deRSE 2019 - Poster Lightning Talks

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deRSE 2019 - Poster Lightning Talks
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the 1st of the projects from the student ability cause from give gene we have a lot of posters
and dealing with the development practices and my that's and we have some that bald software tool was on softer packages and to be have somnolent daytime relevant at post us we have poster prize bonds about bycatch laps and and Duryea consisting of a 20 amino from its not for 28 years and the role right that seem that my testing from the hearty the gun he divided and quite medium the room we have now you have now is a chance to make also in attendance on curious about to a poster 1 slide 1 minute shot we have diversity here this means in this section we have mixed languages we have German posters we have in this poster we would like to ask you to attend at Europe was there and to hear a quarter past 7 so we can discuss layer and biology you're resides at the post and please remove Europe will start at the end of secession and the drink reception the the drink reception responds by Amazon Web this and I will pay you enjoy the poster session and the drink reception and now we have starting was the 1st
flight and and softwood
time at all a story and which but
sentences median comedy cancels of infomercials for from and only visited in once Sinai the golden banana and floor should begin thinking of a kind of Gaussian between the son done for from suffering the goods and so SoftLayer the buddhist it's in the zone break finally touch even toward and swirled medium for sure this sort of death the formula asks you mentioned by hosting meetings like must pay no result yet is the into designs it's incumbent an import ban bestimmten from 4 shots epiphany and Kwai the PD Telecom consortium of their nation's Iet me take them but I a medium target will still face the of smartphones from sniveling conceived the what it and his own idea in meeting I attack this site in Cohen and the son of the devil is in the city of and co-creation and that's the thing so the kindness eyes and shown engaged in a soft the exam permit under the porphyrin in this part the think of and cost not Hoffa's easier and library for the easy set up or the next slide might I'm Carson from the Tate
at the University of Munich and on my post I'm going to present a generic solution and thus to a generic problem bread a generic problem is how do you let the user applied and a function f India simulation code so in our case with doing of prick simulation then function F could be a mapping from every point in space to an initial stress tens of years or something like that and I think this was quite successful because were able to kill 2 5 thousand lines of Fortran code and if you want to know how did how did that come to my poster I think the
next slide from John noise so I'm working correctly addition pitched got on espresso which is software used in 3 dynamics and simulations 1 major challenge in academic software is of course to enable user-based to contribute to a software for example through but reports but she's oftentimes new features we have brought significant changes to our software to facilitate this process 1st we moved from the CNT CEO languages to see Prosper's and by phone next we placed call features by indicated that there is and we are currently experimenting with new forms of the condition based on to in the book we would love to shed consequences if you bring a poster session thank you thank you I think in might from I have 7 on
half an hour see in linguistics and like talk is digital literacy gone
belly-up research has a long tail that's where we're trying to him proficient Arazi's cannot be found on Yelp so how can I my project sustain my precious cooled we argue that maintainers represent a mother lode in order to maintain the old maintain isn't much more proper engineering to factor out the best fact told plus open infrastructures as in using what we can in free and open projects for sounds like so plan and good documentation of everything that's there the cold of course the governance and architecture in the air all this creates potential for sustainability all fixed term software projects in research for eternity the the how quiet it has hinted that
he's static and we we are developing the Potomac's pipeline
which is as you confused sustainable pipeline for the analysis of proteins and multi organism samples on the left side you see an example sample that is often analyzed is the content of the dada view that and and and that and fortunately this part is done in the wetland that has generated from that we start sustainability comes into play by us integrating existing software such software solutions into a pipeline that do the protein identification protein quantification and after lots of they identify who make the protein and what does it do thereby it allows researchers to deduct for example reasons for premature birth or diabetes is related to it and also inflammatory bowel disease I'm handing you can find me at close to 5 GeV of questions thank you thank you the yeah Havoline Yonge
catalysts I have presented more modeling and simulation tool for world other similar systems biology Our aim is to get as close as possible to experience and for that we invented Math by your modeling language the descriptive language so you have to describe your mother Robert implemented and the task of morphemes is then to translate this into computational models so I'll audiences quite wide Soviet tracts of a biologist students and also experts where the judge tossing Morphoses them to translate this descriptive models using generic modules into 1 of assimilations we have to extract all the interdependencies from the mathematical expressions that you define and yeah I'd last uses clearly invited to add more modules and to make this a larger platform so if you can find me at process 6 and I will tell you more thank
you the of you hello I'm Valiant from the University of cutting our I presented as a project multi- multi- is a multilayer research softer 4 times use animals so also for multivariate time series analyzes souls of quite a good name to name a multi you can find the 3 application layer so we have that occasionally we program in graphical user interface and we progamming air interfaces to Python R and state hustles most used to suffer packages for economists and all call they are is a Python package a Python library of time series models if you want to see a very nice three-dimensional representation was more than 1 layer you can come to my post thank you very much and Susan thinking in and my
names can mess up I'm from the University of Stuttgart and we work on the improvement of the usability and archive ability of the open Source porous medium flows simulated remarks and do Marxists mainly developed by our group but is also used by many users from outside and and it is written in C plus plus which makes a brother heart for 1st time users to get started with especially if they don't have any programming experience so in cooperation with foreign state and universities infrastructural and partners the library and the Computing Center we tried to know what these initial hurdles by providing users use but interface and you also want to ensure the repressed ability of the results in an automated fashion so if you are interested in learning more about that please visit my poster thank you in
your the wasn't hello my name
is Meyer Steinke I brought a poster on August
those which is a urging prediction software that finds the genes and their structure a newly sequenced gene norms and this is a machine learning a task that we solve with with probabilistic graphical model implementation has been done by a by a series of grad students whose main priority hasn't been best practices of of sulfur understandably but thankfully that she's not funding of maintenance and delivers a usability improvements of so a couple of tasks of our common maybe to to other projects but I think we may I might have to lose more specifics tasks 1 is the users I should be able to share their species-specific data for the other users can find the closest so related species in the tree of life to the that is the species that they want to examine and another task Institute designed regression tests that automatically
find it decreases in accuracy if ongoing development introduces some box for the
human not difficult who I'm
charging up to Our pulled a program of some flair and the stopping point this is a hard greedy policy agriculture policy namely that it is and what multi a to this tomorrow these so close have developed to already up more than 10 years that mean a lot of time here that also that put 1 in language in the past plastic already at who have more than 3 or 4 before the new standards that the meaning we would have some data played coat any we will have to use all of the applied Z wasn't tiny also at a region so that we have more cooperation partners so what we want to develop a sum brought the in the fracture and where they killed very much yeah
hello my name is much else I'm also from the University of Stuttgart and I'm working at their flows Asian research sample there I am going to resent the open source research was runs visualization framework make work its development started about 10 years ago initially it was developed for orders special special research field 716 funded by the German Research from its original focus was on high performance chip you accelerated party visualizations on in desktop context but income this of all post I would like to discuss how development in context have changed over the last decade I'll % details on how we tackle the new challenges because all Goals of our goal is to develop software that is useful across different scenarios and science domains we also part of a group that works toward sustainability specifically in the visualization community in all be happy to give you more details at my post the chip thank you
the hello my name is Gomez I'm part of the DFG-funded project so last and it there at the heart of our project and of cardiac as software that we're trying to develop from a pulsed source to open-source vision and we as I talk about we because with 3 people from this project here today you want to discuss with you about the software concept that we but as of this is still in development you want to discuss about concept we want to discuss about community interactions what to do with these aspects to discuss about infrastructure user-friendliness quality and frameworks to integrate in such programs yenta you can visit us as 12 and we can discuss and would love and that would be in our hearts to discuss this topic with you thank you thank you the Hi I'm Peter
I work at the Centre for Bioinformatics at the University in and get a presenter you all what SAP software which is a tool for fast and accurate replaced haplotyping if you know what hap what had is then you know that this is an example of open-source software development and bioinformatics and for those of you who don't know what haplotyping is is essentially about the question which genetic variants you inherited from your father and which variance you inherited from your mother and if you would like to find more a fine of more about this than you that come to my poster number 13 or find the code on bucket of course open source licensed or under read the books text thank you so I I'm
dominate I worked as those of the developer at the MBL in Heidelberg and we develop a software called elastic so elastic is mainly used by biologists to produce a wonderful images like this and so it's like intact image processing it is written in Python and C plus plus and that of course apart from thrill of parts pregnancy test that also read into trying to reinvent the wheel so we have a lot of dependencies which means that all depends stick is quite complex and yet we should all software to an end users directly Espinar in binary form for all the 3 major platforms social interests of how to do that with this kind of stacked to visit me in the post the 40 think you can hello when
is Frederick on from the Technical University of Minnick and Encore develop Alster library precise and process is minimally invasive and scalable appear library fault a petition physics simulations so if you have an in-house although written in C C so was passport from a Python you can use OS-2 to adapted with just a few lines of code and then a couple it's to vast majority of all the solar severe already provide so so that that for soldiers of the message you due to and so on and so on yeah so over 30 research institutes already use us so we have user groups in universities from university institutes and so the industry and the basic teaches us because we're reliable and it just works so if you would like to know more about the precise all those use the results than visit miospore 50 thank you thank you
have had Hi I'm in I'm 1 of the
core developers of on Python model order reduction lies in the hands of life including my hope also because it and understand the start of the task properly yeah will show you how what we're doing sustainability call from DFG where are all infrastructure plans for the user access to rapidly the software of workflows and mathematical new stuff and so on well I'll bindings for all these nice piece elusive using those someone to be faster with model order reduction and talk to me
the if OK I'm Tim
from the Zuse Institute and in year something Spanish like here
and others should not like a softer which is way below more or less and then we have the high performance optimization navigator and at the start at the poster session and today we're trying to to develop a voxel it'll for metadata most and reference data of that and from the production from the get let me over the Opals even open source and institutional repository into the long-term preservation which is based on Markov Montego which is also open source and the glue code between these 3 items will be open source as well so and this is so there should be as low level of expression of threshold as possible and therefore if you have any questions so how we try to do it to visit us of course I think it is the 1st sentence of course is even
far away than I was yeah Moini fanatics on shouldn't himself and hearing in kiIled Olodum deal but in employing understated from the Mannheim entirely on southern deal the DNA untidy and among them was long thought teeth say only been through to destabilize to stay in the the amount of the muffin framework moment field of Kalikot still through other of you deal not the 1 in its once it's once they human insufficient then the Yossi file on dump I did it and let the slides angle with policy at the end of twenties niece Gov. for after gated the modern under the committee and all of that to buckle state southeast finds out on with listing of and to sort them was that it the vandals for the effect on the scene story this ignited all others all get that from the continuous delivery but so that you don't come all others robot Operating System offers us human Cantonese annotators GaN islands but Apple so the tank I
think Hi I'm Philip and
is is usually a numerical analysis we have a course on numerics of partial differential equations in our students as as yeah we'd like to implement that as well we don't only want to do the theory and so we did a seminar on that and I'd love to talk about the results and maybe what we could do to even further their software engineering skills and all that so that we get some good software engineers in the future the
the I'm gonna fumble from the possible through for Climate Impact certain-might posters about power lies in a dynamic global vegetation models simulating the global water and column fluxes of the whole world and for example the cost waters flowing to a different location we are even a thought you have to use lose the river Neckar thought to different tasks using the MPI Message Passing paradigm and therefore we have will not life encapsulating all these innocent complications is also we use collective global communications and therefore we reach while the perfect scaling up to test it 1 all then the fall course if you want to know more about why there there and that's you can was the number 1 20 and also you can download the code because of other open-source at this OK thank you thank you this this and and and
that promised Institute for dynamic and of self-organization getting encounters to all everybody before me of what present has nothing to do with what they and this is Jupiter had was something I use and like 3 much and I teach a lot of or programming and a sense and stuff typically the handsome courses and before people used to come in my course it's then different and operating systems the MACH Linux of whatever and as to spend hours sir troubleshooting their programming environment now I have to be to have is a browser-based solution they log in and then they get a uniform programming environment with all the libraries already installed and it scales very well up to hundreds or even thousands of users in our problem and it just makes my life much better it and know more about it comfort bolster number 21 thank you the hello my
name is Leonora and I am part of 2 data management cooled off the biodiversity exploratory is the biodiversity expert is is the open research platform with a very diverse which resource for object and resource topics and to support this diverse research and the researchers we developed the biodiversity information Abydos expert to information system they says and may post I want to show you software developer development life cycle and the changes is the case you dancing thinking about the my name is
Mateus from the Soliz Institute Berlin and we are developing the skip optimization suite which is a toolbox for solving integer programming problems and this is a pretty huge codebase written in C and C plus plus and we would like to show you how we work how we develop we test how we evaluate all performance and yeah how we integrate all those a possible as you can see this Jenkins' tests performance runs and performance evaluation and come to a poster if you have any questions and we had a chance in the but my name is
still cut off I'm from Unix of community center and as you can see this is controversial title make
HPC software great again and from the subtitle basically can see what I wanna show you the poster so it's basically about developing a library of fast multiple ToolBook's on form 1 applications in our case to multiplication is grommets to grommets and decode and the last part of this text is on modern hardware as you all know HPC hardware is quite the words and all the challenges we have faced which can see in these boxes down there all the ones I will show you at the poster so come to post a number 20 thank you Hi
I'm Naur and I'm also from municipal Computing Center and actually had my post I'd like to show you whether the golden Goals and evil promises at his post of verb out because when I was a master students I just tried whether the code the group developed this really maintainable readable and this for half the person so that my studies I focused on VHDL and now I had to do C plus plus and never did that before so if you like to find out whether he will hold his promises envisions was of my poster
the my name is Kyle and in this Lightning Talks I am the voice of a group of people and within Muhammad's Association working on policy development for research software animals of the face for the corresponding poster that sums up some of the wake of that group the current focus of this task group is the development of a policy for dealing with 3 such suffer with and what's so pretty much we're not doing any hardcore coding but we're coding policy if I may say so and you can find an overview of the themes on the poster and you can engage in a discussion in the workshop on Thursday morning we're looking forward to that to feedback from the icy communities of from you come along to the poster and ugly also to the workshop things I think color I had my name is Florian
and I have the pleasure of standing in front of an audience of computer scientists and presenting a Fortran code the the package is called was algorithms for lettuce fermions flexible package for the efficient simulation of lattice and newtonians and we had the goal of kind writing a generic package for common simulations of fermion boson letters models these models can be specified in that equation down here but I don't expect you to go above my most of you don't expect to understand and understand the symbols if you want to find out what's what the sum of our come to my poster that might be 1 reason the the the the implementation had to be efficient and scales to modern HPC systems it's cells open P MPI parallelization it's the package it can serve as a benchmarking tool other codes can be benchmarked against it yeah and shit we have strived to implement more modern modern standard techniques will we strive for us in compliance with the fortitude of 3 standard and we also funded by the use of your but things that you will see that the disk has
become so high everybody my name Laurent to say if you want to have a talk with then I received was working at an archaeological institutes just come to my poster interference with interested in RDF linked open data coming data whatever just come a prostitute and if you are interested in minions spark a unique calls and so on just come from the poster so Hess was at me that poster 26 thank you think
Hi I'm task from taking the University of Berlin and they're together with my colleagues and devel oping of software which deals with modeling simulation and optimization problems and I'm from the chemical engineering and peeled and they out we improperly work together with lots of people who love different kind of languages and programming languages of course and and always the the problem is to keep things consistent so we all approaches we have 1 large accretion system which is implemented in the vague modeling also with documentation and then you have the possibility by automatic code-generation that you can export it to any language you laugh and as they keep things consistent is also the the documentation is then prepared automatically so if you want to know more about that come to post 27 we also have lots of more of my speeches over there I think you think of hello everyone and
doll from Munich University our software is called the Cecil which is designed for 3 the simulation of or than any ruptures and said make available in as structured amazed earthquake eyes able to incorporate too complex for the system in our typology in fact and the realistic rheology and the 19 year fictional of besides the realistic of physics and our software says had been intensively optimize the fall off of Buddha HPC performance and proved it to be working inefficiently to be in larger earthquake as as 16 areas Allen and and the sense opens axes song at the top and now we're working on providing are reproducible research and the infor infrastructure for I read potential user from engineer and the size so for more details please come to my poster at number 28 things
than yeah I know I'm being a mean from with
vintage of plant sciences at the force of
those and I want to talk about a specific and huge problem we have There's so basically it's sealed right so some noise you images with the root system 1 to segmented and quantified and yet so we want to talk about solution ideas and talented way have to use all of machine learning approach their own production and here how to to incorporate the human we of for validation and how to the give some reproducible off the analysis of pipeline with so if you're interested or want to discover that the please come to post effort thank
you and my name is Stewart I'm from the multiscale materials modeling group that the KATE and we had several issues in our group when doing and at developing and dealing of scientific software which include like competence train interpretability repositories will be put usability scalability and training of young boys and in order to reduce those problems for you implemented this and 2nd workflow framework they can easily put your coat of fictional language into a graphical user interface and then be deployed in unique Middlebelt to submit this to HPC resources and if you want to know more about this come to postal federal thank you thank
hello my name is Tracy and I'm from the
IT this as and we year at the ISS do and sustainability research relating to
policy or social studies but we also do some air quality modeling and that's where I can mean and because in we have the and model that is a global system model and we introduce some more chemical mechanisms and what happened was that when we run it on our cluster it took way longer than it would normally
do and so I did was some performance profiling and if you want to see some of that and not just some
blank-faced thing come to my poster and find out more and into the Hi I'm Klaus and I will give
you mine Guiness Alaksa nicely put at least those stuff into the water and see what happens and apart from that we also do atmospheric modeling and ocean modeling that biology but of molecule but to 2 so lots of stuff and I work at that upper management department nobody was making researched out of fear that they be an answer to make researched artificial-really hills would have to have a fair software and we notice that we have a good process for publishing scientific resides and we have a good process for publishing that in a fair manner but we do not have any process for publishing softer an effeminate so if you want to and know what all thoughts well what what kind of people were involved in this process and what process we started to implement come visit me at all posts I think
a letter of guarantee from empirical is under all the plants based on research software London which is a regional research software community we're targeting not just people who consider themselves to be reset software engineers but anybody who involved in building a working with recess software across quite a large number of institutions in the London and southeast England region we lost in October 2018 so it's quite a new Community and we already had a couple of events we have launch events and all 1st and workshop which took place in February where we had over 100 people registered and the focus this community is really on bringing people together to help them to learn more about how to efficiently produce some work with Reasor Software 3 seminars workshops training networking and such activities if you don't find out more come to post number 35 if you think in terms
Hi my name is Fabian I'm from the University of Bielefeld and I will introduce a con capture you so inspired by software development practices like versioning and CI in our approach we introduced some of the participating researchers 1st to GitLab and segmentary invented some quality checks which are automatically executed by a good clip CI that these checks cover of basic fair principles and their validate common file types like C is the end of the exam and so the results of these checks are accessible give a browser and they contain detailed feedback of his of each check and batch which indicates the overall status of the data quality in addition to that we made integration to be lifted public service the publications service so region researchers no easy can publish directly from or get LEP that troop up in getting a door and the the real test results of a link there so thank you very much so if you have any questions come
to post a number 36 thank you thank you so like this height so my name is
then I'm from the university for the Chilean was a team you know and I am and develop all of that also Pixar's projects may you remember that you read it already so it's actually the success or from the projects and he presented and it's also the data management platform for by you all written 84 biodiversity data and maybe some of you would ask so within my pick that picture it's because we develop it's in a modular and flexible way that it's not only bond to biodiversity data but probably also for some data that you have all you think probably collects at some point of time and if you're interested in what probably probably modular mean and flexible than just visit me at posters 37 thanks Peter hello
my name is on the inside and looking at the technical information library from and I'm
working as a sort of elaborate in the open science lab no project called worldly that stands for reference implementation of open sign dramatic indicators sounds complicated so I will explain the us from developing a prototype forms such information system this like all visitors have profiles are they represent themselves and display the publications and also there are a tenet of metrics displayed and we want to replace those attended of metrics was open once and those that can be customized by the researchers themselves that's the project and the 1st cost of the project was to research for potential data sources that can be useful also metrics and that's why we created a public at 3 everybody can see our views have so for the data sources you found and also as your own data sources the focus of was also on the technical description of the data source because I will have to use them for my application it ends up
because you have a content at your own data sources and also in the use of the ones
that I thank you