3D tiles in Mapbox-gl

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3D tiles in Mapbox-gl
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3D geo data in the Mapbox-gl viewer with 3D tiles
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Mapbox GL JS is a powerful JavaScript library that uses WebGL to render interactive maps from vector tiles and other sources. Mapbox has recently added custom layers to its set of allowed layer types. The custom layer allows developers to render custom data while directly using the the WebGL render engine. We have implemented mapbox-gl custom layers for rendering 3D tiles and point cloud data. This enables the already feature rich Mapbox rendering engine to be combined with web-visualization of true geographic 3D data directly from OGC formats. An advantage of this is that you can use the mapbox navigation and base-layer rendering while at the same time complex 3D objects directly to your web browser. in a way similar to vectortiles in 2D space. In this talk we will demonstrate an implementation of a 3D Tiles viewer as a Mapbox GL JS custom layer. WebGL rendering is implemented using three.js. This addition enables you to add a 3D-tiles layer with true 3D objects on top of your existing mapbox implementation just as easy as you would be adding a vector-tile service. We will discuss some technical issues we have encountered, give examples on how you can use it and show an extensive demonstration of what you can do with it.
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in the told good morning and i again said this claim is gone said warning that i never practiced the timing of the told him this time his wars eyes in practice this time of the talk and also i'm not the main present some actually.
nine percent said it could have been beyond iran and also on the list they can be enforced me so i'm doing it in their name and i think i can on some most of the questions and by the first goal was built was very nice within the times i believe this will be financial. ok three thousand megawatts shell. who knows my books jail. that's about what he expects the food knows three thousand. it's a bit less who worked with three d. sounds. i still sizable amount from i guess bit into details of what if. the first but i think this is just i thought i could be places from the websites books what's my books job should libraries that is able to run their with gel which is a incredibly fast in the browser and you can use facts of thousand books spouse i'm now these vector tiles are hard.
great that makes it go very fast. and you can really cool things with it and now know this is the thing i didn't practice and i hope it works well for you.
yet it opens on my screen here once.
yet it should have practiced if. this is just a sample of what you can do with that it's a very quick market what's going on with their two thousand in my books you see buildings are taken in a studio countries but you can extra with them very quickly and you can call of them based on some some properties and when you have over them you see that the properties of every every object are shown here that goes. lightning fast be and you can do a mating amounts of the outside name in one go depending on how fast a network of my whole sport is that don't have. ok that's cool but this is not really three d. which looking up this is actually too hard the abyss buildings extracted from them from the. the bottom. yet this works another example which can do with it.
isn't this and this is actually i am. that took solace combines with another data sets which also hopefully loading but you should have seen as roads read the traffic is actually moving on the roads in a nice thing is you can invite jail you can pretty quickly ran their amazing amounts of gaza are his comes. and if you zoom into this whole. click around the one. is that you see a actually all of these lines are moving this is the actual traffic in the netherlands currently not much happening as you can see since is not at the actual speak the cost of driving so this is an amazing thing you can do with gel this would not be possible in any time. technology in the browser. but we want to do a little bit more.
for now. and that has there were real three d. objects.
this is a small example i a corporate bases from somewhere this is it acts on where can use three g.s. three g.s. them. also run the engine in the browser that can handle any three d. objects into the shading so that was pretty nice and you can only do one object at the time it takes quite a lot of resources because he loves all the dots a new process and then you have to start running into it.
so does that do three thousand in my books no it doesn't add up to see the also and.
three thousand the way now. thirty thousand are standard and not long time ago for mice to buy the o.t.c.. a pretty complex than that that's my opinion it takes want to understand the workings of it. but once she gets all of it and once you can use it in your your source for your few worse europe quite easily able to draw in law also lots of dot com which israel three dozen.
this is to to show the effects of what a three d. towel is every white look you see the tile and what you're used to it normal to houses that their nicely next to each other every time you zoom in asia now he gets into a different type of scheme this is a bit different you see the tiles are inside each other and it depends upon how many and cities there in your child whether how big.
it will be.
ok this is this is not met books as the season with this is where he wants to go cesium is usually since the the office of caesium also all sorts the three thousand packed this three thousand season which works pretty well.
i didn't swim out the whole city can you read the whole country like if your memory can hold it. and it has a night shelter and so this is the the idea of what we wanted to reach and and networks as well.
now the question is did we get them.
i think that should be a young woman.
it's like. but stock. i'm trying to cancel my presentation.
yet. ok this is a real thing.
so this is actually met books are you looking up my books environment and has three d's dollars in it now and which would theoretically enable me to to load the whole world over the last written three times and it is pretty conservative currently because you see the building disappearing also assume out with his own in two for instance does. area and dump. you start seeing the houses of ph goes relatively quick the loading actually quicker than nine season probably also because its more conservative in that throwing away houses and has no terrain which an important feature so i say over the rest of the small library which you can download you can at this on top of your box maps and then you're have to have it. the to do three thousand. now how do you do that. but about how am i doing the time.
i have a perfect of.
ok how to do that yourself. first of all you need to have some three d. pagans on which are not very difficult to come by if you look but rather on the internet many city councils are provinces are are distributing some kind of three d. down so you can load is in your post dress posters database will usually be all smiles and comforted.
into the tools and pull the drill sister basis so far thirty thousand. the use or joe to offer about don't forget to at the mention until three otherwise you end up still get to the joint chiefs.
a little icap yet that we didn't think all of them is a different projection the normal the notebooks my books is using rep mccotter which is not used for handling three d. not that often as so which means the houses were brothers suppressed unload them the first time. scaling was not good and the height and actually depends on what letter to your on earth what happens with the scaling and he would be i guess on the equator will be normal if you're on the pull it will be completely flat. so i have to add a bit of skating depending on the let your. but who knows escrow. ok i'm safe. as well you have to put it all on the on the floor for on the basic ground level he said on ground level because my book just due to rain it needs to be on and on zero sea level. that's a little translation have to make. and for the sake of being able to handle bit there is already a nice library called by three towns to to put your gym trees into three details.
we wrote our own to be able to little bit more of it which you can download from my from them. and basically what does it reach the holdouts a base with the drills and puts them nicely in your three times. and it's even uses and that's nice part you can add course to say if you have an attribute in your column which says this building should be red or green or whatever the science of color.
if you do it for pull a gun in your building to build and consists of trials he gets the right next you can call every trying separately which means your roots craft different color than your walls. it's a little covey of this the time it's not a very quick you can see. it's. now the results of that you publish more on the internet. as long as you can reach of the browser the economic and open your thirty tells you get the coat you add it to your.
my books your stomach my books year at those lines you just need three us obviously because we're using three as to render it. and you need to some comfort her and that the library itself and then the worst like this you just read it. and then you would get the output they could just so.
which is this if you take them example we put online and this is fairly easy it's also it is not much different than its critics troops because they also lets you can see here but believe me you can also do and it kind of doing two and was nice you can add points to it also handles point out. that is to say the viewer handles point was not the tire. ok i'm almost don't become pretty quick action.
where do we want to go from here. what would be really nice have somehow we can at this terrain to to the books they were so we have high to. and that you can do several ways of adding i can make three d's thousand out of it which would be a bit waste of resources maybe use contest mesh i was looking into that it would be nice if you're probably texture your house is like if you can upload photos on it or something else.
and what is really laeken curlies you complex of buildings and i think that's the main feature you need you want to any and click on the objects able to know what was in them so that needs to be added. and then we all know that has lost lives thank you very much.
well now. well it. the shelf for tom yes one. yeah it's. but it basically what was the motivation behind this because if cesium can render three thousand while and then why why why bother. my brother and bring them in and and the books g.l. is the motivation performance or is it something else. thanks so much first question i just now not decide i missed a slight that input in now. why would you even put the effort into in the books one you said a performance is an issue i think my books because it just says it's a bit more simple than done all the. i am bells and whistles you haven't seen it just performs that's so without doing too many tweaks to it's easier to implement for the average user it takes a while before you have cesium running as you want it it's just that lines of code you sold to get the mobile phone rings. i thank you for the presentation and you have any estimations for the road map for the texture as a thing for those kinds of things. the benson the funding of course. and no no to be on the set that that the saddest york i think first care system a clickable. i think that's more useful for ourselves at least the textures i didn't know it will be experimental i'm not even sure if it will really work out nice its bit extra mental thank you very much. somebody else. it. i think the question is there at it probably not the question may be an all is that because my box has created a working group to raising a specific asian for selector tiles we support in three d. it was like in april twenty eighth teen and i'm not sure you. if the plate created something on our to maybe you've got some insights or you'll where he is working group set ourselves the question was are doing all the box itself are going to implement the three d. into his are wrecked our specific age. none can be very short i was not aware of and implementation of three d. in the effect without snow that though i look for it so it must be beaten. some of the question because relief to have more time. so far for this world to do you rely on a specific functionality from above g.m. i mean is there a customer in a row that you can. the to leverage of something fall for being able to implement this but my phone it's just too difficult. i'm not sure from what i didn't write because myself from what i've seen from its know it's not a custom layer from him. matt books. what does it does use the tiling for. i really did not monitor m. i don't think it's a qassam like if you open up source called you see quick enough i'm quite sure it's not very much the time i think the answer is no it's not a customer. because my and the underlying question was would you have the same night and point for being able to implement the clickable functionality. because maybe we need some make any of them from above good to be able to implement it. the average person i was just as i think the issue is more in the three d. tiles themselves that they'd the laeken information still the way we build them there is no future information rate should be done in its use and batch geometries three thousand were not using the and so that's what's left. somebody else. ok still think of any might don't want the law.
which. which.