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leash mock and I in part to to that the song there's is by please send not kindness from Vice that Beispiel from Canada once you have the other the girl who later find him shoots fun you know head wants strength from desire influence so that instead of going to fall off inference from C or government that Niyi EU saga in line and all right and some not and vital I'm and to mind the harbor a fear of yes name and is the is in the high and the art form desiccant low-lying and fair since the investment the the atoms the new mark on his sword government but the this island of the the year you know this is so that means it's high it's on the to in addition among the last year by the thank you I I would like to hear from you the and the mission the through the so if we knew it was you know this is the sort of an right and so but see kind namely this day this entry from our leaders who used to be no my lecture is in 2 parts chemical about and the feasible but Turtle in a distinct in the method and so the physical part I merely here deputizing so that for more than a century science or our use of the modern atomic ceiling the chemical elements is where they got it as knowledge the ultimate separate constituents of matter as propounded by Bolton in the 1st detained of last integrated it was very specifically upon to Boston the 1st that the atoms of the same element the same weight and secondly that the atoms of different elements would have different weights both of which would hardly have been further from the truth as a word I said was Cohen invented they may take 2 Greek words I saw also same place so in the same place refers to the periodic table of the chemical elements perhaps to do that as well look I should begin by saying something about this periodic law in the last 3rd of last century after the atomic weight of a sufficient number of the elements had been accurately determined it was found that when they were arranged the order of atomic weight but he fell naturally in the family of chemically at related or chemically similar elements and the discoverer that was new and an Englishman making the 2 I think and he knew things short description of the periodic law could be better than you work he fear the bank element in this series is like the 1st like the octane of others OK of music that it's a simple law at the beginning and still holds true rose slight modification it gives you the idea of wants that is to arrange the elements in order of atomic weight then you will see you get a number of theories of elements but 1st it was an order in writing by him is justified to do the atomic disintegration more timid where in my time but it is well known its 1st success was the prediction of the existence of 3 new elements the giver would be approximately prom equates to their head and the chemical the EU gallium in 18 75 scandium in symbolizing and germanium you 18 is 7 we're predicted by diamond daily Arcelor Russian chemist whom the present form of the Periodic Table is June the other was very close Pioneer being laid down by the German shortly before the advent of the year fuel this the advent of spectra screwed and but Eitel by the the advent of the spectroscope ahead revealed for new elements existing in nature and only my new quantity caesium rubidium valuable and Indian so there's 2 things of the of the of the really what by arranging your order you from the middle of the quality of life that this and what it and so on and it would be the the new elements you know do we point you use this long here here of the of the the present news so like in their chemistry the players the news example we have formal what we know know when I said this is where it refers to somewhere around 18 90 we must localized and I think was the only thing that we learned from Europe imitating the device so we'll groups which lead to the loss of the fish that can read and what's his title where where some of the people but the point is is that the government of the qualities you can can actually it is the center that time the background about the statement and how and you have the whole century and the elements that are used unlike and the whole EU so will in the evening get this was I'm referring to read you 90 concerned you must forgive now about the chemical characters of the periodic table we before this century and the importance that really really acted only as a method there's a method by which the elements reading this in the long run there but not exactly in honor of the atomic we'd the next part I want you to notice
the 2 of are you the out of in available on all of the end of it you agree that the performance of use the to you all by the end of the settlement that's the 2nd point of important the last week of the time according government and but it has made on the relevance of the and the chief differently and engages with the the and you use the average of all that is discovered in the 18 nineties or a barrier moderately answer William Gramsci when just let these words sink in moving out chemical character that absolutely in book and they are the toughest between the strongly electronegative alkalis eligible the extreme right and strongly electropositive the alkali metals the extreme live now also live around us then they thing but it actually you're thinking of so I'm very I'm getting mixed and my 2 slides would you it may have been it from from a land what makes the all over the world this and brought out about I would I want to let you I think the the but what about the people and that the but now already the discovery of radioactivity the United in their the people the the body we don't have already in the beginning of the century in radium the of the realization of a long and with the nomination get in the way you do this last thing with all the meaning that you didn't you about there wasn't that most intimate tuition or it hadn't been for the discovery of those get used in the early 18 94 and subsequent years in the atmosphere of argon only being abundant erased being what proportion of millions beginning with you new on follow the could go on and on by helium the we found 1st by Sir Norman not here in the south but the spectroscope in the year 18 60 aid and it was traced by the Amazon and related to the certain a certain morality is merely the mineralogist live but on and discover that you ran a night which is the primary mineral ore pitchblende which is a 2nd form of it almost pure oxide and uranium and against which present in considerable quantity which he took to be to Meyer was adopted with tall Ramón about this is that time is indeed to trying to make I'll and combine the and to rate the movement and it proved to be here assume that element the lightest of that table and the other 1 to grow Lockyer and discovered you the the solar chromosphere in 1968 68 there are other have been exponent the just for completeness no that's not as number of freedom of these of learn from the and that that that that they were in the presence of the of the of the of the of the United States and 1 of the things that you have the world as it did exist this is the original by I was using by the to view in the whole of the I and and all through the use of all the of a lot of the water inside the representation of the periodic table it today and it contains practically all the work about which we provide should be speaking no this around all the low-cost this doesn't completely out all of the elements with that are really thinking this is and end the reason both around purely artificial most I get the the FIL there have been artificially made the new methods of atomic synthesis which of common quieten the last decade the a hominid most interesting book on the subject all the new right by you read I must say that to point out that already by this time and for the and essentially it was known that the with exceptions to this rule this periodical no less than 3 pairs of elements have the atomic weight wrong they were transposed the 1st list to 127 comma decimal 6 2 great followed by by 126 Britain-Ireland listens to the more and 2 others are gone followed by potassium who bold followed by nickel FIL well known that the periodic law governing the law another point at that time aisles of the keenest interest was that a large proportion of all the elements that we're intricate Google in the atomic weight in terms of a lot of hydrogen the lowest common way which is 1 point not what 8 but in terms of oxygen which you which is 60 this is far too large a proportion of the whole elements to be due to chance and agreed by a very simple and at 1st holy writing the hypothesis of Prout in the beginning of the century immediately following Dalton's Atomic with period plot there are got had suggested that because of the interval relation of hydrogen and oxygen through nearly at about 1000 different related to the to 1 another in the days it might be true that the whole of the elements will build up of hydrogen in invalid of hydrogen this course and derided madam entitled by the exact chemists who would bid but science has is credited I was aware of his successors right up to the very beginning of this century when I was a student the high water mark of theoretical chemistry was regarded as a more and more out there that the deletion of the atomic weights under the entirely false impression but the mass have some profound political meaning of like you this the about the to put the light up I
will organize this room at the beginning of the century with regard to the high water mark of theoretical chemistry is to get donation atomic weights under the false impression that they must have some profound theoretically interest which if you could only grasped with sole whole could program of the periodic law know 50 years later it transport but the work of the movie ritual pioneer of beginning with they lose marine style meaning the debut wallet pw Richard's the last of the American atomic weight vector norm acquit him in their life work was truly running away the preview engaging the determination of the specific gravity of a collection of beer bottle some to some form of of top form part the and yet they're not enough the group will of the periodic table good to Graham there's no real so that a child would score Ngan understand and indeed they water reported that will not only owns the American the nature of the constitution of matter in spite of the set of increasing complexity that to be put up and has been enormously simplified over recent years due to the object of natural philosophy from the earliest times find out the nature of the internal constitution of matter and reveal melodic it will move that go have been doing a lot of energy my subject this strange new complexity of matter which is known by the name of isotopes it public offer discovery in 18 96 per 100 Becquerel redirect puberty which made inevitable the recognition of this letter knew it imagine that it was established just 50 years ago almost to a man and its training with such a jubilee you should not have been considered worthy of some formal scientific recognition pr undoubtedly the optimal along the 2 natural radioactive elements the isolated at the beginning of the end of last century standing alone the committee and with table where undergoing a process of spontaneous natural transmutation the at the disintegrating at excessively slow rate though the actual disintegration of any atom is a sample in continuous or exclusive of their light light particle relatively to the mass of the whole Anamartic's below which simulate worries new Adams finally has which correspond to new element with different properties in both cases of uranium as of thorium move along series all successive due to this integration in the course of which will come into existence an infinitesimal quantity is moved a very large number of new chemical elements which radium is typical in a limited period of life before Labor Seton disintegrating gain and turn into a new member of the theory but my model and this is a lot of you of and the problem a lot of repetitive can hold the the kind of talk where you being there the what they terms of the rise know so this is what we find is the primary urine and all of money then the volume what kind of millions of years where period of time the White all of this in the home of the that all because of all the the front of the the about the the crime bigger ball of what follows the there are a lot of a lot about what was they don't have a name that might have been so all of the of the use of the the existence of a part of it and the impact of this in a review of the terms and that the 2nd of the of the of the environment and there is a genuine and stable now this logic probability head number all the lessons and that is slide from blue group that is in the form of of of rockabilly but but anything else that controls the 1st picture of a Ukrainian murderer you graph taken by sprinkling all piling over a photographic plate wrapped in black paper or a quantity of uranium formed putting in between sold the flu Aluminium the Deligne and leaving it in a drawer in the dark for weeks the curious phenomenon 96 but follow 1 you get wrong famous discovery of the X rays known by name random before increase in England and Lynn art in Germany and many many others with the very latest electrical appliances a high-tension electrical generation really biggest high-vacuum technique to remove the gas through the vacuum true eDiscovery at phrase but this the uranium doing on itself and doing more profit very distant at that time could be done by artificial agents that was a real wonder of the Kroll discovery through it might have been made just curious almost curiosity of silence but as is well known inform them with the subsequent work of the with Madame Curie together with the German physicist he sees that who discovered they radioactive pollution poor of the the next element in the table but that is a real rather the ordinary the little box which is been forged but FIL flattened out then blunt all and laid upon a photographic plate that that that that there were a few weeks you know of that's a positive from the original negative all you have to printed picked now the so the result of that and who is very careful systematic analysis of the whole of the known elements of which only 1 at that time thorium with radioactive and whether be reading and then you always know you had as that was followed by the dramatic discovery man Mr. Bunin new after the lecture this month millions of times more radioactive then you radium thorium which broke the static not being a curiosity to a colossus striking the whole modern world by that
include investigation of the uranium mineral that's been now than they were on the way it is a very important extremely interesting feature of these amazing discovery in the way of the world because who which I have have time to mention and I don't think it's ever been pointed out before and I am like the I think it's and working I have to do like the early success of occurrence is simply due to the fact that women including the Canada but if used Ellis to the right because of working with the EU commercial preparations all uranium often been treated in the fact that I'm going and to you and the and within these those which he discovered you 1st real blue and then rigid now the other thing I can say also do of and in the history that Newell wants to look at that time I'll repeating Madame Curie's where for uranium with the thorium minimal I'm still more opportunities it but when it was done in 2 years later because by reason of the next instead of of being on the cultures principles now the central feature of this so discovery of the of the you this is the thing that really the whole review at the quality of training you gradient the old read all your of the the a customer the the movement of the kind that we call that is can mention which will considered of a major about it will you need this I in the old fashioned molecular chemistry the call in the or maybe you the natural inclusion metadata you have the sun and the moon that will but to the had a copy of the but the idea that it can do you have to do with the data that you hear about that it is really rendered on Monday and the disintegration of occur and prove soon afterward but diet Masuku and blood and the other for most so because of the evolution of a million times as much energy is then the most energetic or economical to you know which results in the helium atom in this case the the sort of erase speed of about 115 to 120 better of light to of the 14th and 15th changes in the main series of starts from from uranium mining and kidney that it start from thorium and in addition the minor uranium-series Starting from that only 2 areas you write 2 3 5 which formally before it actually it is known to exist with called act those you read them as it was suppose that such an I to what the parent of the inverse of the actinium series which originated like radium from uranium now you know the next slide there's these few you've got the on the on the right and the problem it to the variable you're in the bottom of the of but you all vertical bar and the other on the the the the what you all of the of the of the that had the the the the the problem with the people that lot that many of the the but if you can handle the that way some
say new elements almost half as many the rules for a now I rely on the it where in the chemical character of a sufficiently large number of the female rules new elements had been made out then the variance strange situation around which with the more at the earlier lecture many of them proved to be completely identical in their chemical nature with 1 another although I visited 2 from being formed from different parents and giving rise to different products being distinguished but different remedies of being given out different periods graduate and some of them you and later the later part of the disintegration series became chemically identical with the elements this month and that fairly which are next to the old lady 90 periodic table to uranium and thorium at the end of the city there being chemically identical mix they define separation by chemical analysis when there is a decided not only experience for the key to come across simple mixtures which could not be resolved by chemical me they could be resolved by physical means true politically that it had moons diffusion of 1 of the methods of the breaking gasses of different atomic or molecular weight is 1 of the most difficult those it used to carry out but practically and it wasn't until is a new set of follow this separation of the 2 ingredients for the back to the atomic bomb that he was never really dead technologically at a proof is the data domain problem listed it's a marvelous too difficult and perspective but if possible in the hardcore and the word that isotopes in the US in 1913 to signify the same place in the periodic table but nowadays this could be put much more sweepingly about turning it round I had to include by no means confined to the radioactive elements in which by man which it was discovered that so the 1 constraint that a separate please use in the Periodic Table occupied more often than not but the different but can include the identical elements that are now called i've to that natural radioactivity there are only 2 ways in which the adult can disintegrate quietly when they indeed you might say that about a great deal about this new chapter the period on the island they did not need to be sitting the theory is merely very often of crude imitation of effects because conjurer protein into the head of repeats of the experiment with important pulled out that before in both cases the individual atoms disintegrating emits a single reading about that had to be assumed at 1st but then afterward proved lack of Willard coming from a government a speed a considerable fraction of that of like and these particles the upper right in my model and the bigger the that about different the alpha chains again by radical discover that half of particles I'd be home in the beta electrons a very penetrating radiation the beta up anything I like the ranking read going through opaque madam only in proportion to the amount and the full-blown in proportion to the amount and father that is that they were regarded called then analogous never respect accepted much higher velocity but the ordinary cat who the radius of the now you becuase spectrum troops that would be made out almost as soon as the discovery of radioactivity show but the nature of the authorities took a while longer to establish for many years of them were correct is thought to be you atoms of helium but I've already indicated
so the element which will Ramsey it and I proved in 1903 was continued being produced by the element radium the very 1st case of natural transmutation established by ordinary physical and chemical methods that it wasn't true cover that in 1980 this might think a seperate years after the 1st recognition that relevant succeeded in proving the spectroscope but there are 4 main where veritable unit that other their maps the most important an image it to die the belief that if he had been intriguing that stopped at the ruled by a few centimeters of it and corresponding quantity of any other substance but it's a miracle that 1 some can penetrate another that is something you you like here we have the 2nd lightest known atom passing came through the all that hundreds of thousands of atoms of the guest in which it the party and that it was pointed out earlier about 19 by the William Bank in Adelaide loomed worker right away from all cultural future and by the way who had gone out to Australia not of it is is that of a mathematician when trained in filth an experimental method you dial alone isolated yet most wonderful the discovery of this she you people out for he's seen through the at all or almost as if they were not there NASA case if you like to particle occupying the same place at the same it was bond that a band that property but rather fled in 1900 and 11 to 19 113 founded his celebrated and nuclear theory of atomic structure now it this that the government absolutely simultaneously in 1900 many the 1900 30 years but what is now known as the displacement law of it change but cleared out the whole subject like of the for it was only established that when we have a particle is expelled from the atom the chemical character of the substance changes in a way to indicate that it has moved in the periodic table to place universal women beta particle is expelled the change a chemical character in 1 place in the opposite direction and my might the lights down the this is more here the end of the of the of the of a to but in the bottom show for the people who would like to you have the right and wrong how the the of the of of the of the time and you want the and the also right a lot of time but the to the that the the bigger frequently the the and so on that the the the the but the what the there that that was a lot time of and then it would you like to do and in this in atomic the weight of the alpha particle but in the when the latter part of the center of the core and right and you on that that that you would do that I'm just in time and who would you mind we take them you into the fire with only discovered after
all the rest of the work the made the foreshadowed by the with little or no man may wind up to the top of the blue in part because of the Swiss investigators with it is with the Belgium and he called this uranium 235 U isotope uranium to indicate that it was improbable into the whole actinium you can you might think that with there that the of a and B are up to the point that is also the report of death in the 1 of them was the with the thing that's the thing then the atomic when demand 207 comma decimal 2 whereas a calculated the public release of any of the laws war the 2 of the what would you to this is a list of over the this is the time to do the weight of the lead from the Euronews is used to 206 that from the thorium series is 208 of commonly used to having them recommended the possibility of ascertaining granting definite met this field the girl 1 and then you got to get to 2 men which contain know what contain uranium only and separated it from provided of course that the new lead region in the mall that had become at that time a perfectly well understood technique because it to the method that enables length the geologists to determine the to sample into the from the amount of liberation related to uranium whereas that are the knowledge that you need to have a forum and then to through I had a good for a change in the form of the you quantity of numerical it was selected which was a applauded the fundamental that time now is not possible to get the more like the man who is particularly uraninite which contains no on to speak although New Straits but the this particular of similar parliament all contained in a very small portion of your I have sorting use most carefully working on about 30 kilograms knowledge in the form live by the separating quantity and the idea of the the form and of of the formula I teach religion I've already mentioned the United States prominently him at the time we had some of that will appear during the middle of the image of the geologists have selected for the things to do now I'm not containing they had originally in the found on way 286 full and has to be expected because you know that type the expected that they perceive the gravity of the youths and would be proportional to the atomic when the external part of the atom being studied both the internal part from we have a lot of the that the gravity of these 2 get this thing by the late separated spectra looking for a new and the most where in agreement with the atomic that's the only currency where the possibility to test this theory of isotope really ordinary element to save the 1 case the atomic bomb went after bending fights of millions on it they did succeed in separating enough of uranium 235 and by diffusion another method from the 2 major items to 99 comma decimal 3 percent to 3 8 and that was to be expected to go you know that type the expected that they perceive the gravity of the that would be proportional to the atomic weight the external part of the atom being used both the internal apart from we have a that he would grab and of these 2 get this thing but the limited separated respecting the foreign you and the most where in agreement with the atomic weight method
of there was the possibility to test this theory of isotope really ordinary element thank you the 1 case the atomic bomb went off the spinning value of millions on it they did succeed in the operating enough of uranium 235 and by diffusion another method from the 2 major items to 99 comma decimal 3 percent 2 3 8 which the heart of total enough the atomic bomb near exploded with respectively the Hindu law on their desk and in and you make it and to look to get it can be absolutely more most difficult technological feat that ever been accomplished but man it the key to the rare earths it could be the applied times of many came in the separate the rate of 1 another in these diverting so to what have to of Knuth if enrolling in comparison and it certainly could not have been done on quite certain in any other country in the United States of America under the pressure of the war Masson from that I'll be thing will negative electrons that is the beta particles FIL the atom in the Periodic Table 1 only 1 way whereas the loss of the deadly positively charged alpha particles is it to bring it in the other way then it will probably have no time but the place he is using the periodic table we presented the International atomic charge and that you the loss of a negative that would be the opposite the loss of 2 naked to the exact opposite of the loss of 1 positive up particle so it came about in the lucrative will really logic different related could you give me back that continue to rank 2 thank you that you would use the change of the quality of the of the the only thing that in the the car the it is the lot time while I the error of the all the all the time of the year what about the nothing this on other food nuclear fusion than the integral value although positive charges on the atoms nuclear and the periodic table represents funding but all progress used to increase or by the that of the of the the outside of the atom the user made up all the neutralizing electrons negative electron equal to the number of individuals single electron individual the single-electron equal in number to the positive charge that you we now call the atomic number we found that originated in so that limited range of the into the periodic table from uranium to a fairly the last place excellent and that chart that I showed you know but almost immediately the blurb brother nuclear fear predict the the predominant longer so that it was something it was good in the eyes of X-ray spectroscopy enabled be positive nuclear charge of the elements to be actually measure the the call the to break through the bank of tolerance underdeveloped it in this country will work of love of Friedrich and thing in Austria even before all that popular of movable came physicist in that has shown that with a regular increase penetrating out of the secondary rays at produced when you bombard the various demands through periodic table with high speed the room can really and this in the of moves lives play led to his being able definitely the cost moral of the atom to say will not all when known any the completed money the next slide no it should be good number number 9 right in the graph yeah that is famous for its cost that of the in there is
water and all the areas about use from the of the of the of the this is how you want to you the draft in the the time there was a lot of it is a problem with this should the problem you are going to be want to you and but the rest of the picture here of this is a relatively little particles that Turing minus the informal and monstrous and then a lot of recall to renewed it up to the higher density user-driven truly lose when the when you read mostly wishes to other cable contained 19 2 places from hydrogen to uranium and I mean to get into my 2nd problem subject the physical part but that is not in 1902 you know 1 of the ways we all the determination see whether reconditioned isotope form up here with agendas or a mixture of different isotopes that was go a physical education all the method by which duty tautonym 18 nineties had 1st evaluated the mass the chart velocity of the electron and negative inotropic 1996 and units in show a method to evaluate a charge of positive in electric charge at the very low pressure which recall positive and the volunteering to call it a career you discovered by Goldstein's it had been you had some of the other 1900 about by a German physicist is really being I the would show that s you never lived method the pot never assume of single hydrogen atom that was the essence of it the Faltings of Rights to to to modern knowledge the answer will no doubt differ according as to whether you're a philosopher were practical to remind restoring isotopes provided have provided by the type of food for thought who came in the meaning of celebrated if there are any such few discoveries can rival and philosophic introduced by the way invited to actually in the language of each women to act in the non under the President's and having listened to that harm and I've already alluded to the curious circumstance but no 1 thought of repeating that included epoch-making work for uranium mineral forum and and help with the very 1st piece of original work of Professor Harmon did and told you that it and the subject to begin now a the leading after in radiochemistry to obtain good 1st to involve what is now known to be completely impossible without the separation of 2 I said to you quantum and radiothorium by simple will mean a research student with Sir William Ramadan he had the good fortune he to discover a new member of foreign disintegration series the Florida the it is to England the middle which was not that much because of a mistake in the standard German textbook of analysis is and has the will be announced that do recorded that more than you would consider the called thoroughly like you not to be confused with right containing a high proportion of the uranium but still was mainly thorium the name party Indian and discovered by the jammers in the long run this such a dual important into Britain that eaten college sounds maddening process said to them in the body of our analysis and then returned mainly location him through an evident for the and then go on to factory to be worked up according to Madame Curie that's all given by area and it was a repetition of Madame Curie pioneering work on eliminating the fundamental and to get the separating the as it turned out of course and well during this thing there was cautiously had consciously of
of Peking man encouraged work from thorium minerals and a similar result religious about the original and at the moment in this country will fall into the body of considerable period life and 2 3 years of operation would reduce should be duration cost time and it integrates all the other chemistry assume world and try to do things in and the absolutely if they could have naked radiothorium Achievement Award commercial form for all the Rabin interdependent and world of the gradient and while it lasted and would have a look I had actually done the impossible but the explanation was given this is another is is directly point as early as 1900 and said by 2 American chemist Mccauley Roth after trying the new methods of purifying thorium in its attempt to separate radiothorium of the inducements rejected there they had the originality and they can boldly displayed users can provoke invited to the earlier that 1900 from radiothorium emporium out into where there's been a non by chemical means so that has added a magician title at that time in diameter the total cross his limited working with rather than Montreal in contrast middle firmly in the a new member in the thorium disintegration in addition the president of the other the of the world what you know all of you about about what the the you would think that this kind of thinking about it the the the the the the the the people that because career that that the case of showing how what an atom unanticipated do that really was discovered in the Blu would have been promoted by the fact that the atoms disintegrating what happened and a separate numerical information out without this continued you know really figure out and this is the class of time could people of this heavily do in my heart is covered here the had that to change the chemical separations of the boredom and reduce the the the road for in the and that it is completely announced at work from the Mainland that anymore but illegal revolution the tremendously kids so long and mostly got by nature be conceived but we shall know them it is true or not I came to the to the men but all unlikely thin elements and of the what and working with her and I would do like Gardner's of trying to seperate blew up after the the job and acquired the tools to do what you do is you don't come what the other kids doing you try to separate it from thorium separately the father aluminum that no government could possibly do if any to underrate looking back at the difficulty of the detained even this small it's forward-thinking discovery with the difficulties of Orosz which they successfully surmounted 1905 and so great that I think it is recognition look so simple but often this coveted displacement law but remember that at that time of course that you do not even that the product of a radioactive change you must necessarily be different chemically better who was used as high on the school radiothorium and thorium as such that it must the then they couldn't labels on command and the possibility of what is that have been used up number of will and even in mind the things that might be company other of to go on those we care on the practical side on the other hand there can be few discoveries in the centuries likely to prove a boon to mankind of the right at the I need to know more than mention this but we're honored the presence of the of a pioneer in the field of worry that adored it who you got nearly required to the coronations Cohen use them as traitors elements and later extended it to biological and medical research that's about 1 of the things that I said to the public problem with that but now that artificial atomic disintegration have been achieved through the development of go about we almost all the dominant new government and American you know about it's got to make a redirect invited to perform at all common elements cost still incompletely unwinnable amount of matter you not dealing with a way to deliver the radioactivity radioactive isotopes and the 405 hundred colonizer of order moments I really had speed looking back at those 2 days of my youth before it became possible to break down below that will so have see through being a in a preliminary primitive stage compared with where it is today only time I could use to school but even what ever is currently in the future in was I was a matter even though there when man Wagner read you know that I didn't know about it since you can demand all while the federal conditional user before it's too late war must be abolished in the that could be no doubt whatever about the and have unanimous Canada in the scientific and and in and on this that question