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(Ecosystem and Infrastructure)
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The ownCloud Partnership Strategy
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How ownCloud enables Partners to generate revenue
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all right so yes my name is giorgia vine
I'm with on loads for rod about three months now and it's really exciting to be here so I'm taking care of all the
partners and alliances relationships we have in the company and actually Tom gave me a spot here to provide you an overview on our partners credits here so I want to really quickly take a couple of minutes and guide you through how we work with partners and what we're gonna do with partners in the future okay
typical thing so with a couple of different partner roles we are dealing with I want to start with the sales role first because that's for this audience the most unimportant one so our go-to-market partners which make a big chunk of our partner ecosystem we are dealing with OEM partners of course service providing partners who do hosting SAS services or managed services so they provide own cloud in in that categories and then of course we have really Utica system of reselling partners who are mainly system integrators who actually take on loads to our customers in form of projects and then go with their own knowledge and own expertise and install and implement on cloud infrastructures at our customers so that's one of the roles we have with partners and other very important role is our technology partner track so here we work with companies and team up in the backend especially focusing around getting certifications in place I'll talk a bit about this in a couple of minutes hand in hand with assertive occasions goes always support as we are as a company are very focused on the enterprise market in the enterprise customers this is really a crucial element of our partnering strategy going forward so that we actually team up with our technology partners and be able to provide a complete stack with a complete service with complete service level agreements in place so that the customers can be sure that the technology works is tested proven and services available in the same category also do co-development with partners and of course a lot of integration work as with Capano only office in a couple of others of our technology partners an overlay partner type is our strategy or
strategic partners or alliances these are usually bigger companies with a global reach which kind of help us accelerating innovation on a broader scale and also extending our Mike had reached with own lot on a global level so I just put a couple of logos on here there are many more as we are of course very heavily dependent also on the storage which lies below the own cloud layer so we're working with those vendors as well strategic partners are you know just in general partners who actually support and help us with bringing forward on our technology strategy so that's the business side of the equation but there is also the community that's a very important component of our technology and innovation approach as well so I would from from a partnering point of view go ahead and see also the community is the partner or as a partner I would take it at that level so the community becomes part of our partnering ecosystem and around our ecosystem we are using or providing tools and infrastructure which helped to
integrate and take all the innovation we do to market as well so on cloud foundation is one of those tools who brings all the code development decoding the integration the contribution into the right spot and helps us to take this forward an other tool I'd like to mention here real quick is on cloud marketplace in my personal opinion we are using it too less at the moment so we'll put a very strong focus on this one going forward with partners as well on cloud marketplace is you know platform where we allow the community partners whoever contributes and provides components or extensions plugins whatsoever from cloud we provide a place to put it and to make it available to all interested people and also to our customers and as you can see we have community contributions here we also have some partner products here available so that's the other tool or one of the other tools we're going to leverage much more going forward so on cloud marketplace becomes another vehicle to work closer with on cloud and from cloud to work closer with our partners to complete the infrastructure this is now a look into the into the near future we also go and implement so this is already work in progress and what you see here is a mock-up of how it should look like we also go and implement a partner portal for our partners which this has been something which was missing in the past so we are currently working on building infrastructures to work closer with our partners to better communicate with our partners and of course to be more transparent as we have been in the past so that's a really important thing to have continuous communication going on and that the partners can access everything they need to do their work properly so that's work in progress and that will become so to speak kind of the glue for a partner ecosystem which holds this together and kind of will be the central point for communicating between on cloud and the patents and just to give you some numbers as of today we have around 300 and a couple real active partners we are working with as I started three months ago I was digging into all the partners listed so we have many many more partner names and company names listed as partners so that's nearly four digit number but to break it down to those who are really actively engaging with us that's round about 300 and a couple and about 2/3 of that is in the sales go to market area with around 40 plus real important technology partners we're working with and do integrations and code development as companies and we are engaging with our partners in about 65 countries worldwide so that's so we are really spread all over all over the globe and we have real good engagement also in Thailand Vietnam North America South America Peru Chile so there's a lot of stuff going on now as this has been this this talk this 10-minute talk I got here has been titled as partner strategy I would give you a very high-level outlook on what we are doing so the goals for the next 12 to 15 months will be that we go and revise our partner program make it more modern make it more transparent and make all the stuff we have more and easily accessible for our partners and that will be kicked off with the launch of our partner portal in early 2019 that's what we're currently aiming for and the second the second goal is well I internally talk about 2019 will be the year of the partner that's what I say that as soon as we have the respective infrastructure in place to deal or work more programatic with the partners that we go and extend our partner ecosystem into the right areas that's definitely coverage so that means from a sales point of view that we have partners in the right countries and that we have strong partners not just signing them up but also enabling them so that the knowledge is on-site and that our partners can actually represent on clout properly to customs that's gonna be a focus I already mentioned certifications as we are a company are really focusing on enterprise business this is going to be a very important topic as integration backend teaming and beckoned alignment is very important for our customers because the customers don't care if there's an incident who is responsible or who is going to fix it I just want to have it fixed and we make sure when we team up with our partners that we that we have the respective certifications in place that have this respective supports alignments in place and the team knows each other and can talk to each other and communicate short ways and of course completeness of stack so that's another topic is from a partnering perspective I'm tied up very closely to our product management also to our engineering team and supporting my colleagues here to team up and connect to the right partners so that we can actually complete our product stick going forward where our focus and pop from Cubana already mentioned kind of the same thing we are focusing on enterprise facing and share so we do what we can do best but to complete our offerings incomplete our stakes we built or we work with partners in build a stake around on cloud like for example in the collaboration space we are teaming with Kolubara we are teaming with only office we just started to work very intensely enclosed with Capano so that's the next steps and go into that direction in 2019 and finally we already had some first certifications coming out so skated he sent us the skillet he has three server back and that was recently certified other important as three storage backends are in the pipeline for being certified and there is more to come I just want to put that here as a as a hint so that you can see there's already stuff going on and we will actually push this forward in 2019 and with that you know that's the sneak peak on the part of strategy thank you very much and if there are any questions I'm happy to answer that does anybody have any questions doesn't seem like it all right
so I'll be around the whole day in case you want to talk to me in regards of partnerships or have any questions just come and find me I'm outside or I said I'm around the whole conference thank you