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Developing ownCloud for our own needs

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Developing ownCloud for our own needs
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A presentation on how the need for a Google Calendar alternative lead to improvements into the DAV module and Calendar app and how the non-profit French organization [Framasoft] provides and develops free software services for anyone to use as an alternative to services which don't respect users privacy.
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I'm gonna talk about Who am I what's my
what am I doing here and a little improvements on the calendar app that i did over this summer so I as you can see
i am quite young and I'm a junior developer that just wrapped up just that just ended his studies oh I develop since 10 years so I'm good and I love free software to use and I developed some free software and I especially developed voila bug which is a pocket alternative I'd know if you know the reddit later service that's bundled into Firefox now so it's working just like on cloud with PHP and desk so desktop and mobile apps with a PHP server okay now my employer it's a nonprofit organization that advocates for free software and free services and free culture so it's doing this since ur 10 years and since the last two years is its offering free services as an alternative to what you can find on google facebook dropbox and slack for instance of these kind of sources i provide the instances of free alternatives so we got a plan to end the Google eyes internet that you may
recognize it so yeah we've got alternatives to get a skype and well not all of them for now but our campaign has not to end it so that's what we do so the plan was can we find and can we develop a Google
Calendar alternative so what we find out while searching for an alternative is that they're not really an existing alternative or Google Calendar so we looked into smaller apps that exists since a long time but they have a lot of old and buggy code and PHP like what you would expect to find in the 2005 up oh no no real improvements of overtime oh is that was also the option to try to start from scratch but calendar standards ical caldav whatever are quite hard so we prefer to base ourselves uncloudy and it's calendar up well as you've heard today and yesterday uncloudy is the door of the dev server in its core in subversion 9 and the calendar view is this in the separate app that you can install orbit so the pros and the cons of using the calendar app from uncloudy are that most features what you can expect from a calendar app are already were already in it there it's relying on the sabra java library which is a one of the bests out at least in PHP and we benefit from the own code framework which is quite complete and an easy way to improve apps and make new ones well the only con I can find that is that well odd cloud is a little big just for using it as a calendar because you have the five apps that you can you can get rid of you have lots of features like ldap in integration and such shell so in order to complete with a google calendar because we want it to make a real alternative to going to endure and kind of be on the same level of features we want it to have to add the option to publish condor that mean you get to a public link and you can share it with anybody you know so that comes into two features first a web UI so that you can pass for instance a leak on social networks in Basel whatever and they just click and view to calendar just as if they were the owner of the calendar with read access I mean and also links to CalDAV and web dev 44 well kalev and web dev access for your clients to synchronize with those calendars and the other feature is to what to subscribe to public calendars like if you have your or your state or your your school providing a public calendar as its ICS format on the web you can add it in your calendar view and you will like view it's events like any other calendar those are the two things well publishing calendars is now in core so that will come I guess for 15 9.2 and the poll questions calendar app is nearly complete and subscribe bring to online calendars like web calendars is a on its way to that's it doesn't depend only on me so I want char ok so that's what a brought to public to the turn up so before you only add the field to share your calendar with the other users or groups that were on the same instance of a clone cloud and now you have a share link button just a as in the files up to share your calendar so when you check that checkbox you and get the link by clicking on the link icon and also click on the mail icon to publish a to sorry to send an email to somebody just to tell him that you've published this calendar and that's what the public UI looks like with the settings opened you just have yeah the engines of one calendar in particular and they're in read only mode of course and you can see that you have caldav and web dev access for clients and also an iframe code if you want to embiid this view for instance in your wordpress blog or website whatever and the subscription to calendars is just you type in you
paste the address of the remote calendar and it automatically adds events to your calendar view and you ever for instance this event with all its
details okay well that's what's enough to launch our service as an alternative to google calendar but there was a few more scenes that are not started but i wanted to do them for instance when you view events you have to do to xn actions currently to view the description of an event it means a clicking on the event clicking plus to see a full description and that's a bit too complicated so i wouldn't it to add a pop up box to which shows up when or you're hovering over the event to see the description also undo actions because you can delete to cleanse or for instance by mistake so as just like files up will do this you can end reduction and federated chars because currently unlike sir share up fights up you can't share the calendar with remote users understand on another server it's just on the same instance but to bring the big changes in the Daath model incur so it will take longer and more but not related to calendar it's a since we are we are free hosters so a lot of our users just register and don't use the accounts so we want it to delete them after a while if sin or choose oh yeah maybe we will implement this for instance ins or registration up to get rid of users that don't use the records okay now some feedback on how I saw this work as a junior developer which didn't have a lot of experience I known uncloudy since a while but I didn't look into it before this summer so the documentation is great but it's not always up to date with current get master or even the current version release there are a few really a few apps that are up to date with on clouds recommended guidelines the way you register controllers for instance and such so you can't always have an example to to base your safe on under create new apps oh yeah it's great to have apps better it's even greater if further community still updates it and even refractors it after a while the own cloud system or at least the dev models at ISO and a little more is quite easy to understand I mean it's a well structured and it's well-named and ever since so i would have to expect it to spend a lot more time understanding the basics of how it worked i really love the framework public page which is I think generated automatically by the the documentation inside the documents aiming inside the code it's really handy so that's a early good point and of course the community well especially Tomas which helped me a lot and yeah two people that are on github and oops um also I would really like to tell that I really loved tributing to uncloudy as part of working at a company that does not have any links to uncloudy but yeah I want to say it's benefit to everyone because yeah I've gained some tech skills I've I do yeah strong links with the community and we got the features with that we wanted maybe if we could have asked for uncloudy inc not inc the company be i knew in cloud form to develop these features but yeah maybe we had we would have them in the months or so so if you're the boss of a company and you want something from and cloud and you have some PHP developers just give them some some time and make them work from cloud for some time and everyone gains from this collaboration okay so that's the end of it so we have some questions yep have small question how about integrating the calendar app a little bit more with own clouds like if I'm going to create an event and an appointment with my team yeah and I also have some notes I want to share with them those documents are already in on cloud can I add that document like to the appointment so everybody knows the exact notes or things that are in the document oh yeah well currencies as neuro integration at all of this for our services we wish we we allowed people to upload a few files and then we we thought yeah maybe it would be nice to bundle with an event a link to those files so now you will you need to click publish a share this file by public link and then add the public link to the description of an event to have it nvidia directly but yeah just not the way we can work so there's a lot more to do with integration of calendar contacts notes and go I heard it's not necessary as a priority of the company but it's in my opinion it would be a very good to have uncloudy as a group where so that when I do know you receive an email that contains an event it's also automatically adds it to the saucer calendar or when you make some kind of note it's automatically adds an event and there is much to do and the the fact that's old relying on the owncloud framework makes would make it kind of easy to do that so yeah is that suggestion I will certainly think it would you make it would influence sorry it so thank you thank you you