Making video games in a weekend

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Making video games in a weekend
The why and how of game jams
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Are you curious about making your own video game? Game jams are a brilliant opportunity to try that, and a fun challenge for interdisciplinary teams of all skill levels! They're basically hackathons, but for video games - you're given a certain theme, and are encouraged to make a game around that in two or three days. In this talk, I want to empower and inspire you to try that yourself! When I first joined in the large, international game jam "Ludum Dare" in 2016, I found it a very rewarding experience, that got me in a flow-like state of mind. I liked it so much that I've since participated 10 times in a row - at this point, I have tons of experience, which I want to share with you! This talk is split into three parts: First, I'll quickly go over the history of game jams, and introduce you to some of the largest ones, like Ludum Dare and the Global Game Jam. Second, I'll talk about my personal experience with game jams: I'll explain how I got into it, and showcase some games I worked on! I'll also share the development process behind them, and reflect on what went well and what didn't. And finally, I want to empower you to try this for yourself. Specifically, I'll explain how the "Ludum Dare" game jam works, and share some tips, tricks, and resources I have assembled over the years, that would have been useful for myself as I just was starting out.
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yes. a i'd be.
thanks for joining with this morning to listen to be talking about game tents. excited about that i hope to shed some of that excitement of fuel.
and then we i see sometimes to things like making open source more goals for suffer for takes our communities i like to do except art for example i'm sometimes i make these non-viable simple instructions to explain i go with them sometimes.
you might have seen some people walking about with this can show up with some puns on some brand names on them.
and another thing i like to do is making very very tiny video games.
and i also want to learn about you who of you is generally interested in making video games yourself that's a lot of hands and that's also that you're here and who have those has actually started to make a video game that is may be hard for one for a few ok.
and two of those has finished to make that video game also and scene may be for hands which i left ok so this talk as for those if you like i wasn't a sensational at i have always would stop making video games and then i would get kind of stuck halfway into.
the frustrating and then i would have to get how so when a fun game james i found that was an awesome opportunity to actually like fos yourself to actually make the finished game and ship it and get which feels will you will get on my goals for the stalk are threefold i want to explain to you watch games are and where they come from.
and i want to showcase some of the games i did it and like if you're a little bit to peek behind the scenes of fourth and to see that to show you how it was created and most probably i want to empower all of you to actually participate just health and one of these and make it as easy for you as i can to get stopped.
some don't. and so what actually is this thing called game jam and a very short way to put its hedge funds will be the audience saw that you have we can basically you're given a thing and then alone a team you make a video game on the theme and in the end there might be prices or waiting saw something like that.
but there doesn't have to be an the name game gem this jan component comes from deaths music actually soul like in a damn session musicians would need to various spontaneously and like informally to make music together without a lot of preparation and games are kind of in a similar spirit soul. the first game jammed the internet's these most off was the indy game jam which happened in two thousand and two and two independent video game the other posts khristenko and john barrett and invited some friends to their office physically and and gave them in this case a plea made engine and and write it all of these people to make their own.
teams that want that and at the end they put their with thousand websites and like button documentation on and this fall it was really really successful and one of the participants in this in the game gem was jonathan blog but you might know from games like great other witness for some of which he made later. an saw many people we like that from it so only one month later in april two thousand and two another person put up a website called little data that com which was another game june and in this case is that this is a virtual game jam so you don't actually go to a common looking.
but the spirit but you can protect it from anywhere basically an and six yard the very first and our games them was really small they had about eighteen except the eighteen submissions so late in games were submitted an and two days to them directly into his have about two thousand to three south.
thousand submissions so it has grown a lot that has kept going since two thousand and two and there is still ongoing debate on how to pronounce this name i'm some people like to see little dare and while it's certainly a very daring thing to participate in the games and this is latin and then it means to give the game.
basically are more dramatically to play a trick on someone and i'm and i really like the atmosphere of the student every event on its very very open for beginners for example very supportive of i really enjoy how people interact in the communities where we can recommended i have a lot of experience in running this this games and i think. on the two or three years ago and i could so much that i since then participated ten times in the world by not what happens to have three times a year. and so i said to give an iffy might for these games use a list of all the good and our themes so far and many of them put some creative restrictions on the game designed for example one of the themes was ten seconds quite one of them was i'm entire game on one screen and the case you have to like.
we are somehow think of an idea that fits this theme that is the idea on i think when i first started out the first team i saw was to button controls so you have to think of a control scheme is based on that yeah i didn't die is considered to be the second largest game them into. what's so let's look at the largest one which is the global game time it happens in the beginning of each year and i'm it has been going since two thousand and nine so it's a bit of a new one.
and i'm its stars driven by a nonprofit charity him and in this case it's a disputed games and soul you have all over the world several sites were in go to participate and to meet other low game creators in. seoul invade and defrost global games them they had one thousand six hundred participants which greater together about three hundred games and and the most recent one this year they had fifty thousand participants who created nine thousand games and eight hundred sixty locations over the world when i look at this map which they haven't said i.
i'm found this site in the pacific ocean and this is actually how i were apparently fifty six people also participated in this came from it. so it's a list of the engine themes these are often and bit more vague and more open to interpretation like in two thousand and twelve there was just an image of a snake eating its own tail and get to think of her game that but that of the year after that the sound of a heartbeat for example.
so some of the game comes to note are the nordic games m m which happens annually in copenhagen this is actually a single site where go to and about twenty thousand people participated here it's a new tickets for that but they do talks and workshops and so on.
there was the top ten which happens in toronto which swing. and it up sponsors a game called a game of which just kind of a celebration of open source software so you are encouraged to create your full game using open source software only.
and that's what i wanted to mention is the games and organised by a popular you tube channel called they make us to cut which is focused around a deciding game mechanics and they have been doing games since two years which were hugely popular like this year they had also all about three thousand entries which saw some and this is much more focused like less.
based on a polish game so it's less about the graphics and be the audio but it's about really clever game mechanics. sometimes these games it developed for the after games and so there are some pop luck commercial games which your metaphor of which and started as games and games for example about his you was an entry to the nordic games and two years ago to the theme of not there.
or many metro for example was a little dire entry a few years ago and the theme of minimalism and you might have seen a game called keep talking nobody expects there was a global game gentry.
ok so let me show you some games i made it and sell the story of one and the first entry image was like a solo entry want the theme of shape shift and had this little story were like of fair we would give you the ability to shape shift but what the hell we didn't tell you that you shift into the closest object to.
but to you so congratulations you have fallen now and the games than about moving want to miss them and that thing that all fireflies which than fall down to the carpet and you're supposed to lower my was coming out of the most whole to eat all the cheese on the got so it's a game of aunt fast we actions and a bit of strategic planning and.
together with a friend and made twenty thousand pixels into the sea.
which is the same exam later basically so this was actually really interesting for us to learn about whole tables work and how to put your sale in the correct direction to go into like goal against the wind for example how you do that.
and we were stumped for about an hour or so finding out and trying to find out how a boat actually turns out that works which processes involved until we realize that you have writers which you out of a lot and stealing it gets and after he added that a drug much better. and we made a puzzle game called you member this doesn't mean was just fine so this is a process that's fine whom and.
and it's in its a it's a public a mere sixty one way i've given amount of furniture or and you're supposed to put it on the on the floor plan i'm so that you'll set aside some conditions and for some of you cannot lock the door and you can and cannot put chelsea in front of windows so you don't block the light and.
we made some interesting interesting levels they want that i think. i'm there was a waiting game called about the small world which is like takes place in the human but stream and you are supposed to deliver oxygen to organise of the human body which is partially very hectic and possibly of every meditative experience sorts n n it tended to letters which is of their we.
abstract minimalist game about finding out on the about the shape of letters a bit a book by basically touching them in the dark and you get some feedback and i only had a single day to make this game so yeah it's it's very would use the ideas very very small and during the game you most to see. the specs ground clicking on to that of someone.
and we made spring clean do not cross which is about cleaning your apartment with a room but also you have cats and you need to protect your cat's want to swim by putting in some but we have tapes so it's about fast reactions again.
on another game is called splendid when she was on a sunday afternoon and this was for the theme combined two incompatible jaws so this is a mixture between a platform or end a taste of injured as he could actually jump over the text to get to places and they can decide which direction you want to go.
on what a very talented artist to do this as back once. in our dance artist and architects you manufacture some sculptures according to your customers which is basically it's a bit of a sandbox game i would say.
and the most recent one was called capitalist big east which is all about doing evil banker piece into trips by putting kind somewhere and they will you didn't go in.
and the game i want to talk to him about his called white space and we met this last year from diarrhea and it's basically the poses how it all starts with a theme announcement quite so wouldn't dollar has this trip to account there are so well put the theme on the website and if you subscribe to the mating this they will also.
downstairs so you can visit and in this case the theme was running out of space the announcement happens at the u.u.p. see so understands on its deep in the night we were sleeping when a guess and then we meet in the morning to have breakfast and start to brainstorm what we could do with the feeling of and i want to show. some of the ideas we had for example running out of space the first thing we thought about was hearts had so there are some incoming files and you need to keep your your hard drive of clean basically and decide if you want to keep a video of your summer vacation or this school essay and maybe thought of by with the something.
i'm with the idea of making an extra between scrabble interests may be quite so if you create an english word and you're playing field will disappear as something about the planned growing hudes and its kind constricted and the and the space it has.
on this was an idea about the two metric picking right you're giving a number of objects and eventual fit it all into the light touch which might have fun. but then we had this idea about the game we have a square which filled with letters and also as a pink character you moved by typing basically saw each time you press a letter this character moves one space for the rights and then as soon as you type some special keyword some stuff will happen for so if you type down your movement directional. change and you will actually start moving downwards. this very first idea we had they are the the idea to add more items like boxes and holes and keys and in the end we drop these more complicated mechanisms and only kept the directional commands and find out that this was also was very very which have an idea already sought after week. such great this might be interesting we have to start by making a very quick likely prototype so this is how it looked like we we use some governments we had from an earlier game fifty tried all its making some level since saw how that felt like and defenders of having the letters as your level bus but we didn't need a fence.
sea level editor of something we could just use of them had to make a levels which was good. now and then i think we spend the next day. thinking of good levels and this was one of the places i enjoyed most and this came from a thing like we had this simple rules about movement and we ourselves have to find out what we could do with it might so we found some consequences these rules had on how you can move for example there are some interesting.
the things that happen when you try to turn around and very small corridors on and i think we found two or three interesting like revelations which the player can then discover phone for themselves.
now we had let go kind of play ball game at the end of day two was something we had three days and call it that tamed we invite people to latest i will talk about that but later on and after that we just put in time to publish this.
came at fancy our phones and that they were beautiful back on graphics and music that fits the game some scientists and so on and this is how it looked like in the end and also we ate a lot of his death he was doing the same time.
seoul after you submit your game on there's a place where you can play other people's games and comment on that and weight and we've got some put encouraging commons for this game i'm someone in the news websites picked it up and reported on them which they committed.
a bit more visible and many people also liked this effect of having simple rules and complicated consequences of this was some other people like to adopt and a funny thing that happens in the games and often is that some people will on request themselves while they are playing the game right they will stream something and which and recorded in britain future.
later it was super fun to watch other people paying your game and trying to figure out how it works this person for example and actually did not talk in the stream but only type some words into the game itself because right you can write checks there were sixteen so on the person commented on how they were doing right thing this. now and after three weeks or so the waiting face close as and then but they do is basically calculate the average school of all the weightings in all categories and than just if you or the the place in which you are on i think in this game they had about two thousand submissions us all. on and this for the results we got and the aunt so in its second place over war which is super surprising to us and we also got very good ratings in the categories fun and innovation.
we want to try this game this is definitely the game i'm most proud of them before the games and made you can take it out here.
that. and they want to give you some some tips and tricks i picked up over the years of doing this which might be helpful if you want to fight this for yourself.
own first of all right to think you have participated well you can probably tell that for me it's a lot of fun and that's also or a very good way to or to build skills and twenty your skills and think on both in preparation of the event and also during the event itself.
you might be forced to learn how to do with something you never did before maybe and that's that's also a very valuable thing for me and for me it's so interesting to build interdisciplinary team saw still has been very fortunate to work together with that talented artists for example a person who makes their own music for example and could create. one music and working together in this in this team is a very good experience for me. and yeah but also always puts me in this feel like state of mind where can like work on this game from standing up in the morning to going to bed which i very rarely experience in other situations though this thing i always look forward to when participating. i quickly want to go over our the rule sets of whom doris specifically because they are two different will sets that the demos and the company was the generals are but more forgiving i would say you can participate in a group and you can we use some material other people have made like images.
some defects and so on its human they have free licence as likely to the commons on and you have three days to make your game. and then in the other real said the company will said i think this complex comes from the demo c n n does like a test of your skills with you have two days you have to work alone. and you have to make everything from scratch doing this weekend which is set which is what happened in. some things i recommend to for preparation is simple to have enough food to arms like i mostly cook up a large batch of food and to some snacks and brings so don't be to think about that during these days because i will have other things and cried now i gotta get enough sleep i would say an eye.
most often also sleep during the event but i know people of different and now some of you might work night shifts also and the sad thing is to build a small demo game before the event even starts soul you get a bit more custom to the engine you want to use and you can make sure that all of your with members of the set up. working and that you have like a good set up for example this is a really terrible thing also. we are speaking of engines and there are some large very powerful engines like unity your the and we'll and and for example but if you like these are too complex and two powerful maybe to stand out so what i recommend as a very small huge to the game isn't called love the us love to do you got or.
our own its open source its prospects form on its that we focus but future complete four metres of physics and and built in for example it has support for perfect haters and the community is also very friendly right the they have very nice forms and if you look at the bottom white says and you want. however that the community sometimes gets to fenty so look out for that and you have another engine i started trying out this year is called people eight and and this is something some people call the fantasy console so it's because software that gives you a very constraints and.
and thinks of the sort of things you can work with you have the output of one hundred twenty eight by one and twenty eight pixels you have like a fixed color palette of sixteen coerce your three audio channels and that's all you have basically continue to work instead of these constraints to make your game which is for me very like it pushes may.
creativity forward if a and given us to this nonsense and the council also has built in a just as you can see years has a level editor or disabled and called it also is so you can actually stay inside of the software all the time while your and making it and then switch between clean it and making it all the time you can make some defect and music also.
this and the software this property however and if you're looking for an open source alternative i would recommend looking at the icy eighty which is basically the same thing the display is a bit larger get a bit more pixels which i personally don't like as much as typically but you also get.
the level at the taurus on their children. ok so what about making graphics and i have sometimes recommended as sites like open game our job or quake unsigned we made character graphics and spy cheats and tails for making maps and so on.
personally i've never used them and i've never seen then successfully used because often like the idea of your game will be so specific that that's not very helpful to have a pre-med graphic are trying to find investors visiting in and some side so i would actually recommend going graphics yourself. and they are at least two good ways of doing that you can use picks art on which this way to create graphics very fast track because they are not so many pixels you can change its spots to create a sixty six an image for example and software i recommend of doing that is called his plight.
sometimes it's to fix art workshops and one of them was recorded actually so if you're interested in learning about as blatant about making picks out you can check out this recording i will go for us all to these lights and the aunt. and the other direction would be back to where fixates we have very sharp to find corners you have a lot of flexibility in which graphics to make an escape is another good open source problem for creating rector a fix.
yeah and another idea maybe as if you feel if you don't feel comfortable and making very complex graphics yourself you can keep the visual style if you can very very minimalist an abstract constrain yourself to afford on to the back on colloq with simple german shapes example of something i've seen working very well the past. on the topic of some defects the first thing to say is definitely eps them i have played a lot of games which has no sound at all and that's always a pity that has been as soon as you at some sort of his two actions of skits so much more fluid and to smudges.
c n n what's more interesting so definitely at some science and i think i like to do is we caught sight of his myself actually so i would walk on my apartment with was not for maybe the next one and there was pretty good and they would hand for scientific dislike how to stay silent and has made on of sound and so on and sometimes you can find very fitting subjects. their eyes and if you don't want to do that there are some resources like the free some project for example which works pretty good you can enter some key words and you will most of the time get some fitting scientific for your game you need to account on this site to download the subjects which is kind of annoying but for me it's worth it.
now and then there was a software called s x r which is basically the scientific synthesizer.
this is kind of the heck this was created specifically for them to our because i set in this very constraint will set you need to create the sound effects on that we can try to solve some people said ok we will make a tool that helps you make this sound effects in that moment so you have these precept battles on the left and you can click on them and then get some sound effect. it sounds like an explosion on like a coin pick up something and evil when demise the slightest little bit according to constraints and then you will get something that sounds like a coin pick up maybe and if you have with that you can stay fit and use it in your game they are some where pays to the maze of the software also which you can find.
ok music than you could compose it yourself a gets and i do have a point to dust that a lot for our games and but if you're like me you can also find some very good resources for funding music for simple incompetent dot com it's a very good side where the sea.
person has created hundreds off some tricks basically in all different styles and temples and so on and whether we like about that side is that you can filter is very good so you can actually if you want to evoke a certain feeling with his music you can fit on the fields dropped on and then select the no on sea and driving navy and then. you only see music that fit these feelings you can filter for temple fall and ten pick something like this is all quite of commons at it.
saul in the brain scanning face i always try to make sure that in the beginning we don't exclude any ideas because its kind as kind of discouraging for people if they have a very very very yeah an idea that doesn't sound very little seeking other people's they are we cannot with.
but what's so maybe hold back at that moment a little bit and keep in mind maybe it will change over time and become something awesome and nine and the other direction don't pick an idea to quickly and makes parents it's often a good idea to like if you have a really awesome idea to win some a little bit of a bit more. i'm about that point and maybe see if you find a second or third idea which really lake and then you can look at these ideas a bit more distantly and see which one of these of like because you are the core mechanic of the game has to be fun that's for me one of the most important things. now what about the school a few game can make it as small as possible if you have this idea for your game and that involves fife different enemy types and ten weapons or something and it's often a good idea to remove some of that until only the very very core is left.
that he gets of a way focused idea of your game and you save time doing that in all different directions you need to create this graphics you need to colds less interactions between different game filaments and so on and did makes for much more focused they may think. we got him play testing i found it very helpful to do that in person actually saw what we try to do each time is about one day or so before we need to submit our game we would invite some friends to the place where we are making the game and its and actually six that person in front of the computer and.
just let them play this game without commenting on anything which is sometimes as a helpful way to see if there is something the person does not understand it right because the game needs to explain this and of other people on the internet will pay this they won't be a funny person sitting beside them and given hints so this was a good way to just throwing them into what and see what happens and. and doing it in person it's helpful for me because you get so much more feedback that game like the channels but we bought compared to a person only sending a text feedbacks for example of a nail right you can see their emotions and all of their reactions in the confusions and yet there's something i recommend doing that in person. saul what's next if you are actually interested in making again yourself an there are some action games coming up which you can mark in your calendar for example the next little there is coming up in the beginning of october.
i'm if you go to this website you can question account there and then about two weeks before this actually event happens there was this phase where all the participants the site on earth on the theme themselves you can measure the suggest you and themes down and another people can vote on this team sent in a.
multistage courses at the end only one theme will be remaining. in the next ball games them is coming up next year in the end of january and at that point you can look at this method again maybe you can find a genocide way can go in your city is something we can join other people who are interested in doing that.
also all create your own genocide i think if you want to do this in your company is something you can register on the site and make it an official global game to incite their sudden restrictions which you need to keep in mind like day needs to be an event called nato and you need to provide of which i think now in. if your and impatient and on to wait as long as you can also look at the site called in the game than stopped com which gives you are so huge calendar of games i was going on so yeah i think today there are at least twenty or thirty games is happening at the same time and now it might be fun to it doesn't.
we can coming up we went to make a game you can look on this calendar and pick something you would enjoy and there was also another site called which iowa which us like a hosting service for independent video games.
and they also sometimes organise their own events that one game dance and they have a similar calendar on their side this is only the first thought of that can go because there are so many they didn't fit on the screen. and i once saw a game on their called it down for example and which had the strange that the output could only be a single it's so good either be a black screen or white screen that was the whole output that was a lot and the challenge was to make an interesting game and that is his fictions and. people definitely made interesting games they could climbing simulator you tilted your keyboard to the site and then with you had climbed up the keys which was kind of you're playing field and the screen would if you take a few fell down as something that if yeah then that's you i found another side which i really enjoyed another.
same time which is called the one our games and saw this takes place each saturday and goes for exactly one hour starting at twenty u.t.c. and then the and as a theme and you can try to make a game and what our views and the ways that this works is that at the end of this our one person will start.
screaming the seventh games and as long as the stream is going you can still submit your games so it's often a bit more than one hour that you have available. on this and then after that i also found another had everything which is called the zero our games m. which takes place when shifting the clocks back from days of his time in autumn so it goes from two a.m. to two a.m. and people have made games in that time for it so if you want your.
not only make games in a weekend but apparently also or in no time at all. what's so definite the if your are interested in trying this i would encourage you to and that's i got something hit me with any questions about half of the.
if you have questions there is this the angel with the microphone. for it. there are a question from the internet. ok. his soul i would say others subscriber i was very impressed of what to include universe and i'll have to submit your warm welcome and things a lot. this has to. a i.