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Mesh: GIS data beyond raster and vector

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Mesh: GIS data beyond raster and vector
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Most real world features can be presented as vector or raster layers. In open source world, GDAL provides a comprehensive set of tools to interact with such datasets. But vector or raster is not always a suitable description of real world features. Data from oceanography, metrology, hydrology, etc often have multiple components at each location on an irregular structured mesh. A **mesh** can a collection of vertices, edges and faces in 2D or 3D space: - vertices - XY(Z) points (in the layer's coordinate reference system) - edges - connect pairs of vertices - faces - sets of edges forming a closed shape - typically triangles or quadrilaterals (quads), rarely polygons with higher number of vertices ![Example of mesh](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/193367/38030812-f6c4f174-3299-11e8-91ed-30684ceae715.png) Mesh gives us information about the spatial structure. In addition to the mesh we have **datasets** that assign a value to every vertex. For example, ice cap thickness at particular moment of time. A single file may contain multiple datasets - typically multiple quantities (e.g. water depth, water flow) that may be varying in time.
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it is.
sure it's time for the final a person teijin in this session. we've had a soul with this is a better but the league from a little a consulting and he's going to talk about my shares and their efforts to make mash of fool citizen the next to rush and factor data in high in just a show.
patients are. so welcome to representation thank you for coming. i will try to explain you about this and you'll stuff that's coming to two g.'s and to has already that it can use it up and scorn for the toll that although the herd of wild about to open data it's open because they thought at the data flood modelling and until recently it was. kind of difficult to to these play them in cages but right now diminished data weather data flood that our first cost is a citizen and to i will tell you more about it.
it would be about me am to truckloads altering to and time to school computer rent the main responsible for this new measure and support for a weather and flood a time to choose and and also due to make respected aging project then some of the future three the. some my application on development for why as i enjoy it for research huge is rendering engine.
they will talk about a little some differences between rest a rector of mesh and point clouds that the structure of the data about the new library and i'll that's the case kind of input output obstruction library for for your data and then the will to implement it some some ice. the sting examples and and what's with other development plan sent home from the comfort plans for your next three weeks of future is ok so let's start so first this is not about point thoughts.
there is a lot of confusion in terminology this is not about putting clauses more about whether data on follow the link. difference is that pretty much we expect a less data old have less data be expected to you have a similar measure the points out spot your missions small enough that can be loaded the memory but on the contrary you're on every seller every point of no data you have many many points so for example. simple you have temperature every few hours for biden all week or month but you don't have so much cells so does the difference.
on the let's talk a bit about what's the difference between this measure layer and the rest are under under the director layers of around those affected layer if you have a few features you have attributes. for restaurants along up here so it's a you can leverage is a pick cells you have some bands there is some data on the band's cement the data you have some scott of values assigned to do so to speak cells ourselves but on the contrary. measure is the regular cell or create you can have a different different to the cells different shape difference ice all order the your area so he does it not a regular you can have very of dying various times you can try and girl squats or whatever polygon said. you can have a scientist scar data similar to rest or but also you can have the sort of extra data and these other confusion in terminology i don't mean director data like drifted away or but i mean the arrows slight x. y. and like rinspeed and so on. and you have a couple of here so similar to the electorate as your you have some cells that are somehow connected in some domains of. i came out how it comes to at the existing eco system of of the library's be hell soldier ariz you have for extra layers in putis mainly apologies gel you have for restaurateurs so he created a new library.
the my its mit based that's is responsible similar to cheadle orgy are to handle your data of whatever solver you have no medical flock together.
and you get it to the same structure that isn't easy because nice by cuties or other software that you use the and the library and you can then similar to the doll was always a p i see a.p.i. and load your data and. regardless of the format.
i. for men she's there are also a few they just an arts you have the climate and four has meant that the conventions of idly adapted for weather data on memory and there is an extension for of flooding mostly told you great. you are structured great that it's a top quality to the to the serve time it and focus matter that article mentioned which means that's a four points you can connect the points to some faces to some cells so the and the library already supports bowl school mentions. it's almost fully on and they will try our best to improve a slow dusty stand guard sent in improve them. support of.
well let's talk a bit about the. how the data are stored.
so. as i mentioned you have a mesh that consists of points lead to seize that out to politically connected to cells. it could be and the shape of pretty much could be triangle or it could be mixed three some and a polygon so it could be a regular agreed. and you can have up to my she's which means that for example for follow the link you want to have a more find a mesh merely or either or the area of interest but you will want that's the competition cells are far from your from the point of interests.
he and his a real real border example from huge use of east the world of output of some numerous the software for.
you see that to mesh of and styling so you can style the measure and see your data so this is for cuba's his eyes and three point four. some. ok what's up coming in the annual huge is really sees this year like three point two elf mainly.
the real life to support to so right now you have the standard two emissions but the real life to support one the mesh is so for example and you want to the polls sewer system or just a reverse as have won the and then this related to mesh so for example you have a good read. durant you want to have a different levels of the ucas collision supports this and the a fully three the man she's that's not apply on the about hopefully we can get better than later point so far and al huge is for the three points well really city or the. i have a plan to implement those burundian three d. layer of measures. player to mesh means that you have to the mesh but you have just the to cope he pasted on different heights. pretty much. i.
so for now there is still some prototyping done for machines in the cutest greedy. i hope. so should around it. if. if it. the archers so. do so right now you can visualize your your or your apology matched apology in three d. you just greedy what's coming hopefully next year next calendar year is that you'll be able to visualise also your data so you can make those nice animations of flotsam war. or all other weather data you have no in the three the right now you can just visualize the mesh itself. it's ok how the data are start so you pretty much index your a deceased or faces.
and then you for each party vertex or face you a sign for various times some data either skylar data already to data like we didn't have when speak.
and this date back to me to me than this plate the interplay did on your greed or as arrows if this objective data room.
so he's again the example from a huge is three point four where you see some metal that she could data.
the and displaying green speeds as arrows and temperature and out of which is about to do see that.
there is a time side there are so you can you can and do some visualisation or see the daytime different times of it.
and this is pretty much result any plucking so you can directly similar to the restaurant or back to where you can download data from for example copernicus's website and open it as early as a mesh we are directing futures.
the. while were here is a and l.. i am dial small started to us and mighty library so it can be used on different projects to not just in cuba is its.
i really don't wrap around your data so it doesn't have any all very terms or preprocessing of the data. its simplest was resolved and the much dependencies like you to your boost. i have c.a.b.i. so if you want to do some extension for different languages contributions are welcome and so far cheaper to be skewed use but we want to pick a separate fee for future releases and. of he also discussing the up the opportunity to move its on dollars deal he could be a to project so hopefully we can make this happen upcoming months to a library itself is based on the crayfish implement this shows which came out in two thousand to two wealth so as not to the new. the library or new coat about to the it will separate it's a lease transition to futures three and two thousand and eighteen.
i suppose serve areas formats to the end that's e.d.f. reap format for the and that the lot of formats of various numerical packages. you can find your package if you are in the flood not doing your whether i. as i mentioned to be expendable revenge my the library typically to tango but most those maximum two through millions of cells and a few hundred of time so for each various format suppose lazy holding so the loading huge is very fast and to date ice a taken on demand. it's a.
as i mentioned and dollars for data and put an output huge is responsible for data into a palatial rendering which is the so all the data from and values certifying blatant. and then the triangles are are rather to those identified tool styling calculator similar to the rest comes later and there is still crayfish blocking the c. plus and the python but you can do have some blogs or export animations as close to include later for for upcoming features in future use. the.
and he's a screen shot from a huge piece and crayfish for some thoughts on these lines. the case some some examples.
and he's a wince pete.
i'm from open data again company course. and this a trace animation the so feature that well so that's coming in the next few days released three wealth. the data can be stars seem ready to elect a layer of soil restaurateurs.
also now you can if you have some just informants you can write a driver in and doll or if you are onto you have want to write some bite unplugging all this is in a huge his public a.p.i. so you can you can write on blogging and do it were your stuff. this was the message much data. under example we saw some skelos data for potion so you can produce these animations the search for a fish the way.
and again you can you can style it as you are used for arrest of data so nothing new there in style inc so if you are huge is user it should be quite straightforward for you to do.
just diet the credit data and use it.
some examples from cuties from flooding on the link.
but again we see a at up to mesh these different sizes. so far triangles here for depends on the distance from a former mayor and then some other nations are produced by cute use. the. if kate middleton bit about the upcoming development that is confirmed.
on. we want to these source to trace animation and so on the kalamazoo will be able to select the book sent to and to catch those with the fresh indies way. we want to extend the mesh calculator for cells center that the sets. we have a project for highly improving could speak to rendering of for of your mesh data by similar technique then you have for our roster of use of parents so because right now. the trial under a measure that is generated is not based on those a level but please visit to the number of trials will be dependent on your resume level sold to the way foster it is now. there are some small house because like export that out to contours off and and a huge one support for one d. and three missions as i described in the previous lights. have so far and i'll get close hand by hand the cutest so support for one the man she's you also have the support for meshes that contains a more than one domain.
so you can hope in multiple domains in in the one file so it will be able to load them. support for three the machinists and we want to or from various four months for at a more lazy loading for various formats and improve the or handling so it will show you will show you'll why your file is not law dates. and he will if there is a tire want to work on the packaging so you can use it also outside of huge reason you don't need to compile yourself. i k m so that's.
that's all i have prepared to feel free to write an e-mail if you have some questions about some four months you want to support and then dial or for featured on the key topics on the top feel free to look at it or sent to a twitter account for news about about the upcoming development here.
thank you very much for attention and.
any questions. hi thanks for the top it's a short question actually is it possible to store them so match data formatting said your packed. the euro crisis think it's possible but then the it must fall some spots freakish and so we can implement it does so and you'll drive around and all of the structure of the driver see them dallas similar to the g.t. also like you have some basic structure where you want to feel the data. and if you have for example does you recall mentions those old standards so you can like the lifeboats were how you can get a couple of my data but if you are on form other is spread enough or and staff could be added to the drivers as a new driver and could be loaded directly so. one. if. right now and as i mentioned so most popular form of this age to fife force to be cross usually the measure small but you have like many dead many times steps for each cell which means that you want to use some kind of age the a fife sold its most popular. for a mother i think room in these areas. technically possible another question its. yet as i understand to be functionally the east or local jobs way out crayfish blogging so it is no the no queued year school or no. cook. you can use everything result the crayfish but again all you seen is just a few create huge is so in such huge is three point six or three point eight to play for you can just walled your remote the weather data on style he showed result any plot you and a tray fish he said. just by the next version to create the animation or see the balts all or some processing the integration but everything is in the like all the rendering or the styling everything is in the huge you score all and all if you. you are talking about errors come like another question to my mind the was the other patients have or connection to huge the center because a their those trail animation for example or a time dimension. so right now you should be able to broadly just see your data in the to just seven a t.v. because it just a new way of so it's their building those animations but for animation so be it probably to integrate its a win something some of its not. that about the way. you can render the data because it's using the queue to score and there are so it's should be dead but it's the time supporters on the other or. imagine if you want to publish your mesh a tag report nets e.d.f. if you were to do it we just have a you need to go through the doll but these one you can directly use q-j. a sad fact of friend return directly ran that the native mesh without the convention and then if you. and to animate you need to have some front end javascript likely to be able to. to fetch the w m s w w m s t component to be able to a prostitute tight. and yet there are questions to have time for maybe one question. me i have one you mentioned that the beginning that the specialist they are usually not that large themselves but they may have many times step show so it was so you. you make the assumption that the mesh definition itself all this fits into memory of it's not hard to put it in the library of the library's some the a.p.i. his return the way that allows you to fetch the data by some time the spatial domain. but all current driver us implementation is that it feels to the memory but so in a diverse could be returned to what yet what the data is lazy old it's mostly. ok so it. i certainly think very much. i.