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BDM: BruGIS Data Management

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BDM: BruGIS Data Management
QGIS plugins to manage and edit data
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BruGIS® is a cartographic tool developed by a public interest organization (Urban.brussels) and used for the management and planning of the territory in the Brussels Capital Region. BruGIS Data Management is a QGIS client to update spatial data published on the BruGIS platform. Implemented with Open Source technologies (QGIS, GeoServer, Django, Python, etc.) it provides a centralized, uniform and exclusive way to edit spatial data online. After a short overview of the architecture, we’ll focus on the demo of QGIS client using 2 plugins (admin and user). We’ll be able to create a new user and assign him editing rights on a layer. Then edit the layer allowed, modify, validate (topological) and finally submit it. Lastly, we’ll publish the modified and validated layer. The path of the modified table will be followed through the DB environment of BruGIS. The organization of data synchronization through the three environments (production, staging, diffusion) will be briefly addressed. The purpose of this demonstration is not to go into the technical details of the production flow but rather to exemplify the use of Open Source technologies within the framework of the daily management of the urban data in a public administration.
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all own thank you for choosing this soon.
only as you see i'm not. and the few expect that he's going to prison and i'm sorry i'm going to be disappoint. i have first few words about the bridge is that's because i know you already know very well to do this but maybe one or two percent never heard about it so.
first heard this is a web his platform. which allows to consult job graphic contextual that down. provide form different the authentic sources and put them in relation. but this that those that are reflect the regulatory framework for your been planning and in. russell capital region. produce is also a team of four people me and three others guy. gregoire and and crossed she's a girl for it.
they are all here. and the we are a multidisciplinary team specialized in or dramatics we work for on public interest organization brossel the.
planning and heritage and the the service with group developed serve not only the public administration but also those citizens. that's why i'm already few years ago we begin to. yes he. i have already fuel and years ago we begin to use open source a technology is so we can have for the best possible to word of them keeping the costa. as low as possible you know how it's worked for a public service. ok our latest development according to the city's and its said no web or two or under your trees that can have our store of consistent and control tradition flow of databases special. yet that have bases. that we published on their of bridges platform.
a lot but our business it's publishing not go producing special that the other departments of our gardens a show on our other interest the public interest. the organisation are the authentic sources of data that we published. that's why be the and is born we need are told which are permitted to produce the data to let the world producer of the data can tick source to and to great and of date that our own without her direct on connection to our that the base. b.m. or allow us to sign the simply supervised the work flow of integrate more defiant published that are and let the authentic sources to do their jobs. the but them tools is the only way to a great bridges that the addition is performed in an exclusive what mode.
they are the air in addition it's passed through three different states tech in the layer it's available for modification took out their lair was already borrowed four hundred fifty asia and and only the first user can modify and stretching the model. if i lived there was a published in the staging that apace. oh. i forgot to tell you but the them to have it was developed by are well known not the narrative speaker the text of the slide was written by a french that each speaker the power point presentation was made. the aisle dutch not the speaker. and of romanian native speaker i tell uses in in english. but i confess it's a little bit chinese for me beginning from here. have you tube ok i hope for my colleagues have will last for the questions that you have at the end. so the again it's a. so working alone with the other two g.'s and the the medium on access. a classmate are from the the message from the plug in to your server who really do the works. the. i really don't know exactly how to to explain you are these that its work with the the jungle a.p.i. and the messages that the just server receives. this is the structure of our that the best and to the the way of publishing. i know every night a copy of our internet that conveys it swirled copied in staging and on and turner that the base and of the locals said there are makes a copy of the local scripts in each. and very moment. now. the week we create the said the school to have is the way up or for the automatic source the to create their data. on. and the first user you know the break or user because of my colleagues let me try to try it and see if it works and the we. arrive at the conclusion that the tool it's working again it's ok i used to teach the other a user of organisation for example to use of the stool but there are people they never used the future is so they need to publish the that. that we dealt in ewing few days so we create.
a very simple. to work. ok it's been too little.
tools to the first it's better them at mean this is our told the administrators and it permit us to create and new user to modify some perimeter rest and or to allow of for modification are set of. they are a specific layer to eat at user so i'm going to do a new user. the. ok it's important to feel of all so the male why because. the tour communicate each time there are important steps to do. again now i create the user and. i want to try to find some. this its direct it's our database here so of find something the to test. upped breaking down something important. some i see here. although layer i i give to hazard. now the all the user can connect. i. and he see directly the layer he has right to to modify. as i say the floor there are three states have the power of the layers to keane checkout and studying to can modify a liar it has to be ticking or check out that it had to be me to take this layer to first to modify. so this layer if i want to modify now i cannot and you see no truly it's available or because somebody has its modifying now so i'm going to take this one. and here a tool and it it's available. it makes a copy of world they are and it put the nose temporal private place and. now i can.
see it and if i won't i can modify and tried to add an object.
it's worked with a snipe at home yes snap but. here below its aware mess so. the. so when i do all of them the modification don't forget to save. and as i dared to the the the air it's now to cowed by as thirty. but it's a good the usual it's good to do a lovely date so we are sure that the the air it says stay as a correct to point to have a point of view of for the political than no self cross subject of double. point. when we are happy with. all the modification we do. we send it in staging that the base rate doing seventy. and in a few seconds ok the air now it's.
standing. if i want to take it. it's not possible they only two or it's under summit and that permit me to take the layer again and continue the modification. or tomorrow we have a laboratory bruges where we can see. when we can be vigilant as the the modification we do and. once we agree we sander to the administrator as bridges a male and says ok this layer you can publish sell the administrator. he takes the the user and he see it. the story. ok this leyritz instead he says. you can publish so i pitch. the. and now the air it again to clean somebody else we need to do changing the tone on these the player he can use it me also and. our after twenty four hours i go to reduce and. so you to tease and he going to see. and the modification he has he has done a lot of why we do that from.
it is important that their people use the same tools and to create the data in the same my it's easy for us to to to publish.
and we think it's good to read. ok here i talk about the bid and mean create its creator and by com and they are directly forward to the proxy i think you know what a proxy minicab old mean not start k..
the medium editor its. also a graphical user interface also use it by implemented by a proxy.
so all. our two and we think it's a good two or because it's quite easy is it our developer he says it's so easy to. to change and here i'm not too he says it's a solution mature and stable. and we recently immigrated from work you g.'s tool to produced three and they all came we do in an acceptable time the the changes but. well sometimes there are problems like seen the documentation and if there are problems is difficult to find exactly where the problem is so thank you very much for the snake. how should have questioned.
i try to answer if i can but if not the my colleagues are here. on the christians. myself as a member of the cutest team i'm pleased to see it's used in hostels in the very heart of europe so nice to see what other any questions. this. the. i am curious how you and it will have these diverse the in. is said that you have close from or around europe and i'm curious how you you created that the diversity of languages yanks not ok well hello we all need in brussels and thought. because possible says used to many languages in the theory that my. any other questions only marks. well if you are interested we are here so a been later we can talk and explain your is unclear how the tune with the. thank you so we left a couple of minutes to change are prepared because certain but it's cool dec actually because we need to switch laptops again who knows what happened.