Development of a public toilet search system using open data and chatbots

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Development of a public toilet search system using open data and chatbots

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Development of a public toilet search system using open data and chatbots
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Tokyo Metropolis publishes a lot of data, and holds an application contest using that data every year. The 2017 contest had the challenge of "developing a tool that would allow everyone to find the perfect toilet for them on the go". I applied for the contest on this subject. There is a chat tool named LINE in Asia,many people use it. We can respond to user input programmatically by creating an auto-answer program called Bot and linking it to this chat tool. I thought that I could search for toilets from LINE if I made a search bot. Some Japanese public toilets are barrier-free.Some toilets have a table to replace baby diapers. Some toilets have facilities for people who wear stoma to clean it. The toilet data published by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government contains information on the position of the toilet and the equipment attached to the toilet. The chat tool LINE is often used using a smartphone. If you use a smartphone, you can search public toilet in Tokyo. So I made a prototype to search the toilet using location and facility information as LINE input program. I used FOSS4G to handle location information in creating this program. At this conference, I would like to explain this development.
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i know every armed we are ready for our next but also the last presentation in the peril session.
i welcome the cheek am i. to please and he's a work toss.
but with. i'm hoping this is a vast a presentation with the fiscal this so my name is your which i am i.
and remember always do j. pale and were known to many. over the ice in japan and to contribute help kids yes if so this i took a metabolic purdham government to publish a i ought to be dead. did they have many data underdog to make are all using go open data government. the public to the people of the six to two thousand and seventy has been hosting contest to compute compared to how do you to open data every are so to speak to two thousand and two.
seventy seven or ten months about presents under the payout ten severs attempt to make it easy at to find the public to write and so i think eyes i thought i'd set a target such as that could be created to using a force for the two years.
jarrett to charter to location data was published there so eyes sites. that it took a matter of putting government opened it up put our side to the brim may be using a sikh . and and the seller is on the open city did our farm to allow for to add to that are said to him talk i. and the metropolitan government has out there. the utility c e bay a building as the eye to eye and the s.t. obese now go on and a tight or i'm dog and to see me and i knew forgotten i write here. how does that already. information. at the heart could it so i count may make us as such system but so is that the had to the different attribute it to home. want to. this is a whole lotta of the metropolitan government data. nam and to flow are threatened them. let's choose to donate to the and coordinate system. maybe an exit. it's all point to us all here. well. he does well. oh ok thank you. the wind. the characters they all characters in japan it's maybe you can't understand. do what type and you do. the. as a some information about. but every information about the target.
and there are links to the picture orbit to direct so i arranged to do to this day tie in the the best angle such system making a such payment using her eyes especially on we have messed around using a. a force for the two words is a bribe a good idea but criticism another of the data has seen a ghost the.
on the job of over. on the boom be difficult.
and it's so.
the one eight took a metropolitan government data has many crimes but the scene of our cities has a simple the top on.
to gerrard's out a title sti title i tore eads there are a nearby a camera or a success assets include asks are so all many fourteen people. well together and to gerrard many simple to the format right attitude and rugby to die on the address and do a name mobile to direct. so old and the different for much of the data how the two youths. the as a and normalizes say so. up. a british the card so i made to protect the rights to the top out at to google spread to say i don't think the google spread air the front seat ago loading. and the maker in the uk state time. the tides of iraq to two hundred dollars to two on the sea to name on the index so will we can sites you just have to write all the worry in sydney. the indices index. difference. the front seat. i met index data using q this to a broader diagram using the total cash on hand to the such for public for it. so said. bruno diagram two deals happen. it is up to us about of mobile. the and you'd think we can use the decide about double red mist that pray for us so of the. if we have have how do i have some of our specialty of the location data. querrey the steelers are the city was about get future you for a country with the location and the retiring he is a result is a pair of the cutting edge of the coordinates orbit party go and do a of index to. the pirates data see to name and in the index. these are the parochial index a measure on contains a neighbor opens a seat difference to hand the index of the data he so does a result or burger get fit china for though the well different city.
as he wanted to be the best rock star about. we get such a huge single up. a song or so it is easy to display.
so such maconie them i create is there are other restoring our location you hold under such a brother and and the drug at those birds the front seat under the hood get a desert and. i had to create a user interface for this mechanism.
so it will be quiet ability will be used to this function on a smart home and uses is not come to cater to. i thought it would be nice to create a turner to such them using the message the applicant who are smart hans that may many people to use.
in japan called the writing. by setting sistema menus and you many people are using. but it is not to a pop right wing i europa our states. many news as he is the writing on smart the han and or and those very post take store or location that are. and we can post takes to local show emotion. picks child of a movie. boyce young children right. in right we can create the program called a chat about notable to ease a repo to repairing ingle but program.
the in dying so of if ikea are you if i could. does this program of. the time while the many home a sham and take store all your year it's they married or the movie or. picks jacket candy town.
so that actually if i send rochas only woman shown to a chat about all nine such a nearby tourette's using exact location and the disparities are so making. the the her i made this well. the stem. ph d. program so on. this program of published as a i published two as at chat about as though you do so we can use this program will have been put to writing. to put the to writing and of these maconie. so i have a repair the two ads to enter location information .
the fast is said. using jane a sense so using smart home. can you use a user gene s.s.. location data in dying on of could make these this is a. the location or even measure . and though the the break. a peak of their maps and though spite of her were then. so call core using good the this rights two hundred eighty two the two using the only town in the here is a total income measure. among the second row thought this is a. the aim to i'll address strings are now a bubble but it is about our youths about all the japanese are sorry but under the into using these stories. the joke odinga i are so close as i'll retire such to try to your meshaal we can. the answer.
system copper gresham using who probably an excess oil you have takes her address taste do. such to board a portable and to get public director you have my show all under a lovely town at this is about a bit simpler. a third rate below the top the spread of such a.
mark. a. so the disease of older japanese. though there is a of the many it takes ing i have a house on to drink to direct so i picked up so that some people.
the utes in. an internet i have a huge single i waited chair or using good these days. such a on. could be a plan to ease the right thing. baby better. so in japan japanese public to at haditha. as many bright the oboe. he planned to wait so some people want. we were told that has to have. the baby bed while commutes swayed jack wants is no so we can. such in this is stem cells are such a direct weitz where always at such a could you can make you create demand. so this is a whole system of using he using her desert we can the us and i will see a map.
the fact was due to a result of the contest. this is our i was people i'm not being here. last but.
about it as a judge's comments being are you. as a command to my system this is a very good system but not. the good are they using got a good the map so if your map he is a high tech center and the e.u. i want what i had to i wanted to say said. he was a soap robber.
hence i and so i think i can add this is stem can such. the right to use english. how already a special role in information on location. there are no ability or back conditioner starts he is known to provide and those who use all the transport estimates may not in your implemented angle. we'll do this is buried here the most important things not internationalised so if we use to want to tokyo you may be or if you want to use the stable faster are running the japanese. it's. so under the that a few few tourette's deductible tokyo under the data over to stay act to see asked resisted city. but at this year. the government took a better return government published to a pair of data including a tired to that of radiohead ways operetta that the data is a barrier. a huge data so if i were implemented you do this the data is more to use reserve may keep making much use for system. this says that the system isn't my first the sistema using writing i chat about so i'm i the study may have had to make a chat about.
under so so. now i make a new appreciation using right just to chat about a systemic about. to this is a. a dear friend does a start also have happened to making got reporter from of the disease as does stars area system have made people. the post i have about your area. using writing and this result is inning. google spread seat and the era. and won the other people rocha can see how about their under the terrorism. it's just a yeah. who's so yes to their japan hard to accuse the ada. the. the world that bradbury be and huge she rang on to have had to us some a disaster so yes yes they are many people using the system so. the conclusion of we have data with the location powerful and host was the way it is easy to create their side seeing soars there are many i'll use for to a horse was a and we can easily created that the management to make on his were using a crowd is obvious. such as a growth google spreads it. i'm making will. of the own that the best season of summer jobs need and we can to create a user interface with a nice chat about the chat about who has a similar interests. have to if i could i met. a special role in time for us to program. the. the and the many users the whole you must the story to ease a baby i heartily. the right he is a many people are using the in japan. and the dish it is eight difficult for us to international rises the system are so used to date tights not internationalised are so well. so if of. we met international rights the system well in japan. as such at the trial i international rise of the while may could deduct to internalize arise these above. a must have our walk so thank you i could and and i'm not good at the reasoning and speaking readers if you have worked out very bare christian a prison story and simply. succulents. thank you know you're a change i just noticed that he was finished without any warning almost to the second so i want to japan is so much had lost so we have any questions we have five minutes and then we'll have a coffee break down the hall so well.
just give your best shot in a simple english for your age but. so. so yeah right. the. they have the first question for you. meanwhile how many toilets are in tokyo. not exactly but like and as hundreds of thousands so. so this data had to go about a thousand but. and ing of school so they may be a more than ten thousand times. i heard correctly ten thousand toilets in talking publicly right public. well how many people even talking. that. the. but we all. or beat this say said money cameo tamil. so while there. so that we have are the questions and. but i have one question for you again arm. how do you know how a cure it is the location when you send it in the message to the year so you're send the message with the location of how do you trust that the location is eco it i mean how exactly is the location. i mean can you say control all record to a curiosity or the error the oriental error because we know that with the smartphone sometimes you can be hundreds or maybe even kilometers away if the sensor is not good enough or maybe sure are among high. buildings all talk is quite a good example is would be like in mounties their right so how do record the error of the location of the. and a in the borough did this as it did does much homes focus on the day the s.s. rates. as a the are already using was much to hone our d.n.a. cesspool of the debt that are using a always white fights the data says are so well so the hearing buildings also. so sometimes a very good to have using why heights point today to say it's usually but. sometimes either i i will have. why hide a route that weeds are buyers. it had served in iraq. push on their time so i if i have you think so. i have bought my more by read the illusion that is all and the of farrah a i a new the a grade a quiet dial location data is a year. my the office where hurry for so the it is not a good do gooder it a go. panetta but the postings genesis that are is a nine iron there is a prayer have maps so we can circle rector of about. using maps. thank you so much on each eight and now the toilets maybe look something like that now the interest but this is a should be on the emergency system so you should know exactly where the toilet is you don't have to do. make a mistake. i thank you you ha ha.