Open Source for Education and Projects Key Aspect of Choosing FOSS4G

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Open Source for Education and Projects Key Aspect of Choosing FOSS4G
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Key Aspects of Choosing to Use FOSS4G in Teaching and Projects
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FOSS4G in education and research is key to providing students and researcher with tools for analysing spatial data avoiding vendor lock-ins and fostering a healthy freedom to test different solutions. OS tools stimulate proactiveness in students by providing a wide range of possibilities, from usage to development. This talk will show how open source tools for processing imagery and point cloud data give added value to didactics, with examples from projects at University of Padova and from Innsbruck Summer School of Alpine Research - Close Range Sensing Techniques in Alpine Terrain.
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ok my presentation well first of all this is me i work or university or power.
a teacher and a professor the ideal research and teaching and basically the same at the open source community i moved the i decided to move were all my dakich stores open source or i will be talking a bit about my experience.
i will touch on three key points i want to talk about my personal story not because it's interesting but because i think it reflects a lot to have or what i hear from other people so it's interesting to see how you come to use open source j s and the special software. and how that becomes like a domino effect on other people using it so. we'll talk about that and then i will talk about how i use it in my job so that's research and teaching of course with some example so and lastly just share some ideas with you and see if we get can get some a question and answer session.
now there for those of you that. the work with open source probably you remember the first time you met your understood will open source was and that that for me goes back quite some time and the if you are in the room about my age between your forty's and fifty's maybe this these words a recall a song. and that for those of you who are younger or we're not into that kind of musical course a bubbly this has no meaning for you but it's basically it's like a love relationship because you suddenly realize that this type of software opens a lot of doors but it was not easy so what the phrase mean. wasted days and sleepless nights because when i met the first time understood i met open source grass tree us and i started saying ok easy let's use it but then i said are to use it you have to start linux what's what is linux and then you say ok let's compile it but that was not as he. easy as it sounds so if you know the learning curve is very steep but those times. and but. when use basically say that you waiting for compilation to go correctly without any errors when you're not an expert on a compiling source cold except try it it was sleepless nights you stay awake and hope that the the. ross compiled because really wanted to see it working on your computer with your lyrics distribution so annoyed for you guessed the song but this basically a song by a white snake but the bends if you're into that kind of music were so. how did you work out basically i still remember i was in a conference like this and i don't know and much about anything about open source i knew a little bit about j s i used our view at that time in my professor that i was doing with these with we were walking together and there was a stand with grass. us and asked him what is this you know this softer and he said it's set free software and so also open you can use it to implement you own whatever you want so much i started becoming bigger and said you mean i can actually downloaded and use it for completely for free and that's what it all started when i started. coming you know reading about him blogs in meaningless downloading the source code compiling except for so that's when it all started.
secondly is the grass use a meeting in toronto. again some time ago and for me those guys like you know superman because they're really knew how to use the software and the but it was also found conference other conference's i go to some tansor a bit more you know i don't want to see stock up people but the you know it was. much nicer to be in a more embracing community of people who really wanted things to work and we're not just here to make publication years or to go for with their career we had nice beers you know you know what i'm talking about because you're here so that that's again push forward for me too. to begin not only use a look at the grass joe yes but on could use which was just starting to be born quantum to us.
and then there's a turning point don't turn turning point was programming. so the fact that i was able at the beginning to compile after a sleepless nights to compile grass and make it work come he really curious about was how far can push customization so that brought me to programming which then of course help me very much in my research. certainly still doing so now. and so that's why i put this does for those of you like matrix that's way you choose to actually start and use the red pill because then you start you learning how to program and then you spend a lot of time to implement your own code and the first time i tried to my very first. the publication was about implementation of the canny filtering grass very long time ago. and that's how i learned and c.c.'s.
and then of course when i started teaching i really had the this feeling that because open source helped me so much in to develop myself into learning how to program their said i don't want my students to learn something which works well but when they graduate. they have to exactly when maria was talking about this morning the have to spend money invest money he needed just graduated want to open a company or be a freelance and you're stuck with having to buy a softer when there's very valid alternatives that's why i start. this town asking my team and the department to stall could jury us into computers in the university and that's the face of the four matic sky when he met meets me because you know i asked him to actually start something which was quite different from the for what he was used to and i really i really is. system on that air because of that time open source was still not so easily installed in not everything went to went smoothly. and that's why so i was not so well i will not not well liked but her it was extra work for the parliament and that's not always seen positively.
so the end of the story is all this process of are using phosphor d. was an education process that now brought me to use a open source for ninety nine percent of my work so i think that's quite common story is now. but you know is not. is not something you never heard about the probably hear it for most people who uses force for good. the only thing that is interesting is that there's so many open doors there's sometimes they. they make you develop some time softer like this is a softer i was studying and these are scanning and look really nice so i used a lot of my time to actually develop a graphical user interface that i'd never you know i never used again and so that's probably the only. the not negative but the only thing you have to be careful about not to be sucked into the many possibilities of are what you can do with open source software and the.
so regarding the teaching and now it's quite the normal as you can imagine that the instead of injury yes using cujo yes for teaching and other for higher education the beach the courses and pushed dock dr of course is theirs are which you probably are. don't know about and i use a lot of clout compare because i do a lot of research a laser scanning and point clouds and there i will talk actually mostly about the summer school that the eye of the organized with some colleagues from our street in germany because it again most of the softer there that is used is open. and source and the the last one is just a very recent event that we had in italy which made me look into the quite popular as a snap to process server synthetic a pitcher reader imagery so basically the bottom line of this slide is there is really tools. for anything you might need and the there's no reason why not to use them.
courses in a in the university a part of our just because they're quite quickly remote sensing there's a popular plug in by look a country don't which is similar to match the classification plug in i use a lot of shared the tories but this guy from india who made a really nice a website with the tory oesterreich. we share with students and this made me understand that documentation that you find is very important because the more documentation the more people you know read read it and then learn how to use the software in a with this less steep learning curve. but another thing that you can and you can actually see in the slide is that. a lot of success stories are single people if you see we i just mention to but there's so many it's very hard to touch all of them but the a lot of things are done by single people who are very practical what they do. and the that's quite important for around for the development of organ open source software summer school is basically what i want to share about this is summer school there comes a every two years in a place called oberg.
google which is not just a very nice month in place but as a lot of or that's the problems with a digital geological risk so debris flow are falling rocks a lot over ocean and it's also by the tree line so there's a lot of study going on there by university of innsbruck about the the. doses of a larger call and also joe morphological processes but regarding open source what's going on the the assignments there's different assignments in the summer school and assignments that i was working on was basically grab the drone plaster rational imagery.
and through photograph a tree creator point cloud then the points from the points to extract features that are then used for classification because we want to see each point. as if it belongs to a bare ground or grass or or snow. now each of the steps can see an open source software the only thing that the let's say was a big problematic for me at the beginning was that for photograph a tree for to scan is still the quick and dirty software which is not open source so there's of.
current it's now because again key aspect in education is that also the open source community is very fast paced project so there is now a turn it is too full to scan which had no use because i had to learn them myself how to use them before substituting it but problem. the next edition of the summer school we will substitute photos can and we will have a fully the from a full process with open source software. that this is just a result of the point cloud interview with also near infrared information and will not go into details but you can talk to me if you want later for more for more of those details then the next challenge was from the point clough's week again we have information about.
our with the infrared information but we want also information about shape so what i did this is a way it's a mathematical concept of extracting features which described shape and there's a lot of these features that you can extract the problem was that i do.
not have an open source software that extracted these in this is so.
spoiler as so actually i developed a process you nor for the students but our is very slow so to cross is about half a million points it took almost a whole night because a will not go into details but these needs neighbors told a half million points. each point had to look at the neighbor's a plea between ten and fifteen neighbor show that took a very long time. but surprise when i was in the summer school i downloaded the new version of cloud compare and i was just browsing to see of the change changes and.
big surprise for me i saw this voice said computer metric features. you know and i was almost a tier came to my eyes because i saw that all those features most of these features were available and you can just crosses the point cloud from cow compare took about thirty minutes.
so i was very jumping out of nature and telling the students to forget my our code because he would have taken way way too long and them they use the cloud compare also for extracting these features which would then go to this random forest it's a machine learning.
the classification and regression tree method that allows to use these features and the the so much time have basically what i gave the students was a hands on the tory old using them using a our studio which we might also be.
all to see.
really quickly it's just a few lines of code this is our studio it's my computer back in the university and the with about fifty lines i took the students through all the steps for applying the machine learning on the forest a good rhythm to. to the to their points and so i was teaching them. the final steps focus vacation as does default is very small so i will not i will not the i do not pretend that you will be reading it but basically reading the points and this part trains to date down. and after training there's a prediction step i cannot read myself but trust me it's their there's a prediction step in after the prediction you can just apply you can export the classified points and you can open in cars compared to classified. no point cloud and see how you know visually see declassified points. and last in line of course there is some steps for accuracy metrics which you see don't there there's true positives false positive rate in those campaign the x. and there's many other the road there's confusion matrix for declassification output that you can extract to see how well your course if.
occasion went so open source software allows me to give this type of or service you could see to the students participating to the summer school without putting a single penny in software just putting my own time in a pairing of course these tutorials. now i think my time is a more or less ok but the i can just to finish up this was in qaeda was back up in kaser the internet connection to work so you just this is what you saw before live and final.
thoughts basically is its i think each is very important because it's fosters a people to use open source a in a j s but also you sometimes find people start to fall in love with what the possibilities are of using the software so.
i always look for example for people who are. who are so enthusiastic about what they learn about open sores air that they can do their these with me or the start doing a ph d. because those are like you know gold like a gold mine because then those people the enthusiasm grows and then they become themselves contributors. to force so that's very important and i i saw him i touch with my own hands the importance of sure tutorials and data sets because then makes things easier for people to teach you know being lazy you know you don't want to reinvent the wheel so if there's already good to tories out there that helps a lot air and i end up. we're seeing a big thank you to people are much more proactive and me into promoting time and energy i was in just a show week summer in as good a in holland.
some weeks ago and again those people doing tutorials in open street map you know them probably money and the other ladies so i think we have to thank them all so for pushing the knowledge forward thank you. any questions.
the question time. the last five minutes for answers so sure. a curious to know if you experience any push back from your colleagues and converting all of your course material over to force. the. it. it's a good question because at the beginning the our view now was was out of you was very much rooted in the system and in university a paddle we also the complex license so actually of course was a university place very little for the whole license for and so they're doing a lot of marketing on which is normal. their company and the when i started using could yes the main the sea obstacle was of course from the four matic skies because they had to do extra work a little bit also from are the people that like after students graduate we have a lot of connections with companies to speak as big. get feedback if you know what we teach the students helps the companies are not now argues was very much used in company so they said that they would have preferred students to know our j s but our and so was that we do not teach where the buttons are we just teach the. what's behind joe yes so weak and we did not want to be to see lobbied into using one or another software and but no we did not have absolutely any type of water pressure. the. i am my name is sarah on abbas i'm from the long tail end for massey and from the net lance and i teach but it's not an university as so an hour we really like to have all our courses only in. to g i s and stuff but we have and yet our students are not from university is just people who work somewhere and. want to buy a course and how to reach people from companies and from new this bulls and things which you are open source courses instead of your are curious courses which they know. it is this. if you have a company and you a verb bought a curious you obviously want to question our junior seau the thing is a education starts from university because the people who graduate would be used to could uk as a note in italy i see a lot of the public administration there just changing it took a while but now it's a downhill process. but before he was buried there was a big obstacle because it's very very costly to public administration and also companies to know get rid of the software do you see again teach again all the people used the type of software and it's also a risk because they don't know like ours how well could years. this works so they can just take our word for it but i think that it was a problem some time ago and now he should get better because the more people use open as open source in all the more other people want to use it because he she works so it's or but i understand the professionals of course not. sword.


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