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ownCloud 11 - The strategic approach to the future of ownCloud

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ownCloud 11 - The strategic approach to the future of ownCloud
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ownCloud 11 marks a turning point for the ownCloud Development Vision and Strategy outlook for ownCloud
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inform the topix with a place like Johansson the choir of user management needs to work and life with the strategy the connect everywhere that's better station flea whether one is the connect is technology ag of the event company is all i want to get rid of of single sign on samel Integrationsfigur is whether the connect In addition, the big-ip firewalls offering the protocol clever institute is integrated and it goes max 13 in future fsmic1 german and cloud is open fair performance white upload download it's bringing the disk space performance hot spot on cloud and if it is is a cloud performance performance looked and cloud to users the bio-share performance and you know that you are the foundation of strategies workout and jan dreyer is pushing loud to the design in griesheim of the apps the storage and mechanisms rework ins deepest workshop and the german team another highlight when cloud development and innovation is what I want for the future of cloud drive now we need to have some focus including the topix very happy feet to focus built brand partners this is a top team here the enduser experience is one of the most important things to the top 12 the slot softbox called for phoenix project cooperation like canon wrap automation it today can do that automatically via apps and cloud hosting by sap etr builds the oldtimer automation suite people.com and loud
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