Open Green Map - a geospatial tool for sustainable living

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Open Green Map - a geospatial tool for sustainable living
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Created to serve a locally-led global map making network, the original Open Green Map (OGM) -, a social mapping platform, was launched by Green Map System in 2009. In the decade since, an 8 language interface and mobile site collector are among the features that attracted users in 40 countries. Dubbed ‘open’ as sites could be enhanced by the public, more than 40,000 sites were added to the OGM locally on 600 unique maps. Many of these maps became the backbone for local engagement projects and led to interactive spin off editions, print maps, experiences and media projects. Already recognized in 65 countries, Green Map Icons bring a wide range of sustainability resources to light. These lively symbols identify, promote and link local resources in an eye-catching, easy to grasp manner that systematically connects themes and places in meaningful way. Green Map has always served a mixed group of participants, including NGOs, schools and local governments. Since the globally-designed set of shared icons date to 1996, for many early users, Green Map was their first internet project. These evolving Icons have been provided as a font so they could be used with any graphic design or GIS application.
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it's about dying for. it's about time for our next president or which just by accident i am both moderator and presenter my name is joe trippi on someone representing. green map association in romania and we also represent a hot the queen made global movement and the organization on new york and though we have a good one. global movement towards mapping sustainable development resources for a better way of life. and we are mainly not concentrating of i'm making resources for tourists befall the local communities. and.
the power of these global of mum movement on the variety of people that work the variety of organization types from individuals to organisation smaller organisations nonprofit organizations up to government and another kind of large institute's. all we have in common is a goal of them up let's say thinking globally but met locally resources.
in a certain way and we focused on three main themes and one of them is sustainable living.
we the resources to green economy mobility aim and and technology and design has its and challenges and then we have cultural the team with the resources related to cultural character and then we have the third which include.
woods our resources regarding nature and all dork t.v. teasing nature and we have over one hundred in twenty i can see that we map. and all of them are from a few years ago the old open they could be used on any projects in any way you like. in we had big challenge is how to handle the amount of the projects which have goes over one thousand projects a global level we the as many teams as projects and then thousands or tens.
the thousands of people that got involved globally in the last twenty four years and the project started somebody new york during go to a wall the u.a.e. and conference a summary nineteen ninety two all so regarding the sustainable sustainable development. i am. we have developed inside them of movement a large variety of tools and resources useful for mapping sustainable living resources starting from they say you know the classical printed maps which went on for quite some time but now. all of the scenes that everyone of us wants to move online both online and offline but in using mobile applications and that he's a big challenge especially when you have so many people using the same platform at the same time. and the same understanding of course we came up with a lot of its products or resources like them of brochures and appointed maps and atlas he is old global atlas these of green maps over the walled and the large amount of the people got involved.
and he's just received the core people. the steering the global of movement.
and. we kind of the attached to these global movement any type of project that we owe could use including european projects like the good of a good initiative i think you may have heard of it some education project financed in the e.u. and we partnered with different order. one is a shuns around you up and down as you can see that we we bring respond a green sites on the same map of using hundreds of projects worldwide and we need to manage them in the way that we wall figure out what they mean. i'm not depending on the leg which that we speak and the courts that we're right in the description of forms so we've been using the press one for over ten years based on drupal i think many of you have heard of it. and they will realize what concretely keep up the pace with the platform in it so much. the resources to just to keep it up to date. and i'm quite a team to develop functions all features did we need for such a large project so some point like five years ago we started looking good different resources of moving the thousands or hundreds of thousands of points that we have gather so far into. all different platforms and we're realizing we took one by one we took the car to be now costco and then we had the story makes now i think it's a r j story meds or just an online environment and way that google my map school or and if another smaller projects like my post a moral summer in germany. and they were they all had its a of up and downs and worry allies none of them is our the onset of the problem so. we won on went on and we said ok let's start using some open source resources we find a brilliant mind to put it all together and bring hundreds of all as many projects as you like your touch them to a team and the team can have roles and as many users as you like but always. so she's going the same platform so you can see the global movement towards sustainability. and we put up the so publication that works one more by a right now it's on the heat on the test and that then you had the screen short over a new york.
and of course we decided to take no more fees on the degree map system or you can use all be met by can seem different ways.
with all kinds of open licensees but we have in common as we think global we are so many of them different in the culture and ways of looking good the sustainable way of leaving so.
i would like to walk you through to the demo about them. and what didn't check the time. and home i have five minutes not make less than i have to mean it's less came to this is nice whole way. ok is what we don't we have like some forty thousand resources right now on the map they need to be classed as some hold so you can easily display all of them i can quickly go at the local level so we are here. and i pulled up to resources for instance. and have on this check our tastes are. on the resources you found here this is a museum that i put up last night while being get them. that is so galadima that we had last night and i'm not sure that your all figured out that we have a museum inside that great huge building and it's a museum about the fall questions in the mania so i try to put that on the mad because each one of the interests in green my pink. and we put a couple of pictures this is one that but done by mainly last night and goes with a map and then we have also a description and we are tossed three different likens like that this is a leaving the sport and then this is a cultural side or sport eat senior friendly. and it's also government all face of course we hit it has a public restroom but anyway we can manage. i have one minute to go and as i said we can. man age for so many people in the project we can manage lots of maps that are eight over eight hundred maps and here we have met profiles and then we can manage the sites and there are hundreds of us or tens of thousands of sites with peaches and tighten and descriptions. and as many attributes as we like and then we have teams different teams i'm not mean to these so i can see a lot of the data but usually one opens a map or maybe twenty they can see only the maps and have different i can sets we can put custom last one being met by comes to sustainable development the as the.
these icons some other custom. i can say so on down with my presentation so i'm ready to take questions. from the own. or write i'm sure is to have longer or. i think i have ten more minutes. why oh why was i want to rush so i can show you more of the application. i mixed up with time. someone keep an eye on the watch on the clock right. but the resolution is pretty i hear so on. let me show you how we can contribute on your side. let's say i'm. it may go right on the main a map of you and let's say in me put this ok let's see there is any g.p.s. on here but maybe it's not that make a one under islam so i'm located somewhere here and i want to contribute with the play. case so let's think together of was something that describes the place where they are we again so i'm going to go on to contribute and at the new site. and i can zoom main see where i am. so on. so these or whole term maybe not sure these a park ok let's put the spark for instance there is a park carriages nearby across to university and say ok i want to put an end. and as you can see that on the most of the map see if you've seen if you look at the green spaces on a general map what do you usually see on that kind of for on map it's just let's say a green polygon but the name of the green space a park or garden or something like that but apart from that do see any other.
the most all the features or the functions of that green space i can tell you at least in romania and i think you're so on this one you say a green polygon and the name he says a square something it doesn't say what you can do in the space you can think of so many things to do but it doesn't say it and for all. take it are say ok he's a park and ok but actually is not the park is just a square and i put square park intimate means he has at least one hector just to call the the park and i can confirm it and i have to put on which project or meddling on the put it and there is one that i. have already opened is called green map of bucharest. and i have a description and i can type something gain and confirmation of this works on mobile even better than on their stop so i can get some pictures of the site of course i don't have any pictures rhino the place but i can continue with what i am interested mostly it's to selecting one of the arc. use that describes the place and i say from cultural curator i just choose a child friendly side because his friendly full the kids they can take them there and then you in a safe space they can play with the i don't know what they like in the place but it's also seen your friendly because he's it has the shape so senior. the scan going to shade and talk and plate what talk without the seniors on younger people but it's also going on the nature that i can also selected different i can regarding old or a t.v. tees and also a ok this is a public space or square and you can play. a week the it's a with a skateboard all this is a recreation area because it has trees and people around them. so i collected all the features of the place to end they asked me if i want to add any attributes to the place some we have the choice of adding value to the place not just some options. for child friendly side i just say ok this is child friendly but we can at any cost them out to his did we like and i just the consummate and then is done so already online so people see these as a place where they can take the kids and prayer on the place so we can do the same fall just imagine this is a. but for and fall now i can give the clock. so now i do have found long five minutes such and. just imagine these as a platform or you can find the nearest bike the paschal because you have a bite that it's broken then i need to find a quick way wall close buying the paschal but you can also find bases for they say where do i take my kids to play around but in a safe place in. and we've got i can just for that but how where do i say i'm a young family i have two small kids want to keep the garden but and one for school and i want to move to a new or neighborhood. how can i what told why find so can i take a decision on where to just move my family usually people buy the home first or and the whole first and then they look around what they have nearby but this the wrong way of doing it. when he we have green map helping that kind of to ask where say ok i have this kindergarten i have this is the school this is a playground this is a farmers' market this is a deeper shortfall some things that different other resources that i need it's a whole culture characters live a theater near by a cinema or. i'm a large green space and i say ok these all the resources just gathered in the cereal k i should be looking for a place to stay in that area. and that gives value and them it gives a sustainable way of living are just not going to move in a cheap place to fall my important resource is a far away because because that drives me to take decisions like i need to buy a car so i can get from point a to point b. and this is really hard to. the that in so many quake cases. we also have resources for a green economy we want to take the pulse of the local decency is how do they develop do we even have local businesses around us because so much of what we have around has become so we imported from different places. we have also resources for naturalists for instance i have a young family as well and going back to the same case but i'm also biologists talent i want to stay in the place where i have a green spaces but not the one that has just started on a see something with natural vegetation and then where i can see and use. like watching side of birdwatching site i think i can find and phoebe as i can find him i say you have birds. migratory birds and in bucharest we have these large reverse that close by the crest and having a place nearby you can see things that otherwise you should take a trip just to see though so it's a pelicans storks or other stuff like that and in bucharest we have also network park which is one of the fewest in europe have a park. just a year you'll notice a natural park be one actually be on the brink of another. palm it's a resource attendees use for it. our if i'm going here in manage i can as i can show your some of them let's look at the view i can send we have so many here.
all here he's equal of the agricultural hold them a culture this is a fair trade i can healthy dining repair shops now we have social services for instance you're in the community and then you need it say we have the families or individuals that need social help like what do i get.
the free medicine what do i get free medical care what do i get and drop plenty of people that are not in short so they need help. especially in bucharest are so many let's ace of social places the places they can get free fooled especially in your church is not only not all people know about that so we put those. on the map as well or equal to reason resources how where do you rent things local ford recycling cetera and is just one of them it may go tool nature and have i can slide that like wetlands drinking water source waterfront park. all geological features landscaping he called design shady boulevard just imagine that how important is a shady boulevard for seniors or even fall. in cities we have these so heat island he learns and the shady boulevards to just to give you a way of them. exiting your home during this a sweltering caught and energy is going to share the boulevard which sometimes it has the benches and seniors can stay around or they can pay with the kids all kids play with bites all some other types of the t.v. taste it. and fall nature hit me see culture and society it is somehow overlaps with the the interests of tourists but the i can tell you for certain especially because i can interview people on in the streets and day one point me they will know. will hold of historical monuments in the city or they will know even he'd inside stay where we know about the largest museums but you'll never know for reasons that we have about thirty will for the museum's we have low at least to twenty five theaters some most of the people say ok we have a couple and they would name. the fuel for them but not all of them we have on the map all kindergartens want all education resources that we need to private and public. and we have the equal club organisations food bank social services and all kind of volunteers sites. so i'm a of able to take your questions now. now that the microphone at all. and. the. the. the ilo i do have the a.p.i. or for example or the it's possible to use the open agreement as a basement of the older we are working on it and now i would have my colleague book down. and just in front of your death. were low table even more exact way how we plan to that and of course we are we looking for ways of from serving not even the a.p.i. but even on its say the queen sites lines polygons whatever we gather in some kind of open. once we still thinking of it because here we involved hundreds of people and there are so many views in each of them but we plan to open it to everyone to use it in any way they fit and of course have easily serving it as an a.p.i. was of my basement somewhere we actually have a but least in our application. we have ways of adding base maps customer base maps for our maps as well of course we chose the open street map because it's the easiest to get but we looking ways of bringing anything even custom basements wanted you did in your face or some organ the local one organization so when you work. an area you always have an ecard basement will avoid unique may be a really nice theory but also all so on the political map cetera. the. they have more questions for me. i can think of one question that you would ask me is a free yes it's free to use open the map. is it useful. well i think it is have been working on it for most twenty years and i'm still on the because i find that all these resources on useful in our daily life and there is no way if there is no other way of finding these kind of resources without digging the loan for them there's no. we've not even a governmental losses they will tell you where all educational organizations are placed on the city. not mentioning the private was that see one may be trouble. the. but the right we have a free time now and. i.