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Love, CyBorgs, Art and Open Source - an artistic approach on how to stay golden

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Love, CyBorgs, Art and Open Source - an artistic approach on how to stay golden

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Love, CyBorgs, Art and Open Source - an artistic approach on how to stay golden
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yes. a and e..
the stick approach and how to stay cold and please give us because you all round of applause.
and how. had a little everybody and super happy he came to see my talk today and i think it's quite a special topic because i am not a programmer i'm not talking about much technology i more talking about art about a really special way to see the word and there may be.
even celebrating that that way as a kind of weapon as a kind of language. yeah i have first i would like to introduce myself my name is legal i work as artist under the name new g.p. most milk i'm an art student at our to carry me in munich academy of fine arts unique.
and the cast for digital and time based media of my own written from the from the and politically left left wing direction which let me also to body modification i were the embassy chip inside of my hand.
and highly interested in all that field because i see that as a kind of murdering between human and machine very soon i guess you guys can imagine that in years to put to the topic of and yet let's just jump through that being said. well i have a rough outline introduction i'm going to tell you a little bit about my art my personal work and my intention.
then i would like to try to talk about the definitive of art which is not really easy i would like to show you some artists the talk right after me contains some i'm a big fan of as well and i would like to talk about my personal autism theories and died a few hours. or jane. oh. and all of us on it. by so loud.
it. so here i would like to tell you more about my personal autism theories that's how i call it i would like to suggest some solutions to the actual social problems that i see as an artist and as a human basically and and then i would like to have a discussion with you if you guys are in i would like to.
i ask you to interrupt me anytime you can just raise your hand if you want to tell me something you want to. add any fact because i'm not so perfect orientated. i more mindful and into consciousness that looked a little bit spiritual but in a cyborg way is to say. so you can interrupt me any time under i also want to point out that the movie i'm going to show use maybe nothing for kids so if there's any kids are people that are light headed i don't want you to faint so please maybe leave the room now if you don't want to see that move. yeah i think i'm going to start with the movie this is spontaneous it the. you know what i mean decision right now.
i was so we have some music and you see what i do maybe that's easier.
the extraordinary. a i. to.
to a.
a and e..
the eighth. a. with just a touch.
a i. a i. a i a m. so i'm going to stop here think you use so what i wanted to use for my introduction.
i'm already thirty four years old i i'm a carpenter imus c.p.r. like much in see worker and. tattoo artist. and i realized that. i love of people judge me for this work especially i.
i use it as my example because i can explain my kind of our best in this piece. the reason i did i was actually to try to go forward time jump in an artistic ideology so i made it to two and three weeks later i decided to remove the tumor put it in formaldehyde and i put it into an art gallery. this actually tells a lot to me i'm i got shot for that work it's nothing about any psychiatric issues i have i didn't enjoy it actually was a really hard thing to do for me but to me with really important because as an artist you have a lot of.
asher you have to be present if you guys know money now but i'm of it. she started stuff like that in the sixty's already and i'm.
yeah i think i'm she was on a similar road like me i'm if you see that a piece of my body physically is excluded in a gallery that means started artist is present even if he or she is not present. you are. so. the piece of myself it will not only be present in that moment i accepted it but it also will be in the future. that means that i perform a time jump with my d.n.a. ideology i know. is not proper because i think the piece of skin the two will not last very long my d.n.a. might be killed by the former to hide but in theory it shows that i.
well part of me. which is only a little square p.'s is already existing in the future. maybe in some art collection maybe not maybe it's going to land in the trash i don't know but the messages that it's important to understand that even a pixel three times three centimeter of a body of you have a picture of cells of you represent all of you because. if you give you a heard about sell memory you know that your body is to find out of all the mass of yourselves right so we are mainly water and i'm. we define ourselves through our mind sometimes some people do that even for their bodies i'm but to me it's like a never ending chain my my skin is reviewing every night every day i lose a part of myself every breath i take his.
exchange this process is really important to me that's also where show all those from all those fast pictures because we're living in a word that the justice process as there's no product anymore that are to be important to me i i don't know of anyone.
some of you has read the cyborg money festival it on her way. i really i really would like to suggest that to you. it's really feminist think that's what people say i am i have my own opinion about it but i'm not sure to discuss that i just would like to recommend you to to read it and build your own opinion about it as well as a the german book he doesn't know country to go bye bye patient he's kind of like a pop philosophy. the guy i like him he has a good opinion but as always please build up your own opinion and check it out.
this one as a fancy effect by apple i like you and. this one is another the work i did as you can see my main topic is the overwhelming in this today's world. so i built this the kind of like ball on out of monitors its twenty five monitors twenty seats ross reply is and zeroes as well and it's bound on their with the shrubbery ropes of the japanese ropes.
because i think in times where we have to question ai and humanity collective intelligence cloud uploads. you imagine what i want i mean. i think the most important question is what's going to happen about authority. i mean if i lose my legs. and my legs going to reproduced still i'm seventy five percent roughly of myself of us see myself as a bunch of cells but the rest of it. it's going to be metal maybe or some high price prosthetic device. how much of me is going to be so me since i wasn't so believe in a cell memory i think the question is which lags going to win and i mean if the right one is not real the last one is real and me and my brain is steering both of them what have the right leg two sides. so go in other ways suddenly because it's maybe matalan not part of me or is nobody can adapt it like for example i think the chip i have its kind of like collaborating in a weird way with my body because i'm whether a sensitive i bet a lot of you know that from themselves.
i have a scar scar tissue whatever and it's going to start to rain it's going to get it she's going to feel funny stuff like that the same happens to me with the auto tissue around my foot two one say get close to magnets i talked to many people and they told me they they believe that. could be possible because there's metal and sage it that's logical so i'm if i imagine i had a whole lag or maybe even more of all torso whatever in the very far away future. i wouldn't really know what would happen in question is awful thirty how much of myself is going to have control over the rest and if i lose half of my brain it's going to reproduce in a computer. what decisions are going to be made the front. now i'm in the work. i'm over here is exactly discussing that through some symbolism. because you can see those ropes they use in bondage you may be no that from the media sam and fit those area and i wanted to show that those videos all around the ball which i have machines like war machines or machines in.
in the building into making by. companies i don't have to mention. and i chose a lot of holographic start of it shows. technology about seventy percent and the rest of it is his nature.
i mean have put some videos of bees and stuff. i think it's really hard to describe art you should step inside to understand but i think the overwhelming of the actual words was a big problem it's going to be big problem and the i think you can also see the effects already on the kids i i have a son i care to remember when he was five usable are shown. i'm a bunch of photographs you know like physical photographs and out what he did was that move and the pictures through weight because he didn't understand it's not a tablet. and that that pandey i tried or i started to understand that the. optical sensations and all that it's going to start to change its like the body here change just because we're not in a blizzard and coal anymore. a lot of genetic and evolutionary stuff going on and i think the as an artist my my tool to try to give a sense of what's going to happen in the future. two people is make exhibitions just talk to them through language of art. yeah. so what is art especially conceptual art m i don't think you know you don't know what conceptual artist but i felt the need to show those definition of the internet and it says.
an art form in which the artist intended to convey a concept rather than to create an art object. so it's just so hot. well i think that's a really easy definition it's made easy but it's not that easy because if you see it this whole camp as a sculpture as i do a social structure you might be reminded him in and people like like voice but actually scribe groups like.
this you cannot hangover ecology cannot sell them for millions but they exist in the other really really important pieces of art that's all i see it. his relative it's all relative of course i would like to sell some crappy should that somebody can put over a college and get millions for it so i can buy new are to stuff and change the world in any way ago i do as an artist but yeah i mean. i think this definition is. so broad and so wide that there's a lot of space for other disciplines that as well. so our i don't know if you guys know stelarc he's a really cool artist. um i'm in touch with them actually he used to do a lot of things he had this year in his arm. arm he's getting hooked is getting body suspend gents he's a great guy in starting the whole scene and actually he got a body suspension in the arctic enemy of munich long time ago. also boyce is a very important person to me because especially not because he's a cool guy and he's super crazy and i admire him but also he was one starting off was all that social sculpture thing i did several social sculptors but it's always hard to sell stuff like that's all. it's more like people smile of you like will nice to trying to do something.
but as i said to me that's the essential part of art.
of course i guess you known reverse and the harvest moon. will people they're thinking about the and they found that the cyber work foundation i think the talk was right after this so i'm really looking forward to maybe you should listen at that on to view here.
needless to guy with the antenna and his head who can basically here colors events to the right. um. i think it's really really good that those guys start to raise awareness for all the personification thing all cyborgs. i mean if you have a body part that is not you but it's practically inside of you or implemented in some way that still means it's a part of you so it should get rights as well but that's a very long the session discussion so i reduce that to tool my power.
well here's some nice pictures of those guys. on the bottom right stelarc with one of his a super cool fancy devices he did there's many videos of your research him a promise to find a lot.
well now use my autism theories. as an artist say i like to play my mind conceptual art is like. um. how to say that. it's like a big playground for me to go all crazy i can change my personalities kind of like david bowie did i can play around i can imagine things i can.
talk about treating us can't stuff like that. so in my opinion artist them especially asperger's and you know that the. simon what's his name call one thing he about. being autistic to me represents a strong sense of evolution. i researched a lot and it's hard to put that in words but i realize there's a lot of parallels and artistic people.
and evolution in my as the it's a slow evolution that's pointing into the direction that is to him.
harder for the brain to process some things and at the same time to some other but since we are in a control people seem time age is going to happen anyway so of course if we use computers a lot of course our kids start. to import import the haptic of stuff. but i am not only that i even think. that all those kids from engineers and ninety managers that are autistic or on the spectrum as you would say that they are basically the future because they're ever looting into world where it's easier to focus on yourself. and maybe at social skills if you choose to. so i think i'm.
the most important thing is to talk about solutions. so i am the most important point i have your mind achieve is the end the disciplinary i realize a lot of people just separate they isolate the physicist hang out with a physicist the artist to the art stuff hackers to the hack stuff but it's much more important. tooth to to generate a fusion in the same name facile you can see that and you can see hughes well good works but i think we should spread that more. in the world in general than to me it's really important to sharpen social skills that's easy to say but it's not that easy actually.
we start to move away from people we don't respect each other that much anymore. that's what i can see on the internet sometimes we tried to an anonymised ourselves and i don't think that's a good thing. what is where is actually is to steal data from people of course but if we have to the power to change that now we should do that. well communication is essential that's true if you are not able to communicate no matter if your language is art or design or tighten not able to do anything right so you should try to listen to other people get back to the. sion skills because a as super essential and then art can be a weapon or a language tours which social as i said boy says super right and he also said that everybody is an artist so if you cool would it even if you go to the toilet you can see everything you do as our. but if you do it and positive way because every change starts a new. so of course it can always complain and say society saxon i hate those politicians and we know people that talk like that right but change actually always begins anew so if you have this whole consciousness karmapa positivity discussion up believe that i think it's true.
i mean there was a story that happened to me couple days ago were papers super nice guy be year because he forgot his wallet at ten under. yeah you know eat he came back the next day he gave me the money for the beer and he gave me an extra five he told me hey you gave me this even of i might not have found you and stuff like that here you get the sense in and you get this five x. try and then i should add to the next person and of course is a the. karma chain that will never stop i think a lot of people still didn't understand that and it's not as an important as you think well not to you in certain but society. and also one point day i really have served in. every social area knowledge has to be shared jealousy always returns so even in the left wing were people share usually everywhere people and the each other but it's got to do that you're jealous about something somebody.
the elves reached its going to give you a bad feeling it's going to focus your own shit. in english. i think a lot of people still didn't understand that and it's really important.
and yeah.
the sofia she's my starting point for any discussion because i think she's like i don't know kind of like trump but in that technology way. so yeah does anyone want to say something ok source all was if you have something to contribute to we have to microphone and jewels because of the recording you need to speak into a microphone to be heard so please line up behind the microphone ages all make yourself visible to them then and they may also come to you.
all right. that would go on the stage left. the only like you're talking to agree with your premise a lot from me and i think sense you know we're talking about how are already kind of cybernetic in our media and communications were all influencing each other and are deals are living on his there's something really special you find about the.
way about specifically a body modification like what your own personal body has to do with that of the question makes sense because there are some potency in the body. yeah well and i see that really futuristic because i am i mean of course we have wearable is and we have smartphones but to me a smartphone is already a body extension because it's of its a brain prosthetic my eye closed its it's that should i cannot store in my brain. well all whatever cloud i don't want to use it to apple but i have all those storage isn't all that stuff but it represents my memory in a technical away so yeah i think i am it's really important to use the body even at home. you know like create some tunnel stuff that can be inside of you and more of because it's it's stupid we are wasting the planet but i think by generate generating energy out of our own body out of ourselves we could we could maybe stop that even if it's too late. maybe we could find ways to connect with machines to use a i do you know say fall to choose to generate solar cells too. improve productivity in a way it's not going to this try things basically thanks and aren't any other questions all contributions other was maybe if someone could just volunteer to have a look at these stream to get the i.o.c. and twitter to see if anyone else is a question that's not.
but in the room. i don't think we have a signal angel officially but maybe someone can step up and become a signal angel temporarily. otherwise you have anything else you want to say. i'm now that's what i wanted to say and i'm not really good in talking aldo moro connecting person sell i'm going to switch to yellow elegy on my cardio on and that if you want to come up and talk to me face to face that's much more interesting i guess because i would like to collect.
all your opinions and kind of like put it into my art which is not only narcissistic approach it's more like collecting a social sculpture out of people like you because he was a lot of intelligent and skill people and i'm really curious about your opinions. about all just a i tried to mention thanks for coming to an e.u. anyone else soca has.