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I’ve got geodata – How do I get out there (on the web)?

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I’ve got geodata – How do I get out there (on the web)?
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GIS systems and ICT technologies are often at odds with each other for historical reasons. GIS software has developed in niches, predominantly through monolithic and proprietary systems. The growing need to expose geodata on the web, e.g. sparked through open data policies, leaves developers with a range of options. Clients may request server-side solutions such as OGC services such as Web Map Service, Web Feature Service and the likes. These solutions require a map server. Another option for instance is a direct database query that requests relational data through PHP. Since almost all big database management systems are spatially enabled today (Oracle Spatial, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, MySQL) there is per se no need to implement a map server at all. A third option is to use web clients’ native data formats such as JSON/GEOJSON. This may either be requested by a REST API, a JSON-capable DB (e.g. MongoDB) or through flat files. Which of these options serves my purposes best? This very much depends on the advantages of each of these choices and what your infrastructure is trying to achieve.
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a year.
money in the idea of talking. the next twenty minutes or so bored of whole to publish today don't need the internet and i'm going to compare ought to have to make it a point. the things.
i'm going to compare that basically three months that our share this probably few more but i concentrated on three a ways to publish to data and defer swann is so obvious see the of the web. seven at the second one is directed the base connection with b.h.p. and the last one is a flat fire and that's probably one of the least obvious once on this is just a slight because it's made me i'm going to go through a child a script causal m i phone to use. some research soul to show you that child a script is actually in get happens take a stake over for one of the most sought for language is still i thought that was quite interesting. the first one i'm going to percent is a flat fire locally so all you have to do is in your web page you have to point your script to a flat fight it can be on a flash drive or on a local computer and. i always use a leaflet here too short inclined soul. basically all you have to do as it's a memorable and then with two lines of code you can you can load your on your features in leaflet that's quite easy and. i'm going to. go through some of the advantages and disadvantages of a local flat five. actually i really like this and i think it's a sin and estimated option to to publish today to because it's very very portable it's black and playwright i mean you don't you don't need any installation you don't need you all you need to survive were problems are and you can publish you can plug it in somewhere and of. and then you can never look at it and. close an arcane and you can have a look at it right in the process of your to data and with child a script that is so rich in visitation now and animation it's actually a really nice way to publish to data. and i said as i said you don't need any desktop application you don't need any sort of austen no maintenance no security of any kind because the deflect file is separate from a database so you don't have to worry about anything you don't even. talk to a server or you do you know you've got nothing to do with the was the service so it's all happening locally sort out some that's why i actually i really like this often i've done quite a few applications like that and if you need other libraries then you can always gotten through. do you a also through a content delivery network or you can locally host i'm also in a flash drive no big deal of course with the content delivery network you always up to date you you don't have to care about the latest version but the disadvantages disadvantage is that you cannot further develop. road so if you want to do that if you want to implement your own functions then then you have to go for the locally hosted library. what are the disadvantages of a flat find there's quite a few and actually pretty much what the relational database management system gets credit for. it's speeds a dare. it probably depends on and the the amount of data that you have to load. after certain amount it was a get really really slow and them because it doesn't have any querrey optimize a you don't have any index available right that's that's what the database management system august for you you don't have to worry about that. and you cannot fail to any data so he can only law to hold fire. and you would have to do the filtering within declined soul. if you have a lot of operations that the user has to do if you want to change pair of meters or if you want to. well if you have changing requirements than this is probably not the best option. and of course because it is a flat fi don't use that option if you have to write back to a database because of all you can do as you can write too flat five but obviously what you're missing the ice you don't have any. measures to look of for data integrity or data consistency so i guess there's no way of observing that's so if you cannot normalize your data. you you can have a lot of anomalies and of course transactions are not possible have gone so if you if you want to observe that of your data would be written in a consistent state and you can you cannot do that with a up with the flight fire. and you will always have a problem if you have many uses because you have no concurrency control and obviously there's no pack up and recovery make a mechanism to and these are quite quite important disadvantages so basically flat file is really only two for four read. nation and then maybe publisher as a base layer or something. from here if you if you host your flat file on a server and i've tested with two methods to take wary asynchronous of it is also low profile you just used to the internet to retrieve it quickly or two to bring it to decline and. at the bottom dusty eczema h.t.t.p. requests or you are those are the two options so you've got available what are you take another library of course there's more than two options. that's also local fat five but this time from a server. and. from the benchmark testing i've done it's the most performance so it's the quickest way to go up to publish to data but then again my tests have been with us sixty no seventy features and six hundred teachers so. i actually don't know where the kind of limit is when it really gets low because when you want when you probably have to know a lot of make up by tokyo but even in this is definitely not the best option for you to do but. but for now because if it's a very limited amount shoot you don't have any connection over had to the to the database you it's just a flat fun and it can be loaded loaded into declined and. and that's quite a quite quite in atlanta i would say. and the pros and cons are very similar to two local flood tide but obviously yet to think about network traffic as well and the internet connect connectivity that you have to have in order for for it to be on a server. ok option three of you don't have to use a web service to publish today to an internet right. if you think about the database systems out there they're all spatially enabled in these days you have oracle spatial he of posts chris with post this year's sequel server you have my s.q.l. the whatever it is state deity all of spatial data tight so.
there's no need to be to use a wet future service or a white man's maps service you can. you can just the. right in sequence statement. and yet it's the the s.t.s. to chase on and that were so if your data in a lot in to chase on which is to have visited native language within web developer development chase on to chase on it and. yeah that's also quite a quick way to publish your data. also from the benchmark tests it's a faster than a web service from from what i can figure which makes sense because the web services and additional software component on top of a database so you all you have most of the components. and if you can reduce that ten. it would be fast and his specially if you find june your requests and i will come back to that in a minute. of if you you have a lot of options. to fine tune your sequel statements with him p.h.p. and that ranges from a persistent database connection. a database connection is also an overhead because you always have to connect to the database thought it will take some time and if you use a persistent database connections that will save you time because you don't have to connect every time to the database but you have to be cautious about that one because it will also look at tables so. it would be a persistent lock on your table and that's why transaction transactions are not recommended for this for his options all if you use a persistent database connection i would be cautious how and how to use it was only for reid operations. and another important thing is to prepare at sequence statements pets equal statements or perimeter rice sequence statements they are caught because what what they do a stay. what think about it like varietals day to create rivals. and. and with those riots they will they were right back into the database and that has actually two advantages one of them is the prepared sequel statements there are only executed once and and that's why their weight wicket and normal sequel statements india. it's a run faster but it's also a security thing because. the prepared statements they will prevent sequel injection to the we're going to have a look at that in the second. but also of course if you your tightly coupled to the database so that means you have a good degree of freedom over your daytime that means you can not only request a cio chase one or chase on you can you can push. together any form until you would like to do what they would like to have h t m a's objects. and if you if you want to do really into active data analysis and and his isolation then this is probably the best method for you to get the data out of the database. and you have to think about that as well if you need access to the to date up a scheme ought to database object this is the only way forward because if you wanted to do by floating or reporting can then you would have to use p.h.p. or any service site language i mean pies in peru be no chairs chairs. he whatever is out there but if you need access to proper database schema then you can this is the only option it will have available. what are the disadvantages. and while it's also quite straightforward because you actually allow exes to to the database system. it's not as secure and that's what i mentioned before the sequel injection attacks that happen. i put an example together here saw this is a sense only a string concatenation right in the h.p. so that means you can catch innate a string not using varietals and if someone puts in here the country romania. and ten the capital poker rest and then you have a dropped it up a statement afterwards. then if you compassionate a string. it's its three sequels statements india or perfectly valid and that that was the would be a malicious attack on the database right saw. you have to think about it and and the only prevention. you have available is to use the swansea is perilous. and then you this will not feel sick or statement will be it would be part of the you have to value section. so i would never use ph d. when you don't know uses or. or also with a high number of uses that that you did you really don't know because some damn much closer to your database and they don't you have to penetrate by a war. have to get access to to your internal network. so just i would recommend only as a read read only option as well. the. it's not quite as of friendly might user friendly as a web service i mean to a web service of cause me that that was invented because because of discrimination on the web so if it's. it uses more resources as well on your a c.p.u. and and your band with so if you do a mobile application then think about it because then it's not a good option either because it was the delete your battery pretty fast so on the web services. it's not as demanding on your own your resources on the client side. so if you want to have an inclined go for a web service that's the that's the better option. and the tight coupling. which which means that i'm dressed nor into immediately are right you your right you're going right into the database of means you have a lot of maintenance issues. if you if you change your life while a few program your client or your database for that matter soul. if if if if you can continuously develop you are paid up a sword you to a database refectory all you change your scheme asked if you develop your arm database quite fast.
then this is also very difficult to sort this this means you have you will most certainly run into issues with a comfortable compatibility back what compatibility and and it's much harder to arm to keep up with that's all web services is. this is much much more rich it but because it is an additional layer it's much easier to communicate and with tight coupling that's that's a big problem. you have the option to encapsulate further saul to get away from the carbon with data access objects were never be as smoothly couple as of observers. and that brings us to do for the option to work for the option right this is the year and i use the cheese server years so this is the home with features service. to get the was good but features rain that's the that's the protocol to get access to to get your data. and. what you need to have in order to use of her pictures of us is a somewhat maps service all you you have the option. i've come up with our five so you have urged to survive and someone they used you have the human human and meds or oil think it's only concepts are in these days. we have a huge a server you have to create or you have a proprietary system which is auction esa and in anything does anyone know anyone else. now a map server or more round. not to. so you have to you have to choose between one of them. you have to do some installation and then you can serve yanking then you conserve your ws and. of course that has many advantages if you have. as if you need mater data if you need to use to serve make a date and then that's the only the only way to go. the cadillacs service for the web or also if he did get keep billeted stock document right they also have made a data. in power which projects which projections are available which layers are available to who the author is and so on and so on and so on. so. that's the standard for interoperable interoperability and and its it's actually quite a dominant standard of them when they can be to can be used in so many ways and and that's why i put the usability don't aspire because it's actually much easier for us. to use your future service. because it did dissemination in on the internet is much easier to it. the and to lose coupling means of course as i said earlier it's an intermediate lasso it separates or database from a climb. and that has the advantage that you take it you can develop a board two years in completely different ways so all you have. you completely independent of each other. you don't have to worry about which upper operating system or which software to use on both sides. and that oversee facilitates application programming and in many ways as well. it's very easy to scale service oriented architecture so it can be reused and it is definitely the way to go if you have a lot of clients and if and also if you don't know your clients are. and if you have to cater for numerous platforms that will also be my preferred choice. and it also has an integrated security saw as an additional obstruction obstruction they are right so you have your not right into the database and demand and it's much much harder to come to use malicious attacks to attack a database. what other disadvantages. while it's one of the slowest methods. you cannot unit as much its it's very rich it away a web service to set up of and that's why the connections can be very costly. you always have to convert from and two so that means if you use g m a oil views chase on it has to be converted and in if you have fused into action a user input ten ten you might have to validate your data. to conform to business rules and two data integrity so every transformation raises the need to check your data again or it will have or will go wrong sooner or later. and of course it's a stateless nature to the web services state less so that means the connections are very prefer or your day have no persistence and they have no knowledge about each other so if you want to know more about the use of life you if you know you use and you have to. provide some information would have to use a pitch p.. there's no persistent connection will have a forum for the future services. i. oh yeah and i mention that already saw a think about that you did you have to largest off when he meets its year it's an additional components all you have overhead in programming in maintenance and you have to most investment needs with a web service. there's also not hundred percent available to the availability guaranteed and it's a one size fits all approach so that means. tight coupling may not always be the press communication between when a server and the client. and those are the last few pages already so. to the recommendations in summary what you can use of would you should use or. we definitely think about what the purpose of your application is how many uses you're going to have what you security needs are. and if you if we talk about security and always think about sequel injection and how to prevent it and one of the best ways to do that is to prepare your statements. the. this is what i mentioned earlier it is none has a sequel statement because the a perimeter rice year the country capital seoul. whatever but whatever the demolitions a tech writer wants to achieve will not happen because it's part of to value section so he will not be able to get hold of a database. the.
of course always think about the application find one study of the available and use them wisely. you can. of validate user input it's also very very reasonable thing to do the saw normal use the tax would be issues or no one will get into a database and think about hiding your information so don't want to turn off your arm. database aramis messages you can do it is in the h.p. with a reporting and. that will prevent any other uses to see your database or messages because they're quite important right to give away a lot of information from a database. and also. think about proof was a tax is the investiture service inch your server you can delay authentication you can limit the number of locking intense and you can implement strong passwords so that's also something they really have to think about of an impish. which be will be why he how you have to script that it's always very wise thing to do. one minute here i'm done of i always forget the company or the fire page nor there's one more page. it's actually quite an important one saw a story to withhold it from you but performance if you think about performance i've tested this was an indie a while in the last few weeks. it's always good to process your data as good as you can so. if you. if uk to your to chase on within p.h.p. and and you do here like this is a three times nested select statement. that would consume a lot of resources and a lot of time that's something that you really don't have to don't have to do because you can just used to select into and then put it in another table right sucked into creates another table and the puts the this statement right in. to chase on so in teach you can only select a whole table which is also prepared so that makes a huge difference with time and i'm so that's that's what i did something i can really recommend. i hope that was helpful to you thank you very much. any questions. i. you already standards the way to understand is actually a collection of standards right you have to be as and all the capabilities that you mentioned do need all of these are you can actually selector how does a worker.
the o.t.c. standards. right you have you have like you have to but maps service to a future service for processing service have coverage service they are all of that services for for disseminating achieve a spatial data right. i want to order or are you. yet because a why my purpose is to publish today to write if you if you yeah for vector data you need to have a future service for the rest the data you need to drop coverage service but i only concentrated on on a vector data here so and that's the only one that was a that you can get.
hold off to true data right not like the ws which only serves images.
of course yeah i have read maps service is really good for basic maths aura of week can also get some basic information but you'd never get a real to date are right to achieve data you can only get wealthy where teachers service for the actor data for back the data. or. because it was upstairs in the twenty first floor the the also had the session on the new modern version of the o.t.c. a p eyes which if i am actually so they're going to get rid of a lot of external they're going to simplify things are going to make it more modern more id some based and also. following some best practices in the world but that's about time isn't it. specially i mean yeah what some some have to stand that's a cumbersome right if yeah yeah yeah and if you think about like his specially styling these things when you use as a d. that's a nightmare that's a pure nightmare if you use your server and you have to do styling i would recommend not not not. not use the you see us as because this that comes with an extension to your server and that's you can reduce your coat from hundred eighty. i teach my students that because i compare those two methods and and as id documents hundred sixty lines of code and see us as his four lines. but you will come. more precious. no the sank you for your attention and let's meet in the next actions.