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Updates from the Onion
The Road to Mobile Tor and Improved Censorship Circumvention
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The Tor Project is building usable free software to fight surveillance and censorship across the globe. In this talk we'll give an update on what we have been up to in the past months, what happened in the wider Tor ecosystem, and what lies ahead of us. In the last year the Tor Project has been working hard on improving the software, building and training communities around the world as well as creating an anti-censorship team and roadmap that can push forward technologies to circumvent censorship. This talk will cover major milestones we achieved and will give an outline about what is lying ahead. In particular, we'll talk about the release of Tor Browser for Android and restructuring our anti-censorship efforts as well as working on next generation pluggable transports. Moreover, we'll explain our defense against website traffic fingerprinting attacks and plans for improving onion services and making them more usable (DDoS resistance, better user interfaces for authentication and dealing with errors). Finally, we'll shed some light on efforts to get Tor support directly embedded into other browsers, like Firefox and Brave, and educating users both by reorganizing the content on our website and extensive trainings throughout the world.
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yes. a i'd be a good idea.
six and george they going to tell us more bought the road to morbid toward an improvement censorship circumvention please listen to the updates from the audience that your stage thank you.
i had lower the body and my name is because i'm from the top budget and evolution is not my first language so maybe you're going to and learn a little bit about bought tickets to they choose and so we want to talk a little bit about taught in the body.
but we're keen the less the most in the year so first thing about thought his biography softer so you can double parking check their source called in everything and is very important to have our office off the project because against back the cause thinking check on the second thing is about the. or is about his on open network so you came grab this are schooled in be part of the town of torture at the moment we have like six thousand relays some it is severs around the world and they are all run by volunteers and why we are going she'll store basically we're going to. we'll start to mitigate against online tracking and again surveillance against censorship and should be safe online and start is a nonprofit within us so the main a further we don't leave us but are they had quarters of thought has been little seattle.
and how do we spell thought is like that and is not out caps the chain that mean the last few years is not marked are the honourable thing is just before his is a furnace and we are organizing different teams i'm part of the community in an interview here. also have the ante eighty censorship team applications from the rising metrics network say that they mean you acts and research. and when we talk about your we are talking about network that is used by between chameleons and eight millions of people and we have just numbers because first we don't directly users so we don't actually know how many people are connecting the town at work so just numbers are busy.
abizaid own children matter the largest to spare the the town at work. and how it works basically we have urges network of our servers around the world and they want to enter your website you're going to access the service in the town at work so you're you're not going to accept directly the website your craft is going to pass through reserve.
was on the road just seven that are run by our volunteers. and at the moment we have.
yet the network is growing so if we if we have to alter years it's here in the past years we had a very slow connection that using torre and now there is is just connections improving to is via is much more faster nowadays and it's because we have more faster relays. some are faster service.
and about community thing.
the in the last the years we have been working the doing trainings in the global south of so for those that you're not familiar with training is basically his opportunity to meet the users and to talk about torre and not only about our but about privacy of our security so we have been doing.
and just out for any security workshops if you want i defenders in the global south of so in the last six most with reverend show six countries like columbia kenya india indonesia and other countries and read the the forty five workshops. and each each workshop it usually takes lie three hours so it's not just like oh you're going to stop or browse that and that's the it by what is about what kind of questions that have about privacy what kind of question to have about security and if talking not help you what we can do for you what kind of. are there so face of the solution became present you so we have been doing is working in the last miles and we believe we are going to do more modern art trainings in in the next moves the. the six and another thing that we are doing we really is the new website so now is localized that as you can see is nothing left anymore only english anymore.
we have been just as operator art don't are we need to have more users and we need to achieve just population that don't don't speak english. so cautious translated the mentally english law liking twelve languages languages so you can access to our web page and you can change the language for what your preferred language so here we have are the main website translated into spanish now very calm previous to that spot early to make the. he says he is in this is my spanish portfolio is not really spanish and we also have other porters that we are working on we have day and support porto is a portal to help guard at a user's and we are working in the community porto so you're going to have the train.
these lives so you can download and can help your community and also we are going to have a day of delay operators the committee a shoulder and also how to localize the website in other films in the next step we're going to develop you're going to start to call the new developers a page that we don't have now. was all make seven though the porto anywhere art we are building different partners for that. and another thing that your work working is a is the dock and is a dachshund up on so because we are moving a lot of the quite a show in splitting different websites we notice that many have just liquidations old so we need help to improve just like me taishan ensure fix.
a soul in the first week of september we are going to do dr the quotation market town is open for for all and and more details about that you can check in the blog in the top project and basically way we are right have at the kids about what he wants to change so we need a unique.
to subscribe in the in their haka down and help was on that and people that day the the top contributors will receive an award. and that's it.
thanks guys. but. for so hi i'm like oh i'm working on the applications team and they're mostly on to process stuff.
as two prizes are largest education i think it's smart to spend some time on what we did in the last couple of months and what is yet to come in the next couple of months. so one big milestone on we had a couple of months earlier when releasing to a browser eight point five which brought for the first time a top browser to an android devices the nice folks from of the garden project had crap it really is situation that there are.
there was no real prize the browser for the android device and develop or fox but we finally in raipur two a m take them off and take of the rope for them and deliberate power to prosper to i enjoyed your such as you can. see it is not to notice a copy from the desktop version and case you are a tried and tested version. it's together with our you x. teammate new design for a specific for the android platform and disease has been huge could ever to have four from around different teams within the top project to get these the project going and having a top prize for more while.
i'm just not been the only a user interface improvements you made for i propose a point five.
when we have as well we've done our own to bar which is a pretty important thing in the process because you have all these shortcuts on them and see easily status are different down and extensions and stuff you have installed so if you compare the am the upper won the other to a bar.
this is from to prostrate and the bill one is from to browse eight point five you see that and remove the a the icons india in the upper right those were from a firm extensions the ship with to preserve which is no script and a sheep is everywhere it's pretty confusing to use.
those what are they as opposed to do with those items if you click on them you're getting an even more confused because then you're already india settings dialogue and we don't know as normal user of what you're supposed to do with their so it's not really an informative having those i can sit there and they are just taking place. the space on you tube are so remove them if they're i experience uses with them man this is some merit use cases which are not covered by default it's easy for them to a direct them on the drug and and using them as they were used to. and i were doing on the move the top and i can do the right and added i am a shield i can which is meant for are giving easy access to the man security settings which is how you have to make some trade offs between improve security and in your top browser and of features. on that pitch which could be dangerous and some contacts and another big feature here is that your have the state of your security settings on which will in your to a bar i don't have to click and the into different menus anymore to see what's on us. security settings are currently at are on the that's been another important co-operative ever with the am you x. team and them that's not just due to give you a pretty user interface there as it did a point here in the sense that. you get more uses if you provide them with a user interface there used to and that they make less mistakes if they use those user interfaces this than those your ship and are not really i'm in line with what they're expecting when they're using a proper for instance. and more uses and term means this good for your own image he says free unlimited network because as a larger crowd on which you can hide and as a as he was a so the key point to take away here is on the usability improvements we are doing and which are yet to come. i'm not just meant to give your eye candy and they're really him to an integral part in providing and mitty to a as much people as possible. so what's what's up next so up next is to a browser nine which is supposed to be based on a firefox sixty eight years are which is a special flavor of firefox to some of you might know that firefox is.
i'm coming in at least as hansen moment horn counts it is to have reversed as a normal one way you're have liked firefox sixty eight sixty nine seventy and so on and then there's the special one originally made for enterprise environments which which are struggling with updating their of firefox. to base so quickly because those releases get out every six to eight weeks so mozilla made a special serious provos needs on which means that you only get security of days every six to eight weeks and and there's one a big are updated you made. when you make like who once a year and on this train to process based on because we have to redo our pages which on our laika two hundred two hundred fifty year and doing this every six to eight eight weeks seemed to be infused good thing. and yet so this is awesome. the new thing which means that to cross and nine will be based on the new firefox is are you havea improved user interface and the browser i'm meaning that is easier to sit at britches from within the browser it's more integrated with the network settings. as is right now you get a. easy access to a new features than a true pond which means like you a dandy which gives you if you press this button on a clean slate clean new session which you can start serving without bothering with the u.s.o. cookies and things left from the previous session. and this is released from probably reached in october eight of this year. so a bit longer in the and the future we plan to move away from man the a fire for cesar are to the wreck your one so i said there are some benefits from being on their fire proceeds are playing like we don't have to replace our patches every six to eight. weeks and have the on. quality control on which comes with that every six to eight weeks but there are disadvantages well one of those is that there is no we is or for mobile and as a recall we have a mobile browser and right now so we have to do something here and and the planners to first start moving away from these are trained to recreate a fire for.
series for more while test this figure out what we need and down what is probably m. it's a good face in our time processes and then. the plan to move forward to this new way for me is our four best of us well because there is an argument to be made that being on the firefox these are on is not giving all the security improvements you want to have tumors in us policy right now as beck pouring just high security you box. krieger back fixes but there are a good sometimes a ton of moderate back fixes be might want to have a store browser is as well and then we want to have those two but without as much but i wasn't are noticing and notifying us that there is this kind of stuff you want to back court because he might. a miss things i'm and and at the exhibition argument to be made that in general and this kind of his r.r. series are not as secure as the a regular wants because you don't have so many people looking at these are called anymore because everyone is just looking at the latest one. and so there is they're bigger chances that you mrs see their backs and main those years are on serious and we're getting a improved his ability and performers improvements quicker and them. this aims. painting uses and getting more just to a top roster. so. thanks. aam hello pair i'm and towards the in together with our legs over there were working on the network team of star than network team is basically aam the team which is responsible for i'm like safekeeping that their network kind of writing the code that there.
implement the door protocol and kind of making sure that the network is healthy and the protocol is secure and that the code is not.
a huge spaghetti mass and were basically working on a huge code base of the torah code base its retain see and we have also started doing stuff interest and them. right now i'm going to talk to you about their work with the aid over the past year and after this i'm going to talk to you about the work we're going to be doing next.
so one cool thing with the the about a year ago last summer is that we release the two full or on interview he sees and also clients which he's a python program which you can enable a it will give you advance protection against attacks like guard discovery. and the virus kind of phone like traffic anomaly set top box in particular time you can get it from could have been unable eight and you're on interviews her client and it will try to block certain attacks and no so give you like warnings if you see is certain kinds of like a species spot. turns on its still an experimental thing and i asked you to install it if you care about the security improvements and made mostly like an experiment but if we see if we see it working well we will eventually port things into a stream tore out so that's a cool security. with the aid.
so another thing that's been happening that particularly this year is the. like the very certain a denial of service attacks going on on the network right now we don't know the exact nature of them given that we're like anonymity network but what we know is that people are attacking each other and particularly on the interview sees by pretty much spawning them with it. requests and this is causing looked so folks can use some the network and it has to affect one effect is damaging the network because them all the straw fake is causing too much am like activity and overloading the replays and their release drop staffan be returning and like.
the hosts echo of full of chaos so carries so this is one thing and the other is that the services are unavailable sos since the start of this year we've been looking into the basin doing past and trying to figure out the fancies and we have done a pretty good job out like kind of like improving the situation of damage on the network. and by eighty doing like greatly teen or blocking one hope requests we are kind of much more gentle to the network now under attack scenarios and were also kind of looking into laika improvements that good allowed services to have a better. availability when they're under attack but this is a pretty hard thing to do arm and an anonymous network because like come in the normally internet you have companies like clouds larry which to get like million dollars and they basically do denial of service some.
some protection using kept chaz are like a reputation based stuff and into our we don't have a reputation because it's like anonymous so we don't have much memory in the network so eight some it's a hard job like like distinguishing the good times from the back. we have a few ideas particularly upbeat cation level stuff but the e.u. even getting this a business and you have ideas on how to move forward please come and see us. one. so another cool thing that's happening is a m m as like a few years ago a research project came out which is called w.t.f. by ad and it's supposed to protect your door your clients from a.
certain websites fingerprinting attacks or other to types of traffic analyses and what they say research for that was doing is introducing pod being which is fake traffic into the second it so by adding some sort of smart bobbing on the circuit as you could kind of make things better and more to get there.
and kind of like confuse the adversary into not knowing what's going on so we went ahead and implemented the set like adopt the eva configurable parting thing into torre aam and it's enabled right now seems a bit like a few months ago. basically what's going on is that we have enabled do by the machines their basic like state machines that kind of specify how bobbing should be done and their aim is to obfuscate were there and nani and service cry and client who visits not in service is actually. the visiting on and services or doing real to a rio like website traffic and they were still looking into these because this like blending in with other circuits is kind of higher than in such a chaotic environment but they were doing research and we have liked motivated more. researchers in to into using visa. framework. and we've also been working on improving on them of bile support this means that like we have better integration with andre now i'm where bet a week now you can built or as a library and that you can like integrated easier with third party applications a chain.
we have also introduced like a doorman to mode which is like a special mode the tour goes even when meet the it's not used in the midst of like relax and stuff like using by wait for it by three. and basically like of you if you have up toward be activated or like a on your mobile and you forgot about it it's not going to like a spam the network with requests just going to like relax to be there when you needed next it's going to activate again. so now i'm going to talk to you about the things that we have planned for the future there are particularly this upcoming year so one huge project that this happening on time and also on a like a whole project their own level and not just on the net thirteen is out.
there's lots of people and projects and browser is and what not that they're interested in like playing with door and integrating it into their product and they want some sort of guarantee that tories going to work under different scenarios and under different level of user is and all that.
and right now are metrics and her performance evaluations are kind of tacky let's say so one big thing we're doing and were applying for funding for the same trying to let go serious and based ease take a look in performance in a serious way and try to understand what kind of performance currently torpor. provides and what kind of performance kindly users expect and how to improve race and how to like measure these of a time based in advance and know how many users game and a new browser user store how this does have that affect performance and were oh so that planning to play with them. for example moving to date the graham transport a net practicing other types of congestion can throw or we have implemented and you been with the scanner which basically like measures how much a bond with it's really a has an we use this for load balancing but were experimental. and thing with new ones to see how that works out and in general we expect that this is something that are going to take lots of our time in the future to kind of be able to provide a more consistent and scalable door in the future.
i'm and also we have funding for an interview sees for many months forward and we plan to do something improvements some them along with the ons we've already done one pretty good one is that we plan to port on in balance which is currently on the supports the old dominion services we plan to like.
the vamp eight and the disappeared for v three young and seven seas which is something that the lots of people are asking us for and it's basically one of the major ways to provide the big an interview thrive now and another thing that we've been thinking about the law is that we have a problem is with you. ability of funny and services and the fact that the audience are super long and names are super long and we are thinking about how to improve race particularly with the new audience every season they've like fifty six characters long and we plan to like experiment with https everywhere too bland audience into a to provide some sort of like smile. my bookmarks the stem which you can share with other people as they like i'm a temporary solution for now and as we go forward we're looking at like more advanced naming say stamps and more secure and smart stuff to kind of integrate them with door. and we've also been working on laika the entree censure sea level and trying to improve their pluggable transport specification and make it more integrated ball with out there like our projects and make it more versatile and we've been doing lots of him. governments around and by center said in general and this is what alexis going to talk to you about now. thank you.
so money was alex i'm usually part of the same team that george was on the new developer team which is responsible for the core part of a be torn up or demon.
in middle in the middle of two thousand and eighteen we realize that usually the network team responsible for the and to censorship part of the organization but we didn't really have time for it and we didn't prioritise a high enough so what we did was so we created a dedicated and censorship team we had a hiring round where we hired to people and a small amount.
sound of the network team joined in on the answer is censorship team to sort of get started. and the idea with the entry censorship team is that they're going to fight the thing you can see here namely the censorship we see in various a regimes around the world different countries some of these are from the middle east but there is also one of them that contains one from denmark expect to be the same system that's just used in the different shooting parameters and how much they're being used.
so the big thing we have here is that we generally know that ups for seems to be working it works for many uses around the world but one of the problems for years to get access to reliable bridges these bridges are the ones that people.
need to put up in their toward configuration of your the browser to get it running. we also know that the main fronting which is the technique where you sort of establish a to less connection into one of the big public clouds with the way you seven s and i head or two for example a big side that that the center is unlikely to block and then you make an h d p request inside of it with a different host better where do you look down.
sir at the edge of the cloud will rock you to write customer which then happens to be someone for detroit project was running a rich one of the problems with the the two main from being a possible transport that we have that's called me is that it's incredibly expensive to operate for people who are familiar with toward they will know that sort of the in going traffic is the same as the outgoing. traffic when you're running a really which means we have to pay for all this traffic that's going in and out of the year of the clouds this is something we would to be would really like to to like deal with. this means that we are continuing the efforts to generally make it easier for people to get access to purchase one of the things we did it recently in the last year is that we integrated the something called moat.
and mode is a system where are you access bridge to be over to maine front of connection directly in the new i.o.c. toward browser so people who were not familiar with bridge to be preached abuse the system that people who aren't centered areas have to access to get access to the spiritual lines that you put in the configuration this is. generally been a difficult thing for some people to get access to you have to solve that capture first you have to go to a website we also have different entry points to it so you can for example send an e-mail church e-mail account people than replied with an automated system with these bridge lines but now it's integrated directly in the browser so when tours start up for the majority of people here. in germany when you used for it's mostly about the anonymity and the and she tracking features you get from it but for some people in other parts of the world it's about reach ability so for them it's not the same thing when they start toward they normally don't connect to the network because all the entry points to the network is a sensor so having this us directly in the browser.
that generally makes it much easier for people to get access to it they now have to solve the capture inside of the browser instead of going to a separate webb said solve their get the lines copy them into the browser and than being able to connect this is a very good step in the right direction for the you x. of getting access to purchase. so i mentioned before that we have meat which is the domain fronting technique that generally seem to be working very well but it's very expensive to operate and one of the big things in new and censorship team has been working on together with the bridge to be improvement and so on is playable transport calls no flight the general idea.
but snowflake is that you do and we have a client in sight the center area. what it does is that it does have two main fronted request to a broker which could be seen a little bit like a more fancy way of for having approach to be what the broker or response with is a token which is the connection identifier from one of the snowflake proxies that exist and the uncensored part of the internet. these products is are running in people's web browser people's like you in here you can go to this website down to the web extension in europe or cromer firefox browser and what you're doing is that you're practically providing axis for people to enter the twenty at work using your web browser so your web browser become sort of a media to relay without him. for the all the features of the normal to relay this is a good system for us in that it has significant gillis cost because the data is going to be a lot of people we distribute sort of the load of the traffic out to multiple people's browsers and the only two main fronted the data we need to exchange is the initial request from declined.
to the broker and that the brokers response and then we're done having any connections between that so it's a very limited it's just a smaller string that's be a change. what are your web browser will be doing is that that uses a website connection to a specific branch that is currently running and from deep rich on you the year user will be able to connect to their final destination which is the twenty up or get a sense but it's his and like a playable transport so there's certain other organizations that are providing systems that are compatible with these pluggable. third and they will be using be able to use the snowflake system as well with slight modifications but you can go to the website and check it out it's a very cool project and still sort of in development.
we're coming to the end of this presentation but we have a few things we would like to say people in here probably very familiar with that the tor works like yeah like a typical sort of research organization as a nonprofit what we do is that we sit down twice a year discussed what we would like to do over the upcoming year and then we.
have a grand reading team that needs to make sure that we get some money. d.'s grains make sure that we can do the general features the big future as we would like to do but there's a lot of things that first of all we cannot find grants for to do big things we would love to do and there are also certain things that just shows up for example one of these things that george was talking about about the to us we had to. in december two thousand and eighteen a very. there was a very high performance to gration indeed a word that wasn't something we have planned for so that is where when we get donations these money being spent for developers hours to fix these things when they come up to think that we like kind of for see we're going to have this book smash fun to hear in august from the eight year is set to.
but people donate money to us and we have some of the box that we find it interesting that we would really like to solve but that we haven't been able to find funding for over a longer period of time these money will go directly to develop her hours to to sort these things up so to donate. so one of the things is how can you help with the tour project which generally trying to separate the network from like the organization we have served a certain overlap of things but generally everyone in this room should be able to run the relay approach if you want to do that we recently had made a related to make it easier for people to get started.
operating and running release and that is one thing you can do what you can also have run a rich we're going soon to have a complain about getting more ups for purchase as part of the entries energy team goals because right now we have a lot of ups for proxies that are not really workings we could really use some more of those. but one thing we have done recently is that the as has also mentioned with the website translations and so on all our applications these days it can be translated using this as central system we have we could really use help with getting people to translate our stuff both website and our applications are in need of having active containers to translate them. and as mentioned you can donate to us which is a very much appreciated and we will also send some the symptoms white to you if you do that one thing we're changing now is that we're going to differentiate a little bit between one time donors and are recurring donors and the recurring donors are going to receive more to see if the if they continue to donate to the.
project. we have a small booth here at to this is the camp at the about freedom to which you can go by probably a little bit after the event but the some point during the day you can donate and get to shirts and we also have some stinkers if you are very interested in the.
we have time for some questions now and once were done of people are not comfortable with the twin questions here will go outside and people can come and ask this question thank you. i had reuters so if you will have questions or get call goes on saw george peace q a p at the microphones.
we have a question over there that we have some questions on sure that we asked some questions come on guys. maybe people want to do them out but it is too hot in here put their case the eighty's to watch and so do we have anything from from outside the tent from the net no we don't there we have the first question we should head. i then any independent had our networks like.
the centre left like in. running is in your time. but not all connected to one hour. we can't really year you can you get closer to the microphone and asked the question again sorry about this or any independent our networks and installed planning to any what. all know so we not not to my knowledge has no we have any independent torn up words that are not operated by like the normal official upper we have a test network for that is operated by hours as well so that doesn't to get the the independent label. and your questions.
it would be what you have been the microphone please. here we go. how do you measure as a traffic over as a network assist also include it's a fake traffic you generate by yourself to will make more entropy or is it just traffic entering the network and.
so huge that traffic.
so will replace an aga know that the network are actually reports that this takes about a profit that goes through them every day aam i think about all things new fe part being traffic by the fall i think they're not the future the kind of. this thing is this to study can see how much passing overhead we have over the network but i think we don't have that right now i think so i'm not sure. this. into an additional question technique can place a snowflake of the solution was so wet ought to see it's a first step for sends ought clients. but how old does is different as a classical solution to seoul you still have to provide to are signalling so of course about our to see clients that through gets about our to see connections soul what is different is this service you'll have to pride to signaling so over. and still the cell reckon be blocked row doesn't look to the general game you play when you're doing the year and is said to have arms raised is that the dissenters usually don't want too much sort of collateral damage so by by we're sort of exploiting a little bit the sort of centralisation that's happening on the.
internet right now where so many sides have hosted by amazon google and microsoft and by using ip addresses in their ip space and doing the domain funding part which generally start playing a game where the these the sensor will need to block the whole area. of the ip space for these a public clout. just like we do with that would meet in practice the people who are running the snowflake proxies that is the small lightweight installations in the web browser generally not be in areas where there is censorship because that is the place where you can block the access to the year central bridge which is the exit point to the tone of where that explain. thank you so we do have a new questions over they could to make use of the body to any of that we might be in question.
i have guys i remember last year google and amazon announced they were going to be providing the main fronting but as i saw your talk to you said that the main fronting is still working pretty well could you spend a minute or two sort of describing sort of that the current status of the main fronting which providers are selling at which ones are providing it. and like how is it working of to the biggest companies have said they're not allow any more but that is definitely a big problem i think we are really having one entry point right now with me my read about the which i think his bike loved us and google does not do so there are other options we can use their domain front of his a general technique in the one we explain here was.
the uk where we cheat with the tellus the us and i hit her and for example us and also has their simple queuing service which is a central in point that all education but integrate with those will use that using that you can do sort of requests response at the occasions using using amazon which is. i would say a more legitimate way of for of using their service whereas the other thing we're sort of exploiting the difference between how observers to handle telus versus the h.p.a. so that is one thing were investigating read now the other one is a the years and i which is a if people are familiar with the. about flares work on this. years and i was one of those to propose stand i'm not sure it's a standard yet but it's an idea where you know start encrypting as a night but it generally works best if if you have a many websites on on a single server or is as a single provider there are some things we can do their that were experimented with right now but there's still missing a. what were these in the beak its us libraries. was that the loss of all right so by the looks says nobody skewing therefore we gonna kill is that old onion.
get through to selig said george thank you very much for the update on the union and that's your clothes. i have. and how a year.