might also sell you something. on let's get going then the and just a quick note on this is not a technical presentation so if your technical person i'm sorry you're late that presentation was already by our lead developer sunny on but just can you can still see this light of some. and see what we have actually done on the technical side i'm doing last year or so. i'll we also had a workshop on on monday afternoon and that kind of material is available online so you can go through does well that's also kind of non-technical workshop so that should be also for those who are not developers.
on boom that's our logo. nice and big and this isn't kind of an old slight ice cream not show that i always use when i explain asked the people i'm not very happy with this lights of it and you want today but i'm not quite happy with that either so i'm going to show you this now and then the next one will see.
so as country is a tool for easily building multipurpose with mapping applications utilizing distributed special the infrastructures who was sentenced on you can also get embedded maps and put them on your website going to show may be something of that as well you can set up to your portals but just systems. it's a try to try and open source of course we're here on multilingual we have fully covered three languages in these friends and swedish on some fifty nine which is your command which is mostly on in addition also some other on indigenous languages or something. like that. so that's also got in a nutshell. and this is the new slides i can use light i'm not a big fan of any of these words sole operator borel tool framework that from your data.
but you can think of oscar like all of these products and mustard i'm sorry i don't have. the or europe under here next time maybe i will let that but we are all the most familiar with these products and of course quite similar. what makes us great a bit different than what separates us from these technologies on the kind of strong aspect of his deal and grayson so special it infrastructures you don't actually dump your data into a screen but you haven't already online by different agencies government on.
organizations etc so you don't have to kind of have to data with you you can to connect to different interfaces most feel dizzy. you know that we're festival he amassed a w m t s r of those the basics. i'm in addition to that we support something more so we support on the books because i'm support statistical a.p.i. step will be in that same maps part more on a service with the time dimension i think a slight and that is well on. now we also support the craft version of the new on with the service three on with the new name or to see a guy features maybe there's some work to be done with that as well but on still but we already supported we can already show the features on the featured a tribute data on them but it now. i'm sorry mentioned there and our p.c. a.b.i. the works of course on the r.p. c.a.b.i. so check the workshop if you want to know more about that. and some other things coming up next i don't know if you had a rough night last night but this is about it covers so we support recovered service like this you can draw a line and you get a nice terrain high profile.
and interacting with the not on behind there is a public service and little bit of magic in between.
on the sport three d. actually that's not in production at but will be this year so this is helsinki on on some buildings from helsinki you cannot just that on.
in the portrayal of or the style and you can play with it based in cesium or overall cecil for those.
on the mattress. and.
projections. many have for actually i think asked just only one that i know that supports multiple protections and on changing the protection on the fly.
so you can do this. you tend to protection and boom it in this and this is very important and especially now now maybe because i was creating and here for reason if you have a let's say but mercator and you might get the wrong impression that greenland is big and all that and.
he's if you. have a proper protection maybe you'll you know you get one. on the next stop or last but not least the.
we have a mascot and.
this is just going to the altar you can take a picture with us going to the altar and weed out with a nice has to act on come on meet the and and do that after the presentation if you like.
i. i can't next up.
used to support services or companies i mentioned so the osprey is kind of develop a community we have some forty organizations like public sector private sector on from the assailants survey we are maintaining a scary and the first he will press corps developers to use both civil war.
as and you go i don't know how to pronounce last one but something like that on his poker rights training iraq organization tetra see the wise for whites i think development hosting cetera that kind of thing support will go i think about same things training maybe. and support so these are some of the companies you can you can can contact if you like at least it wasn't just for our present at the conference as well. ok when homage to the townhouse way good so on.
on to the authentic maps heart so what was great does it connects to different a.p.i. so you don't actually put the date again here to put it into a scary but you actually stream it or download online from an a.p.r. and and create nice.
ups this is now not a map as you probably have no it start but they also have a nice visualisations in addition to map so this is a bar chart. on the statistical data it's obviously joined on the fly to the kind of geographical areas or or what you have and that means you can use the same kind of two critical data have a special data with different kind statistically the ash makes sense right. and as i mentioned you can visualize data in many ways i have later on more more animations light on i think all of these except his to cram on the next stop another one so it's not just attempt to map its dynamic and you can.
going to explore change the visualization men and taste classification. to its number of classes to try to try and there's time series tool and you can add your own indicators if you're a partisan have your specific indicator a whale. on think to more animations their bit longer.
but the running and try to explain what happens. so this is a m. a u s d t indicator service i suppose i think behind it is a company would dock a four letter word in this conference so i will mention it but you can.
download test the cheese kind of indicator data on the ones that you can actually show on a map not all of them up as you can show on a map but here i open one of them like this fiddle around with the attributes what i want. and. slowly but steadily now i got the contents of the actual data and it's not maybe the nice looking since this is the kind of polar protection but anyway you get the idea also here so you have to countries there and you have the have the stomach data on top of it.
and then cork color to us as the data tells you to and also now i'm changing that was all as it's not be here for it to look a bit nicer on this is the table.
very basic thing and this is to end of that animation so.
that's the stuff part another one this is time serious i think this could be the most powerful thing in the in the stomach mapping tool because this is really really handy in kind of seeing the development of something and geographically this is the employment rate in finland i have thirty.
their time series i think about and you can see kind of to economic crisis is quite nicely well not a nice thing maybe you can really see how it went doing those economic crisis how the employment rate went down and what are the kind of problematic areas in in this case in finland. finland and and all the time you're seeing the classification live down down there and you're seeing them up live there and you see the time series kind of two or whatever that's called on top movement move up or move forward. that's that. and on. about the thematic mapping tool we have some wish un's what to make better i think they're still kind of for lot of things we could do this is not for all scary but but more for the same maps of course credit for oscar we have greater regions he lets say but this is for the seminar.
going to some things we would like to make for that on i would like to we would like to make the semantic maps method that the kremlin so if you have would have or if we'd have more information on the indicators if we'd know if their absolute values for example or or not absolute than you would know. what kind of stomach much you can actually make out of date or you could recommend that you should probably use this you're probably not use this and etc. i you could also combined statistical units on the fly if you have absolute value as and you know what kind of absolutely is a hot so if you have accidents on the road or whatever and you have the population or aerial far from it. the area often area then you can calculate densities etc and you could even even make your own kind of virtual municipalities and calculate new statistics on that but this requires a lot of our development on that kind of statistical a.p.i. site so they would also provide this meant that it. on something we don't have yet is the time series for users only indicators you can test at the moment you can to insert one kind of year. at a time when you can combine them assess nice animation yet i'm just about got symbols for those who know what that means it's like that you don't actually make classes for those dots symbols but you just. you just have them sized by the actual value of the rubble on statistical data on european and global level well that the kind of already have with the u s d t on service but maybe we don't yet have it's not in production at so there's still work to be done on that. that part and that was most of the things i want to say but also promised to.
on shamelessly advertise the event are going to have in finland so we have something called inspire helsinki thousand nineteen on its in october i can create from the slide and we have nice speakers we have some data talent season on keynote presentation cetera.
i think we still have space for some some participants and maybe some teams that could take part in the competition i don't know so much about this but i have the earl there you can go and have a look and please come very few it seems interesting thanks.