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Offline viewing and editing Geographic Information for Forest Fire Defense

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Offline viewing and editing Geographic Information for Forest Fire Defense

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Offline viewing and editing Geographic Information for Forest Fire Defense
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As part of the Open DFCI project: Geographic Information Portal for the Defense of Forests Against Fires, the Entente Valabre for the Mediterranean forest wished to put in place a solution of offline viewing and editing geographic information. We will presents the context: OpenDFCI web portal based on Lizmap, the firemen needs, the Geoppopy choice: Raspberry Pi Standalone WebGIS Server, and the realisation.
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ok so i i think it was thought it's a is still in the right time in the world come to his presentation in on monday ms make a lucia work for the release company in france and we basically we were there we had the people to use q-j. as possible skill.
and we have a in web met publication of the rules which is coal is map and today i will the show you feedback on the solution business on the. in offline a special several which is called g.o.p. in the context of the forest fire defense. so let's talk about the stakeholders that the ancestors used today. an invalid preserve french public institution. in their main mission is to help the actors to prevent in tight control risks like a fire us fluids and so their test new technologies to do some trainings research the share of seven seas and hollers to an their work reserve a botanist around the sun in the french.
which many children you don't realize the zone that some pictures you can see firefighters and and so on. an a bit of history on of the project and there they have for we will speak about the small the topic in their own emissions but it's about the fire fighting in for infrastructure is like water tankers tracks wrote tracks all of forestry.
tax watchtowers and so on and they have also stand symbolise greets to have to be able to know where some actions must be taken as a share standardized creates and have a boost the base layer is like a photograph you kill aisle photos. and. digits old division motors in the and so on and they have done a lot of work to are nice and centralise to the data between all the stakeholders which means they have set up a list of players to share what are the names of the meta data on told you what. what is it about their agree on the did a structure like to feel it's the constraints of the types of everything you need to agree like you and your trip tables in and the german trio on my type there is ever created come on groceries. the show the same way to do to describe the data and they agreed also on the did a styling. so which means a symbol g. call us use because when you all the in the field against a fire you really need if you have to work on the. are they are in the frontier between two different mr cheever as you really need to be quick to see what is this object to object so you need to share how your real render the data in a map and the extent is the french mediterranean. in the areas it's about around one hundred thousand kilometres working rentals and it represents two hundred but depends on the data for victoza and three the thirty year ago on bites for whistles. that's so in green screen of the data so you can see some on samoa water or what the tang said you can see the the tracks a here and the moon that we agreed they use in the field to locate the front.
directors and to see where the have some cools. with that story.
the main areas to the special extent of the project. they have already use some self for since sometimes q-j. s. is the main g.i.'s use invaluable which is the. in addition i talked about but some doctors also used different giants solutions like my painful a three year old joe concept which is a friend showed joyous your old one and their use post reskill to store and process data we have been so row. oh and there are also use the application does not put can't which is made to publish when maps from cuba is so i were you i will really in focus the presentation on this trip takes its cue joyous possessed the and. where publication which does not. what is now basically you take your cue g.s. project would send that to the cyber and you have a web connection which render a map based on the project properties in layers and it to space a lot of huge as features like a tribute to bills and so on. one of the key features fall the. these the authentication and group rights management so you can tell the disease map can be seen by these groups of users on note these kind of years a scan it gets data on note and so on the son some space been screened about the solution so that's a. and page you have a map in cuba is you get it in is not in you can have more complex a data in this is the one of the key features you can it get dates a week for most business and courageous forms you so you don't have to hold your form.
you just he described it in cuba is in the victim died though we've come a book says to book says and you get that back inside is not so they use this kind of maps since a three years so they are very used to these web map solution and. in the they also have organised a postscript fuel databases a to be able to share the data and two to know what to do some some processing in the seven force for example.
they use the triggers items heavy seas to send e-mails when somebody has modified data to the i mean and then when the data is very good to you get a new male bike to tell you your data has been edited by the and mean user so have a complete its. it's not just a storage possessed goal is to use its which is all the features you can you can expect from just kind of the database. and the project object to use they wanted to use this when up solutions but a flying because sometimes you have no internet connections when you do to feel for example and the.
there they ask us or two to help us to test the dissolution in the field so indeed just features like the same we're we talked about like that idea team based layers a tribute to build the visualizations and then needed to the tool to the byzantine j.s.. effects to simplify the waffle didn't want to do some more styling for another tool to do no want to have to recreate the web forms of from the experimental i don't know what so and is also needed to have some post your own view. who's offline to be able to see some both for us all some. when data special analyses the you can do is a as korea and the use or on our own and your triggers and thinking that they have no internet connections in the field in france you how you can have internet connection but when your fire fighter you cannot. are you really need to have to which can work. in it. so. one of the although the expectation was the there is any need to be able to synchronise the data when they get back from the field so. they asked us to i didn't want to to use the cookie test and a manual checking of the data after was the to ask us to try to help them to synchronize it's easy. so we they they have studied some solutions like windows debates are under a tablet to cancun they use a in a simple but powerful declaration to like opened that acute or q-j. as business by solutions. the preacher out the latter and then did the tried q field but did not like it for some reason tonight. really you know i haven't spoken enough for them for that but there's a told me we want to try g.o.p. so what is g.o.p. g.o.p. has been around since the like i think three years.
this basically east is a special sobering books i q you take a rest vary by was by tree. n n you put up with land g.s. have a positive role and fifty seven are in sight or us very tight then you can have a offline web several solution and a mentor said to have that is you know slow from a resource center in france.
and the you bet is to work on dr to his the the the how do you date. and the software us and how do you package all the different from this offers inside and his books is it is already used by researchers like in a line from its. and also for other for some projects in africa in ivory coast to a and to collect to rein in deforestation data and the in madagascar to fall for them on a project he sold the disease a rust very tight very you know a key one. then when you use it.
you could yes every q you could pose a risk your enemies map and then you connect with his wife i was your smartphone tablet or computer he connects the two it. so that's a bit of a. another be true which shows his notes very package. so you need to back to that i think a little bit like do it yourself you can feel so that's some the disadvantages of the tool it started to wear brazil capabilities because you use a web browser like firefox or. another want to see them up so you need to use to geolocation pay i can't really said feis locally its show. and where. clinton patient is responsive but dedicated to feel that connection so you have some. improvement. can the men and one of the problem in and raid in. weis is are you cannot connect to three g. for geo five g. and to the wife i descend times so it's offline was the table paean you used to map and boss was clearly and you can't do that and be connected to another network. to gather some of the single data. but just some most some of the advantages for them tools it's affordable because the rest very nice not very expensive. you walk off line and you have new no new software so you use q-j. estrogen s.l.r. least not in basra school and there for them it's unknown where pro because they use it used that's before to publish the web maps and that thought to the central server is political power.
but so you can use all the good stuff in progress you all you can use all the features of q-j. us to start year old males and to show some some data and you can also use the autumn to cation in. and all are these not futures. some teachers of the of do in these map interface so you you can see on data on objects you can start editing and data in the field and. so for them it was ok because they used his mother. in the day stop when they're working and they can use the same tool in the field. and then needed to work in the field of flying you need to.
package to data to be able to go to the field and then you need to go back and synchronize data so on. for that did ask us to develop some synchronization the in metered so we we we want to the various a very small possible still based solutions so we just use a unique id is in every table and we we develop.
some tools base them q-j. as processing. through a in to run the carries two to be able to think the i won't spend time to prison these because it will be a bit long that. the main goal is to have a local with his audit of every actions made in the plaza skill seven or for every tables and then you can replace log because your you know which device a has created audited i thought.
you have all the synchronization daytime into that saw in the central server. so basically in cuba is just up you have a processing a reason and you can find the same ago resume in the w.p.a. this mode you so you can use it into j.s. an enigma was the your smartphone or.
or tablets in the field. is the same a good reason.
which does the job. and the. as a conclusion i will give some feedback it works so some people are very excited best the solution because its low cost it's a full power a special service based on open source software q-j. us pause was killed is not.
when but i think it's also be complicated for users compared to some also lucian there's an acute chest like you feel or the last one is in print which is a great to two but i think in the year the main problem here is the fact that you have our worst. to carry the. but like the rest very tight and the battery and the if we want to make it more user friendly where there is a solution ongoing developed by and i usually also its you just take all the features you do that on your hundred which means you. you don't need your as reply you have a like all to sever are packaged to run on your phone on your tablet so you just need your smartphone your tablet and you will be able to have the same thing was chris hero. which is running on the area now and so i think that's can be a great solutions but you really need to evaluate the balance to balance between the complexity of the of units do you need complex was clear all curious features on not three two. it's a truth to use that solution but we suppose was clearly running on grade you can also use to feel are intent on to to speak with the status her age. some things on g.o.p..
grocery all the body to tools piquet jr's to bridge this salvo based on cue j.s. processing reason and the pall do on this map or plant and i will. them. thank you for a tension and i think yes to write and time in if you have some questions.
the. this. the only one this work only one question actually physically is understand the first thing you had to do it this project was to make some kind of atlas of fire equipment in the field. then you can and you could you your post first step was probably to get the soldier stakeholders agreed on this is that some level about the size of everything and i'm asking is the settlers also possible to get in some kind of paper form of pedia force and the like. that. short i thought about it in the history and there have already. make all the stuff like they have paper our classes don't rely on g.o.p. for emergency situations it's only to go to the field see if the water tanks is ok are not change some attribute a so it is not. it is not the only solution they use is it really really use q g.s. in this stop and public school to centralize and share all the data but i have asked paper they have all the tools like probably trade tools also to do with the data a joke by its. proof of concept that they really want to know if they can use it in the field or not and were able to use it but we have some progress made. the due to east germany clients can hang off the rights group or meantime performance. and i have some feedback. she also nine he told me like five people can use the drugs by price so that's ok because you have in the backpack and you have different people in the same area. but it can get us and data so for the first edition that sell for a biology observation like i use your belly dancing you can work together with the same data is an eye. but i really on you. if you want scale fuel ten or twenty people in december as very tight phone but if you have a road solution and you can have as many the server as. devices that would be the solution. i. the just one question the i didn't get it do sell that the or is it open source the and how to sell it like we do as barry by and the software what is the education of that users have to educate users are that. ok so we will do a plant also everything he is open source desynchronization the are in was risky allscripts is not get published between the that there will be an what we did for this project is just by the job as a. the trust very pioneer all the the tablets for of allowable because it was easier for them but the we just sell them the same price so so we don't own money with this project he says side projects off over three days but it's mainly used by researchers in. in ended by n.g.o. because you can just grab all the school says the doctor or the documentation you you have the link at the in the honda in presentation and you have some good the condition how to get the marriage put that time.
your us very by and then use it so you can you can just eats was no problem you can already the history to andre there is a key to the on describing how do i want to do that so i were just a joy it.
so that's a and that's date of the flower like a puppy year precise no in the field. so it's open to also full of cost and toss and there is nothing simplest.
no question.
ok so thank you very much a.