LO! An LLVM Obfuscator

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LO! An LLVM Obfuscator
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In this talk we will present how intermediate code transformations can be used to obfuscate code and the advantadges and limitations they introduce. We will also brielfy discuss some techniques that could help detect and reverse code obfuscated in such ways. Despite their limitations, intermediate languages like LLVM-IR provide the best way to write code transformations that work well for all the input and output languages supported by the compiler framework. Usually, this is used to write optimization passes, but nothing prevents you from using them to make the resulting code less inteligible to an external reader. This talk will focus on how different obfuscation techniques can be implemented and used as such passes and what are the limitations that may make implementing, for example, an unpacker a bit harder. We will also cover how some of these techniques can be reversed (specially when perfoming comparative analysis). Keep in mind that although LO started as a way to provide a way to deterministically increase variability in generated code and make finding out the patched flaws harder, many of it's techniques like code flattening or constant expansions are also used by other users of obfuscated code, for example malware.
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yes. a and e..
an entrepreneur. to get us a lot of things with security you learnt how to use and that starts at the age of seven and that was when he also started to master his father's computer. and there as you will see now in his lecture he likes to take things apart and he will present to know how intermediate coat transformations can be used to obfuscate coat with all the advantages and limitations this has so please give away. warm applause for his lecture elbow and l m b m a skater gap for a klondike these. well i'm a coalition by said that these people to cities because this was set for like five years ago so i was not unexpected that they could be accept that a well before i started really well the limiting what is so little told site i know i miss panis believe me i feel like at home here.
so ok my name is something a strike was this was my master's thesis five years ago going to take just plain you hold you can you sell him in order to have escaped cold.
when i started working on this project was eleven and was not a big suitably think i see this now because now you can actually compiled a basket with a little b.n. and this is actually a really useful way to for example prevent anyone from well look at your desk and cold but the in my main objective with he still was actually the. make it easier to to prevent attacks when you sent a pat was personally publication of a is so well here is the typical mandatory it's like they usually have to put so i can actually get paid by my company which actually own literally for a given the stall kyle here and paid for my ticket.
so yeah i work at the company blacklist insisted that because i don't think anyone is interested on that i willing to use fuel italy to a whole will be and works and what of his case in east so that people to class are most will know let's can probably follow to talk i going to talk about the for the first case in techniques then i will lead to acapulco you can use to produce. the will of his case urine in order to try to delay attacks are expats just a unified of a release it and then we'll go i will try to do a full their most that they're well it will get on my computer about the now not enter mouse work on my computer so i hope it works. a nd aim is basically a framework for compilers second pilot as you probably know we salute the peaks coating one programming language and little scope the in other programming language soaring assembly or any mustang cold a it's really cool because it provides sarah a lot of teams to work with an intermediate represented.
some of the cold you of translating so there as much more compile lives will be and basically peaks coping with seven love what you want to use many comments the to its own internal love words and then finally commerce that into a language that area code that you're going to use afterwards. i'm well the best thing is that they it's really really useful because the e.u. wide one of his case feel an air crash formation or some hope that will free skate the resulting coat in the air coming day them representation then i'll have a cell and you can use i love the compilers part they're usually. them and i love the oakwood start the libyan can use. air sea lucky but the collider he said the phone ten for using see a style and what's s. there is another one collected that i wanted that these basic on the sea and it basically year and it's actually an intimate percent a simple old of sea world see plaster and class and other languages like that. a lot of his case film well since the wonky is basically the main out on which the inspired by world but there is of course a lot of prior research mostly from my what their developers i guess that if any of you trust the world with the rest going to probably not that i'm the main objective of who was cation is basically making and plead what the program at his trial.
to withhold so that when you try to figure out what it's doing it will take you longer and therefore it will be harder for you to be able to do something useful of the coat that you get. a he got so most of us could use techniques that said a new set of a flattening basically tries to make sure that i'll take control flows and that these basically the place would you jump after you have been executed so many strokes films and up of the same place and that's another specific place with them to see whether you want to continue executed the cold. that makes it really really hard to feel without for example hallway our group of a farm while sport because if you have a program with a quite a few of the quite a few cover for restrictions like to boast of them will end up on exactly the same place and then you will need to be were out of a value that will be on the east that which is the path.
but the execution will follow afterwards. was not the first place film is such show up at the classical technique a guest at the family were few has been doing city at selling yes you probably know we take classical one is picking up the street and exploring kid with a specific when you about that quite a few of the techniques a you can for example us though some of the constancy memory and there. it's them so that they confiscate more disparate the way you can also for example use of these fields to slap still standing in the annual pace of that is where we're seaworld in order to get back there we cannot go there you have constant that the hot then you have opaque predicates opaque predicates adebayor basically from still stuck with that was it to the.
saying no mother with valuable to see both but at really complex and therefore had a really hard about to be about then we have reduced their swapping it's surreal technique to sell you want to get fully more feels that these with the code that these the for them. and there it basically tries to saints to use this for that you sort of the reef and they instructions are you start shopping obviously it's impossible to do a into a representation because there is absolutely no use the us they're basically have an infinite number of them and you have to assign one you are used every time you execute you put them.
destruction. but i will show you how you can actually do some thinks the in order to make the shooting coat when that to use the swaps. finally we passed that both in selsey on the basic play balls putting called the site of you cope at to snow think that will never be used.
and calls were all wearing which is basically a way to make sure that you get a lot more different programs out of thirty in our program by use place exclusively for places. so the. i. for it. i.
ok i'm sorry my a my wallet in my wallet mentally of this property because he had first time i have become so well as you can see basically the main reason why we want to use the a.b.n. me said with a worst case here is because we can then use the surface case numbers from a strange thing a lot of people and.
place as we can use it with dallas with called we can use it with seacole we can have and use it with class can quote i think the last also use the seller be asked about an hour this but my memory by be a bit lucky that and then you can also use they are something called a lot of the head and that detectives i mean enter other on the process. source a sort of either rafiq that are supported by tell where back and so you can get an idea of a growth rate for detectives the good news for use as a year.
to many from forty six that you only two right to vote once and then use it on a lot of different places which makes life a p.c. i of course there is really the robot and that means that it's really hard to use beriberi architect to a specific purpose case of techniques here in which case well you probably want to. by the specific tool for that the that to be i wanted to use. a so called a flattening he said officials say they take weeks but i am going to catapult cycle. you basically the area is put out the cost of closest height of the same place and they want that place decide what you are going to put the new execution a way which will do anything they let the end is usually a fee note in order to choose to have a specific a value that will depend on to social old artist basically which have to the front the basic low. talks are executed or possible execution globes day air they call it takes a crucial flow is coming from a case that would have even one another on this family is to film then we can use a sweet before hand in order to choose one value at the other without having to out a new a new brands in construction. and they may we have basically is that they would have to mop up on this and at least looks films into a specific date for this have moved or. on this family structure and so that they have jumped will always be strike to target low another trick that is really important to have here and that help so it's too optimistic look at the beginning of texas to see them so that al qaeda salafism of the food system will not be at the beginning but will be after.
to stamp out. oh you would think that while there he said i was going to be a really big noting your car that after that everything goes through that is basically the main way in which you can detect that kind of technique is being used and you will probably see at least with my a specific to that there is absolutely no could be some advanced going on.
i love the gaps that will be i was found on the show. home us the world if you can calculate of us than a sale after the second the and that means after you have gone over the main bloke that the sites where texaco flow with comfy me then you can bring in at eight million are cut off by doing that you will be able to get there you might call a fairly well if point to ask me know. i have called for that because my main work here was one of his skating on of space and techniques is basically in case anybody wants to follow people said. and well you can also comment they have been shut up on the family still feel plus a damn into a specific on this album. so here is the best said them or at all well you know that the stakeholders works just with. i know he'll work and if the. and yes that. old skate on farms. i mean you have put the to the fist fights. so. have you been basically see me make it only be good.
i'm. well. ok and basically a human feet of the fence between one pope won a firm senate bill that the left of his people to know that i could have to be evaluated old as you can see basically with a main road and every other firms are we up so the area there that dampened haven't yet. he was back with a recovery in a coat so you will see a lot of the n.c.i. going back to me. i. that will continue. and we can go over the course of this case there was some talk of space and some of the technique to make it really amply what you're doing for example itself he said one less than three point four to fifty being be as compared to having for example they extort have to be fed by humans and then come back here.
that they were floating on in darfur the boy camera. ed the way in which the world's is basically that we choose a constant that we cannot escape because there are a few false starts after running costs them inside of eleven call them would be one of the techniques a in my case i only have limited to one of them use of office pay the cost us using the fact that it may take up in a sense.
all you see can access to a global body able but contains hell of a consequence the money then when we had gone with is a step we can decide to offer skater we think again and with that in order to make the court a lot like yet analysts have to follow you have to be really careful when you do that because if you choose you choose.
spoke with had been a high probability of their first case here you my and that would fill in your memory out of useless called a making have the last problem but you cannot continue nothing afterwards. so they way in which you can take the is that there are basically going to be really feels true sense that the quality of course but i'm at that there was that exist they are usually not properly of the myself out which is heavily with being a half in moscow so you will see our style of accessing of member. the access only four points have been moved. and. i. you know another problem i have is that i am not to set the work with to us because of the same time so there were about.
ok so. the mother they have put this one. i. he says that the sponsor will start of this. the. palace. here you can see an example of the differences between one from some of the issue goal today beginning you will see for example that thirty years ago that i just fell asleep or it would use grew up in their of the number of a woman's what you buy up by evidence that have cost us one two three four.
last five seater if you go on the left you will see that for example we know that the calculator value to we are doing couple of see made leave stay well basically doing clinic saw in order to get a value and then we have more to buy or fifty my take on a number one which is basically on with it because my two. so as easy as it is a really good way of making a lot of useless spoke that will be hard for that person that this type of the best part of. and it of course will affect performance review of music months for use by which we have a go.
ok so to continue with this. then as. the next it. that ok so the next that make things about this i was a split in bicycles and therefore because of you that the know about basic locals basically assets of his troops or stuff no dumpsite so while completely misleading as set of instructions you know to wear that the congress.
so when i was a start at the beginning of the basic law and and a day and of the basic look with look at the court of appeal. this is what that's not exactly true because they know the and from was not only because the that have basically up again that this idea the idea is that what we do is that we used to bite his basic looks at the museum by having care some extra that commission about just because that will make things like wonderful. but in a lot harder to move out because if instead of having fifty lines of code to bring to any celebration of the program you have five different blokes with then lies eight it's going to be a lot harder to understand what he's doing and it's going to take significantly more time you know that you were out what the problem is tied to show. the way weeks. the way in which the discovery that think that is because you will see a lot of who have won the summer jumps his sight of your coat my lot of them would be totally useless and that is what makes the change we really create a because there is usually no reason to panic of this going to jump when there is.
only one part in court that the specific the bloke of coat that you're going to execute afterwards. and their way in which you can have your sleeve the messy these but many are just kind of loads into a single one and the scanners will be automated as i said the system that was not part of my work so hopefully somebody will do it at some point in the future.
them with that sort of their they're nice these basic blokes in two completely different past years. this is happening is a release the ability of transformation and there is some way it works it's because it's bloke it's completely independent from the other so as long past the first blow which he stands a locust the same everything has come earlier that in the way you want to. and it can be detected because usually when you get a call to thought of by their you will try to follow a co-producer hard particularly from from top to bottom so it's quite unlikely for example that you will find to read from stealing approach is that it's more likely you will find the main breadwinner of a to know what parts of the cold.
and do company only try to oversee that policing about by using pay more they have their say that ordering when you are with the taleban have loads into the new code to do want to generate.
the eye when i was so you to the most of the style of them later because that's probably going to speed up there to talk a little bit the scientific approach here. were ranked teams basically tries to keep track of how did that in this is the twenty three skills and then they are there things look since the completely randomly idea is that you pick one of the structure for half an hour then there's serious put that his troops in the first one of the world the last one us all sides of the basic look and then afterwards you will as a bow. so marketing solutions that have no more then there's the size of a label to be sued and repeat the process if the so stunningly at is because if you're having working with a higher what i detected. is basically what the marshall islands tries to do is type of hundreds of what it's all of the for that process. in order to speed up call to a cold execution but the state we're going to use his head of the compiler instead of a processor. a it's of its kind to the tech this kind of thing because they were you with said that by then when you sue tickled inside a basic locusts percent after of concerns it's fairly from the a random but you can either try to think that the court is really really not the myself or the million with of the recession. firms or you can try to find if you have a coat that would be much harder that way below being debated the to me that a fairly complex a of family of have really complex the expression but you are calculating. it can deliver so if you try to set up about already have on the way in which is to transfer p.c. on well that will not completely the feet of space and technique because the gold willis can defend properly not one but it will make it a lot easier to rita code after worse. then we got our software firm since family and that will make the call by the ilo this is usually not i would think if you want to see was markets s. but it's really useful if you want to make the call it a little bit harder to follow because most program ends with pride could have a more or less a good ordering home for the first war.
they're so that for example you that led from sense that you are going to pal fairest and then the firm says that telling them afterwards you have absolutely no be some to focus kind of holding about put the whole system and the other one and that these exactly what we're doing here. saving with robots usually put global see a specific calling you go for example you put them close to where we are going to miss them. place them whatever anyone and the saints there are completely. this was coming to take the can be detected that and it now they cannot be detected the silly but they come us that for example if you're that i love the food stamps and to go as have politically. by doing that basically you kind of the feed the wall the affirmation when you play to the tech said yes we will use it to you now coat and the court was overstated. then we have finally share swap hopes the transformation and this is a way to get the look of more horror movies and it's the closest think that we can move to use that's what would you think they'll be an interview that isn't based on the idea is simple. it will for example adding one was to wear want to get the same pursuit it will go to plus one so we might think there's a place terms that fans have paid off without swat on one only their side where we want to swap them on or so called will look different every time we execute this transformation. unless of course with the outside with the same choices. their way in which we convince the world you can try to move away on their tail plants using have probably the final third reading and for example that means that you can for the airport fest constant access then as specifically as they used to access and for example tried to put to use. the access to the closest to the french offense that i will make a pickle i always have the same orbiting and that means that if investors have to hold a a a a player to have had to sell a player with i wish you saying of course this is not that's easy to us it seems one to combat the call to assemble because you. we need to get back to be another be imposed hope of assembly called. so now that we along with felt this part of the program before i go to a way actually that is what i think i'm going to try to show you the platform a sense because that's probably a lot more interesting for you. so i have so you are ready to conquer flattening can tailor a constant the first case and affirmations on the what i am going to try to show your now is the.
well they're the ones they have for example to bash the closest meeting first. then tell them i say the ban on ordering there were no more than once.
so for example. the we open to use the coat. here. the from the skin for love to see this is basically to a baby as people from soon as you can see what was at the beginning had really a straightforward called the cart absolutely no branches is becoming a lot more he spoke to follow because we have than seventy few which groups of.
there. that as i said this by itself is pretty useless because this is really simple embarrassed and it doesn't provide as much about that but the view apply control flattening afterwards these threats from a city becomes really really strong because the color of flattening would force a person that is trying to reverse the co. the coat to go back i was the main note that will decide what the words of which have low will control every few weeks group seems so. that is one of the most then the next one and half years for the. a plan that there were no more than abbassi clothes and you will see about the this one is happily have been a simple one are so.
so if i were still here. here you can see that the author of the execution of know it's more that saying their pensions say something no other reason why you think about us because now we are serious cultural scene on the more the so it would say right cope with the story in our coat you will see that basically a contraflow of the future.
some is pretty much made their behalf i mean that your site the world to one else or whatever else and then you go to the end of the wood spectacle to the left you will see for example appears to have seen people was used as part of the air fares have here there's no second the at the beginning of the cold now it's up to vote on what happens.
stop their most of the way they call a jump of was a painting of the cold now the size to jump island way back to the bottom is that those they come there on the top so. because the piece will make it a lot harder before the conference code because it would make it significantly harder for tibet said he later she called the cold was particularly around the clinic was component. in a similar way it will use that on them in the days to some of them i seen transformations you would see. similarly see. the.
i. and what you've got the fia years that to constanta the world their specific of where the money i have a completely different or getting the code but we have overstated the will and the fifty that a sale within a day of education peace school can see here. then they cope when i was so heavy lifting from the real world appear population which is basically i want to buy one objective here so i. if we for example use this one where you can see that the family friend they have hit the fan in the air of space compete you can see that i look after loads and a lot of the atlantic as percent cocoa go up in order to a completely different way.
a is to cope with this might be below on the name of the left having a low on the moon right so publicly for the specific us from a sale is making a significantly higher live on that all well for for restraint one of life's our coat to see what their unit condo flow our own way.
yes i'm here you can see authentic sample to see that it actually he makes a really big differences honey waste when you take city. so if we go to pay a swap all star formation which is also the an interesting you will also see a similar recovery of the us so. the scope cost significantly a smaller number of places what i cannot fully gluteus walking about.
the. it. so here you can see that their the competition with carrying out cold we are swapping some of their of a rope around somewhere using home some of the outside the multiple occasions because they don't need to stay in that order.
both of probation cycle more that the another operation that this article would typically states or idea in order to convince left. the is so. we can also see that this would be say a bit different if we change the case that we use one of which case you're aware said the way in which seven on an innovative that it's going to work so here you can see that their we get that the french while fighting in one of their bits of the key on.
here they can see that there would have another the five n one a were in there which in some other parts of the key so tell us that every time you treat some parts of the key you will get the front called generated back here which will make it a lot harder for an attack at the world what has been tense.
the with it finally cough they have the most the cells for the but i know from similar was on the world has had a pretty trivial.
so the study in a cold or. so here are basically about see that we have a lot of people was at the beginning of the clinton in the left there or that i felt that the political scientist overtake article to give up all of that either you can see they are that pretty much family and the same thing happens with the firm since the movie.
so they get a completely different ordering read that a win he said comes from the same you say executive and the we can actually see that the ordering say yes to the bank of the kumbaya recent elephant the sky simply so here you can see companion event the. percent of the same code. and finally i can show you have an affair one so you can see that the coat seven years since i know every ten years this transformation. so while this is the first part of the more i was so you are full them or using all of us from a sense of it later. that said. is it so let's talk a little bit old white a vehicle to speak usually what you have one another because they want to parts of backups me to figure out what has been saying in other complied with multiple inability supposing that this sort of the nobel.
but basically means that they age before somebody down there were mistakes but stay for a week or so and take the little pieces of course that that saying to you might be able to find a buffer overflow and you start that the rest of the works pro.
so the people and we have here is that caused by the official again and eight the same call for the same imports ok a place now is when we can laugh because you know but it's not that quality throughout history somewhat for example very and his political local for fourteen to getting the care of by a component that we live.
difficult to think oh sure but you can happily very high that the compiler work at the way you benefit but most of the time they get actually begin a quote that is the same operate the scene. because someone to tell us that these little is that these were small and that means that the ten years with most affected food tournaments they were introduced and not the war coated said.
so what we can use is that in order to be able to really have to get eight hours centers for museum we can use happy to africa and i'm grateful to the sea that i was with the same value as low as to use the same these when war of course in our forty's to work correctly you need to make sure that ticket to laugh about the many innovator. class of the front seat every time that you use it in my case i usually used to a fancy or a while you are forever in the full extent that we are going to of course came to see it is basically the side that base about the number on the name of the folks on the name of them all you and ask us to the couple specialty that this president obiang population time next. that transformation past or the staff he would have to resume. the same problem we have is that the well you can still be on the boat the to find what was thinks so that is why we are putting that meant that they replace your techniques here why we use the cost of not turning point for the station so that any deal that the code he will still take you a long time to heal. about what it was spectacular thing. and finally they have grown up. start. but the speaker to fix he said. it's the seas ok the. well on it especially if i tell you what hotel rest of the week has been this is the best the other ways but this would be small and air we cannot change the world program every time that we were complacent. so that is why we use a specific piece in order to the first question thank you a year so basically the areas that we will only have skated specific foods yours or more years that we fail to compile into office kate and they will be overstated in exactly the same way every time when the show as low cost to use the same.
said to which the simplest form a sales and the same a of his case your coat. so the idea is that if we have two parts cope with a fairly partner then they will do will get the same called i'll have to time. so that's basically they're well the body part of child now i'm going to go for the reality i am going to three to show you so hard to follow can be a simple telework example. the augusta for that it's barely five move my the. also he has a we cannot see it.
or a minute. if a hoop. in the fight. that so now basically you can see the same think i'm saying so that will make it healthier to follow. so let's make a call to a little bit bigger than the us comfort of what they're doing. and yes i am one of the us every larry people to actually maims his quality must pass the case you're wondering. it happened that i know this because canada. a's so here we have to them. and the colts were wont always came here is the simple can a work program. so as you can see it basically asked. it's marlay ira of one hundred before the bites and it's basically really can name on it would you say hello may money for their name is still then he will use a world i mean if you don't people panicking then you will use the world so much.
if we go on go by disco.
it's want to hear the first is that basically would generate an end of the amateur may represent a somewhat sceptical because i want to so you about this by to cope with our with the same by us it is generated by the compiler the results will be the phone which aims to preserve peace on.
and what the second line is doing is that the faculty compiling tap into a person they seem so as you can see if we execute or so the poem.
here's what traffic soup. so now we're going to go for the compact understand their interpretation process the first this first line of code is he is basically trying to do i love about from a seriously in order that i phone while working really well so where's the dinner hour.
arcade could they were company compilation unit which is going to eat example the huskies you for free in order to defeat the couple of affix obama nominated them we avoid to kobe is key alone we are going to split the basic no cars and we're going to palm broke the president there for the comparable to take. program will want to escape the quants pants and where i want to wear put it to court pants one over seventy five times and which to put a smile you another to prevent the quantity of rope of our own. they would have been honest look where we are going to play at the end of my skin care reform a seance and finally we are going to compile a feeding were brought up the world so.
and as you can see things aren't working lives.
and some wait for him he is now because i am the innovator some hope.
we are. it's a one. comparing those years. ok so a seat this is what happens when you prepare their most really late afternoon.
or at the mitre said a two story in a coat and now its work has its roots.
so. no. me. well that fortunately i already have to come political here so you can actually see what is going on so. these tales skated percent of the cold and the as you can see what exactly the same. and the air which have different basis of the a if we have to speak with the same call with the same a skimpy until we're going to go today we're going to get exactly the same values so for example if we go today all and of me which i use the same position piece that you can see that several use at exactly the same.
which means that the court was inundated he's the same about on the other county we do something and you have a schism key stakeholders whiteley widely different so just waiting but they are sweeping assembly. the. me. with so here's to the sum was a few of the few years they know my ninety five s.
that you can see that they would have quite a few differences between daily unite contraflow program and that is something one is personally when we go to the main full term a basically north dakota looks at all like what they want we had before and an equal to significantly longer and. a lot harder to follow. and similarly as you can see when with saints the first case in key. now take photos of the left we have had a lot of ten years or so going according to the resulting from some so this is basically the result of a you think they say a compiler. that's a slew of four minutes left at i think it's better if we go for the question bounced because i am not so fully so they will be able to fix the some time. one. and thank you very much and the woman asked.
so yeah we have another three minutes for questions now we have to microphone angels in the middle after our hall to if you have a question please move to them. and so you go to the microphone and then you can ask questions these questions and not so many comments as possible. ago thank you for your to do i get one question what's the overload the size and the wrong time and overload of their of frustration.
i. thank you so they'll the old it's nice aim size the pencil open to the specific by used to use when you are a play that that's what museums a if you for example uses global use what the p.b.s. plate i'm all in all course and twelve which case your name but a messy sighting of the cold a they were low. it will be reasonably small maybe you will get that to fall size increase of the cold when it comes to performance at least in my test i could not notice has significantly the financial toll most likely because the amount of coke that was hard it was are so very high clean knowing their the pain that the with the rest of the cold and that the suit that the to persist. but being able to have the myself most of these called in fact that really put the thing to take into account here ice that a of the same process can totally the story of a station which is the reason why we were performing fessed up to the station and then to escape some steps. thank you for the west end of a coming of twenty. i.
and any more questions. come on the me say we looked like anybody that that's kind of question about that whole is typically it might seem. it doesn't seem sell so thank you very much scan the wait i think of one of their deaths among coming next. sorry i don't i don't know if i hear these things for for these one book is this project open source to have a leak because the they find like in britain they like talk description nineteen but that he just take a look but this.
no apology i am really able person and i decided to make this play in completely close associates usually the only in academia i'm you can absolutely not get this cold and this is absolutely not a sarcastic remark thanks for reminding me because i actually to have a slight that day contains i'll have a lease that you guys maybe that is that on the scotus elite. open so as i really would love to see us using heat asking me any questions you have because i could not happily have come here if it wasn't because of that so.
you can see here you have a. this is the link to my master seas and he's telling what they have called that they use that's what these a normal i will probably release and is likely to pay to address them because i have their taken some of the time of night was the guys were getting drunk and partying in order to get a proper what investment for trying to please their most that you have seen today.
a second close to you now one so now the coach at least course we feel we and three poems four point two which is all i know about well it's at least one his favorite person that you can work on and that this is here to get on to a a bleeding kate special filly into to you or i use it when i was doing his work so hopefully times what. you put them in an interview. facts thanks to call it was going to have absolutely forgotten to put the slings.
mccain thank you can bank and a warm up costs for you and your work. you say one thing get you can say one thing said local a few but after all money especially to the people at the bonn fact because i gave significantly was said it was enough the stalled their that these what made me i love with me to cough up much whether it's ok.
so fast i look to him personally to you that when i say be aware that was given me a lot and to the potus later aware that these trying to translate some of my york some a really think a spanish accent so thankful to all of you so thank you and your way obama lost our translator us.
it's i was very good. a year.