Making wearables with NodeMCU

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Making wearables with NodeMCU
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NodeMCU is an open hardware IoT platform based on eLua for the ESP8266microcontroller. It allows creating low-cost projects using Wi-Fi and easyscripting in Lua, which makes it great for making wearables, for example. Inthis talk I'll give an introduction to the platform, show how I built an audioreactive graduation dress and share the materials to get you started on yourown wearable project. This talk is ideal for beginners to hardware hacking orLua enthusiasts looking for project inspiration.
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okay I'm going to start so some introductions first
hello I am attend this is my Twitter handle it kind of follow me so you can talk to me later I'm a software engineer from Brazil I'm currently based in London where I work for a badger by the way we are hiring so if you have an interested in going to London and this is our website I am very active in the lower community I have worked in many projects that are lower related so I am the developer of
Saylor which is American Lewin I
participated in google Summer of Code twice not once as a student and once as a mentor I'm also running the what
conference and in Rio so come apply for the call for papers that is open right now the call for sponsors is also open so if you work in a company that uses Lua please send help ok so the contents of the talk I'll show
a little bit of what no MCU after all I'll hopefully do a demonstration and then I'll share some resources so you can get started on your own later ok so
what is not MCA I had no idea and so last year a friend of mine got to me and said oh you are a blue girl right here take this gift for you like oh ok um what is that and now I am here giving a talk about this so thank you flaky if you're hearing so yes so what is it so the first thing you have to know is that no x here is actually not the board note MCU is a firmware that runs on this very tiny board over here that is called East esp8266 I'm gonna pass it around in case you wants to take a closer look there
yes some specs so it has a processing power of 80 megahertz it has memory of 664 K I know this sounds like very little but it is way more than on the popular board so for example if you compare with they are doing you know well then this little ship is like way faster and it's also way way cheaper so the price range of this one is between 3 and 10 I'll say that 10 like the tops you'll find maybe on the fruit store or Sparkfun like if you go to Aliexpress I can find them from maybe maybe two and a half and well if you get an Arduino plus the Wi-Fi shield you could easily get up to 50 which could be a little too much for just experimenting something you do know starting out it can be like a big investment for a beginners project so yeah it costs 3 it is very powerful and it has Wi-Fi there are some some advantages on on Arduino we find if I want to be fair so for example this one I just have just has one analog pin there Arduino has more so depending on your needs this one will not be suitable but should be honest I only need one and I like pin so I'm pretty happy to just spend three dollars going on as I said
the NOTAM see is just a firmware the whole thing that I'm passing around is a dev board so it is ready to get started since it has like a voltage regulator because this this board is Chinese and is fabricated by a company called expressive so that tiny square over here is DSP model itself and then there since it's open hardware there are many companies that fabricate their own version of this board and of the module with Diaz the core so the most famous is the a I think her and they had series of
different modules with this ESP core the most famous and the one that you see in
the one that I'm passing around is DSP 12 and and then they are part of the the whole is to yes be it so six six oh yeah the Deaf war also has like a Syrian tree so it makes it easier to program with USB like I said there are many companies that fabricate their own version of this so you can find this all kinds of electronic shops so sparkfun has their
own version of this word with the ESPE cheese so nice thing about this one is that is prepared to be stackable it already has like an answer for the battery it's all set it is a little bit up in the price range but depends on what you want this will be really useful i discovered this one a
couple of days ago so i was researching for the stock and i'm so this we MOS is very tiny and super cheap so depending on the project you want to do I've got one oh nice nice if you want to haze it so other people can see other models of it so there you go and but the no times you firmware is not compatible just with the h 266 so this is an SP h 285 which i
only discovered so recently so i couldn't get one before the stock to show around but as you can see it is super tiny and and it's already has the serial and entry the voltage regulator it's super small so this is the perfect one for wearables in fact so I'm very excited to get one of these for my next project and and then there is this one so this one
is a novelty so this is the s Peter lychee so didn't know x hue firmware is not yet fully compatible with this one their contributors working of it on github as we speak so if you want to join and take a look and there is a branch going on so I was fiddling and the other day some work is happening so there are some parts are very compatible but probably not the whole API is exposed but this is happening and this in my opinion will be the true Arduino killer because it is super powerful it has already the Wi-Fi building like the 80286 it also has bluetooth it is super powerful so it has over 500k memory it has a finger to 140 megahertz ssassaror mm so yeah super powerful the price friends is so like so little big so it was think I was around 20 25 but that I mean because it's expensive if we compare with this one but if we compare with an Arduino it's it's still super cheap so this is like I'm very excited to get my hands and in one of those ok so how do you get started so if I have a
Mac a purple and each again a driver for the serial entry of the the Chinese module I was just switching the other day this is an adventure of going in websites and Chinese and Russians from links that strangers century on stackoverflow and it sounds really really dodgy but everything words I didn't get any virus it's okay so it's the official driver for the Chinese manufacturer it's fine and so you after fiddling in many websites you can get to a driver and then for building firmware normally you can only build it in Linux but then
there is this website I forgot to open it on beforehand so there is this website called not MC and it is super super useful because then you can select all the libraries that you want do not select them all or nothing will work so really the select only the ones you need so normally as you can see by that phone no I fine timer GPIO file normally I also check the ADC for reading the analog pin and the wheels 228 12 for for the lag lights well as you can see there are many other stuff there's CJ's it's the some cryptography stuff some of them I have no idea what they are but then there is a full documentation somewhere
so you can find documentation on all of them on the know Dempsey docks don't worry about getting all the links to the website and resources at the moment I'm gonna share them all on my slide once I'm done so I'll post it on Twitter just take a look on my timeline it will be there like 10 minutes after my talk yeah yeah they are also in the northern sea official website yeah but I have a fullness of of resources wait where's my mouse pointer okay okay so you can build this firmware so once you get the the firmware from from the website you can flash it um whenever Nolan's here so some some vendors that will sell the esp8266 with this firmware by their phone so it is super handy buddy you can just get any esp8266 and then flash the not MCU firmware and this will allow you to program to program it in Lua which is super high level and super easy to maintain and way easier to get started then say if this is like a first wearable project for just getting acquainted with the API and with this kind of project so to flash it there is a tool there is an official tool for this it was not efficient beforehand was community created and then the people who built the the board they just hired everyone and now it is an official tool so yeah you can you can just install it you can check your serial ports and then you can upload from where it just stalled for that website to to the board and then you're ready to get started yeah there is however some editors who make your wife's a little bit easy they look super ugly but it works yeah yeah you can see oh my god you're in title can you read yes I really want an atom two again for this so if anyone wants to build one place do that so this so this is sort of an ID for uploading your cold you can also use it to brighter cold but I don't I just use at home and then I load them here and then I upload them and then with this you are ready to get to get start to bless your wart so now is the demo time so bear with me things might go wrong so let's try some where's my mouse out there let's try some simple things why am I doing this so for some reason so there are the best shoe 28:12 is a protocol the let's he'll deal with this types of lad I'm I should probably show on the thingy wait can you
see that yes yes so these are the neopixels they are super interesting because they are Dressel so you can lie individual ads you can I can work with them and any way you want you can pick any RGB color and they are wonderful to work with normally they sell in huge strips of alone 50 to 150 lads but you can also buy them in tiny units like this one which is like okay which is perfect for rebel projects the way they are so this is like my tiny prototype the way they are attached to the cloth is by using conductive trad so I'm gonna pass this around the case and we're let's take a look as well please give it back to me at the end of the talk I really love my things yes yes so so so I'm using some alligator clips over here so one for the grounds one for the data and one for the power for tiny projects like this one the power that comes from the note and co itself will be enough let me show you over here the power that comes from this will be enough but well these things they can suck a lot of energy so if you have too many of them you need an external power source power source for that but depending on the size of the project it will not be necessary I'm not sure and what is the limit I do not stumble on it yet which is great well yeah if you have too many you need more power but yeah the data can still come from here and everything will be fine so let me like some of this stuff wait where is my mouth I always keep losing my mouth so for some reason the RGB of
the API is not RGB it is green red blue instead of red green blue as everything else but that's all right so you can just send like the hash and then for example if you do this and then whatwhere oh thank you hopefully that light one lad in magenta and wanting blue while it partially works [Music] which is a good start hmm what happened here oh yeah well still then there's two Mitchell adds magenta instead of only one hmm I hope I didn't burn one lad let me try something different so this should light six lads in magenta oh yeah okay I don't know what was going on before so this is the power of demos I'm gonna show this on the there you go so other things you can do with the ESP is as it has a Wi-Fi module oh let me get my face out of there I am gonna keep losing my mouse pointer all the time as it has a very ofa board a fire wall and are very easy to use API you can very easily just make an access point and launch a web server so for example so with the Wi-Fi library we can set the demo to access point the Wi-Fi part the IP part is not necessary but if you're launching a web server you probably don't want the IP should keep changing all the time so you can set one and then you can launch your access point with a SSID and a password so if I send this over here if I said one bar line only this should be global it's it work oh yeah there we go so it is it is super easy to create an access point with with with this board we can do things a little bit more complicated so much better sorry I don't know yes you can you you can you can try let's see if it crashes and burns you can go ahead wait what was the password again hello hello and then if you want to create our web server it's also super straightforward wait this is not my example isn't oh this is not the example I wanted but yeah you can create a server you can put the server to listen and then you pass a callback and then was the client and the request and then you can do things like parsing it and then you can do stuff and then you can have a buffer then you can send to the client afterwards and I do have some I also wrote some libraries should work on my stuff so so this all started because I just graduated three months ago and I wanted to have a killing dress for my graduation party which is this one so I stalled some pixels on its flower of the dress let me put this over so install one on its flower of the dress and the super dress is perfect because then this thing really blends into the cloth it's all sealed with the conductive thread that I mentioned before I'm not sure if you can see it here can you see that so the swivel trap does its work and then here I have the entry point so this was a very fast project so I didn't have time to get from the prototype phase to a very nice and soldered model so initially I didn't like any soldering at all and I literally glued the breadboard at the back of the skirt and connected the alligator clips to those entry points I showed before so it was all very experimental but the part of the dress went on the party line for many hours and was a huge success
let me get back to here ok so I also created some libraries to should be able to manipulate this pixels easier so let me try I'll go one minute over the top
okay so I started parsing some stuff on my web server and I created some libraries that help with managing all this color so it makes it very easy to manipulate the pixels externally and then with that I was able so something that was part of my demo that was stolen yesterday so you can have there is an app for Android I'm sure that is one for iOS and everything else as well there allows you to create widgets that send HTTP requests so you can create some buttons with some presets post configuration then you can have different buttons for different kinds of animations so with timer and coroutines you can do very complex animations so for example and then you can you can do this so I can I can show the cold should app and I don't really have much time so with some github slash Etienne slash super haze which is the name of my dress and and then I also got like plenty of resources which I will not go for right now because my time is up but I will share this slide on my Twitter account so there is the links for projects documentation and other little resources and that's it thank you questions so the question was if the if the device can send HTTP requests to the outside and the answer is yes so not only you can launch it can so the Wi-Fi models not only prepared she open itself as an access point but also to connect to an external network and most fir had that you are able to send requests so there is an HTTP library for that [Music] probably so he was saying that then hackers can hack all kinds of IOT devices yes this is like kind of going discussion on hot kernels and all kinds of Technology websites for ages you can see the nails of like hacked baby modules well it wasn't a party people were pretty drunk and I don't think they were trying to hack things in the mean time so the question was is it waterproof no I mean probably not I didn't try washing and I I wouldn't I I really want to research like and find out waterproof stuff because that will make things like weight easier that is the point of being waterproof so the question was so the question was so the Wi-Fi model of this board is very power comes lots of flowers so how long can you expect a battery shahram so well that depends on your battery and it depends on what other things you were doing I don't know but my muzzle was connected to an external battery charger hidden in my stockings and it lasted the whole party which was like solid 5 hours more I was using the Wi-Fi model because I was switching so for the party I also made a small pebble app with was just a many sending HTTP requests so the pebble app was connected to the phone which created the Wi-Fi the the model was connected to a huge hack then I could send the HTTP request from the pebble to the microcontroller and then I cook like switch colors and switch blinking patterns I had like rainbow patterns all sorts of stuff I also had an equalizer module so so I was also using a tiny microphone and then I could read the analog input from this and make the dress reactive to music I so it was blinking with the music everything and everything but I tried to refactor this before coming to pause them and then I'm ruined it so I can't really show right now so yeah because it was like hey I'm gonna present something I need to make my codes presentable before I put it on github cuz well I was doing my dress like the goal was just well it will be my own code and and and and I wanted to make it pretty and then I and so yeah the time is up sorry [Applause]


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