Making the GAFAs obsolete

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Making the GAFAs obsolete
Decentralizing the servers with the personal cloud approach. Introduction to the Personal Cloud and Self-data approaches: having your own open-source server, handling your own data locally, with innovative services
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Surveillance: the case for personal Cloud and against GAFAMs The concept of Personal Cloud Demonstrating a personal cloud instance and its innovative usage. Most of the Western population now uses 3 different kinds of computers: PCs,smartphones and Cloud services. Where is the room for Open Source and FreeSoftware in this new world? Software freedom is possible on the PC side, it'salready quite challenged on the smartphone world, and too little is being doneon the Cloud side. A lot of Cloud services run on open source software, butoffer in the end proprietary services that centralize user data. As EdwardSnowden's revelations have demonstrated, all of this makes mass surveillanceeconomically possible. What do we do as a community to avoid mass surveillance? What alternative dowe build? One possibility is the Personal Cloud movement, where a server (self-hosted ornot) runs a platforms that enables personal data collection through connectorsin order to run innovative apps relying on that personal data. During this short presentation, we'll see how data centralization leads tomass surveillance and how a personal cloud works.
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and software as a service by zine because processing happens on the server side in the cloud is - and there this model in many cases is based on new Tizen personal data through targeted advertising means data is is not in our hands anymore it is coupled on to
servers so by the way and and will reuse your catch phrases you've probably fear with there is no cloud the cloud is someone else computer that's that's a very nice way to introduce the cloud to no ordinary people with thing the cloud is something magical though the cloud is just someone else's computer and in the
cloud data is centralized there's no freedom for users to have any you know impact on the data because well maybe there are some free and open source software on the servers like the curl and a few things but really the application itself is not free software and so the user hasn't control over the education and therefore has a control of Y being what is being done with his or her data so you're probably all familiar
with the fate of our Edward Snowden that was lower which basically no has released a lot of information he's had a lot of information from his employer at the sa-2 journalist and and what really boils down to is data centralization makes mass surveillance economically
possible basically the NSA and and deverel other government agencies want to listen to everyone they want to record every conversation whether it happen on the phone or on a computer and they do that because it's their mission and because it's too expensive to do surveillance to seven billion people on earth right now it's a lot cheaper sin go and fetch the data from
the very companies that concentrate our data into a few silos and this is an
issue as it explains here this is grain bill wool was which is one of the two journalists that met with Edward Snowden first it's basically if you are under surveillance you do self-censorship mass surveilling em here mass surveillance creates a prison in the mod if you are under surveillance you change your behavior and this is not just no something we think it's it's scientifically proven we do self sensor
and here's the here's the the proof so wikipedia has a lot of pages and it's it's totally okay to be visiting wikipedia pages you know it's it's legal to visit would if you get pages I mean right we we agree on that but there are some pages we discuss which discuss topics that are today all touchy Islam or jihad or you know terrorism are such topics and pages that people may you know they hear a lot about this in the media and it's really good that as citizens they won't know more go to
Wikipedia to learn more about these topics but at the same time if you look at the jihad page maybe you could think I couldn't into trouble because we'll think you know someone they could think I am doing it for the wrong reasons and so what you see here is basically the mean audience of the these search pages with touchy subjects only on the US version of Wikipedia and so as you see the trend is increasing really fast and then here that that mark is snowed the first Snowden revelations we're learned that surveillance mass surveillance was happening and people knew they were under surveillance probably not for sure but there were programs and surveillance and as you can see the trend here suddenly there is a sudden drop and visiting these pages which once again it is legal to view and read these pages it is a good thing but as we know as we are under surveillance we change our behavior in many cases we don't know we change our behavior but we do not dare visiting Wikipedia anymore but as we could you know catch a bullet for being around so this is this is a real example significant our behavior when we are under servings and this is why it's such a big issue with with mass surveillance you have heard I'm sure Larry Lessig which said basically caught is low if in the digital age the people will write
the software the people who decide what the people what other people can do because you know software is all everywhere in our lives and and so well we we as software developers decide what
other people do and this is exactly why if we have free software we can have a free society and there's a another thing which is really nice that if code is law and I think it is then architecture is politics the way we architecture software and stuff is is we would decide how things are gonna work so it's to us hackers I mean that force in a good way till the Internet we want the Internet's that we want and the internet that it ended dozen down to us so here a larger viewer
a picture we have to build a new one we
need to buy the new Agnew whatever decentralized internet instead of centralized intent owned by a handful of operations we need all kinds of free and open source decentralized efforts build that internet start with a personal town
solution which is I'm working on cozy but there are other solutions why you know hoes sandstorm or clown annexed cloud are examples of such open source and free software solution to give back
control of the insight to the users but there are all sorts of projects here today that are going to be presented in this room there are so many and so diverse I could not come up with proper categories to explain there are you know
people who do service hosting like shuttle one and fama so there are you know of course software they're a do-it-yourself ISPs Wi-Fi for structure based on free software and all that kind of thing so there are many things and this is what is going to cool today as we are going to discover all of these new approaches to build a decentralized internet with the hope of making this a movement just a bunch not just a bunch
of projects but really people working together and that was the goal of these day today is to get people together and connect them so that we build teller a
decentralization thank you I see that we all would have a question here ludo two missions the internet made of cables connecting data centers to others so in the data centers we can have all the solutions we want but like the cables thrown by nutrition do you know of any efforts of I mean cables owned by the people not owned by orange Pocky be like efforts to knife through the cable between the US or well we like more European century cable between say Europe mainland and UK I need to repeat the questions keep your questions short because there you're not heard on video and so whatever the cables that make the internet they the fickle Internet they do matter they need to exist and I think the issue is more like on the last mile or a few last miles and this is why they do it yourself IPS are really interesting the the actual cables the big cable xeno optical cables under the sea and stuff I got we are totally not there yet but if we do have encryption enable I think this solves a lot of the issues connected with that it's not solving all of them but if it's encrypted they are not going to be you know doing internet neutrality stuff against internet ID and stuff like that so I think we're pretty say there doesn't mean we don't have to try but I think there are more urgent matters that are mostly related in my opinion to devices and servers and such the good news is that we have raspberry PI's that for basically 50 euros you can build a decent sort now the question is is it
going to be safe and secure and easy to administer that's that's the question we need to solve but at least the whole we're here is easier in extremely promising is there I'll take your laughter keep it short because I have to repeat it yes and so what's your pian sir its encryption the solution no I I agree it's not there it's dangerous everywhere I mean the internet for the people is under attack prema on every front so encrypt banning encryption is a major issue and it's a political one and need to fight in favor of encryption pretty much everywhere we go I'm it's gonna be hard for me to fight for the Chinese but I can fight in here and I do fight in France where it's my country and everywhere here so yes the encryption right to encryption is something we need to fight for absolutely is there another question so we're the idea of building a decentralized internet from right that's if I understand your question well I I wasn't like I said with Mozilla for 17 years and 20 years ago I was at foes dam which if I remember quickly was old owes them at the park at the time not not frozen air because the free part was only open source natori and richest old man came and yelled in well of course and and so it changed was the works there so yelling worse and and and I was with a colleague and we had the first [Music] mozilla dev room and in after 17 years i was like now the issue is not so much on the client side it's also on the server side this is why I've joined kuzey to create that and of course I ended up knowing a lot of people in in Sim things and and and Julia see then and and I'm together came and well we know people that are interested in you know somebody which is pretty similar tested and is involved in a DIY ISP bomb is involved in and why you know host and together well connect with our projects and we say yeah let's let's request a room a dev room and at first them like I did in Mozilla like 17 years ago and it happened thank you for them and I hope says that the first one the next one there's going to be a lot bigger and bigger and if you see you know the first Mozilla at that room was like pretty much this size and now it's really huge so so this is this may be this history you know you will be able to say to your bitch alone I was there [Laughter] trade trade so yeah your question week is how is is there a chance that we win with the centralized approach as opposed to centralized first I think the Internet is inherently decentralized that's one thing it was built to be surprised a second there are things that are working for us the smartphone industry is building power efficient and powerful chips that are very very inexpensive think if you if they're the new tripled a new board called the orange pie zero which is seven euros and it's squat core 1 2 gigahertz you know it really is something so even the rabbit pie which is inexpensive it's just the beginning and it thanks to this learning industry with that staking our idea we're actually it's impairing us with new hardware which is very different so it doesn't have to be fully decentralized and there's my personal opinion I'm a pragmatic pragmatist and I think that if we start a halfway decent Erised and we do surprise not well we decentralize halfway and have like I don't know regional servers it's a lot better than hanging a worldwide server so we could use we could leverage the efficiency of data centers but have more control over that and just something we're going to see with the D Google lies your life and their their approach with FRA myself you you will see it's very yeah and you read French do you I encourage you to read a book because that's what I explained on 300 pages basically yes it's it's so I repeat question is it going to work with email the email question because of spam and protection against spam is really hard but who owns a gmail account here in this room raise your hand okay now this is the problem if you if you started removing your email from Google to an your ISPs email that would be a lot of progress not the perfect solution but progress and you know in really centralizing the email so yes we can start with that and and and the world's can page but giving up you know just buy your own domain and use the email servers of your hoster that's already yet start and these people know how to run a mail server that is recognized by Gmail so [Music] so what about ordinary users for having a decentralized internet yeah so if I may and we have like two more minutes
I'll give you a very quick example where
we do at Cosi which basically enables you to connect your data from all your devices and with connectors or all your
services on your personal cloud and this personal cloud you know it's like personal or like this Matt phone is personal no user name it's you just enter the password it
entered and you have access and you it's just like a smartphone you know you become buttons they have calendar contacts and found photos you can import your data for Google can add connectors and applications you see your files you see your contacts and such your calendar all of that works and it runs not necessarily at home it can run on a on the server that you pay for and so there is no incentive for the the hosting company you pay to data on your data because they already make good money by renting you server space so that's that's what we want to do I'm not saying
it's perfect but it's a good media term solution it's easy to use and you don't have to worry about the security because you have you know professionals that's managed to manage your server that's I think we will need to prepare for the next one you don't have a one last quick question before anybody at some point I think Snowden attending pack because it made the front page of the media that's pretty much it I think it was better than that but it's
re pretty good Amy's up we need to prepare for the next talk thank you very much [Applause]


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