ESM-TOOLS: a tool for Earth-System-Modellers

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ESM-TOOLS: a tool for Earth-System-Modellers
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A Software Tool for Earth System Modelling Scientists
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Earth system modelling is a key instrument to investigate the climate system. This includes the simulation of processes on a large range of scales and of different Earth system components. To account for the different components, Earth System Models (ESM) are composed of submodels. In practice, these submodels are developed independently and bring their own scripts for downloading, compiling and execution. In order to bundle these various scripts in one tool, we developed the ESM-TOOLS software. The aim is to facilitate the work with different ESM and, therefore, to ease the work of the Earth system scientist. We will briefly explain the purpose of the ESM-TOOLS, and discuss our experiences during development and application by the users.
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what this thing the options so yes I'm working on at the having them often in that and climate and anemic section and German I also want to acknowledge the and project that I'm funded by so he's M. stands for a system modeling and the project then I am working for is system modeling capacity so we developing as software to its qualities and toward standard cell and the supporting system 1 of us to make their
life or a drop a little bit easier and so and start
with an introduction what
these into its our and then who we developed and the tool is and how we support the users and a whole users can contribute to this project and at the end I was sure some general information how you can get information and contact us if you so what are these into
sorry set the the the use stances system modeling of our system Ordinance and it's a true would that support the usage of climate of a system utterance so
I mean he is an example of a ocean Mandarin that's this is somewhat about so it's a model about in a system component and in this case it's the ocean so it's also an ocean it is developed it out in the often in our group and as such on and you see no a resides from a simulation done with the fear is a minus of sudden said Letterman showing the velocity she is in a 100 meter steps and you see very nicely is different and dynamic as structures in the output that that I will not talk about the the the modern and it areas but what comes with it to run such on to carry out such a model experiments that you see here so and that's what was the purpose of they're developing the he sent to words so I I mean this is not
the only monitor you can use a test for the ocean for example but there are no different models for atmospheric dynamics and say chemistry and and all different models said to the Olson to the system and also a cup version of these so that then according to this system model when the amenities components are competent and so all these moderates and of course different and they come all with their own to would soar scripts how you for example download or compiler this and modest in a manual written for time code and they'll all have different scripts how you execute and man such and simulation experiments so this this the purpose section office 2 words to make this process a little bit easier that you don't have to deal with all these different comp I scripts and run scripts so and so and there we address some aspects of doing model experiments of simulation and in this year so greatly related to the modern himself and of the capitalist system of motor systems and for the different its PC that you want to run these experiments on and the different ways how to set up such an experiment and then it's 2 regions of the data and that you need to do such minds that's input data or forcing data that needs to be runtime and how you organize the put so therefore
we so these it to was I should a fee tool words 1 is related to the model and how you know how you don not then how you configure if needed how you come pilot and the 2nd 1 is the young concerning the use some environment so on which machine you want to run go simulations and we could end in that takes the the call for the different modules you have to go to tour to compile the compiler environment and for running such an experiment and those be the biggest part of which was like the the runs and run scripts and the moment it's Nash said functions and then that provide Q to have a seminar on scope for all these different kinds of modus every support at the moment and so we are at the moment we we support 10 different models that true false models to atmospheric models and I should and by it you chemists in water and the glaciers is a city adjustment model and also at the different kappa system so then we come to climate model when you couple the atmosphere to ocean for example and we have a lot of support for 1 coupler and that actually takes and I was doing the exchange of data between them to model components for example and we support at the moment C A 6 and 4 or species systems s on debt so that's basically as yeah introduction to
what it was and I want to say a little bit more about the the the biggest part of the tool sort of which exceeded the use the bring the users interacting was worth and this
is the is someone scripts so makes it takes care of different steps and doing such a modest simulation and so at the beginning you need to know to gather information where you want to start your simulation from so from what kind of input data you want to start begin no simulations from here at the top and then it's preparing the folder where the data are stored doing the runtime and in modifying them if necessary and put all the data and to workfolder of where they are accessible during runtime of simulation and then and actually submits the run to the job scheduler on the B. that you choose and when the runners is finished
it whether puts almost the data to an output for order and the
generated kind of folder structure that is organized sort the data in a nice way and and most you do these runs in bin but in a whole but in different steps so all runs and if necessary if you want to continue so simulation energy it breaks through he submits it to the top sketches and then the cycle would would you continue again so now
in the media said than to have similar run scripts for different models that you know I don't have to deal with bodies different and yeah different scripts anymore so here's an example of a very so that these 2 lines you have to put as in the Rance and this is also an example for the fees on a model that I showed at the beginning so you it as a it's actually just the text right it's it's at that then you you stated different and variables in in certified you say where you functions the runs function sexually line on a system and then you would define on which machine you want to run your simulation this is only this is th to see in it having been half and and then you say what the money on to run then how we must compute time it would take and for which time to it you want to do we assimilation and then followed by a few rare but it's where the input data can be found and where your X is the experiment should goal to which folder and Yeltsin Cityman eats its learning unstructured mass you have to define when it finds the match and how how long these ones should be and then that's basically get and then you execute this and violent makes what's and but executed it's not showing on on this slide here it's further down so that's the minimum for example that you need to do to do an experiment and the functions behind this where them not to take care of everything that you need that copy them and that the input data to the working directory and no takes care of all the forcing data available and then after they 1 in the was storing output and doing our posing you post-processing if if you want and so I want a common
tool how we developed in this to win and IBM as
a timeline when this started in early 2000 and 17 so they see the idea of and that kind of mind to body he came up with the idea to you make all the scripts liberty easier because he had to take care of all the moderate said were available on the news and then in in May 2017 there was to use the SAM project started and that enough it's quite nicely into the geared this project and then in August 2017 I actually started to work on this project and in the ASEM project and then there were no presenting these 2 was to the is the community and the other day complexity was quite successful so a lot of people interesting in in this idea and and we had a 1st release in September 2018 so and then there was a state where a lot of exceed Pepa for at the ABI Institute using both starting to use these tools for the what simulations and the at since many and a lot of other the modest so was extended to was to other moderates and so grow a lot and we had a 2nd release just recently in March this year so and since then at that time there were 10 monitors and supported on 6 different its PC systems so here the other night and 30 also said a contributing to this project and a 2nd really a 3rd release planned for again for September this year and the the the outlook so at the moment this is the the collection of share scripts and we already start port the functionality in the back end to to Python code so the
system makes it the part enveloping team misses yeah so that in the and the reason as a project manager of the exam project and so on and you would like to acknowledge that whole bunch of people here there already contributed to this project and the that of names missing he actually sort of the the that work in Avi but also on on different institutions mostly that are also included in the ISM project
so he is a map so the main developments is located student and and so can half and and we have collaboration of all contributions from Peter also from here from Kutztown and the intercept and dear land over from Wilson and there are so we supplied who use machines that is the HTC at out in chromaffin authority Lolotique that and also in in the 2 words and to retire in your lips so
as said it's based on make so the Samassa to a space and make than tax and to most of the functions for our citizens said but there will be plotted to Python and hopefully very shortly and of course to use those social control in this case also we skipped it hosted on a get that so right at the DECUS that's so that's a German climate computing center in Handbook and Lee as a user branching model so we have a stable release branch and develop onto a week you know about and test new developments and new dividends are basically and developed in the future branches we have a regular release is as so you already saw from now tries to you and Deligne there we don't have such a continuous integration and at the moment but we have some testing and but it's not and so this is a very much work in progress and and should be improved so at the moment there we have 1 kind of test it is taking if the poet repositories updated if there's something new and then it runs 1 test simulation and if this is if this past and if things to pay but this is only a 1 tesla once snapshot because only 1 assimilation we can test so this no we would really like to further improvement make different kind of tests with this so we have weekly product meetings busily these project and R. B. and also for other developer that I and IV that contribute to this project we meet monthly that they have the possibility to come up with new feature that they need all of that cannot get information to something is and that there might be interesting and and actually all users can contribute to the fertile because of the way you get the tool is is that you have exceeded your local repository and you can use Git then and contribute she won
and so how we do users applaud and how users can contribute
to this the project so we have actually user menu and terms we used to get that part of the keys so there's some kind of a hollowed why an area where can state Christians or who f cues we do now we do they're already the 2nd user workshop for people that want to start using a tool it's the next 1 will be Axonix weak and we have a monthly newsletter and somehow at 10 users contribute and it's not necessary that day you know develop new features they can participate with implementation it's its own repository exit on project and they can call you can to contribute to the Vicki page and the and the repository and yeah and maybe most important is that they are really encouraged to give feedback about the 2 words as they find a new box the really nice to get this information if there's some features thing they they really need so they can or use the it should check that out get that and so the last thing is they always welcome to to develop new features which are then and I can be merged into the main development of bond so and then this this
I have Jennifer mentioned how
you can if few interesting get information there's were peyote here you can contact us at the core of me and we have about of time account for this tool and actually alter you took and so that made a few are YouTube videos of explaining how to used as tools there's a newsletter that you can subscribe to the interesting and the and that's It's
thank you for your attention and not being
Christians yeah so yeah so
if I ask you to repeat the question so and it's about a what is the state chose it is a made-up built system for existing tools so for existing models sold since there are other major projects
existing is so wide set up a new 1 which is that which we would do you mean the thing I don't know on 1 of its 2 units so seems so that meets discussion amongst the experts I suppose a if you have such a big project you got some funding you could got some my assessment before people got quite convinced that they need us win but these tempered is not funded as not finding only this this to some will it's just a part of me isn't putting it but I would have asked a similar question the the relation of these estimates as in use them to will to what is below our lawyers not was not be perfectly clear to me is is so what does the US stand for it's over system so he's this as a system modeling us system modern that's 1 software or that's already Conable radiation offers software developers with different models and so in that system model this we have do models for different system components like the Ocean monitor short figure off and if you have a couplet system soul you combine like Gaussian model with an atmospheric modern you will have more components of this system so so you in the long components you add to your home some happens system then you come out here no immediate ever have to ask a more basic question there maybe that our more outsiders like me maybe they should should 1st understand what you understand in your field by the term model so it's a similar at at a simulation software that cements assimilation coal and that include all lots of in representation of the earth's surfaces so of the ocean depth profile yeah so there were near there the job of the of the ocean water so it's a simulation model about ocean dynamics weights somebody and you can have different moderates had like atmospheric moderates and for the dynamics of for the chemistry and and there's the fees on this notion dynamic modern and that since decades the so the I don't know exactly when to the the Monterville but the yeah simulation models that simulate the system all components of the system existing for many years so that's when you edit these new layout hope to make it modules yeah because they are you spend their different brands steps to to execute the experiments so that's a running such a model Our non-HP see for example and to to actually submit this kind of experiments to the to the HPC that we try to make a little bit more convenient for them users of such a simulation models like an emotional yeah then when most specific question about yeah yeah so a user can run the simulations on their desktop or it's always to be submitted to a cluster a big machine somewhere and now you do this on the HTC so in this case as you have the modern on this PC as system and the tools that we are developed to you all can also and copied to the HPC and then you look into so we have to actually be on this the HPC cluster from so and you just cannot purport opted for research on her lover smaller-scale to to do something that future meat of the because computer capacity and for the for the global model I would say yes and I don't know if there any and that you can run on your laptop but in this case also the these into was dead and you cannot have these tools on a laptop and then it was submit to to the HBC's so with the idea is to have this in installed basically on the HTC system and then and you run run script and then it was not the the model due to to like the ocean where for example but it it yet