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The Debian Astro Project
A "Debian Pure Blend" for Astronomy und Astrophysics
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Debian Astro is a way to improve the ecosystem of astronomical software. Astronomical software with appropriate licenses is packaged and distributed together with all necessary dependencies as an integral part of the Debian distribution. Debian GNU/Linux is an open distribution with an open development model and a standardized build and installation process. This ensures high stability and reliability of the software as well as reproducibility, which is important in a scientific environment. Continious integration and regular testing on various platforms help to maintain a high quality of the software packages.
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but that of the billion-plus project that that's the idea to bring collect software for but from astronomy to the data and
data is so home this as you probably know as a free Linux-based operating system it's not only Linux there you have a few parts which American award or B is the also but it's also 1 of the oldest as it was in the 2 beams at all was phone that's 16 years ago of the free as free as in free speech so you can take everything that's all open source you can change should you can use it for whatever you want we I think the largest distribution or Mideast 1 of the largest 51 polls until packages of maintained by more from 1 posing officials of developers so that's the largest open source project involved at all and more work is based on written social contract alone which many say is that the software should stay free and freely available and their usable by everyone and and so on and in printed to get the developer 1 has resigned that our contract that's 1 of the 1st base of many derivatives while they're on at as it is is not so much used in in the vault but Pb uses a window but 1 do is the down I'll just it involves some and specific of things on top of that but all packages we have indeed implementing in deviant all most of them
are in 1 go as well but the same form in another the solution so that 1 does something for the young kids will have a huge benefit everywhere there was of and then an official of more questioning about which operating systems people use in astronomy in the car all that was something like 10 % the nose 50 % of some time ago was then from the remaining part 1 of which is about 50 per cent to Phillips DBN or window so we are if not the biggest part a form of a take but already quite quite as part of what if you woke for what we do that the grunts there goes assorted 2 years old that's from 2017 we are in the process to prepare the new version but just didn't called quote members buster but it's expected to get there it improves 3
weeks or so or months that's we have given those get you for that the schedule is it's ready when it's ready and we have we have about calendar the park on that something like 74 already the least for the box and that they all have to be done or world of we decide that they're not a critical or reading the packages all of which but also of the produce this box but that's that's the question that's always under discussion and you don't say no no but that's what we want to have that under all so the problem with the then
is that we have not with its general purpose and if so many so many packages 51 cause pictures really a lot to effect I'm almost everything there but if you look for a specific field your just lost nearly and that's why what we do is we structure so the system by public 1 hour the UN people doing that of course really tried to correct that make kind of so well environment fall for a specific field domain of 1 case in astronomy of of it provided the usage of that they are because of people on use it the softer wasn't there and the name is a bit honey and had several iterations and no we're at then in the sense of light like then the TE communication of ball different kinds of these packages also the guarantee that everything fits well together but there are rational for from that will develop side because that's usually people who writes author on that they are experts hopeful in their field of horror insult writing but not really in packaging so they may need help and packaging this is what we do but they get from us from the bigotry experts they get the feedback from whole soft integration votes of and sometimes they even made do that themselves and become their and maintain as on but in that way we tried to make this network of people all users is developing so if there's no of if are even development package and maintenance of fence on and that's the
lists for most of the current state of the theory and lands of the 1st the US which which I do the oldest 1 lecture is the variance of which is already something at 20 years old of is again see most of them are assembled science related and we have all the science specialists with of experience has blend which is not occur really in the lessons that just collect everything else but which is in science and which does not fit into the specific ones and actually didn't ask the walls although part of the event science for some time under the bees started to make that began and to make it that's all Bachman never who others which is the manager of what education start educational stuff but if the then games that then you know would images stuffed ham radio and it depends on the people doing the is that since the book proceeds so people that have someone things that's important to do we can do that and put it somewhere there and that will be there so that that's why you find faults there in Japan and sometimes honeypots still and sometimes very important part has
no central roadmap for what what know has to be done but in the the as or as a whole and they're on us all currently of has 250 but 25 of packages which was being compared to the critical and not the sole less and especially compared for small could like astronomy it's not too bad of be structure them in 19 made up packages switches while some kind of sections no inference through consists of of about page which we all their from and we have passed pp and underprepared of which we are short of my which for the moment the older than that summer that the of fall packages that we maintain the the citations of the package sentence but if you have installed something and even you can look up what was the of what how to cite them the 1st special astronomy degrees so such as source code libraries which collects tries to collect all the source code which was floating around in astronomy of and has side the other useful then the that would connection to them and so are maintained that the cities as well the 1st release of the men are still was done in 2017 with those of the unstructured is and then the 2nd 1 will be next weeks months that
may be or landing page of outs introduction and go to install that and so on now that's 1 of our prospects
of from the literal tolerance for heroes to inference that's a long list of packages which are there and you can extend every all of these line to get so close and that that the chosen to get them of the description is crucial if it's there and all Voldemort that it and the
contents of our basically all I think we are in the moment we are quite complete but when it comes to stomach of astronomy packages but it took a while that's the libraries in C and C plus plus and so on which are of both sometimes quite quite old a metric what you have although cancer pattern stuff that 1 needs currently in astronomy that's many as 4 pi and the whole as required of a ecosystem of all the fitted the packages and so on the older half of which is important for astronomy legacy packages which are sometimes but 100 years old desire of which remains a new 1 of my idols 50 that the 2 packages we replacement foreign commercial of of softer package would just both at what's called ideal for commercial package real G. GDL but if not for all the portraits over to Romanian the client said like alleging that tools to accelerate databases and so on but we have a collection of the major ready astronomy stuff and you have much more if packages just specific level of education in the fall to love published things of of horror all super-efficient nodes and amateurs and so on the team
this currently not it's difficult to measure because we are all volunteers from the inside so anyone can come and do something and you can all disappear so and that that's a question how to conduct the measure I talked years the mailing list has currently something 170 such try what's that flower is keeping people interested in that the team members which are an aura of developments over desert 32 people of and it's actually working and uploading stuff that's all of this in the late for the latest period that's of 17 that there may be more which are hidden in some individual commits also that's always difficult to say maintain of alternative source packages currently that's a different number from these 200 something from before because it's the source package and you have more than 1 there's modern 1 binary package from 1 source package parts of 1 type into 1 pattern to pay us repackage when there are different of 1 had into walls there of and although not all the packages are maintained by us so we take over packages from there and is a team it don't package the public and stuff like that it shows or we don't do that also of course we just take what is this what this they already if we have a central repository purchase you get out of instance that's mean need the basic it with a few changes which are specific for the even but there's always a point of discussion how much difference this week that should be of but that this loop getting proper direction and that 1 disadvantages that currently most all 4 packages of only 1 maintain which means there's a big bus fact growth that person disappears though but that has some it table and of about 1 and the real problem is that the light maintained 60 per cent of these packages so then I does appear have will be a problem somehow because just of the huge a number of packages
but that surface grain should from of developments over from a from thing you see the all the packages there and inference with everyone can subscribe to a few moments they believe me anything you just drop a note or mailing list that you want to have excess of 2 or group and then you can all sorts of writing of the package there
are a few advantages for the software of to be packaged the 1st is the obvious 1 that's simple for users to install now if they use the again or went or something like that in but Valve what I think of the of the few years I think that's for the software package from the largest I think it was 1 of the most important thing the most important thing is that we do testing the 1st as we have we are not homogeneous heterogeneous we have 23 platforms but you have more and more of the world what we'll see if some exotic ones like work if we don't realize integration tests that means that every time of an actor software and every time 1 of the dependencies of the softer change I will that would be automatically that and I get I get an examination market if the test fails only they're a ball of repeatedly that's not so that also or regular orbit that happens every few weeks of that that software the computer build and install process will be tested and their rights but reports about that then we have of people were going because of the packages are all have the same structure it's it's a nice thing for all 4 of software engineer office of the scientists to boost up the matrix and they just go true to soften and look are your best patient scripts really marked as such and all they correct so in a sense they had their own kind of lean General of for them which usually upstream doesn't think of of they they do or something like that but I hate all executables and run them the random input and just don't care about different books but they care what as a trash if you and segmentation hold that and so on and that gives you the number of particles would just make those software for the upstream people better and that of of that they do that for their research and begets if they're very nice and powerful people to have a books retrieval of it was a symbol of the hand of another advantage is that no I won't all that this coupled through the development of the whole distribution of and care about the dependencies that means if you have a suffer which depends on some library you know you're you're so the software will be recompiled rebuilt in the moment and that software changes some hold binary interface and although of and the tough there will not migrate in or system if it would break my package from all this so we try to ensure that everything works together if and and that we get early warnings when that doesn't have that although it will not happen that some dependencies depended library they just disappear because a common can't be here but all of the system as long as myself there is in there and there will be discussions of all the really quite old another the news so farewell to follow but it's not it's not that 1 breaks up at the morning and says well after doesn't work in is more because 1 of these bullets eclipse is not there anymore or something like that and the last 1 is of course once it's indeed and it's been of menu of those distributions which are there are there are
a lot of our but advantages over and kind of SNRs social well meaning that know the first one is the kind of ball in the net of of the of of the of the ceramics is that the community end of bringing soft that they're helps to connect these people of some considered I have connections to ball or all the major software developers in in astronomy and of we do all the tried to bring them to talk together and you change something you may break that software and can be together with that and that that's a quiet of the big impact we have 1 that's 1 all of the in the hope that the strong gets the more people know both contribute to all system and people may contribute to or assistant directly by a ball fixing bugs or reporting bucks of the nice thing is independent of what upstream there's we are abuzz our style that means if the Backus flow and indeed I reported to us or in or packages reported to us we try to fix that it also tried to speak of upstream but if it's an upstream Bachman but to get it fixed there and so on and now some packages of I think I'm a special case for is appearing of a if people disappear some some internet appears in that process the packet packages and lost they're a team of unknown and the package will be kept men maintained by the team and even if that doesn't happen other people can step in just say OK I will fix that and their people indeed especially when the come as note the of to a new data model which just looked true the box which O'Dea and fix them independent off they need them for their own package because they want to have a look at data modeling is you know and so it's you no we we have all not not from but in other fields we have some packages which are quite old and which are they don't get updated but they that kept burning all quite a long kinds of like stifle continuous so that's the and that has quite a lot and unfortunately or packages sometimes depend on these packages and 1 has to look to get them in a that state but it's not as urgent as it would be with lots of that system and we have a QA team the best the same just on purpose if nobody else steps and and what hopefully happens this of that's was at some point someone else comes and that well I think the package is important I will adopt that's I think quite
quite obvious there and this kind of very typical in all spheres of there anything so much from what upstream we tried to keep close to the if I qualities dialogs with policies for almost everything the idea of a lot of a lot of tools for packaging for pick shakes or whatever of what a loving who often goes a bit more up to the the soft and they're highly encouraged to bring in pictures up thanks to the Laureates of software or sometimes you find them in ports on to borrow another of the solution
and we have a plan of of but as support and all that data and users because if you want this version of stable like currently given stretch the ruins of fixed but only but fixes or even more important but axis should come there of which is not true and of some but new versions then and we have a special specific repository which is called the court's very can put new burdens but there's no automatic process that needs to be maintained and due to mend power and it's not really done yet there is a window has the same but has its own rules there and in that makes of the that's more specific ruffle for that there's something in your day then who move that's on an ultimate of which could be of that of and responded with that's the bits of us for power in the moment but yet we are by far not there and if every anyone wants to help with that I would be happy time as I said we
have a number of rules 1st year that of social contract and some of the prosodic lands that the strength so the package doesn't fit there it's not really free if it contains Productivity coach that can come to distributed free or something like that the company ended up sometimes it helps or what we can do is to convince people had that to write a replacement for that all true that also by that that several times 1 thing that that's in sense of Pharaoh heart because often people don't know that the sort came from somewhere and some of change and then using a with its could from the murderous recipes that can't be that and then you just stop and say he surpass got no life but have painful but if you don't then the court does not open source and then that takes through some kind that is even so in larger organizations will find quote from these you find quote from the National of American Observatory which contains arbitrary code and they can pick something that's not the case and then you can of course for something but but we of policies as I said of our the code should be portable that's not freely of straight but it's nice of coals and it helps to to happen but what sort of quality so the good team maintenance indigenous just the
point it's more of filtering then and
yeah and thank you and the last this than
among the names of toppled us we have so far they come from all over the world that's the last thing and they were very different things that professional astronomers but there are heroes but there are software people which have no connection of astronomy at all they are at students which just started of their thing and 1 propagate there on package that is everywhere and that's a nice thing to have very the readiness of team but it brings this the mission and to
Where's aggression spread among here 7 years ago or so I tried to work going a numeric library into the the and found it to be difficult to impossible forces for posterior technically very challenging to bring it in the lead to AT of acquire form and back and I had to wait for somebody to sponsor late and nothing happened that is that and the tendency for that to improve over the last years of a good guess about as I said we are all volunteers and we do what what we what what we want to do and I and if so that in package which is it not nice for them to fit for me because I've been astronomy packages are important and to me I will solid with with that they also of no doubt about it that there is an improvement sorry that no that that that's for the right answer there there is an improvement we have a real mental if a mailing list for that and be a special box for that and so they should be done with to lose 3 4 weeks also because they're people dedicated and and wanted to look just crew them and 2 of us 1 of them was possible but invisible everything in science should be doable because do the group which thus science indeed and it's all that larger than 7 years ago and if you agree that the packages will be made he maintained in didn't science so you will find a solution so for a C library for that's because who also technically if you bring a set of C library into the down that's very difficult I am a set libraries are more difficult than applications yes and Vietnam of policies because they should be and operable to bother about that born again you give mailing list of all the and science and there are people and I promise to just must say if there's just just something they're drop a note there that to me or to the to the UN in science mailing is saying what you're doing and hole and so and in who write for that there's even a mentoring of the month from Monday Deligne I'm a truck that electron but I think yes so he says he will to guarantee that if you work hard more within a month all of you will get a package in there something like that and the ball he selects that person or so of the that's all the love of trying in the science team that yes rules to apply for that because it's as well but that's that something like it should be part of the students had seen the so I'm a question the last 1 I was talking to DNA but when I was a a PhD student and the using the rest of often just something so Rebekah then I thought well being a deviant mentioned would be kind of cool and used to be in a vessel overlooking the horse time initially is how often have to spend there should be 1 this enables parts essentially at at least the time if to read a lot of documentation I guess that's not different today so you only spend a lot of time on that is that your free time all I you on lots of work on that as part of your regular work at the has already an effect science all the way the this signs as well but I tried to use to form a lot to say you would in my spare time so I I can't say that they do that Institute because that's not my contract that line but I am here during my working time and the institute they actually pays the conference he also there is some some agreement about and actually of form many packages that improved so if you have a Python package which is a lot of development currently in astronomy I thought I'm done if it's a package with in the day but also to have a complete the major point is they're not packaging is really finding all the licenses if it's not a small package with a larger 1 a really good true and as a all that was copied from that other of package for source from there's something that that no usually people really cut and paste them up there on that well it's not just lines of computer files of and if you have something which is not 5 years old so that collects a lot of copyright statement at the end that has to be done properly and that's a must there's no so there's you going for codon Lovell and I had to the packaging yes and both of my part is just going through the cold and checking and asking and then in communicating the upstream that's that's a hard pot half that sometimes