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deRSE 2019 - Closing Session

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deRSE 2019 - Closing Session
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and then yeah the 1st thing you see here now is the final result of all group picture which is I think so amazing that we
all need a round of applause for ourselves well in the picture the of by the way yeah
there's there's a you I'll so you can download it and mainly search follow
idea ICC and it top and it CC BY so if you wanna use it somewhere and we're happy and it's nice picture for the word
so please reuse at they're happy about that yes so we have to
think a lot of people a lot of support us the measure the start the sun the really the sun had a lot than administratively we need to
think the GI which Association for Computer Science we also need to think all spondylosis if is GGI we we could have done it without them they have that happens having a legal construct because as is his wasn't in place but they
also helped us with ideas how you what you should look i'd for anyone defined in such a conference and so big thanks to them but regarding financing also big thanks respond source especially AWS the Amazon Web Services they have I did lap whose bonded to post a price which will come to later there are convulsion fall funds and the place suffer association and sends an error that some people might be interested in
place in the offices and if you thinking about becoming a member they are looking for more members say I think about it and perhaps sign up many of few
like the forward visit somebody that 1 that discovered fluently these are these some guys who provided us with the energy
and the fuel for this event few but of course yeah
the energy which he had is also give were
which we had at the like means that we spend a lot of energy you can see we very volunteers shirts because the ever everybody had to order certainly rents were hours the last 2 days and yes you that we hadn't of energy and all our organizers we have to help to thank all the different institutes
where all of us are from so Z and a W. II which also where we have people organizing it to of of that but also provide us answers rooms then the g of set here exactly that's what we have currently and and
also the PIK pick and was a provided his room so you visited all these different institutes by running around this campus and when sink them a lot to
provide at the rooms because without them it would be possible to offer that such a conference and at such a reasonable price because venues of really really really
expensive and we have not only the rooms at all but we have really nice rooms and is really nice allocation wastes book forest around us and walking around so thank you very much for that the
the the was surprised and that's a handle to you I have the pleasure to prevent suppose the prize sponsored by Dick level and
in the surprises already opened to prevent the perfectly that's not a prize goes to a room impeach cult Vegas video I
floppy and Hellman and reaffirmed your from Châu Barton tiny pi DEC people and fitted to beyond all 4 mothers aquatic its compiler from potions start was continuity it in the cuts you will make it that see I read a delightful the and that OK now to committed a picture the somebody has a picture or can we
take a bit of a puzzle can you wait here defined for you I gave the hour like we 1st rough for the 2nd practice and the
2nd prize goes to class mother shine at and by the Schmidt for what to about sustainable software engineering in spite of the software publication and he'll the to the the to hear him the she actually
cutting and so did any that last but not least 1st
prize goes to now all of
modern Stan and he will come back to haunt you 1 of them is as applied
in the the the the and the ones you'll all this through in the you know I'm that but that
our arsonist plaque Khakamada's affect you and I might need he was not at all and so this year is national portals the balls that it
Deligne so as I used to get the thing about something fun like thing about the the great barbecue 2 days ago and also
sunshine dance on giant
say same-store all of your gun and things to every out 200 an a poster there were amazing process like in food the
and I to some content yes bookshop results we had 16 workshops he and many of us of course
couldn't go to all of these workshops so we not try to summarize its we have and I get 2 Minutes for each workshop the road chairs simply come down here we have some slides already on this machine but if not just a few free to speak freely and that in order to be the heaven all is exactly the the 1st workshop would be cost-effective research leverage area spot I mean it and the presenter to of had when I became
so we say 2 minutes from hooded region debt
at the key is at a developing a father cloud at soon notebook now I get a sign that she is also in here not right another to move to this gets cricketers assault Annex 1 is and Vicuron from policies a litany of for fortress of bridal try to do the
sins 7 there we have even slight there's
direction was organized by Kyocera got
to be a slow here form and me and this cost appalled
policies on the commission on isn't it in the development of policies and recommendations about different levels and progress and we tried to all and asked
for input from the community toward this development we for cost all you you made ask why we need to policies at all we want cold but policies aren't needed because they can provide a framework for hard to a way to deal with soft fair and they can head to assure quality in software development and provide you with excess tool best practices we present at the current status in the different musicians and focus on the 3 topics licenses and legal aspects publication and citation of software and quality assurance the discussion the content or and where the included in the documents we did provide you with an reside to comment off the structure up at the bedside also of the US a and B I am inviting you all to will include your comments you our
ideas and the script document thank you the
Bennett next out this restructuring scientific software using semantic pitching with court costs so it is now Cox and the 1st thing we learned is so I nimesh stiff line I may presented workshop on restructuring scientific software using semantic patching they've Coxon another given by mission with Martin had to leave
earlier so he asked me to do presentation Cox was developed at the French Institute and I P 6 I think it's part of in Rio by Tudela wondered who was also present at the workshop so we got to information from 1st initial goal this affair was to support programmers to update their code which depends on the evolving the Linux kernel so the software helps to men make a software maintainence easier I we want to achieve a long time and availability of software Michaud presented simpler and more complex examples how large HPC programs written in C can be restructured to achieve higher performance for example and using cocks in hell for this task has many advantages over manually patching we original coat so was attendants who had similar need squat perfect directly from of action of us like me who were more interested in applying a coax note was steepness plus code of other language that it might also work but perhaps needs more of a hex or some enhancements and the next stop
is libraries the brick-and-mortar tied for research something engineers and cut like they were represent thank you and yet we had our work sure what what libraries like for books and stuff can can do for research so for engineers and we basically came
to the conclusion that what we can would libraries can start right away what they can do best is probably being generalists having an overview over what exists what other tools and other initiatives and services and so on and that can be useful to solve specific problems so if your research I'll go talk to your librarians and now the Vitela would you need as well in research data management for example of capacity has been built up already and that from these experiences I think libraries can also learn how to help researchers suffer development better and so I think that most of the quick wins are definitely but connecting people to the
existing tools as real as if notice us I have done hopefully here so thank you
thank you there then next workshop laws combined was already combined together with another 1 so we will continue with Jupiter interactive visitors ations in Python and C plus P less
because because 1 before we heard already in the panel said so dividend also on
here is designated more expensive than the House vote on the now had again become the natural fleet of from for science of endogenous and and that a
slight it's a really workshop organized by a good Azziman physics government use copper book and I was also involved
and we discussed about German specific challenges and maybe also ideas to solve these channels and challenges for sustainable resource software and we
had a very interesting a lively discussion
discuss at 5 different tables about different topics I won't go to into detail of all of them was about funding it was about how to select the research software which a
community award this society wants to sustain and we discussed about legal issues also about organization and governance off a single software projects and how we could combine the resources on different levels of the school at the university at the federal state and I discussed about what we need where we see the challenges and also 1st ideas how to solve them and we wanna do next is
to combine all the input we've got and use this as a basis for next meeting in autumn this year which will be in the form of a gift she added if Q 1 Q space and whoever's interested in participating and contributing is more than welcome to contact at Granada was also here in the audience right in the middle that's the e-mail address going up from
the moment when you visit Haetzni mishaps and convenient and the and the outcome of this day if you
want display should be white paper least the draft for a white paper regarding the German specific and aspects of sustainable research software thank you thank you
very much and next up from in
fiction from portions of the woman in the development of search suffer this
workshop was organized by the work of thing and and the boss an example of diversity at this conference because
of from the lives 30
participants where 9 3 bond form me we just cost a Baltic diversity chances and challenges measures to encourage them
and to join research software development and measures to keep them in this field the and to give all that role models are important flexible docking environment and the divisible diversity Baroness in all levels in the hierarchy was institutions we have to network more and more and to be the provider summarizing document at the side thank you for and this
so the flower in it OK and the last 1 was my reaction the year we
had sorry than I miss some of
these for what I've a step back sorry about this is explore the Cezanne look like 16 to be honest exploded some data here
artist the OK so we had a
workshop on how to organize
and a local chapters and so we made of this document so you can find that under this link and and to summarize what we came up
with is 1st of all don't be afraid just it started and do something and you don't have to comply to rules or anything just do something that feels like to use and we will come to collect the ideas and tips that we talk about on the chapter website so we started and get as I recall for for the chapters and that we will and discuss things like how to get started how many people had a have coming in and how to get started how to keep it going in different formats different
topics and on what you can do and if you like that the conference then probably you would like
having it at something similar at home and this is what you can create for yourself or together with others so we really encourage you to do that you can even use their artists use of this logo and if you organize events and so it's important that we grow our community has together we feel stronger and we can do more and the association is and therefore us in his we have questions weekend and talk to that and members of the Associated association because they're very nice to have anything to add
the view and you're
that is that it identify with you you resell list somebody saying yeah I wanna present
something of them would have no idea this of
the on place and see Martinez
but by the time it
was just a place can I mean thanks so our goal was to somehow apply the fair acronym to software firm means findable Accessible Interoperable and reusable that
our main conclusions was that these 4 principles Ozlu they were defined for data do not they directly applied to software and therefore they're not there now there are some improvements to be made however it is still worth it to define or try to create a standard what does Fair mean for software not only because funders like this kind of 5 funds acronyms but also because it is useful for the audience in in this case you need a physicist to the user to have the information I need to use in a not so serve concise summary of what they should do and what guidelines that follow so my software isn't it fair and we will create a better version of the fair software summary and if you are willing to participate either contact me or the organizers of the worst cold workshop was comity this and the other lady was either the number and names all your here OK like then you come to talk inside of me for the of yeah new life
OK the next load like most make there was our C. 4 NFT from cloth is didn't repressed flights but so what would you there's 1st of all giving everyone over your 4th as for if he I actually means
for those new ideas that don't know in the idea so this of course to be national the such data infrastructure so let's suppose rebuild revenue next 3 to 4 years of so many and go if asked I I C 4 and if the idea is to make these have suffered a topic there in some form or another and we discussed their of
how we can do this in a different race you could imagine doing this 1 variable do this
is the light to the paper within the next few months I think the kind of white paper position paper I'm on what we think it should look to be looking at like in a few years and use that's essentially try to get a hold
in the minds of the people building the end of the in some form or another because a lot of this in the last lecture is not clear yet even at a gift I'm so there's a lot of movement thank you very
much so what is and what a drawing the in you think you
much the rest part of the of the if do you have somebody from the
GitLab workshop here yep yeah this
time by even send you slide half of it and say Thurston does matter it's just that the outline
in so I thought I would organizers declare birds of a feather meeting because I noticed that plot so far organizations goes room GitLab instance which I think is a great idea we needed decentralized infrastructure we need resilience against whatever happens to central hosting facilities and we may need secrecy privacy and if you're still not convinced that it's a bad idea to store your data in the cloud and some anonymous cloud then please watch to big brother what some sort of a from 6 PM streams on because of what's the and there's even in English translation if you need it but what we discussed in the birds of a feather meeting was how to make it easy to collaborate across could let instances and 1 way is to provide the modern facilities locants for external users and users and the other way is to cool could let into implementing something like Federated much requests and so let's push thesis use index you check these bottom-up up and thank you very much and I'm
so sorry for all not to showing us like me so do we have 1 more yeah we have for mention a
fat woman for Hafeez competence class of software services the agent heifers since why it's yet somebody you who would like to say something about that if not that's also find the who OK
so the last but we have 1 more I know all that it said the and quite
management Matoran enough shows so offended in for soft then because play and enough and he is idea just enslaver
for the media and much of recorded stream yeah I have all I have to repeat so was a
self-help group when they talked to buried at tools and stuff was a could use and perhaps you created a document somewhere or something I I gave there's this different news about
that so there might be there might be something and we might put it on the website yeah and there's some lobbying
so would do that thank you for your contributions but in the thing
the and invited you a will speaking about a project management methods by and now say something about the virtual
beaded come are young and need myself it and the growing nicely because it was to the
triplets' scrum one-digit adjourned methods of suffered development and the EC applied it to a tiny little
project which was the paper airplane
competition and who won the reason it was here so much fun in the Big Cooper room up there and the people
through their plants from the building at them everybody is the wind so this where all the content of the
workshops did I forget anybody did you forget about it I have so much about everything went as smooth so we had our screw up in the last session and we went to sang about
the so all the volunteers we leave that literally please come down the all the volunteers all the organization team members please everybody and happy and here you to please was a camera I get make it a white image and just come down Please everybody who did where such a nice T-shirt who had who was a volunteer piece that valine if a surprise for you the surprise is real honey under this location some like it can't get much more regional than that so I I think
you're much the can somebody help users and again you have to the the conclusion I have been thinking about is that we have enough for everybody enough to and transportation so you'll see the net effect if it's like all the good news everybody has a class of funny of I get 1 coming yeah make here because we have had 2 persons we wanna saying very especially because they are you from the local team and they did so much work enough all the time before the conference and also to during the conference you have seen them perhaps sitting at the rays tracing desk all day and they don't know that I mean that the so of I thank you so much for your help is such a way and this 1 is this event and money and thank you so much on the yeah I think that they did an amazing words there like the heart of this conference and of our team so thank you so much for all of the efforts because she created so many so signs last minute which is sort of IoT I I was really amazing thank you but I know that there was a is you made that I know you have have and we also want to thank all of you attending and so we listening to you we we have been listening to you already so we got some feedback this small feedback already said out we have remade like a cut in between and read it and try to combine some stuff that we learned
something which needed improvement so in the restoration there were much too many writers questions people really annoyed about all a whole questionnaire but we try to cover a lot the
communication I was a little bit short they in before I mean we all volunteers at the end and we try our best but sorry for some guy who moved some stuff got a little bit last minute makes you a promise to try to be better now we have all the immense once created so we can we use them so it might be worked better but I mean all of us married
of you write the humanities a paper on the last day so it's the same year and then sorry for the price
as it was a little bit too space and they could have been visible for much like I write this wasn't but also the
cation C but will next year we try to find better solutions to hack them hanging following a time of something you know about the venue I mean as nice and that this is you have some more walking and I mean it's a personal health program during the conference it is so a year as sort of fun at an evening session hoping but we tried to his Tavener's program that you have no slots but why would try to explain why did this happen and them all feel good reasons we try to to take this in account for the next year but we
also got important things which things which went Greats-the catering we got so many nice
common for the catering and we also were so happy about that and also by the locals helping out wherever in giving good advice that everybody could find anything I'm going getting around was really facilitated by the nice markings that marks and in general the venue is an awesome place to be I feel like no here and yeah we love the community spirit and it's nice it's not only we headed but also US attendees and that it's really community and you're gonna get the feeling that somebody just wanting this conference but it out of the community as they said before it's from the community for the community and I think this worked out really well and it's so nice to get this as a good feedback that this work diet and last but not least I received was great here there was a program that was formant those audience thank you all the the and I
already mentioned between that we try to the meaning of this climate crisis and stuff we try to reuse stuff and on the 1 hand we have
and for example this slanted in batches if you wanna keep them that's totally fine I'm gonna Devaney gonna keep minus reminder but if you don't want them because his there can have had 500 lanyards in my office already it's fine to you we have a box directly the entrance you can put your batch and there in the LAN yet there's no and
you're on it so we can reuse similar next year so if you don't want them please which on them but don't fit so he fine if you wanna keep them and also reuse the videos which have been
created and so on in case you missed the talk and you want to show something you could equipped for you colleague the surrealist images as well and
here a big thank you to use the TIBE who did this recordings and worked really hot tea enable us to recall at the talks are at something which is not it becomes more was listener but it's really a lot of effort to do users and to put everything on line and we had we happy that we have you on board and you're doing this for us so the big applause also for them the
the we I ask you a question and the registration about a possible continuation and yesterday
cutting us bora that already of you know what shows reasonable to school you know if you know when he told me at the sequence I mean we ask for it in the
car and the registration come off so we asked if you would attend as an next year as DICE 20 and 225 of you said yes and yeah weird planning to these s say say
I don't think it's the secret anymore we wanna run annex it we wanna do it next year but but there's a lot of open questions like who wants to run them with us where we
rented when will be exactly run it and if you wanna help us was that we are happy to have you on board an hour if you just can suggest as the location so perhaps we come back here again by pepsi can't we never know so we also on the lookout for something else for 200 people plus and and yet this did you when I say something that know really it will be a topic at the at all ACM off
the walls so there will be more than anything about this interested perhaps also 1 more reason to have attend our yet as helpful as unknown and and they had to translate that had It's too long for me to do this and I
think that that's safe ferrets homes spread the word and see you later singular
the I Americans gave home sleep
finally yet have similar