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Contextual groups in LibreOffice' Notebookbar

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Contextual groups in LibreOffice' Notebookbar
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Toolbars are a common toolkit control that have been around since the dawn ofGUI applications, providing direct access to an application's most frequentlyused functions. But with increasing scope, the number of frequently usedfunctions grows to an extent that can have a detrimental impact on quicklylocating a particular item. LibreOffice made it possible to create UI basedtoolbars on blank canvas where designers have all the freedom to do whateverthey want with the space. The talk will present the reasoning behind theNotebookbar layout with contextual groups.
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the question was because of the lifestream too boring okay so contextual groups you have seen what I will talk about it's it's the idea behind this realization notebook buyers are just a blank canvas you can't put anything on to it and it should be enable you to quickly deal with the features of the program so how was the idea to create a notebook bar and in particular see contextual upsets what I will talk about and I think it's always
a good idea to take a look back to the start where we come from and especially if we make huge changes to the UI for those of you that are not really young star writer from the late 90s there's a couple of toolbars just pretty nice you can see that we do not change too much but I will I would have problems to deal with all the icons and buttons not that easy and it didn't change there's the updates got a little bit cleaner from the UI but the functionality behind the toolbar is very complex you get a lot of features and functions and you need to understand what an icon means is let's say this compass rose I believe it's a navigator but you have to know that there is a navigator to understand what a navigator I can means and after that you can use this control to show it or not and later version with more clean your I okay
and this liber ovens starting from three five four and down there five you didn't change too much to be honest I puts the images onto the presentation to illustrate that our functionality grows and that we get more and Clarence a tuba it's the opposite it's true we are working on a better UI we do it for years for more than 10 years and it gets better and better for instance it is the two toolbars at top presenting is the most important information to the user it's pretty clear it's similar to other programs and you can use it easily and this introduction of the sidebar check it here in the lower part we get more room in the conventional toolbars so it was but it is still a clean interface and yes failed for for my site so
question remains what is it good for what what are toolbars good first of all the toolbar is a quick access to frequently used functions often is it is abused for to present all the features and awesomeness to the user I guess every one of you knows a program that is hard to use if you don't often start it and freaking to use it because every function is cluttered in the toolbar it's just a convenience feature for the experts but it must be and especially for a office suit like HIPAA the office which is used for many users there has to be a precise and clear concept behind it so quickly quick access to frequently used functions that's the purpose of a toolbar what I scribble above by the way is an example I will talk link about it and it should illustrate the idea it is fruitless icons that you may know you of course you can figure out that a disc second eye confirms left it is is likely a function to safe who document we made number of your eye contests there were last year's that shows that a disc is really a good indicator for safe but next to it left knew it could be something different but it isn't because it's the leftmost icon back to my notes increase in functionality I thought about it you have to trust the icon the safe icon is very clear and it's a it's obvious but it happens there but if you move icons around and if you would move the new icon from the left most position to somewhere else in the toolbar no one would be able to find it because the new icon is not that striking clear it is often called a muscle memory you know where you have to click to find a certain function all the clipart stuff undo redo left right not set clear of always but copy/paste it's next to undo redo so it's kind of positional information that you are using to figure out where a function is on the toolbar and the most vers all these things is that new uses require to learn all this stuff it has to look at the toolbar gets it to tips and from it and understand what it means to show icons like this one or it's just a stupid example let's say this one I wouldn't know so what could you do to improve the usability phasing all of the issues you could of course remove
functionality from the toolbar make it cleaner it's a good approach it puts a question mark on trade I think developers are not so easy to convince to remove functionality from stool okay so let's try another option grouping grouping is always a good idea grouping makes it easy to quickly find a trunk in the amount of information left most kind of file information the next one is about clipboard and so on so this one it's just a little bit space between groups and you get an additional information you can of course have also labels under it it's not easy to read it writes file clip word format objects and help just an example if you label cgroups it gives an additional information for the users what else you can use labels for the functionality because at least me I always struggle it was undo redo is it really left to go back not so sure if there is a label for this function I'm absolutely clear and if see style this I can here the target whatever it is if there is a label style you will know that it opens some menu for applying a style to Z to the option so at least see less often or less well-known functions should get a label and finally it's always a good idea to focus the user ID attention to feature that you want to acknowledge to the user so it's just an example the left-most is new you want to get see use users are looking for a new so you make it a larger icon users should use styling feature so you make style I can larger and of course you can do the same for objects and perhaps also help if you want to draw their attention to these features and it works even better if you add some more information to it if you add a modality like color in this case or they add more details to the icons for instance if you have a very plain I can seem and you add more details to the relevant icons it pops out of the crowd of the other functions those features are possible so what did we do we put it onto a contextual groups it's because it's a simple canvas you can enlarge the icons within the restrictions that we have in the office we have three different sizes so icons on the toolbar are small size medium sized and large sized in this case and the large icons are the most relevant functions I guess people are looking for safe for paste which has also a drop-down menu where you can get paste special and whatever option paste has style gets a big menu yes I shall in in in advance the idea is that we want to promote style rather than the direct formatting and style should open see many of those all the styles and user can quickly change the appearing of a text rather than all the formatting options and all the tools the right part this one are hidden away a little bit because the idea has said our new user we call him Benjamin this Benjamin would likely just write as simple text and he wants to make sure it is saved that's a reason to make the save big and he wants to format it in a certain way that's all but sometimes he may want to add a table and if you edit a table you know or in the past rather in the past we had changing you I had flipped from a text editing mode to the table editing mode which was kind of awkward the idea is that most parts of the toolbar should remain static and only few things have to be depending on the context that's why this thing is called contextual groups the rightmost part is not anymore tools because if you are in a table editing mode you cannot add or maybe you can add an image but you likely want to style the table that's why is the table style has a big icon you may also want to change the background of stainable and access also a border but what else there are maybe a lot of more features and the table it could be changed but it's not what you frequently do so just this one and similarly for images if you are in an image edit mode if you have an image selected you get everything is static from the left part and disabled in case you cannot use it formatting text formatting is not available for images but styling could be an option right now we do not have a style feature for images but it could be added in the future for instance make it a water sign I believe it's possible right now I'm running a little bit out of times I'm going over it more quickly I think for images relevant information or element functionality its cropping it's at least me I do it quite often and reset it's not that easy to find today we do we hide the original size it's a function is called original sites we hided really good away in at least an impress it was not so easy because switching the resolution of the presentation back and resetting the image size was not easy to find it's a function that is often used or else a chart mode of course if we are in a chart we need to get some kind of styling feature which is on the same position you can trust that a big icon on this position will present you this a kind of preset with something that enables you to quickly switch from one kind of visualization or modification to another one and the child would for instance changed from a bar chart to scatter plot or sweetie chart whatever and finally was shapes wasn't that easy to find relevant functions but similar for this and this one is writer for writer
it was writer how bright Alex for calc and impress it should be similar to writer another goal is to not only have a static part within one module so writer with file Clippard and formatting option but also for other modules here in calc and impress you also get file Clippard and formatting in this case there's slightly different features but or properties but the same functionality behind it and again the rightmost part is reserved for things that you contextually change in case of draw it could look like this you have you don't have usually formatting features so it's rather kind of positioning that you want to change positioning feels a little bit like formatting so the idea was to put instead of say formatting the position information into this menu which means you have to disabled if you get to a text in draw you disable the positioning features and show formatting stuff in the contextual section see lowest part here don't get a mice yeah okay so my conclusion the outlook for
the future we of course we need to fix all the backs stylists do not work really well all the the ideas of functions are and not implemented see aggregated functionality for instance of manipulating images it's not variable right now we have box for the when the size is shrinked normal toolbar gets a kind of Chevron where all the remaining items are collected and the menu we do not have it right our at least it's not really well working but if everything is done we need of course a better configurability right now it's it's a it's a technical way to deal with it it's a UI fire that you change with Glade and you do not have a good means to add your own your eye fire so it's a dirty hack but you can you can change it but it's very dirty if that's all done I think we need to modernize see sidebar meaning the zhaibar should also be gets a freedom to be configured by the user and if I say it configured by the user I have something in mind like what Silla is doing for the Firefox in a in the customized mode it should be kind of visible configuration you will select the you know command and drag and drop it to the position where you want to get it it has to be as simple as possible and in a in a way that's a challenge for us because in MOT Silla you have 20 or so functions I get a few more because at block is its add-on so we have hundreds of functions that needs to be offered to the user and see you is more complex in this case but I think it should be easy in a way that every user can configure his own hue I simply share it with other or download for instance so and finally all the kudos go
to the developers and you can read the whole story background information on the block [Applause]