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LLVM at Red Hat
How and where is LLVM used in the Red Hat ecosystem
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all right so this lightning talk was
originally scheduled to be presented by dodgy but he took a week vacation and
he's off skiing in the French Alps right now so he think me last week and said hey I need you to do this for me so be
the nice guy I am I said sure well he
reports to somebody the reports to me so
how he's gonna get it anyways no not at
all not at all don't get a great guy so my name is Patrick McDonald I'm a director of engineering at Red Hat and I
work out of the Toronto Ontario right height engineering office so I'll spend
a few minutes but we're going old-school
there's no slides okay I know that wasn't totally in the old school because
I have a computer in front of me so I'm not doing a fun notebook but so a few minutes talking about LLVM s current state at Red Hat where it fits and what
it's used for now what I'm talking about LLVM in this context it's the C and C++
ecosystem all right so when I say LLVM
and the talk I really mean the C and C++ side of it so today at Red Hat we we
view the compiler landscape as I can a to compiler ecosystem we have GCC on one
side and we have LLVM on the other side
now both have excellent and vibrant communities to a strong leadership and progressive directions so the both
communities are extremely strong which is just best for everyone now it can't
understand you can't understand the LLVM side until you understand it's a little bit about the GCC side so GCC continues
to be the core of Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the portfolio that is built upon that platform it's our system compiler so we have a significant number
of global engineers that work in the GCC
communities such as you know the compiler side the library the debugger
as well as several key maintainer zhan staff so that's the the GCC side the
more interesting side for this particular venue is the L of the inside
so LLVM has been in fedora for quite some time since Fedora 21 we're
twenty-five now so we're talking a couple years but even prior to that it was eople which is extra packages for
Enterprise Linux so we're not new to the
LLVM game so we've been there for a
while now what we see internally is a
growing twin a trend towards increasing number of packages that have build or
runtime dependencies on LLVM you know
packages such as dotnet and that's open
source at its best right projects should
have the freedom to choose the best tools for their requirements you
shouldn't have to be forced to use certain tools so what do we do
internally where do we use LLVM so we're using LLVM for internal use by our developers to support the building of
packages internally as well as investigating functionalities such as
the the analyzers let's say so we closely monitor the developer's needs engage interest in formulate direction
upon that so to facilitate the
development and support of the internal build tools Red Hat has hired and is hiring developers from the LLVM community so
we're staffing in mind at Tom stellar joins Red Hat on Monday as technical
lead for our LLVM development team and
he will help drive our direction he is yeah yep so that was my next line tom is
the upstream I love the unstable branch manager so he's still gonna be doing that so he should be known to someone in
the community already all right so while the team at Red Hat is focused on
internal tooling requirements we expect
to have a larger presence in the LLVM communities over time right to fill this
increased presence we expect to have
further vacancies within this year so
how we staff it right hat well we
recruit developers through the community right such as you guys right we follow community closely with mailing list contributions conferences as always our
job postings are a red hat jobs at Red Hat comm and we're hoping to contribute more directly to the LLVM projects upstream in the spirit of open source software which is the the core of Red
Hat so thanks for having us here and for listening to this lightning talk I hope
you have a better understanding of the current state of LLVM at not for those with questions comments or concerns I'll be in the room for a while and thank you very much and enjoy the rest of your day [Applause]


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