Streaming and rendering the Turin 3D geospatial content through GIS and BIM integration

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Streaming and rendering the Turin 3D geospatial content through GIS and BIM integration

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Streaming and rendering the Turin 3D geospatial content through GIS and BIM integration
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We started working on BIM (Building Information Model) and GIS integration in 2016. At that time, as one of the results of EU funded research project [DIMMER](, we [linked]( the simplified representations exported from BIM to the urban environments in Turin, Italy and Manchester, UK. Since 2016, our work on GIS and BIM integration has steadily [progressed]( Nowadays, the Municipality of Turin uses the successful integration of GIS and BIM objects for internal facility management of thirty public owned buildings in Turin. Adopting the [3D Tiles]( OGC standard, we stream and render online the full BIM and photogrammetric reconstruction of Turin buildings and monuments. Also, using open source tools and open data, we extend the value of digital BIM through visualisation and integration with available cartography. This allows us to fully benefit of BIM potentiality in terms of data and object management. Furthermore, we display our maps and models using open source virtual globes, an easily accessible environment.
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welcome everyone from beneath your messiah.
it's a good day for him presenting enough to have full of the idea of a muscle tone for the support of the in a day. and we'll try to see him and we try to show you some some data that they would get their day and are displaying about to join eating. i'm a young man from since i came on day that day is a is a company can serve phone that the service for a public administration said and the he's a post yes yes ok found the day in a decision to send the seminary in there and ten.
the region and today we have more than one hand the public a stakeholder said drawings many societies and so on he said the data of that i will show you today is about to the musicality have tour in that is a city in northern italy he added this is a picture of course.
i am and it's the former capital of ten months the the only thing and and that i show you are not the some numbers but we're talking about the three hundred and thirty thousand building say in a metropolitan area.
if we were here. in a in a difference for the three years ago in a moment when we show the these said the same as lied and the in the next one to show our prayers work that this step into now two thousand and ten our work were intended to try to visualize the ledge and number of a building say you know. browser. in aggregate at first. the first first a in a publication we don't and yell denning will art and the then we must speak he did to to the web to the city mother in competition know when and where we adopt the day and nearly out of bed shown overseas india's and the does the same and we made. the trying to display the building single out the air. the two thousand and ten two thousand eleven thousand fourteen and maths tell you that we were not able to do it or does it is that's one of them. very good in terms of performance and so on.
in two thousand sixteen a we present the did the same as the map project day in a in the barn where we started to adopt the season g.s.a. and there will be presented the human areas a small part of an urban areas of touring in manchester. we day.
the beta version of the tiles. these were the results we were able to show at the time you can see we follow the week for little detail said the. them. the.
this factor over billion. enjoying this is a sobering.
his was a what that we were able to do at the time for us was a great success this season be a modern exported the major be ex mich major male and that then net that has lately day in aintree the tiles say i was was seeing in at an elevation of it.
we are talking about to. season to us said one point twenty five the beta there was no future support of three ties but that we were able to do so.
he says that another example for the two thousand and sixteen project to the season. from another another building and when you move king see debt that we adopted the city jemal proposed to define she's haitians have a low these so the structure the roof certain. i love the tree when a rhymes i am i being. the windows and or sad ending in elegy for we removed the rules to allow to see inside the building at the time. and in the items that we aren't we were looking to that are the same source that were registering their date that if we were showing than in at a time.
so this is the last the as live from two thousand and sixteen you can see the the flow was from the bemis service said there at the time. yeah an expert in g.b. kaisei each male there was a custom combat to allow set and allowed us to generate the seasoned yesterday that. ok stop with the the old stuff or and changing as likely. this lied to show you what to do we have a planet today and what are we showing you today. vieira with the he's a his good work and a name in news for for his master days he said. try to say let's go to do. but that and output that they're fully of see model not only the g b s h h m m. moreover the week we went.
longer the road and now we can say that we have almost a better results and that we have seen it before you can see. fully completed the d.f.c. model in this case is a school less cooling sitting with earnings a week the season d.s. one point six c. this time. we'd full lead to eat i support yet the f a two point zero and bold as we sense.
but this isn't a school in the sea the school to finger in the afternoon. even the latrine.
and then that by we like a very much the ties acknowledging and so we try to to see point cloud say and that and day safe from so support and so we test the summer some models and and there. there are some problems at trying to replicate this some building said with their would photograph mitre so we tried to do to become the most difficult the subjects to shop this is a. and my monument third in content at the meeting said getting counter is saying the center of the main a central a play set of i have to or in you can see maybe i will show you anyway. all the details are represented the state to is a brown stay too and we had no problems with for the granting this case because we think it was the only the dirty to me.
this is another difficult modern. he's a day for just an animal model very very difficult because there are a lot of the of the stone said of the statue send and something else.
and this is another example the set as a plaque gain title to the terminal sick on the was a former a former king when that you can see. that we tested the summer notations. not only made their we the classification like this is india's allows a sleigh anyway week we tasted the said kind of annotations to show the opposite h.t.m.l. and the first of all our intention was a to translate them things corruptions in various languages inscriptions on board. it was sort of description what their what they're so you can say.
we ever the old song as low scheme model don't expect to something like air like a you do in a in germany or or saw name seen we have a low scale model dictates the death of their of the seating mukasey there are some glitches in other parts. but we were able to move to me that this day the this came on the taken from a harrier photographs with the their extrusion in a low the one of the of the model of the city so that we can do classifications on the measure of the this is the mother big. because when you have a measure of a city mother you the norwich is at the building with a wendy's the what is the data every in the this true zhang in the day and the footprints of every building you can do some compare his own summit that extraction even a summit optimisation money to buy.
so what we use them. in a input that we have a date that from the administration seven becoming stations these days a nodding every sort of their of for matter anyway jason shape as g s wachtel what you'll what you think you know the derby am at the to ease a in. after seeing in a study from the ocean class he said. and the data for at the building of a day said pham as data from motion data is of source of course in the epic just saw the bag dingy what said the modern era and from photographs a camera can i can now. a week that dead the data is a has been them manage their we the yuji as sent only a few g.s. result he said family when that when we called the hedges soft touch so for me to shape is the only grows. so say and their commercial at all a matter you can do everything in these early said pham and anyway we test the some some differences we were aware of them knew we think as i said pham is very good the ages of man to shape help set in maine doing other jobs mesh lab that the. he's a lot compared to two men to modify optimized some a she's even be for the work as not being than strongly because and we we we didn't pay him. if i did the mesh is a very much and then that's using g.p.s. for his buddies asian inject waiting for the live by the illness is india's to intervene what is needed. the i put away leg we are in where the three ties in the gym and orgies reform and so posts by. i wanted to show you the slide them because the and the passing of the if see model his output from a way to mainly from and the department of the have a nice to have a politically of chewing that uses save it. you can export to the of see more than the seas a the ones lied to show you the different kind of many men said that when it did they were present in net the two mother said i show you know that the school that he aimed in the granted flaming get. you see for example that out of twenty two was where his lab a fifty two walls two hundred sixty when those door saying exit at every of these element need the dedicated to proceed to the main tool to extracted the difference. but some people say in germany. every element to as the at the front of it as a geometrical a person to show for for for the whole of you that last step by farm and we cover ninety percent of the representation we're trying to close the work an end to to be able to. represent the full of being a model in season or other either. neither of us remember that are we ever made me added to enterprise a mistake so we are not dealing with the people express libraries and so on so we stick k. in a in doing everything live or into the only case should the them. the day of see to retire he said. i'm a compassion he's lying is down live a in the two went to positions. ok. the results and we were here three years ago we were men hoping that that are three times said. and stand up to where we could dead could the could the developer could or could could be could ever future now we are and we we we can say that after two years said the to the telly saying i are very very good implementation we are very good for him with the time we wanted. the we wanted to to complete the the giammetti combat shown procedures we are trying. i have a knife ever has led the year.
anyway why one will now have our yes one of our this is what was it a dem a project that was because their own cesium anyway day dimmer project to their delta with the day energy consumption and their energy distribution inside the pipes that you see on their on the left to on the. bardem these was than with this set aside the a.p. ice air we we're trying we wield ruled like a two word up the day and new ding coming here to see the gym alfie to sing like minimizes to be we will try to to interface with them.
as soon as possible because we have a lot of names that are not only consumption but the data head open f.b.i. traffic data and so on. and the we are here it as we promised three years ago but to me that i love the time says past i know to publish these thirteen said if our them the this city g.m. outcome that there's that the said jason most on. things on shapes and so on and output sissy the demand we open question three ended that yes he would deals a you see i'm sorry in calming m. but fixing because they are not the very very the center and we are endangering them and we wanted to but fix it and it presented in. ninety five percent of the of their you have see element to covered anyway if you ever sammy of see if you like a some of our era of representations if you ever your a few if see you can contact as and we will try to to give you a bank.
our bit of action to try to because we need to use cases we need to ever more use cases to do and to cover more elements to tomb to combat the because we can never implemented a fuller and the full a of c. happy i supposed to be me.
i am ok you can find and you will find sorry for now sit out of bed that calm seas is ip monday as a whole other of either open source project said as you will find a c.d.m.a. our any of see converter said in a i think a in. and mean in some weeks or months and you can contact the as it does say at this address said i would like to show you while there will be.
did enter quest to answer a small video because we try to go live about the.
that he sent in the day.
is not going well with this p.c. i am especially the you can you can play the said.
these applications being an annual fall soul.
three days that affected the side they love the building set level one you can see the their tributes this coming from the thirty thousand small.
now we're in. and we are showing now ok disease or the for the grammys metric moldered taken from their photograph he could not specialize the total only made for the two thousand and eight flight to the photos you can see debt them and no have to stop it anyway you can see.
it. the day the white did we parts of the differences between the explosions so the footprints extruded by to hate with dead with the data in a ownership though of the of the day city to the money to parity with the real a man. they realize it's a family from our from the the flight from the photographic are going to a lot of photo order for the committee flight and the city's the what i was saying that allows you to have the attributes that come from and the underline extrusion and will be one.
so we we are able to classify and the propagate yet it was to pass so the image we think of them to the task of are representing a and building that the model is a is a huge one we don't have an offer is overseas afford it so we think it to speak.
in china so like edges of the photo and to shape it allows asset and the speed that the process at the same time if we know how to split into said we will try not to break the building enough but that we've tried to follow the mystery but then we we we've. have a model that can put together as safely and then we will can gain and all the head to use this season there are a grounder study to for the economically a major we does more camera and i know i think a six to pictures of the overthrow of two to believe.
i'm a low me that they you will find a modern very detailed that where i could show the for the photograph and i couldn't arrive high because i den didn't have something to go there and we came we can fly in and to cd so we can we couldn't put a drone but the professionals can do it you can see that you can read them.
everything maybe now i'm trying to put the the.
the pop up there with the information's. now i'm trying to show your even the details on the brawns estate you you will see them as i was saying there was fortunate that the statue was it was all than dirty because we couldn't have a mentally with these the to be and what he said.
i think of my time is biting what is an important you know this that you are saying that we're seeing a grammy mark my to the model as though the one do you see that the load one model integrated and another tree tiles that is only the key to the state you all.
in the same metsys human moderate this is another the did the picture was showing before the frazier's for his use made of of stones and the un and the state use the a whole are loaded in the the same environment because a me that the tile principles the other parts of it or not. fear among low the from from the memory so are not the of two too complicated to our work and work of the of the gaffer machine. i think that soul i showed you a classification maybe an hour and i being the be a modest but they do that we can go with the questions we really the the video behind think. he said.
ok thanks to be status does anyone have any questions do.
i thank you very interesting presentation could you go back to the slightly to explain the conversion from my of seat yes she b.s.m. elements or the.
yes he said it's a high level as the nation but i can go all the buzz you want me on my destiny is a problem with tried to several different types of the standard of will be the like i have c g b s m l s e t s could you give this brief companies an adult between them so. particularly between t.v. x.m.l. and cities human k.g.b. extreme now is an interchange exchange for matter that the air be am i can see that are served for the interface said to tools said that.
competitions and so on so you have seen the you you have put the the only only eighteen.
only the extent or not if you want even in them about only walls and what was her roofs and their winnings that our doors and that this is what is needed to the schools serve as of three years ago to do the task i know that to do something about to be a child.
that is going on but the the the importance of having met a fool let us see model is that india's party show you have sole it's not not polygons anyway and you ever have a heavy component to the family information said the the.
syria that has me see verdict as me she read factor said and sewn so even if the sea is said to be good for the tool the two new computational said you can do a lot of things so with that we use the season and from the stick a in. nations that could have a monumental these will be used or buy them. biden was balloting because they're now they're working with them the planks that comes out from under their have seen model like a in op ed in drawings and they move the features are elements a on them and now there has been asked to do. to to work on the three d. model and as i was a as i was saying get to you we do.
week we are able india of see that he's a textile a file to modify sam its limited that tributes of the elements like position things position for now so if they ever.
the septum feature address care or something like that that is in the three model we can allow them to a dieter the feature and we can updated the the future position for others we work and on file system for now we don't have a full beams game said rhys implemented because a it would need the. i said database and noisy was enough. yes. ed maybe maybe he can catch up after it is one superbug other question. yes please. no no no actually not that we are going to where it's a city jim now we will publish it were aware of them were applications our lead the library's take a step to go toll was a gem out know we're big could be simply because it. i know that see the humanities and storing archiving and for my for a lot of cities are but not need any we have no see the g m l i opened it are available we're trying to publish the two to generate them main so that the municipality's can publish them. ok i thank everyone just for the recording the question was about it can vary between c.d.u. male and three thousand apparently there and that might not.
thanks everyone says five minutes to get here next session or stay here by all means that would be great. i think of the match.