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An SDR-based Satellite Networked Open Ground Station
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and. the soul so i stopped. you. ready for space. hello my name is on this i'm for omen into space foundation a nonprofit the company from greece and we are going to present you'll start most of it agon station basin is the of for receiving such like the signals as a low earth orbit.
while the suits are ground station or.
so sudden said was from several points from their fate or reduce by school bugs after their objective of this state of their supply is the our hardware and software and then a client to that theory is responsible to upload her to the cloud or they received the signals in the provider. more information to the user's soul. some books is completely open source and both fair software and hardware school the top an eight course about a three thousand five hundred depending on the the idea hardware a dollars and where can air can be deployed to our network to our cloud. such for a free. so on. was a problem with lower or low earth orbit their satellites were because they are that because of that a victory. his hair is low at from summer specific location though for only have a specific their hair expensive satellite can be as that of all new for a few minutes or so the idea is said to deploy many ground stations in order to increase the survey some time. in some says when they don't say services data then they are bloated tear after some crossing to the lot of cloud infrastructure and we felt were a web a support tool my yearly scheduling are supplied observational him on the other side. cable the earth when there were grounds social costs for example a line of sight with the the site life. this is our probably the salt they don't you can see it here. it's a most of it gets really printed present and the most of the box can be you found very easily and market. see here you can see the infection process the guys have from the couple were the department have done the amazing job to get to the net very compact four. and they're here you can see the awea said tool and tennis in this signing the air sky of these are in london are celebrating may have yet to find yourself bond i wear them most of their satellites have lower orbit of operating we target menu. subsets soul that's why the course bonds. and i know to damage late to do the thing as we have a great deal more than did the opposite makes it seldom get help. will everyone the gun and get it all contemplate a we support a multiplicity of hardware a you it's the article is the aria spy aref through the a.g.r. old income was in and day this model is responsible for free during the the they save signal do. to bring some madison nation on getting little window or something great and ted modulating hey fair enough available where if enough information from a summer available for the specific site like the missing limbs. so far the easiest heading towards them were out of someone who can operate some alone saw everyone can a use it without the outside looking for such as an aside for a experimentation own order said like development and. or does the buying and where labour space where foundation know before a couple of a year ago i think. started their most fundamental functional for they use at the stoplight they use satellite where you can see you can see here are these use our air and singing more the state's the first to open and hardware such you said. and the out of flight model will be flying space now about to forty day so i think we found that less a five with a bucket of from get another a. i wasn't around some clinics and to have a fuller support for as many be ice free so the success the flight more than. it's now and get around and i don't we are waiting for it to get the right signals and their it's quite impressive how how the s.d.r. and to ignore a deal are speed the speeded up their process so far development and the testing the share of the supply. we mounted soon a couple of for three months he from the from the much like a well tool i simply turn their test all the i phone points that are necessary to go into space in the service in the solar wind got as a people that are going to err get involved with you said. to use as the arts are extremely powerful tools for the bung experimentation.
and the exhaust all cities head the flow graph that the week he was to get to the singer from a huge success light as he concedes that a saver actually with hardware for little money count on the face of consent singles for the to this satellite into the sea where but this would like us a quite what i do.
c'mon to support certain to get calamity or where it's a show starts reports from school. so this is just said look said hossa as you can see a menu blokes that are used mainly for a good bargain but we have also some of the calder centered in which enables available and tear one of the for example no one is there more the corner.
a main of the gives us waiting more sing we think more singles it's quite strange but the it's through the air more see system that acting out there and some we call power tool to increase the number of rocks and to provide some are some more than buying our doors. for example now a low f.a. err on the lower fare beaters the time lies a life which is quite useful for the bargain experimentation and so on. so. one of the major think the and ten about. systems but receive a thing as from lower third such satellites is a double effect the eye which can be quite lives from the ring the order of fertility or does it. a soul. the of sudden say a marginal hair tries to come and say the doppler effect by a calculating his our victory of. all the satellite and knowing its speed known to a final the speed of his soul the satellite iconic calculate their for consultant collect social which have two different types of what action blokes why is the core last one we swear i am but forms around. ten their connections per second. and to buy just the computing that has a free and day of the other while we serve the buffaloes more than a one thousand square foot actions per second by both were calculated that the president of real for satellite and to by playing some you're feeding the techniques of course. it's a fine the opposite effect on a double effect on state of cannot around as barry but they took a normal the city you like laptops and soul. i. a very strong would be the great song they are going to do more to upload so many data on the way that their then a user can the sea and the easy to identify the cause of the observational was the for the data she of course i prefer some problem with a child i frequent the. seized also on the sole the first thing got to upload on the web hits were notable representation them not for my to sing on so many of those me so i'm sure you from gives outside lights. can be moderating there whether frequencies where the next one so wonderfully much which to use a very convenient way to she quickly for something wrong went there with the observation only for a four for example that the object or he ate and elementary information are wrong you we see a doctor to see. fifty four according to the fire they are correct the ws if there will be no visible and five who have a information about to the frame structure of the receive signals we did was late to sing and we generated between and we uploaded to this very useful for the missions up to. i want to get eliminated at all from the very slight on his arm. now all here you can see the the what the following months as you can see a lot of our.
our the plate of court action on the outgoing but force pretty well the system w. most with. gold see no and. example from the survey we provide information where the when the when the. survey started in the winter fame used the frequency all those ball the or the name of the of supply and tear of here i'd say here is a good point to mention that the free so now we are some cases where large the loudest dead at the base with. their limited data and a fastball their data for items some flights.
seoul next week it's to their actual whether the face so if he carries all led the development that i know nodes are deployed own merits as you can see i can. the story. a. the us you can see that i can wear see the observation that our viable and have been performed by the ideologues young say sums right now i. i. in every subway for every one of his own we cover name of the satellite turned to the new forms of the response to that as for the frequency and do with so called included doesn't use and the if i select a specific won observational.
for example i can see they're loaded a dark and ted that the most blatant. a stream. solo these for example is a satellite that the unspoiled surf a marathon sponsor from their positions were likely to be the sole here i think that we can only be able to see. here are much to overcome such as a guide to communicate through the satellite we thought of some to some of them as a bio seem the other side of the earth.
and where if you're gonna i hear there's no perceive will all the suspects something becomes a city where if. for another very interesting care for so do we have incorporated so too much a single detection. that many of the cubes of that. of their and space do not operate all of the air during all of their all the day many of them were during the night they closer to respond or because they consume energy your he went the energy levels are in critical the aim critical state they close a their subsystems. so the new york for example or we could we make of the wrong kind object tory or outdated day information saul no signal the company received in such case without the another my to the system that dogs the observational top of you. for example of the green one is a indicates that visible ovation costs are strong single were with they always want to were not very there are going to mean is not just sold so and tear with the red where the i want to say indicates that there is no singer this of the race so. all we. with his way. us out of the race in that time. pay no data. so. that's all for now but the we are now more know we have some plants to. dual expand our eco system one of our ideas is to use my more in order to get their aid of a mechanical or equipment and the by using i am on a rail for multiple and then asked to perform and. been forming and the target to a specific that supplied without were with the with no moving parts. dogs a below their it's up there are some remarkable remarkable walk on this. so if a few successful he says he has lots of species. this will be available to on and on the get help. of course we want to add more satellites are probably still such is not that there is no us on our way to perform framing store every team performance age framing method or use some customers come from from art saw. for a failure are operate or where or what your side all you somehow no information about framing a father he overcomes of the resource please comment the economy to our project. so.
as for me. if we cover both out there saw a few want to come and see the satellite operating ground in real time the you can come into we are glad to provide more information. you. it was. what are you seeing it. i think twice. i. what. what we know we are very differently or you have a good solution to that problem. no no you to me. it's a great problem it's a great probably about i think the the first a we somehow of provide that. way to for people to and do not do not care about the reception of their sing on to say them what they follow this frame rate framing start or just inform loss a body of framing the air for mark up in order to be able to retrieve our your singer for us is very trivial tool. to be day ignore a bloke aura and flow with radio flow graph to get a degree of the later the problem right now it's the information so that this was our first the same goal with their you can be with a ups of we want to be. you all the information about this i'd like to be open to the public and. the sea was sold to the community if there is information the body you can get. you can attract more people have played a so i think that the right now the problem is the there's no civilisation or not but not so there is a swim. no access to information if i do not have the famous support of the frame for mark it's quite difficult to do it or two. i tried to exploit to buy. doing some our crazy stuff and diversions inning examined on. yeah. it says. right now know where your butt is so in our plans a right now you select munger he. a ground station that you that tear we cover our line of sight with site light and in a couple of for half an hour ago they have before and the system places the said during a they say a schedule incomes have a schedule observational man on that to specific answers want. some are to be ok where right now we cover just the east or you select a supply get that you want to observe and where this isn't provides you released with the ground stations that their way to cover line of sight and the near future. the. yet for all my for the first pacific satellite will have a severe with her he would have a fortune. so i am. the for we cover and i'm not going to come. one caller says yeah for the show a particularly. the satellite would cover the full settle for come under control in the face that supports serve multiple commands for example. a thought. he said. yeah yeah yeah i say let to a ground station i have for some usa the picasso line of sight with the mighty with a huge supply and then like on where you come on to their own get the result. but this isn't just for now it is not the performed automatically you have to select their specific the. a ground station from the available east. i know. a we can cover to cover daughter were only a limited by their partner the doha that you use ok so for example maybe it's a friend a year to bounce out of asia. you covered with fabulous the out or of. by the end of course you go shopping. oh yeah. is the next goal of tools to start building then you're the next was lightly but it's not so light and we want to get tie in the frequency. if. the. i. so common sense to passing the both and the wide use some more informal will like. you. the.