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Exposing Systems of Power and Injustice

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Exposing Systems of Power and Injustice
5 Years of Disruption Network Lab
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Presenting the Disruption Network Lab programme in Berlin, we will connect the debate on surveillance and whistleblowing to a cultural framework, analysing the influence of whistleblowing in empowering both experts and non-experts. A talk with Tatiana T Bazz Bazzichelli and Lieke Ploeger / Disruption Network Lab. The act of whistleblowing is a concrete process able to reveal hidden facts, misconducts and wrongdoings of institutions and corporations, producing awareness about social, political and technological matters, informing about the reality we live in. Presenting the Disruption Network Lab programme in Berlin, we will connect the debate on surveillance and whistleblowing to a cultural framework, analysing the influence of whistleblowing in empowering both experts and non-experts. The talk will present the mutual interference between whistleblowing, art, hacking, and network development, as well as reflect on the influence of whistleblowing in the art & cultural field. This presentation aims to further question what we can collectively offer to encourage a critical debate on the effects of whistleblowing in society, as well as to generate experimental ways of thinking within the digital scenario.
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yes. a i'd be more of the extra exposing system of justice systems of poland and justice there ever was.
and everywhere on everyone hates them. these people have been doing and handling with these systems for five years know it's the disruption network leapt from berlin and they are an institution for arts politics with a glowing and. i was as i forgot to be here to give the talk for you to china and uk. while in here story of gatwick mention the talk with also be available with subtitles by or great subtitle entrants thank you very much thought thank you very much sir we are you happy to be our minds that they are not back to kerry and i'm a director of babies option that the.
rob and with me that he's a year my name is sleek applaud her and i'm directing the community programme of the disruption network to help us so we want to do in a sense a lawyer present pressure on but hopefully not too boring. because they are we really like to connect to the front doors in our activity that is also why we do it usually try to describe what we do was an internet connection no different practice he said we wore code on the cultural aspect with teen the beast we still blowing and culture and the hair kingdom. he thinks or and those so we tried to be really careful and close to that these course of a the social justice and the importance of this period society but we have a conference programming believe in soviet usually tried to invite people that so work on these subjects but for the same time we also do.
well the great war corporate potential before of each conference and we wanted to present here the genesis of our program and also what we have been doing good in the past or five years say even before so i'm actually starting go. them. with something that doesn't go all of course. this is the great technology or the aspects of that some everything works until the second time the first time our last year we are you know this is always the point when you do events your stage that the quality doesn't want to know where we are so i go back to basically nineteen years.
and so is not really five years ago and they really like to bring these a the madrid because a you know in a sense we are really are also because we believe in said contract the season and we believe also in the network that creates these properties seized and here i was that the heck meeting do you need telling his roma into. thousands of that was my second hackney thing i'm italian has you can imagine. and so was a really good to see two are shown in which backing the time the a group of hours of was a crime to create to the connection between hacking and art and other cent time goes to ask our sales for you for checking these political and of course there were a lot of impressing the banks because not all the. all the time really believe the on the connection over our and asking her to because of course art was always a poll finds a specific systems but so what we were trying to do when this was our a fourth was trying to open up with the see some especially also the cultural system.
and the once of art and those who the most a that's a hacking can also be an athlete you do that brings you to interpret society and culture in a very different way so this is what we were going back in the time at least the group was a north holes where we were at the four to bring the screening room doing these great event. the answer that my forced the international community thing was actually year at this he says see their house communication camp or two thousand and three he is also a year in which i moved to the billing or so we are bought base in burnley in and the backing the time i add another kind of interesting.
this cash from the camp was much smaller than today the answer you know what's was also very interesting time because it was really at the beginning if you want to and so i had a really good rates were sharing with people and so instead so i get the opposite problem coming to.
their money because back in the time the people were not really considering taking as political as police year at this is to see and so my struggle was always to shore actually this is also part of the root of the c.c.c. if you think about the work a while hole and so i always require to wild because i think he's really a. great example a while with how is part of it possible to bring the hacking into society and to that we see actually that we have both said they are the and culture track and we have shown so there i think politics and society so i think that sounds he moved on a of course there was also there are a cracker.
this is easy back in the time but there was less a discourse about politics of and the sinker them to still be more because of at least in my impression is that we speak a lot about that bought so we have always to try not to just to confine ourselves for him to the technological. the the really tried to the most rate for top if you open these fields if you go into culture into our team to society and make a consensus really concrete that is also going beyond the technology and beyond that the to tell itself. doing so than the jumping time.
go back to her still i mean is back in time but is fast forward to the score so we so buoyant and so this is also the point why i wanted to create this connection of these thoughts or because a i mean this is a really good idea to start less strong that the chelsea many initiatives the needs of the in bullying. and so they were really working girl also to support the chelsea betting even before when it was called by the remaining and so i still feel also that they're not been enough talks about who we so growing year not to really many people speaking about chelsea manning and the i also with the vichy no to have more debates about that. still because back at the time in two thousand or so a theme the two thousand and fifty these was really a big topic that we were reading go so why there are also many people now speaking about three so blowing get these a question that i want to be too though community i think we have not to forget these people because of the event.
if you know that these courses know that was really hyper back in that time the chelsea manager is simply sum of all abele he was in precisely the a son he simply so many other whistleblowers are impreza and soy sauce so our needs and our duty to support that these people and try to stick to speak for the open. society and those who have freedom of information so i you wish that's the at the next coming for years we will also go back to these these course and so i also want to bring something that for me was really important and was a panel that i was called anything better to resume the island in two thousand and fourteen when i was a.
could i think this festival and they want to bring it here because at the time because it was upon a way that they were paid billing j. couple brown allow a point for us we were really discussing about the impact of art and a.v. the us and also how out of the easy for by we so blowing how is possible to use we so blue. doing also as a tool to change society and thirty this kosovo out as everything was really important because also was trying to go all over the that they have it the other the of every then saw something very technical and to bring the entire culture i mean is what laura poitras the that we don't feel for example about sin.
know that so i want to the fire today also because was a really big aspirational for the work of that time the window at the moment and so i want for going through that now and we start speaking about that these up from there for the club and in particular are about three of trying to do is also to create a a feedback loop that things began to go.
whether the discourse of our politics and these options and this option the sunset accounts from these lists we appropriate these concepts and doing business beings to introduce in the market the product that the market doesn't expect the answer if you see if you want to apply these adoption into culturing. politics and you think about taking than you imagined or c two s. showing in which you want to include use in the close the seats them dance something that this system doesn't expect that these also what is happening with whistle blowing so that are a lot to drink arresting discussion that is possible to wear and the the science.
he's also cools back to art the story if you seek about the unexpected that also was to create the by the avant garde the years and years ago likely to use the other expected in the system that the schools that these are the only read the very much the finds and so that is absent. but for clobber started the two thousand and fourteen we started to really pull say polis it to the answer their the out these are optional was very important but also the idea of creating a netbook and creating a laboratory and so why with a fine he is approved examining painter sexual politics the knowledge and so sorry.
the and to expose the school dr the wrongdoing of the powerful of the the first events that we the that was so in the april two thousand and fifteen and yet i want to go back or on the the score so are we so blowing because the first keynote that we have was brand of bryant's.
so i also want to remember turbine the spare so because a halo back in two thousand and fifty it got very popular but we still have to remember the courageous october when he was so brutal worse that were speaking back in the time and that the also mention anymore especially the wrong with the brewers because that really category. the that has been highly persecuted and so random was so a sensor operate two or the meaning and in the u.s. air force he was working there between two thousand and six and two thousand and eleven and so it was part of these a credit for program and so when i.
my team in a sense so i really adding pressure on the town their food so what does it mean to change your perspective and to meet the persona that before the it's something that you would also not agree with its but that the to see this person that change will be your best i could do something very courageous and. seeking a sense he's also was an artistic cocked to bring good then expect the the into society when you are we so blue water and in this case of his case was really to speak about the old son who are the end however you are both to make a change in how are you able to inspire people by created all.
most died the east the oxo of ho bring something that so you cannot expect the poor that around this people were shown by you revealing that the misconduct the saw now a jumper be because if i'm going to tell your the conference perhaps least a year and feeling of six and the we'd be the actual and.
till now seven team conference is the and so on top sixteen conference is normal and so yes we are preparing now the seventy one and so i just want to mention the these won because i think if. but these these ok.
yeah by binyamin we enter another real novo investigation and so we are speaking about challenging supremacy is and that this conference was a buyout so the understanding of the right wing extra meals and the idea we fighting people that are also a filter a finger.
the context of right wing extremist another some time most are trying to bring the unexpected inside them so i want to mention know their little day be so the is a black american you see shown that since the eighty's a has been the befriended member of the ku klux klan trying to make them change opium yawn.
the by just having good dialogue and they found the story very inspiring because at that it's just with the oxo speaking he was able to make a change. ok i hope you're listening to need you here where guests. ok so go back to the area east end's the in so i think this is also really great example oh you're bringing to cultural something that is unexpected and also bringing science in that could make a change because he is also claiming that since there i think to now almost a two hundred people from the cuckoo.
books plan basically change their opinion and they do that by eating a black man than we also adds a great contribution from property camera stolen julian ever know that where infiltrating they all try and the far right in uk so i also suggest you to get so the information from hope not pay eight.
and the reported that so partly cameras on the i believe there is also a feeling that came out about team the moon and so we enter now into these course of the current program that also he could join because you came with eyes from january this year so i'm just going briefly to introduce the.
first conference and then i leave it to you.
so we are doing good things generally a serious that is called the art of exposing in just these and we're working together in partnership with the transparency international the enzo so many are the realities and as you can see from the title we are really want to expose the misconduct.
and the wrongdoing of the powerful as these also was titled and tried to deflect with people always possible to make a social change. the painting and that is also community programme so my name is sleek new car and i joined the disruption lap at the beginning of this year actually were already collaborating also since two thousand and fifteen to use the run our space and political spectrum are real so developed a community program and we found that this was a really value boy a valuable way to.
connects with people outside of the usual activities so i joined disruption lab specifically to develop also community program for this option network lap which we launched this year under the title activation so what we do in this program we have now already did says sixteen conferences like to china just said so we wanted to have a wave. mixing with this large network that we build up both the speakers at events but also the people that come to our events and there's of course a lot of other initiatives are realities operating in berlin that are working in the fields of our conference topics so we felt it was really important to also find a way to share more with this crowd and also to connect more with our community. rather than just doing like bigger scale conferences a couple of times in the year so we develop this program to interact with our community on a regular basis so what we're doing now is we doing meet up so each time before it's come friends and after its conference and there we go into the field of the conference topic before it actually have. once we give also berlin communities and then activists and other initiatives would give them away to present their research connected to us are given put two hour program so as i own going sharing with our community so yeah going forward will present a bit of these an example of what's already happen that we started six months ago.
so we had a couple of me tops the first in china will introduce the first conference we did this year yet so the first conference that the b.b.c. it was cool about of payments both wrong thing he'd been mulling the impaler and so in that sense we were really going into these course also exposing misconduct against the.
the way with the fine he pauses to explore been that american he is one of the financial system and those so the poor optional and although sure call when he said and the course also you can imagine our main top be close to speak about the panama papers that these another these shows that the still important to remember the. happen sometime ago also pain to are we so bold the and the you all their consequent so these the ox are still very much alive in society and so we had to withdraw as many great speaker usually a our call from for artist pretty simple is two days.
which we have a wonky notes and one on the sometimes we also like to break up our own sees them and try to channel split up some talks but more or less is like that and we really try not to take a to b. even the for lately we had a really great participation but not too big a temple program. to have any things up and that wants because we really want to foreclose on the few people that we invite because we see the rocket is really important courageous and so we have to give them enough for console so to speak with the public so we had for example of frederick obermeyer without as the saying and so poorly.
you heard that not so many people knew actually was there to force public told she told us we didn't know these changes been very important for these course of the panama papers because she was reporting corruption the turkey and those so phasing charge for that and so we have also to the back burner the port work of john cleese for. but investigate the jordan at least that part both working with me so boring but so are so are trying to you know told the troops and often really saw for violent than strong for persecution and that we also show the field the panama papers from alex we thought that with either really are.
the all the a programme about these course of or optional and also protection of the investigative giorgione's the third working on these subjects.
joe year this was the first conference of the year took place in in april and then we also started off our community programmes around this conference in april we organize to meet up so this was the first one i exposing secret connections and this was also the start of the year but we did in two thousand nineteen so this was kind of the warm up meeting. this topic of the dark cave its conference so what we did was we invited the local chapter of transparency international's that transparency germany and also open all its foundation germany's the two initiatives for my from berlin both of them and transparently germany shared with us the work that they're doing and interesting thing is that the. they work also forced a lot of financial transparency but they organized this all in different working groups composed of volunteers so are thinking was also it's good to hear from them what they're doing but if people are really interested in this topic and actually want to get involved and empowered to do something they can also join one of these groups and understand more what's.
what's going on around this topic and what they can actually work on directly themselves as they want to and the other thing was actually something really interesting which happened right around the time of our conference was the launch of the open company data registry and this was done by open all its foundation germany together it. some companies so they develop this database where to share open company data. way that can and easy to for people to share and find information so sharing it as open data rather than the the registry is currently used in germany so this is a very valuable tool for journalists to actually find information if they are researching about corruption and so it was really interesting to hear from them how they develop this and why did develop the.
this and also how people can actually use this tool so this was kind of the warm up we did to the to the conference and then we had the actual conference and we followed up with the meeting afterwards so to going to reflect on what happened at the conference continue some of the discussions and we also invited one of the speakers at the conference was just beautiful.
in the barracks for most the syrupy data and he came to the to meet up to share a bit more in-depth what is to actually is also how people can use it how people could help in improving the tool because it's not completely ready and there's a lot of things they would like to add on to it so this was a really interesting wales for people to sort of dive deeper into the topic. and we had a sharing of one of the workshops we organize the connection to the conference said this was organised by the art collective far why b.n. bill torque and it's called of sure to or operator so it is a really great the workshop actually if you're interested in this topic and you want to find out more about the pentagon papers and the traces of of sure corruption in daily life.
it's really a recommended to go to their website they have also an app and you can you can see everything online they're sharing everything openly you can basically find all the dresses that are in the database and open street map so you can go exploring and finding that traces of this offshore banking india into the landscape so in a workshop. we did this with a special g.p.s. device on our back and these are some of the photos that's actually a chance on your own us been discovered in the in the rich west berlin's obviously a lot of the traces of corruption them there and as you can see on the map sometimes it's a lot of walking around to try to find places but the at a workshop obviously was early limited to us.
certain amount of people it could join which we thought this was a pity because there was many people interest that that could enjoy so we decided to have this extra moment that the community meet up to share what had been going on so that more people could understand this and also may be due to works of themselves or explore berlin which actually is a way to make you very paranoid so i don't know if it's always nice for the fact is it. important to know a bit more about the end.
we moved to the next conference this was this year in june so this was the most recent conference we did and was called ai traps automating discrimination and in this event we are very for reflecting on how am i and algorithms can reinforce the prejudice and the bias that's already in the current society and how does has a an impact. and increases discrimination especially for groups that are already minorities so there's this combination based on race gender for example and this is actually quite a big problem especially since a i s is growing and growing and having a bigger impact than our society so i'm we host of different panels this was the final panel of the.
and it was about the politics of ai so does especially connecting this problem of a eyes to the wider political systems of our society so the speakers there were directly alley skis and then mcquillan and there were also discussing how just changing ai is not enough we need to actually go beyond. and look at where this is coming from that they ice prejudice them maybe you should even change societies because there's a lot of negative influence we need to be more aware of the context in which the say ice operate and here we see on the slide from a slight about the gender discrimination it's often reinforced by a i especially because of the increase face.
recognition technologies so also yet with quite a lot of transgender speakers in this conference because that's a topic affecting this community especially a lot and i was a spoke about today show yeah also racial discrimination yeah and all the talks are online on our website so if you want to catch up on anything you can find all the.
videos there. the and because of this this transgender clear connection he also decided to warm up this topic by doing a meet up around this so this we did the maze o two months before the conference we invite the community from berlin call to say no entities network and they're very interesting community because they're connecting to this course of queer. the feminist and gender studies with digital technology and they often host what they call a open conversations so to organize the night around ai threaten queer bodies so especially about the impact that this ai and surveillance and control mechanism have on the the queer entranced community so we have a nice here.
at the space will be hosting army top such a school states studio in berlin's so to art science gallery and yet we were all sitting around watching different fragments on the topic and and discussing together like him what are the counter mechanisms and what can artists and activists due to counteract this firms have increased surveillance. in control. and then we at the conference and then the second meet up afterwards which we wanted to focus also on them yeah some positive examples of what actually people have been doing against this are some first starts of what can be done against this ai bias problem so we invited to protect again and based in berlin sort of us to open to five projects.
run by openness germany now for the march and oracle for transforming its technologies which is developed by coating rights and yet it was a really nice meetup also because i am at the end of it we got this great image sharing a room a through twitter from one of the participants have felt really inspired by the whole event and just decided to sketch what i.
that's been going on so he had open to for projects for those that don't know if they would really check it out is very interesting it was a protected run in two thousand and eighteen and for those of you are german you probably know tissue far as the credits scoring company so here in germany you want to rent a house usually have to provide a paper from the shoe file private company. that will tell you what your score is and if you're actually allowed to rent this house we could have enough credits rate and yet a strange thing is that this is calculated by and in transparent algorithm said she has a private company and people are not really sure how discourse calculated soap another's foundation germany and algorithms watched organized campaign. where people could donate their shoe for data and they were trying to reverse engineer does algorithm to find out what exactly was going on so by inviting them and sharing this more widely we wanted people to give a better understanding of what's been going on and also for maybe to join this kind of projects in the future donate their data our yeah get involved with such initiatives. and shared a great work that has been done already.
than i ever again so and the next conference that were preparing the answer you out only by the is going to see the sense of every ten cents and so we are to connect the with these discussion about we submit a lawyer bought we are also trying to reflect on how to extend the concept that we stumble onto this even so. society so how can people the table the fox so too. expose misconduct so and how they can either do it by themselves or in cooperation with jordan valley so or with the researchers and marketing be stopped and those who will actually use them save and so the citizens of evidence also as you say you can i say can reconnect with ease. these course over imagining the how we could transfer we so blowing into society and culture and the water we are preparing at the moment so ease the old program that will involve the barrier great speaker for example we ever matthew carolina eats out the that these this own over africa. one of the elites year or the george burley's that has been assassinated in montana or to expose of the school docks and corruption on the other lives and go so many good relation to the material of the poem of paper so we create their connection but at the same time we have also the people that are more. grassroots oriente the the and that really analyze he got the form of more ways for example that the keynotes we will ever he's a moving wanted from there would be a collective italian great collective all writers that back at the time under the name of a looter police earth growth of the book you that has been also translated.
into german really suggests you to read and they will speak about to the movement of the valve these fools some that is a really special the interesting carries a the of people at the third fighting the construction of the high speed train to connect to the city of poor. three and the city of the only in france and thirty's is or think is very important for our agreements and discussion on the platform as were to understand also our movement was successful because thanks to their activity that these going back to twenty five years and even more frank was actually never. really able to go into existence or and those so the corruption speculation that there was a around gold these planets and those so that the red sea and the really bad serve. but on the climb arts and the territory. and so i mean i've now and we're not going to tell you that because of the conference but of course you can watch it online and so also cow that is nice and i leave done to you that this group from the workshop the also were organizing to things like additional to the conference for community meet up with our present in the second but also a workshop on the final day is on the show.
sunday after the conference and this is called flying in berlin sky an afternoon investigation which is really going to be very exciting work show because there's an investigative journalist amount of all fourteen thousand and heck are called sectors there are three five and together they will take the take us to the temple over. felt which is a big airspace and berlin to do some research of what's going on in the sky so they're working on plane trekking.
they're actually among those behind the dictator other projects which is a great initiative trying to figure out how dictators are moving around the world to the sky so yeah we hope to find out some interesting things by going to berlin and tempo. for felt and putting up some and ten house gets saying what's going on in the air and analyzing this and later so good example of some open source intelligence work as we can do directly ourselves after the event live in both the supermodel as well yes we will enter the uk supermarket which is also a great the art space in berlin to finalise are.
and that less is an investigation so he ever really looking forward to devon amount of oil will also be speaker at the conference but also all this workshop and yet to warm up for all of this in september so in the fourth of september for those of you in berlin or wanting to visit berlin you're really welcome to join us because we will do it.
the preparatory meet up actually more a workshop on how to set up a secure south coast that fall distribution system and were organizing this together with the greats conference radical networks which was health last year in berlin this year to be in new york and is a conference around network technology and how to use this also as an artistic medium but also an event that's. celebrates the free and open internet something very closely related also to our work and we felt is very important also to organize his meet up as a everyone hands on work shop for people to understand how they can set up their own self host of installation of next clout so open source of turn to have to google drive and also how to set up. and their own wife eyes servers and rest reply so he always tried to do to win three hour so that we challenge but then you are really welcome to join us and now and participate so and also if you want to know more about the conference after this talk we have a lot of fire so you can pick up the program has led the stake here sloan everything.
and he had a workable be hosted by sarah ground and on the of fizzy of were both part of the radical networks and also devices the boom studio in berlin.
so yeah hopefully it will look like this with a lot of people joining and then getting involved in learning and yet as i just the us want to being a lethal conclusion.
so i actually want to say two things one is a i mean nice to finish the store course was showing these great the video you know in installation that was about down by their pricey manning initial to it when we were doing of our conference yonts in which we also invited them. most of our bassam of lot say these is also another great the name of the pair like the i phone part of our program.
you'll keep fighting these are very have important concept for hours and so i want to come close again with a little reflection on all i know that for a lot of hair curse to speak about culture only and related to the savoy my sound very boring like oh no i want to put my hands on things a.
culture earth sounds very poor a fickle and boring box i think that's you know because really like to connect the dots we have not to forget that at the moment what we are witnessing is politics in society and maybe is also going to influence the technology of the future that we live is a sore thumb over you for war because. we are really with the seas the emergency of auto right wing extremists movements and so we still believe that have to work and culture is very very important especially also for the people that work with technology and are able to shape the society that will also come in the future so i see that we have to work to get there you know. and that there cannot be only you know people called being go without people working on cultural we have to stress up these aspects are probably openly next time we will ever know the answer for him by you have one hundred thousand pianos and that there won't be scared by the world culture ends a that i want to conclude. but also to thank our great team that three the mansion yes that's so we have a team of a really great people of the jonas frankie and though so now that barack or more on the jackal marine stars are some of them are also year at the camp. so i really feel to thank all of you and so i think we have down here we can open for question directly. it has had a lot to our lovely speakers are there any questions from the audience about just talk.
anybody. his or question from the internet. no no questions than i've been in jail a nominee think yes and we also because they add the lake is the place where the last round of applause and.
thank you all for coming. a you don't.